McFadden as change-of-pace back?

Quick hits from Lane Kiffin’s press briefing following Friday’s walkthrough as the team began boarding buses the airport for their trip to Buffalo:

— Rookie running back Darren McFadden did very little in practice and will need a pain-killing injection to face the Bills Sunday, Kiffin said.

McFadden will be watched closely during warmups, but Kiffin said it would possible Michael Bush could end up being the lead back, with McFadden coming in for a quicker, faster change-up.

The previous day, Kiffin noted that McFadden’s runs were coming in a “big play, little play,” mode rather than as conssitent yards against Kansas City and expressed concern about a possible fumble as his workload increased.

That indicates that for all the talk of curing McFadden’s fumbling problems at Arkansas, he still does not have the trust of the staff in that area.

— Kwame Harris did not practice and will almost certainly be inactive against Buffalo without what Kiffin called “a big comeback.”

That means another road start for Mario Henderson, who with a little help from his friends and coaches, effectively neutralized Chiefs right end Tamba Hali and was not called for a single penalty.

It gets tougher Sunday. Bills right end Aaron Schoebel has flown under the radar of national consciousness for the most part but his 53 sacks are the most in the AFC since 2003, four more than Indianapolis end Dwight Freeney.

— Wide receiver Javon Walker (hamstring) practiced for the second consecutive day and Kiffin said the Raiders hope to get him involved. Of course, “I said that last week, too. We’ll see what happens in warmups.”

— In Week 1, holder Brian Moorman, the Bills punter, threw a 19-yard touchdown pass to Ryan Denney on a fake field goal attempt.

Now all the Raiders have to do is make sure they’ve got the 19 trick plays covered. The Buffalo special teams, coached by Bobby April, are considered among the best in the league and also among the most deceptive.

“They do a lot of stuff,” Kiffin said. “We’ve got 20 different fakes on film over the years from this, and so we have to be on our toes at all times. They’re not afraid to do anything.”

Kiffin said the Bills have displayed trickery even deep in their own territory.

The Week 1 touchdown pass from Moorman to Denney also included a 63-yard punt return by Roscoe Parrish and a forced fumble by Jon Corto which was later converted to a touchdown.

— The acquistion of 6-foot-6, 310-pound Marcus Stroud has dropped an anchor in the middle of the Buffalo defense, and it’s worth noting that the Raiders have had trouble getting untracked with both the run and pass against teams with elite, powerful tackles such as Albert Haynesworth of Tennessee, the Kevin and Pat Williams of Minnesota, and (when healthy) Jamal Williams of San Diego.

Kiffin didn’t attempt to hide his concern for the matchup between Stroud and Cooper Carlisle, the right guard who has been the Raiders most steady lineman since he arrived. Kiffin said Cooper sometimes has trouble holding his own against big tackles with a huge push.

“He’s on Cooper most of the game, and if there’s something that Cooper isn’t very good at, that would be it. He’s 296 pounds, so he does get pushed sometimes,” Kiffin said. “It is a concern for us and we’ve got a plan, but you can pick five plays out of each of those games where he’s just dominating those plays.”

While defending the run, Kiffin said large, physical tackles, prevent the Raiders from hooking linemen out of a play, and that zone blocking works better run away from players like Stroud then running at them.

Stretching the field on them brings in the possibility of a cut block.

“Once you put it in his head guys are going to cut, and they feel that, now they slow down,” Kiffin said.

— Former Raider tackle Langston Walker, who was part of a offensive line that gave up 72 sacks in 2006, has drawn raves from Bills coach Dick Jauron and by all reports seems to have regained the sense of humor and engaging personality he had in Oakland until things went downhill under Art Shell.

Walker even subbed for left tackle Jason Peters on Week 1 and did a solid job, switching back to his familar right tackle spot in Week 2.

Prone to having difficulties with speed rushers in Oakland, Walker will be faced with Derrick Burgess Sunday.

— In case you haven’t seen it, Kiffin has some support in the form of a web page which wants him retained as head coach.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • dick v

    Isn’t jason cole the same cat that said Hip Hop is responsible for the moral decay of today’s young black atheletes? He has been taking shots at Oakland all summer. Who knows whats true? I know that Cincinatti is just as bad if not worse and so are the Rams, but The Raiders are different because….

    How many games did Rich Gannon win the “right way” in KC. The Raiders just killed KC in front of Gannon, but KC and Carl Peterson have it figured out?

    I wish those former Raiders would back their comments up with a name: at least Warren Sapp has a sack and says what he feels.

  • big E


    how do you know so much and be so certain. You got a bet working or something.

    this whole quitting and being fires is a difference of what a million and half..pleaze AL threw away money down the toilet with Walker and KELLY. YOU in denial abou that.

    Id loose respect for everyone involved if AL cant fire him and KIffin cant just quit. isnt that pathetic!

