Russell content handing off _ for now


Quick hits from Thursday’s media window and locker room availability, with quotes relayed from Medianews beat writer Steve Corkran:

— Interesting take from Bills quarterback Trent Edwards Wednesday about the philosophy of playing it safe and avoiding turnovers, comparing his own experience to what JaMarcus Russell is going through this season.

“There’s a fine line you have to walk to know when to check the ball down and when to take chances, too,’’ Edwards said. “It’s kind of an instinctive thing you’ve got to have. A coach can tell you not to turn the ball over but you have to take your shots or you’re not going to put points on the board.’’

Russell, as cool as ever, said he is content to execute Lane Kiffin’s plan of being better safe than sorry. Russell has drawn raves from the coach, even during a 1-for-12 streak against the Chiefs, because he used his strong arm to throw the ball out of bounds rather than run the risk of a turnover.

“That last game or any game, control the ball and not give it away and give them a free chance to do whatever they want to with the ball, then you’re going to be pretty good,” Russell said. “I was just going out there, if it wasn’t there, check it down or throw it away. That’s basically what we go through throughout the year. We did that in camp so that’s basically what I try to go out there and do.”

Russell didn’t deny a part of him that would like to throw more often.

“Deep down inside yes. But the team player part of me says whatever it takes to win,” Russell said. “If I have to go out there and hand off 100 times in a game and we win, I’ll hand off 101 times. No matter what it is to win that game I’m going to be that team player and go out there and help out.”

— Herm Edwards once said, “You play to win the game!,” in an infamous postgame tirade which will some day be a beer commercial once he’s retired. Here is how Kiffin explained it: “I was talking to (Russell) between series, `Don’t take any risks. We don’t care about stats. We want to win the game.’ . . . as you had the momentum and you had the game, the thing you couldn’t do was turn the ball over, and he did a good job.”

Kiffin said in a different situation, Russell may need to reverse field and go for a big play, depending on the circumstance. It just happened that Sunday in Arrowhead Stadium wasn’t one of those times.”

— Running back Darren McFadden has been practicing with a steel plate in his shoe and concedes his turf toe injury is bothersome.

“You think you see a guy with turf toe, ‘Oh, it’s just a toe, he can go with it,’ ” McFadden said. “Once you get it, you understand why because every move that you make on it, it all revolves around your toe, and it’s pretty painful.”

Charles Woodson needed pain-killing injections every week to get through the 2001 season, missing practice every day and playing on Sunday.

McFadden said he wasn’t sure if he would need to take a shot. He said he was timid running on it at first but that the pain seemed manageable.

As far as running with a steel plate in his right shoe, McFadden said, “It made me feel like I was running flat-footed. I feel like once I get used to practicing with that, playing with that, I’ll be all right.”

— While discussing turf toe, the possiblility of injections and all the practices Woodson missed in 2001, Kiffin said, “I thought Woodson didn’t practice anyway, the stories I heard. I don’t think it had anything to do with his toe.”

— Sounds as if Justin Fargas, who almost certainly won’t play against Buffalo, doesn’t stand much of a chance of being Wally Pipped even if McFadden and Bush burst to the forefront with games similar to the ones they had in Kansas City.

Not as long as Kiffin is around, anyway.

“We’ll be on the safe side with Justin. That does hurt us in a number of things because he is the one veteran back that understands our protections the most,” Kiffin said. “To me he’s kind of the heartbeat of our offense by who he is. If you can be in our locker room before games and on our sidelines during games, this is a guy that keeps these guys together with his energy. He’s just a dynamic competitor that we’ll miss if he can’t play. The young bucks will have to go and step up.”

— Tampa Bay may be the season-ending opponent on Dec. 28, but that doesn’t stop Kiffin from bouncing ideas off his father Monte, and vice-versa.

“When we’re playing somebody from the system he’s in defensively. I might bounce something off him like ‘hey has anybody ever done this to you? What would be your adjustment here?,” Kiffin said. “And he’ll call me and say ‘Hey defenses keep doing this. I know you guys run this play, what are you telling the quarterback? What are you telling the backside tackle?’ It’s just competing to help each other.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Tard Boy, You are a nobody. I was talking to the real Al Davis.

