Wilson not practicing


Gibril Wilson was not in pads and without a helmet Thursday as the Raiders went through warmups and drills before starting the team session in preparation for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Returning to practice were left tackle Kwame Harris (knee), defensive end Derrick Burgess (back), safety Tyvon Branch (shoulder) and cornerback DeAngelo Hall (elbow).

More to come after practice and media sessions . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Brien

    time for me to go mop the boys restroom. im outta here like the raiders leaving oakland.


    Friend go back to the broncos blog. And I bet you bought your wife a diamond ring?

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    Jerry….you can not stop that from posting….take off the replication filter….

  • I’m a lontime Al watcher as well, only from the outside.

    Friend’s posts have the scent of truth to me. So far.

  • C4

    The Cheifs are going to kill us! That will be funny. Im officially throwing in the towel folks, I have been a Raider fan since 1962 (two years after they were established) I’m damn near as old as Al and 100 times more sane. I have this great sence of optamism every year, and this camel just caught his last straw. Say what you will about me folks, but I’m quite tired of the constant state of misery. This is not the team it was in the 70’s and 80’s, or even the 90’s for that matter… I’ve been having these thoughts since around the time Al “traded” Gruden, but, now I’m really just done. I’ve enjoyed my 40+ years as a proud member of the Raider Nation, but, unfortunatly, I can no longer call myself such. Take care youngsters, and mayou last longer than I. I have never been a bandwagon hopper, and will not root for another team, but it has weighed much too heavy on myheart to continue to pray for a resurection of Mr Davis’s sanity, and our respectability. Later Nation…wont be see’n ya.
    -George Potter…Raider fan for 46 years…Ex Raider fan for 4 days.

  • A. Friend

    Oakglenn, I don’t know who you are, but I could figure it out within hours. Not that I really care. I already know who Marley is.

  • S&B

    I really hope the Raiders win this weekend. Then the conversation can shift to issues like, can we beat the Bills….nice to dream…Unfortunately, the current conversation is justified.

    Come on Al and Rob…put a game plan together to beat the Chiefs so that I can go to the Bills Raiders game

  • Nnamdi21

    Davis knows the gaem hasn’t changed.

    Still pass, still throw, still tackle.

    But the players have.

    Some of them don’t have pride, nor honor and aren’t above “stealing” their money by under preforming, sitting out “injured” or being selfish.

    The gangstar mentality spoon fed by the media and practiced at the highest levels of Government mean that Davis’ antiquated way of “letting men be men” and letting them show up like they did in the 70’s when they “Played hard, but worked harder” attitude is gone.

    He is a brillaint football mind and the gaem has changed that much.

    The attitudes, honor and pride of some of its players has.

    Until Davis allows for this or at lesat grants the power to fire or dicipline, Kiffin is little more than a teachers aid.

  • During the game when the MNF crew were showing Al Davis in the box, and laying blame at his feet. He saw it, and I saw him whine about it. Go back and take a look.

  • Andrews Mom


    Hopefully Al is on it.

  • vegas raider

    A. Friend Says:
    September 11th, 2008 at 3:09 pm
    Vegas Raider, I’m a capitalist, a hard core conservative Republican, and I’m pretty sure I’m more successful than you. So save your Che comparisons.

    First of all it was a joke. We are in this together, I am a capitalist, somewhat conservative , and would be more than happy to compare paychecks. Killers don’t talk my friend

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    A Friend…what does it matter who he is? Why would there be division inside the organization anyways….oh wait….Al Davis….

  • Silver Blood … Black Veins

    It seems pretty obvious that Kiffin just isn’t an N.F.L. caliber coach, Rob Ryan isn’t an N.F.L. caliber Defensive coordinator, and Al Davis isn’t an N.F.L. caliber general manager.
    Last year someone posted an outstanding comment about our ex-personnel man Ron Wolf. Wolf was trained by Al Davis and developed on his own to be a top guy for finding talent. He’s the main reason that Green Bay ended their quarter century doldrums from 1969-1994 or thereabouts. Al has never replaced him and I beleive he’s mistakenly thought that he built the great Raider teams all on his own.
    Al has made big mistakes in hiring staff and in getting players. He always hires offensive minded coaches for some weird reason. John Madden is in the H.O.F. and was promoted from the defensive staff. Al Davis is the owner and is not going anywhere, so he needs to make up his mind and take a stand to hire a GM or at least someone with talent and independence that can scout and run the on field operations, and understand the fundamentals of staffing an N.F.L. franchise……….specifically that the game is won in the trenches and that you HAVE to have good line play on both sides of the ball in order to win. Then that guy needs to find a decent head coach. Someone who understands the responsibilities and culture of the N.F.L. When Kiffin made the same cardinal mistake that Callahan did in criticizing his players in front of the media, that showed me that he just doesn’t have the mentality and/or maturity to have the top job. It can be done if Al is willing to change his ways. Maybe he can coax Ron Wolf out of retirement? It couldn’t be more difficult than invading Cuba.

