Russell content handing off _ for now


Quick hits from Thursday’s media window and locker room availability, with quotes relayed from Medianews beat writer Steve Corkran:

— Interesting take from Bills quarterback Trent Edwards Wednesday about the philosophy of playing it safe and avoiding turnovers, comparing his own experience to what JaMarcus Russell is going through this season.

“There’s a fine line you have to walk to know when to check the ball down and when to take chances, too,’’ Edwards said. “It’s kind of an instinctive thing you’ve got to have. A coach can tell you not to turn the ball over but you have to take your shots or you’re not going to put points on the board.’’

Russell, as cool as ever, said he is content to execute Lane Kiffin’s plan of being better safe than sorry. Russell has drawn raves from the coach, even during a 1-for-12 streak against the Chiefs, because he used his strong arm to throw the ball out of bounds rather than run the risk of a turnover.

“That last game or any game, control the ball and not give it away and give them a free chance to do whatever they want to with the ball, then you’re going to be pretty good,” Russell said. “I was just going out there, if it wasn’t there, check it down or throw it away. That’s basically what we go through throughout the year. We did that in camp so that’s basically what I try to go out there and do.”

Russell didn’t deny a part of him that would like to throw more often.

“Deep down inside yes. But the team player part of me says whatever it takes to win,” Russell said. “If I have to go out there and hand off 100 times in a game and we win, I’ll hand off 101 times. No matter what it is to win that game I’m going to be that team player and go out there and help out.”

— Herm Edwards once said, “You play to win the game!,” in an infamous postgame tirade which will some day be a beer commercial once he’s retired. Here is how Kiffin explained it: “I was talking to (Russell) between series, `Don’t take any risks. We don’t care about stats. We want to win the game.’ . . . as you had the momentum and you had the game, the thing you couldn’t do was turn the ball over, and he did a good job.”

Kiffin said in a different situation, Russell may need to reverse field and go for a big play, depending on the circumstance. It just happened that Sunday in Arrowhead Stadium wasn’t one of those times.”

— Running back Darren McFadden has been practicing with a steel plate in his shoe and concedes his turf toe injury is bothersome.

“You think you see a guy with turf toe, ‘Oh, it’s just a toe, he can go with it,’ ” McFadden said. “Once you get it, you understand why because every move that you make on it, it all revolves around your toe, and it’s pretty painful.”

Charles Woodson needed pain-killing injections every week to get through the 2001 season, missing practice every day and playing on Sunday.

McFadden said he wasn’t sure if he would need to take a shot. He said he was timid running on it at first but that the pain seemed manageable.

As far as running with a steel plate in his right shoe, McFadden said, “It made me feel like I was running flat-footed. I feel like once I get used to practicing with that, playing with that, I’ll be all right.”

— While discussing turf toe, the possiblility of injections and all the practices Woodson missed in 2001, Kiffin said, “I thought Woodson didn’t practice anyway, the stories I heard. I don’t think it had anything to do with his toe.”

— Sounds as if Justin Fargas, who almost certainly won’t play against Buffalo, doesn’t stand much of a chance of being Wally Pipped even if McFadden and Bush burst to the forefront with games similar to the ones they had in Kansas City.

Not as long as Kiffin is around, anyway.

“We’ll be on the safe side with Justin. That does hurt us in a number of things because he is the one veteran back that understands our protections the most,” Kiffin said. “To me he’s kind of the heartbeat of our offense by who he is. If you can be in our locker room before games and on our sidelines during games, this is a guy that keeps these guys together with his energy. He’s just a dynamic competitor that we’ll miss if he can’t play. The young bucks will have to go and step up.”

— Tampa Bay may be the season-ending opponent on Dec. 28, but that doesn’t stop Kiffin from bouncing ideas off his father Monte, and vice-versa.

“When we’re playing somebody from the system he’s in defensively. I might bounce something off him like ‘hey has anybody ever done this to you? What would be your adjustment here?,” Kiffin said. “And he’ll call me and say ‘Hey defenses keep doing this. I know you guys run this play, what are you telling the quarterback? What are you telling the backside tackle?’ It’s just competing to help each other.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Al Davis

    KoolKell you are MY hero. Because I actually give 2 sh1ts about your opinion and I am really impressed by your 3rd grade education.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Al Davis is in the Hall of Fame. What other NFL teams have won 3 super bowls under one owner?

    posts 447, 454 & 462 make a lot of sense

  • lefty12

    Big Al-in post 447 you say”give Kiffin a chance to succeed or fail”.i believe that is what everyone is saying-let him succeed or fail without undermining everything he tries to do.if he then fails nobody would say he has to stay.

  • darkknight01


    Yeah I forgot….your senile old man PUSHED THEM AWAY by letting his ego get in the way (as always) and by being CHEAP!