  • Brien

    My friend works at Chili’s in San Leandro and saw Dmac there last night with is sister………..Dmac said he is ready for Buffalo…………good stuff. also said he is a down to earth fella

  • HayesDaze#37

    KK — You say Al takes all the credit, and should give credit to his players and coaches. Then you say things like:

    “The Chikensheit won’t even come out and speak to the media himself. He hides behind his flunkies.”


    If Al came out and addressed this media-fueled non-story (hopefully a non-story), wouldn’t he just be vilified for taking all the press and limelight from Kiffin?

    A weak vote-of-confidence for a head coach who still hasn’t proven himself to his team and organization is nothing but harmful. Kiffin needs to earn a contract extension, and he’s getting the chance to do it.

  • Brien

    That is Mr. Raider-tard to you good sir

  • LosT


    Your slippin…You hired the wrong Walsh…

  • Al Davis, ITS OVER.

  • Koolkell’s a pain in the ass


  • Brien

    Hayes= making sense

  • Was DMAC limping Brien?

  • Al Davis, It’s over sir. I don’t want to see you get beat down any more. Please.

  • Brien

    He was sitting down according to my friend…….so I dunno Governor

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    I hope someone who cares about him will throw in the towel, and keep him from taking more punishment.

  • DMAC must really be “down to earth” if he is grubbin at Chili’s with an 8 figure bank acct. Hope he stayed away from the green onions…

  • S&B – Nation Collective

    Caribou Barbie -Post 595 – Let’s get John Guy for General Manager. He is currently the VP of Pro Personnel for the Buffalo Bills and he used to work for the Raiders.

  • similar?

  • I hope someone who cares about him will throw in the towel, and keep him from taking more punishment.

  • S&B, lst, Marvin Lewis has one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel in cinncy. 2ndly, Jon Gruden has a TON of input in personnel in Tampon Bay, and he SHOULD HAVE BEEN RUN OUTTA TAMPA LAST YEAR. 3rdly, Saparano has 10 years in the NFL. He has contacts to build a staff. Kiffin isn’t close.

  • S&B, no thanks, and for one reason – Langston Walker. But I did like their recent draft pix.

  • Brien

    post 614 lol

  • Brien

    well ok Caribou not similar exactly maybe?

  • BTW, HayesDaze you know that WASN’T ME, last nite. That was MR posting as me. As usual.

  • EXACTLY!! Now you’re thinking like a maverick! [smile…nose twitch]

  • Brien

    Good post oaklgenn……..idiots on this blog wanna say the Raiders arethe worst franchise but the Bengals are by far worse than we are

  • Brien

    Maverick? Like not knowing the Bush Doctrine or answering question straight forward?

  • HayesDaze#37

    KK — Maybe you’re too old to be viable. Too old to have an opinion that matters. Certainly too old to run a company, large or small.

    Pehaps you and Al can have adjoining rooms at the old-folks’ home, where you can both talk about your old memories. You know, memories of how Al built, rebuilt, and rebuilt again, team after team over the years, while all you can recall are a few glory teams and Al’s worst moves?

    Methinks KK, that in the old-folks’ home, Al would beat you in chess, checkers, or NFL team-running on any given day.

  • S&B – Nation Collective

    Caribou Barbie — John Guy is the best choice because we just need someone that is competent AND familiar with the Byzantine management style of Al Davis. Is Guy the best. No, but just like our head coaches, its hard to get the best to work for Al

  • kirk

    “Justin Fargas is the heartbeat of our offense.” Huh? He’s only the third best running back on our team.

  • S&B – Nation Collective

    Oakglen says — 3rdly, Saparano has 10 years in the NFL. He has contacts to build a staff. Kiffin isn’t close.

    How do you know Kiffin doesn’t have the network to build a staff. I bet that his network would expand exponentially if people around the league were confident that Kiffin had the normal control a head coach is supposed to have.