  • Jeremetrious

    A. Friend is no friend of the Raider nation. He’s a san diego fan baiting your asses.

  • I have seen it all.

  • A. Friend

    Kansasblack, believe me, one day I might be at the Broncos blog telling their fans to do the same thing. But today I’m here. Hey, there’s a reason I named myself friend. I’m trying to help. Making the Raiders a good team again rests on your guys’ shoulders. It’s just that you’ve been told the solution is the opposite, to support Al Davis. No, the solution is to outright protest him. Let him know he can no longer take advantage of you. If I were with the Broncos, why would I be giving you advice that would make your team better? Over in Denver, believe me, they want everything here to stay the same. They like the Raiders just as they are. Read between the lines, Raidersblack.

  • A. Friend

    I’m Sorry, I meant KansasBlack, not Raiderblack.

  • I know who I am.

  • C4,…dont let the door hit you in the a$$….good riddance loser.

  • Voldemort

    Well nation, it looks like we’ve just lost one of our oldest members.. you guys catch post 504 from C4?
    It’s sad to see a member go, but I can’t say I don’t understand where he’s coming from. It’s damn hard to face my co workers being the only Raider fan at work. But I like you C4 am no bandwagon hopper, and that is probably why I’m the only Raider fan at work.

  • A. Friend

    jeremetrious, first of all, am I with San Diego or Denver? Those are two mutually exclusive camps. Secondly, if I were with San Diego, why would I be giving you guys advice that would help your team? Try and understand something, Denver, SD, KC, and pretty much the entire league, LOVES the Raiders just as they are. It’s one less team they have to compete with. It’s an easy “W” on their schedule. They don’t want change. They like everything in Oakland as is. If I were with the Chargers, I wouldn’t be telling you guys a thing. I’d just be sitting back and enjoying the train wreck. San Diego doesn’t want to change a thing about Oakland. Let Al do his thing. Make no mistake, the Chargers and the Broncos are the biggest Al loyalists. They support everything he does, because it helps them. Is this not making sense to you?

  • S&B

    Nnamdi21–The game has changed. Yes players still throw, catch, run, tackle, throw in kick too. However, that is on the field. However, off the field, Davis was able to take advantage of a relatively unsophisticated front office and scouting infrastructure that existed in the 70’s and 80’s. And even through the 90’s, teams are much smarter about what players they keep or release from their rosters. Davis used to have better players and was able to spot players with talent that were under the radar. That’s not happening. So the talent is more even now, or better than ours. Davis needs to update his tactics. Namely, allow the experts (read Kiffin) manage the game planning and get some freek’n help in the personnel department and make sure your draft picks and free agents match what your coaches are trying to do on the field (read Angelo Hall,,is he press coverage or not)

  • Severeraider

    Silver blood

    Nice points

  • Dakota

    Come on guys, don’t you know who A. Friend really is???

  • # A. Friend Says:
    September 11th, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    Oakglenn, I don’t know who you are, but I could figure it out within hours. Not that I really care. I already know who Marley is.

    A.Friend since you know who I am what don’t you tell the crowd??? Or is this another thing you are completely full of sh** about.

  • A. Friend

    Just to get off topic for a sec..

    But did you guys even know that the reason other owners praise Al Davis’s style so much is because by doing so, it coaxes him into giving up more for their expendable veterans than they would normally get? It’s almost like telling your kid that he’s the best at cleaning bedrooms, and that you’ll time him, just to motivate him to do it. They talk great about Al, Al buys it, then they offer him a veteran who can’t play anymore for more than his value and Al bites, thinking THEY’RE the idiots. If they dissed Al in public, it would let him in on what they’re doing. This is the perception of Al Davis around the league. They don’t want Al Davis to change. They like Al just the way he is. So a rule of thumb: Whenever someone is in a blog like this promoting some type of change in the Raiders’ organization, I can assure you that it is not someone working for another NFL team. They’re the last people who’d be doing it.

  • Silver Blood … Black Veins Says:
    September 11th, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    It seems pretty obvious that Kiffin just isn’t an N.F.L. caliber coach, Rob Ryan isn’t an N.F.L. caliber Defensive coordinator, and Al Davis isn’t an N.F.L. caliber general manager.

    I think Blood and Veins summed it up pretty nicely right there. The question is could you bring in Jim Fassell and Mike Nolan, and have Al give up personnel decisions to get this team back on the right track?

  • S&B

    A Friend–I don’t think the league likes the fact the raiders are this bad….maybe if we were an 8-8 ball club but not this. Reporters in Denver and K.C have bemoaned the fact that the Raiders are just bad. K.C barely made the deadline to sell-out the tickets. Ditka even said the Raiders are a team you love to hate. And there is a reason why all of us are catching hell from co-workers, friends, etc…because everyone loves to hate the Raiders and give its fans sh&t.