  • Tard Boy,

    Playing with yourself, may feel good.
    But it aint sex. Loser.

  • Al Davis

    Some of you speak as if you actually have any idea as to what goes on behind closed doors at Raiders HQ. Probably the same people that think their vote in November will be heard or counted.

  • Finzel

    As long as the Raiders are under sound financial management no one can take the team away from the boss unless he makes nice and sells it.

    The new 2008 Forbes NFL financial rankings are out. The one of most interest to the citizens is this one here …


    OK, 31st in total value is not so hot, but that’s the selling price, for a small market team, at it’s competitive nadir, in a 40-plus year old multipurpose facility. Whaddaya expect? We’re just greasy and grungy, and we would be so even at 12-4.

    But in operating income, an important number, Raiders are ranked 12th, even with the recent outburst of player expense increase. Last year, 2nd. And the Raiders keep it all, too. Debt to Value Ratio is 6%, 4th in the league, very nice. Expect that number, along with the total value, to increase if the Raiders ever privately finance a new stadium.

    The bottom line is that Davis does a fine job making finacial decisions for a small market team. Anyone wanting to take his property away from him doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Sorry, thay aren’t going to be socialized just yet.

    What you guys REALLY want, I think, is a fresh approach to football decisions. Me, too. Somebody that we don’t know, haven’t heard of, who can come in and bring us fans something new. But the question resounds … WHO? Hope not that dinosaur Parcells. Wouldn’t you like someone unproven and hungrier, like Big Al was himself, once? I agree that it is time for Al to let go of that part of the operation. Someone to actually go out and look at players instead of watch film. Someone with legs, who can travel.

  • RaiderRockstar


    I agree – I don’t think Al will be ousted.

    then why do you keep blabbing your opinion and trying to make other people feel stupid for having an opinion different than yours? You’re the one wasting all this time talking about something that you know isn’t going to happen. what is the point of that?

  • Al Davis


    ask your alter ego Unknown about that. I’m sure the memories from this morning are fresh in your mind oops I mean his mind.

  • We won 3 SBs!

    Yep. And the Romans conquored the known world. How come were not speaking italian?

    Al is about as relevant in the NFL as those Roman numeral we use to mark super bowls.

  • darkknight01


    Lets see the team was on the way up and doing well when Gruden was here….and then once he leaves….the team has been in the freakin TOILET since!


  • COW, KoolKell is wondering whatever happened to that reacharound you promised…



    Kiffin will not be hired by any NFL team if he is fired. He has a combined record of 5-13. Kiffin would be lucky to get back on the USC coaching staff. Nah, on second thought Kiffin is such a Carroll loyalist Carroll will brig him back in some roll for sure. But no team other than the Raiders is interested in Kiffin. Lane that is. Monte wouldn’t last a few hours before being snapped up by some team.

  • Al Davis

    What you suckers don’t know or realize is that Gruden was leaving no matter what I did. At least I got something for him instead of letting him just walk away. So many of you here are either ignorant or just plain history revisionists.

  • darkknight01


    Here is a concept for ya!


  • The slapper is 100% correct in statement #494.

  • It probably takes Al at least five minutes to get from behind his desk to his door. How the hell is he a personnel man?

  • DarkKnight, Gruden and Davis mortgaged the team’s future for a playoff run…even if Gruden stayed the team was going to go through a down period. We were too old and cap constricted. And then Gannon tried to steamroll a linebacker, broke his neck, and REALLY put us in a “greatness of the Raiders is in the future” mode.

  • vegas raider

    Hey things could be worse, we could have Matt Millen as a GM

  • Rockstar – Its a blog. If people weren’t wasting their time on pointless chatter they’d have to shut it down.

    I don’t try to make people feel stupid but the Al supporters do nothing but name-calling. I may disagree with opinions but I don’t name-call. If people want to call me names or claim I’m not a fan – I’m going to respond.

  • unknown

    garble garble gag, garble

    sorry guys I forgot to take KoolKells nuts outta my mouth, ya feel me dawg? Ya Herd?

  • vegas raider

    And drafted Charles Rogers and Mike Williams in the top 10 of the draft. Both are out of football as we speak.

  • Post 517 is an excellent paraphrase of verses 12-16 of the Epistle of Saint Al to the Alamedans.

  • Exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Read about how Al Davis is destroying the Raiders. Great read!



    Lie to yourself. For most here it wouldn’t matter what Kiffin did they would still be cheering for everything that he does. Kiffin is your Brad Pitt!!LOL!! He can do no wrong. Even whne Kiffin is wrong he is still right, right?!! Please, calm down and let the guy have a chance. If he succeeds he’ll stick around unless he asks for too much money. If he fails then he’s toast. With only 5 wins in his short coaching career I say stop all the praise and all the hate and let the guy do what he can.

