Wilson not practicing

Gibril Wilson was not in pads and without a helmet Thursday as the Raiders went through warmups and drills before starting the team session in preparation for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Returning to practice were left tackle Kwame Harris (knee), defensive end Derrick Burgess (back), safety Tyvon Branch (shoulder) and cornerback DeAngelo Hall (elbow).

More to come after practice and media sessions . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • So whats new with the Raiders today?…any good news or is it the same ol crap,…lousy team,..idiot coaches…insane owner…etc.,…seems like that was what we were talkin about a year ago….same as it ever was

  • Brien

    NATION……the problem is when people say the Raiders need to go back to LA is when I get pissed…..LA is and never was the home of the Raiders…….it was a 16 game road trip and those people down there didnt do a damn thing to add on tothe legacy damn near killed it……..those are facts

  • Andrews Mom


    Most of us are already that smart.

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    Kansas…..Thats what I am getting at….almost like its Shannarat talking over there….

  • Brien

    Hey Jim Lofton the Raiders should go to LA then Al can win again you know

  • S&B

    How do you think the defensive planning meeting with Ryan and Davis went today. Anyone predict any changes in the defensive game plan?

  • LA Raider Brien… Need to get away from you in the Gay Bay.

  • Brien

    Sup Jim?

  • A. Friend

    LOL. There’s the threat again, guys. Listen, these guys are smart. They won’t come right out in threaten you, but they will subtly do it. Comparing the walkout to a communist takeover, this is to make you feel as if your demonstration is unamerican or unpatriotic. Now you have KansasBlack (note the name..”black”) saying, “you guys would be smart” to ignore me. It’s another threat. Again, this is why it’s important to contact the press. They’ll take care of everything. Trust me on this.

  • Jim L.

    The only good news is for you; you might be up for a promotion sooner than you think. Good luck!


    I have nothing against the LA Raiders, I was born in 80 so when I started following the NATION thats what they were, Bo Jackson Baby! Wait, maybe he wants a job, last I heard he was making BBQ sauce. And Bo KNOWS BBQ sauce!

  • Brien

    gay bay? and what is west hollywood?

  • JB

    If the DMV can take the drivers license away from someone no longer capable of driving safely. The NFL should likewise be able to stop Al Davis from further screwing up this franchise. The commissioner should be able to force Al Davis to hire a competent GM and to create an environment where Al only speaks to the GM. Further, the Head Coach should be allowed to be the Head Coach and control who works for him and who doesn’t.

  • Oh look here comes Briens little B!tch to suk his d!ck. Jim Lofton err Brien, err Spider.

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    Bro I used to go to every home game here…Grew up 3 blocks from the stadium….and no I do not think the org was almost dead here…..I think the Raiders were well respected and can be thought of that was for both locations…..there was never anything wrong with the LA Raiders…..especially when they won the SB on my B-Day in 84

  • Brien

    or hollywood period?

  • A. Friend

    Chaos, you’d flip if you had one conversation with Al Davis. He spills his guts on a daily basis. That close to the vest persona is for the public, which includes you guys. Understand, to him, fans are no higher on the pissing troth than the outsiders. He takes advantage of your guys’ support. Period. But to us, he’s an open book. I could write a hundred books on Al Davis. I just wouldn’t want to deal with the litigation.

  • Brien

    Einstein………i see hollywood has already worked his magic on you

  • S&B

    Can we sign Ed Johnson?

  • Severeraider

    Ay brien if you really wanna take it there homey we can, i aint never banged in my life cuz i dont need to hide behind no street or no crew. Damn, jehri curls, crips, c-walk, lol you are having delusions of grandeur.

  • Brien

    alot wrong with the LA Raiders……….they werent the real thing

  • Brien in a man hater in the Gay Bay.. Some dude popped his azz cherry, err broke his heart.

  • Lofton doesnt consider that good news Bart.

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    A Friend….The media has been contacted….we are working on that right now….

  • Brien

    Ay homie………dont disrespect the blue I’ma get my big homie Snoop D-O double gizzle on you

  • NATION Collective – Raider11680

    A. Friend, are you that scare looking lady we saw on MOnday standing behind Al?…. “Lady Death”… lol

    sorry, had to ask.