    This current situation isn’t about hating Davis or Ryan or any of that. Its about winning and for a Raider team to be this bad for this long is unacceptable and everyone wants to change it!!!

    I wish Davis was as ahead of the curve now like he was 20 years ago. But the Art Shell experiment didn’t work and this exercise we are going through now isn’t working.

    If Davis and his lackeys want the vitrol to stop, then start winning games…This weekend would be a great start

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    I am not on another team nor do I want to be…I didnt sit on a chair getting inked for 3 hours to jump ship…….I am tired of Al Davis and his Bullshyt……he needs to go…

  • S&B

    Oaklglen–Stop trying to set us up to accepting Mike Nolan or Jim Fassel…I say set up because you know doggone well that Davis ain’t going anywhere. The fact you bring up those two show tha you are in lockstep with Al Davis’s approach to this thing. No, Fassel and Nolan would be fired in 2 to 3 years and the Raiders would still struggle mightily!!!!!

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    S&B….thats bullshyt….I am not gonna rest until the tyrant is gone…..and someone with thoughts like you need to go elsewhere…..I hate pessimists……..with the entire Nation behind the movement we can make anything happen….why is that so hard to believe?

  • A. Friend

    S&B, listen to yourself. I know Raider fans love to say that the league is better when the Raiders are winning, but it’s pure nonsense. The other owners couldn’t care less. It’s all about their own profit. They are doing fine. Ok, A 10 win Raider team might add a little more tv revenue, but it’s not nearly as valuable as having a team in their league that they know will not compete year after year. You’re speaking from a fan’s perspective. I’m speaking from an NFL franchise’s perspective. But, you can think whatever you want.

  • S&B

    Oaklglenn–Re post 526: what other team at this point would even consider hiring a Jim Fassel or Mike Nolan? And given the answer to this question, why should the Raiders have to put up with such uninspiring hires? We konw the answer of course.

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    A Friend….I do side with him on that…..the Raider Nation does not care about when people talk shyt about us, when we are winning…..I loved it when they would talk crap about us when we were winning the AFC West and going to the bowl…..thats when times were good and the crap didn’t stink….but now that we are in a rutt…the talk needs to be about why we are there and why the NFL needs to intervene…

  • A. Friend

    S&B, the other teams in the league have an owner who’ll take their washed up veterans for twice, even three times their value. Do you think they want that to change, just to have another 10 win team in the league? You have to remember, the owners are not football fans. They’re business men. The fans are football fans. The two are mutually exclusive existences, with mutually exclusive paradigms on what the NFL is and what it should be.

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    it is getting bad guys….real real bad….worse then any other team ever in the NFL….and facts are facts

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go Al Must Go

  • S&B

    A. Friend–A Raider team on top increases the gate when they travel. A Raider team on top, with its controversy and mystique, puts eye-balls on the t.v set.

    I guarantee a Oakland Raiders vs. New England playoff rematch gets higher ratings than a New England vs. Houston Texans….

  • S&B

    Nation Collective – Chaos —- I am all for what you are trying to do. Really! Just don’t know if you will be successful in getting him to quit or sell the team or step down. You might get him to think about firing kiffin a few minutes longer, but it did not work in Detroit with Matt Millen. They had a “Millen Man March” AND the fans at one game wore the colors and cheared for an opposing team when the season was lost.

    Again, I hope you make progress

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    S&B….One step at a time bro…..I cant let this get too far out of hand….one step at a time..

  • Dakota




    The Raiders will win by 35 points this weekend!!!

  • chad

    and right after the game Davis calls it a career


    McFadden goes nuts, DeAngelo with 2 pick 6’s

  • chad

    Just a whole total Raider domination…how sweet it would be to finally see a game like that. I took for granted how awesome we were back during the Gannon days. I miss those days

  • C4

    Jim Lofton Says:
    September 11th, 2008 at 3:43 pm
    C4,…dont let the door hit you in the a$$….good riddance loser.

    You are a foolish young person, as I once was. Wait around all you want, I’m surprized I even offended you so much, I thought it was a pretty respectful farewell.

  • post 408 nice post

  • post 480 sorry

  • I’m soo used of writing 408!!! U there 408???

  • post 504 George Potter BROTHER SINCE 1962 46 YEARS.It is my honor 2 introduce myself 2 you.I am 4evaRaider kenneth hert,Raider fan since 1964 when I was 6 years old.I am asking you 2 reconcider.True it is not what it once was;but come on MY BROTHER,if us old-timers dont carry us on,maybe no one else will.I read post where we have fans that wernt born or didnt see the light when we was DA BOMB.Im sick 2 but I will NEVER waiver and Im here 2 tell you I wont let you either.I love and respect you George Potter,and am greiving 2,but a RAIDER NEVER QUITS;THE RAIDERS RETURN 2 GLORY IS INEVITABLE!!!