  • bronco joe

    I just wanted to let you guys know what an awesome job Al Davis has been doing for the Denver Broncos! First he lets Mike Shanahan go after just one year of coaching, and Shanahan has brought us two Super Bowl rings, and now he has rebuilt this team to start challenging for another. I can’t think of another team right now with so much youth and upside as the Broncos. Davis also gave Shanahan personal incentive to do his best to embarass the raider nation every time we play them. And just recently, Al Davis was kind enough to sign Javon Walker to a huge contract, which cleared any money the Broncos would have still had to pay him after cutting him. How’s that working out for you Al? I’m glad you talked Walker out of retiring this summer. I’m not sure what more Al Davis could do for the Broncos?! Thanks uncle Al!!!

  • Al and his flunkies ARE FEELING THE HEAT.
    Otherwise they would be commissioning the Kriedler piece.

  • S&B – Nation Collective

    Post 512 — and when you take away that glimmer of the Gruden years, the record gets really bad!!!!

  • Florida Pete

    no matter what happens this season… kiffie will be telling all of us to kiss his a$$…

    i say kiss his a$$ now…

    kiss it goodbye…

    fire the temp !!!

  • Al Davis

    Hey BJ aka Bronco Joe

    You have no one but your owner to thank for those rings. Do you honestly think Shanahan put in on the 2 SB Rings the Bronco’s bought? No freakin way, he is way too cheap.

  • Slapper – How are the Raiders better off with Al running the show?

    The Raiders are better off to me with Al Davis running the show because he’s the last revolutionary in a league(&country) of corporate facists. I’d personally like to see him get another personnel guy in here to help him with personnell decisions. This league has always descriminated against Al and he called them on their sh!t, and they’ve taken it out in bullsh!t penalties, screwed him on stadium deals, etc. It doesn’t excuse what the last 5 years personnel decisions, but what cracks me up about all you dipsh!ts is that you claim that Kiffin is the brilliant head coach that can’t be released. I personally would keep him around, but don’t you morons find it hypocritical that you say Al has not competent to run the football team, yet sing the praises of a guy that ONLY Al Davis would hire. Makes perfect sense to me in this country full of dumbasses.

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  • Finzel – Good post. It seems Al allows his hires to handle the finances. Were he to take the same approach on the management of the team, things would be better.

    I don’t want Al “ousted” or to die or whatever. Just hire a GM and let the coaches coach. Be a silent owner and stop worrying about who gets credit. Just Win.

  • darkknight01


    At least with Gruden and Allen in the fold, the franchise would have had STABILITY, PROPER ORAGANIZATION AND SYSTEM CONTINUITY they would have had direction and the game of musical chair HC’s would have been over at least for another 4 or 5 years. The team would have most likely remained competitive and would maintained the respect that Gruden brought us back to.

  • Al Davis

    KoolKell Says:
    September 19th, 2008 at 12:54 pm
    “Al and his flunkies ARE FEELING THE HEAT.
    Otherwise they would be commissioning the Kriedler piece.”

    Wow that 3rd grade education is really paying off! LOL
    I think we know what you were trying to say, but still. Man you are stupid. Don’t get all adventerous and try out for the show Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, we all know how you would do. It would make for good tv though, watching some idiot try to figure out how many states in the US border an ocean.

    KK: Der I um (stammer) I’m not really sure, so I will say 2.

  • 507 is a briliant post.

  • Brain: Brain function varies normally as people pass from childhood through adulthood to old age. During childhood, the ability to think and reason steadily increases, enabling a child to learn increasingly complex skills. During most of adulthood, brain function is relatively stable. After a certain age, which varies from person to person, brain function declines. Different aspects of brain function are affected at different times:

    Short-term memory and the ability to learn new material tend to be affected relatively early.
    Verbal abilities, including vocabulary and word usage, may begin to decline at about age 70.
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  • lefty12

    look goon,i don’t put anyone on a pedestal.all i said was let the guy do the job he was hired to do without undermining what he is trying to do-then make a judgement.instead of just babbling maybe you should learn how to read!

  • Al Davis


    don’t pretend to know how to do anything but cut and paste and article that you somehow found on the internet.

    Plus I have seen you already post it several times before, it wasn’t funny any of those other times either.

    Here’s an idea:

    If you are unable to formulate your own thought process keep your stupid mouth shut.