  • elomb

    Everything starts with and ends with Al. The sooner Davis lovers stop living in the past the sooner they will see this. No wonder the rest of the football loving country laughs at the Raiders. Anyone with eyes who follows football can see he is the problem with this organization, but please Davis lovers tell me how awesome our team was in the 70’s and 80’s.

  • Brien likes it prison style, reminds him of home.

  • Brien

    Right Einstein……….and you are a “virgin” with the men of hollywood……okay

  • NATION Collective – Chaos


    Chill bro…dont make this conversation about some lame topic…..we need to deal with the issues at hand……how do we change the problem….



    Al really is batpoop crazy if he is willing to give me a job and I live in Ks. Kansas = Where I live. Black = one of the two best colors in the world, (silver being the other)

  • Einstein,..you couldnt be more wrong about brien,..hes at every game and hits our tailgate every game,..heres an idea, YOU come by our tailgate and say that to him when hes standing in front of you,…ok?…A lot,…silver bronco,…see ya there?

  • Don’t worry Jim, Al Davis will promise you complete control of the team and oversight over the personnel.

  • Brien

    Brien<———never been to prison……try again

  • Brien

    ok i admit that i am gay. whatca want? lay off ok. i am really starting to pissed off at cha all.


    475 = priceless

  • Brien

    I love men i cant help it.

  • brien why do you even bother with little dorks like einstein?

  • Severeraider


    You sound like an idiot, i bet your san fran lover really digs those Dreadlocks and and flip flops you wear. Quick question, is he a hair puller???

    Al Davis gets mad support in LA….fcuk the raider haters and the LA haters.

  • Brien

    kiss my a$$ chaos, dont tell me whjat to do you. you are worthless in trying to do this. stand up for the raiders quit lying down like my momma.

  • NATION Collective – Chaos


  • A. Friend

    Raider 11680, no, I’m not her, and I’m not sure who you’re talking abou8t. I didn’t see any lady standing behind Al.

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    Its not worth my time Brien…Let it go bro….

  • Brien

    Tim for me to go back to my custodial occupation lol…….take care

  • post 87 Andrews Mom I would hope in our current state Ed Johnson would be signed by now.OMG all of us understand we need SOOO much help on d-line.The NATION TRUELY SHOULD OWN THE NATION.But its prolly all quiet on the “up-grade front

  • Brien

    shut up severeraider. yes he is a hari puller and he likes it when i leave my flip flps on ok.

  • A. Friend

    You guys fighting over Oakland and LA, Crips, Bloods, etc. If you guys had any idea how much Al has capitalized on that culture, with no concern whatsoever over the blood it’s shed, you’d seriously reconsider the gang life.

  • Brien

    see when I start to lose I leave. can’t take the heat because i am a pu$$y.

  • A. Friend Says:
    September 11th, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    Fellow Raider fans,

    Guys, remember what I said. Bob Marley, Oakglenn, Coach Elkins: NOT Raider fans. These guys work for the team.

    Say Bob Marley and Coach Elkins, what departments are you in??? 😉

    Say Bob Marley, what department are you in???? 😉

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    Hey guys….Repost:


    For those of you that were not part of the discussion yesterday, I thought I would bring it to your attention that we all have an opportunity here to make our voices heard. Outside of the confines of this blog, the world needs to hear that we are fed up with the tyrant that is Al Davis.

    I am personally tired of the dumb comments that I recieve from coworkers, and even people in the stores when I wear my Howie or Lester Hayes jersey proudly.

    We have longed for change, and change there will be, but we have to collectively be interested in change. Hopefully by the end of next week, we will have a new website up and running…..it goes by the name of buytheraiders.com……the wheels are in motion Nation……I have personally made contact with the commissioners office and the NFL Network to let them know that we are serious and we are done with the false hopes that Mr. Davis continues to place in front of us, only to find that he pulls the carpet right out from under our feet.

    But I must insist, this is not about the long History of the Raiders. Mr. Davis has been very good to us for a long time and that will not be forgotten. But the time is now and the time is right, for the Nation Collective to make a stand against the continuous rhetoric that is tearing our team apart.

    I love the Raiders enough to put my foot forward and I hope you all do too.

    If that is the case, from this point forward so that you distinguish yourself from the individuals who would like to continue to live in the dark, let it be known by adding Nation Collective to your name…..

    There will be more details to follow……..