  • vegas raider

    Fargas is the best all-around back on our team, hand down. Were you claiming Bush was a better back when he fumbled the ball on the first carry of what was the most important drive of the game?

  • vegas raider

    And don’t tell me about the TD run, the Chiefs had quit and any viable NFL RB would have scored on that play.

  • HayesDaze#37

    S&B — Kiffin has exactly the same level of responsibility and input afforded to about 75-80% of NFL head coaches. What in his resume makes him deserve more power?

    And pople saying Gruden calls all the shots in Tampa? That’s a crock — Gru might swing a big bat, but he won’t swing it too hard on that defensive side of the ball, will he? If you lived anywhere near Tampa, you’d all know that Gruden’s been on the hot seat there — kinda like Kiffin is here — for years. Just last year, Jeff Garcia probably saved Gruden’s career.

  • HayesDaze#37

    Excuse me…..Garcia probably saved Gruden’s TB job, not Gruden’s career. Big difference there.

  • Brien

    Vegas hahahahahahahaha. Farglass the best all around back? But he cant even catch?

  • Brien

    Vegas you are too funny……….I think you get drunk too much watching Wayne Newton sing my man

  • vegas raider

    I don’t understand why so many people on here take shots at Fargas. Is he a pro-bowler, no just a notch below. Has he shown more heart than just about any other player on the team (Nmadi excluded)? Absolutely. The young guys are learning from Fargas, blocking, work ethic, etc., not vice versa.

  • hey brien

  • vegas raider

    Brien: Dmac can’t block, Bush looks like fumbling is going to be an issue, and neither are the short-yardage back Fargas is, not yet at least. I don’t like Wayne, but did watch the girls at the Rio last night as I plowed through 6 or 7 captain and coke’s

  • brien your buddy saw dmac at chilis last night?

  • so now the mcafee is gone?..called the oakland-alameda county coilseum again?…cool!

  • Brien

    sup jim

  • Brien

    It is still calledthe Oakland Alameda County Coliseum………..only wimps call it something else

  • Brien

    Damn right Jim he did

  • Brien

    Farglass a notch below a pro bowler? Man you sure you drinking or taking lines of the Tony?

  • Brien

    Farglass could have never made the inital 50 yard run and would have never tight roped the sideline to score the TD…………vegas you are absolutely wrong

  • Brien

    Farglass cant even catch out the backfield……….come on now!!! Bush/McFadden= best thing to happen to the Raiders in many years………..just you watch

  • Gentlemen,

    In light of the….huh…..recent credit crunch, I vote that we postpone any additional possibilities of another fellow american going into foreclosure on his home.

    I say you keep the kid employed, otherwise I will encat a new law in place regarding your constant harrassment of him and your mighty nation, and I will also request a congressional hearing to verify your competence and sane judgement in day to day life decisions.

    Sincerely Yours,


  • Harry Truman reportedly had a sign on his desk when he served as POTUS that said “The Buck Stops Here”.

    This applies to Al Davis as he is the defacto owner, GM, scout, etc, etc, etc. The last 5 years fiasco in the end lies at his feet and at no one elses.

    Al hired Norv, Shell part II, Calahan. Al signed and/or drafted all the players on the roster.

    Every decision that was made that affected the roster, coaching staff, fornt office personal, press releases, etc., was given the go ahead by Al.

    You can blame the last 5 years of embarassment that has been on the field on all the players and coaches that have played all you want, but it won’t change the fact that Al is ultimately resposnsible for the content and conduct of the organization. He can’t shift blame because he is the owner.

    If Al doesn’t get some good football people in top positions of authority and leave them alone to do the job, we face another 5 years of being the worst team in the NFL. We will cease to be the team everyone loves to hate to the team that everyone loves to laugh at.

  • Seattle Raider

    The multible coaching changes is the primary factor for what we’ve seen the last 5 years. ( The rehiring of Shell & Co. being the biggest mistake)