    Ignoramus (look it up)

  • As to why Davis hasn’t pulled the trigger already despite his reported unhappiness, maybe he hasn’t finished scouring the bed and breakfasts of America to find his next offensive coordinator. Is there a single person in Raider Nation who is happy that Al is still calling the shots?

    freakin hilarious….and possibly true

  • Hey COW, how does Al not let the coaches coach. I’ve never read ANYTHING where a former or current coach said ‘I had to run this … because Al Davis made me.’ Does he talk strategy with his coaches? Absolutely. But please provide concrete evidence of him not letting the coaches coach.

  • Al Davis

    lefty12 Says:
    September 19th, 2008 at 1:01 pm
    “look goon,i don’t put anyone on a pedestal.all i said was let the guy do the job he was hired to do without undermining what he is trying to do-then make a judgement.instead of just babbling maybe you should learn how to read!”

    I let Lance run his offense with ZERO undermining. You truly are clueless aren’t you? See post #507.

  • Slapper – Exactly! Al should run the show by LETTING SOMEONE ELSE DO IT. You’re saying the same thing we are.
    Nobody is saying Kiffin is great but it would be nice to see what he could do if he was allowed to function like 31 other head coaches.

    Al’s Title is of no concern. His legacy as a revolutionary would benefit if he showed the wisdom to surround himself with winners instead of yes men.

  • It’s just time for a man with a drool towell and diapers to step aside gracefully from being the face of this once proud organization.

  • I’m happy he’s calling the shots Nation…Of course, the flipside to your question is if Kiffin’s job is so unbearable why didn’t he just quit? And don’t even f-ing try the “he needs the money” bullsh!t

  • RaiderRockstar

    I don’t want Al “ousted” or to die or whatever. Just hire a GM and let the coaches coach. Be a silent owner and stop worrying about who gets credit. Just Win.

    well said.

    in your opinion, is a true fan and loyal fan the same thing? imo it is.

    as the saying goes “win, lose or tie, Raider till I die”.

    so many people talk about giving up on the Raiders (ie. picking another team or waiting until Davis dies to root for them again) if Kiffin is fired. In my mind that makes no sense. Isn’t that the same as saying “i’ll be a fan, as long as we’re winning” ??? I want the Raiders to win more than anybody. My guess is Al Davis does too. If he wanted to lose he could have saved himself a lot of money this offseason

  • Al Davis

    KoolKell Says:
    September 19th, 2008 at 1:04 pm
    “It’s just time for a man with a drool towell and diapers to step aside gracefully from being the face of this once proud organization.”

    Spoken like a man that speaks from experience. Is that what your boss said to you when he found you drooling all over Unknowns nuts while he was wearing a diaper?

  • HayesDaze#37

    KK — Al never threw a TD, ran one, or stopped one on an NFL field. But, he’s never claimed to be a god. He rules his empire the way he wants, but that’s not claiming to be anything…it’s a demonstration of who runs HIS team. And, every coach he hires knows the chain-of-command before he signs on the dotted-line.

    And…your waving the banner for those players you say Al should give the credit to? He does just that, and in at least half of those names you listed, he has maintained at least a part-time professional relationship with. So, you whine about Al not supporting his great players, and then you cite a bunch of players that Al has been honoring for years.

    KK, your hypocrite ways are showing again. Other than the “fire Al” refrain, do you have anything else to say about the team — pro or con? If not, methinks you’re just looking to stir the pot.

    BTW, KK — You never answered whether or not YOU were subject to the same age-related mental deficiencies you attribute to Al. If you ARE subject to those same deficiencies (you are human, after all), doesn’t that mean your own opinions should be disregarded as much as Al’s are? You’re getting up there in years, old-timer.

    Who decides when you’ve “lost it?” Is the cut-off the last 5-years, the last 10-years, the last 25-years, or an entire body of work? The person who decides which cut-off to use is usually the person arguing a favorable point for their cause.

  • Al Davis

    post #549, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thats why he has this info at his fingertips, his doctors e-mailed it to him.

  • S&B – Nation Collective

    MaddenRaider — The fear I have of firing Kiffin is two-fold:

    1. Kiffin has developed a modern approach to offense that many of us believe can be successful. We fear a reversal back to the Bed & Breakfast Offense and visions of 7 step drops and bombs down the field

    2. Given that Kiffin is at least competent — we also realize that young QBs suffer when they end up getting multiple offensive coordinators/philosophies in their formative years. Firing coaches every year or two produces Alex Smith’s and Vince Young’s and not Peyton Manning and Donvan McNabb’s

    3. Al Davis has hired two count’em 2 competent coaches since 1987 -I’ll give him credit for Art Shell part 1 & Jon Gruden- Although he ended up firing both of them!

    Davis needs to step back and bring in some personnell help and let his coaches do their job. Bring in a Ron Wolf or Bruce Allen. Al has to realize the league has passed him buy and simply playing fantasy football with the roster don’t cut it. I’m still waiting on Javon Walker to clean up his attitude and get on the field!