  • http://www.thenextraidercoach.com Jim Lofton

    Ok Dakota you can read about Taylor these days on PFT,..but I have known that prick since `92,…hes an untrustworthy, dishonest a-hole,..period….his job title is PR guy,..but hes turned into Als sidekcik,..drives him around,…Taylor thinks hes important now,…Taylor hates Kiffin servely…Herrera is an ex-con…within a few years they will be gone and Trask with run this team,..her and her backers will control the team,..you just watch….and Trask is real close and trusted by Mark Davis also.

  • big E

    I guess I am in Denial then.

    I agree that Davis will say he wanted Lofton from the begining. IN two years will de-javu.

    Can we agree that RYAN would make a horrible coach.he just a cheerleader ra-ra bafoon.

    He has a last name thats it.

  • Dakota

    I said it in January and February…once the cat was out of the bag with Resignation Letter Gate the only thing that could save the situation would have been a kumbaya press conference declaring Kiffin the unquestioned HC…that never happened and the situation and the season was lost AT THAT MOMENT. Football is a team game and the players have to completely buy in or else the ship sinks.

    Some of the players are not dumb and they see what is happening, and then they explain the situation to the dumb players using small words and then everyone knows the coach wants out and the coach wanted the DC out and that everything is a mess and suddenly you get a 41-14 opening game, at home on MNF. GAME OVER.

    I don’t blame Kiffin, I blame Al for making the HC position so tedious in Oakland that no one (of quality) would want this job.

  • http://www.thenextraidercoach.com Jim Lofton

    Big E,..go to Yahoo sports,..read todays piece on the Raider situation,…Mike Silver may be a Raider hater from way back,..but his story is the truth,..I dont like Silver either, but his story is solid and he has contacts in Alameda.

  • http://www.thenextraidercoach.com Jim Lofton

    I believe Lofton takes over during bye…the writings on the wall….its clear.

  • dick v

    Al is seceretive and plays everything close to the vest. Aall the variables just become speculation with the types like Cole. I have respect for Schefter, but Cole seems to havea flair for the dramatic. He can hype it up all he wants, but there are alot of teams that are in the same shape who have people in charge that have never won anything

  • big E

    I have to say Dakota has been consistent and had a good feel on this from the begining and it bothered me at first because I felt like an AL apologist.

    its a damn shame.

    you scare me with your scenarios because I can see that happening.

    Raider nation is die- hard but the “building/MNGMT” is the EVIL EMPIRE

  • http://www.thenextraidercoach.com Jim Lofton

    I believe the only hope is that Trask finds a way for Mark to take over as the man in charge,…Mark finds best gm available,…lets gm run everything…Trask would go along for sure….Herrera and Taylor would be shown the door…hopefully the entire scouting dept too, they suck.

  • http://www.thenextraidercoach.com Jim Lofton

    The awful truth is Al Davis is no longer of sound mind,….and Iwas the biggest Davis guy for 30 years,..I have an official nfl football that my old contact there had Davis sign, and I have a pic of him signing it,..back in `97,…the crappy Bugel year,..so its not like Im a Davis hater,..I want the man to simply stay home.

  • big E

    I did read M.SILVER this morning. I read all the links everyday.

    I actaully enjoyed it and agreed with it. I know his history and the way he was yelled at a Raider practice by Davis.

    WHATs next agreeing with Ralph Barbieri that Al doent care about the fans.

    Pig just flew by my window..The world is going to end soon

  • Dakota

    Hey, our scouts might be just fine, but instead of letting them do their job it has been widely reported that Al sends them out to gather only certain specific information that he then uses to evaluate players for the draft…

    Hell, we might have the best scouts in the world, but the Al Davis filter tends to hurt their work, lol.


  • http://www.thenextraidercoach.com Jim Lofton

    I cant believe bspn is making such a huge deal with ryder cup,..who f`n cares.

  • Dakota

    ESPN should have a separate channel that only covers golf, auto racing, WNBA, cycling, bowling, all women’s college sports, and maybe even hockey, and leave the real sports to the regular ESPN channel.

  • http://www.thenextraidercoach.com Jim Lofton

    F the scouts,….have Mark take over with Trask,…get rid of all the losers who were the butt kissers and that was why they kept their jobs,…have the gm clean house and start fresh,…and I say have Mark take over with Trask because Trask is right on,…I see in here she gets alot of crap from fans who are clueless,…shes awesome…and is working hard behind the scenes for a new stadium in the bay area,..Pleasanton actually,…but shes a die hard fan and is doing all she can dealing with what she has to deal with,…in my opinion if she ever left the Raiders would suffer,…terribly.

  • Dakota

    It is Friday night, I am out of here.

    Night all.

  • http://www.thenextraidercoach.com Jim Lofton

    Ya but they are making too big a deal about ryder cup,…van pelt was just on almost crying over that stupid crap.

  • Dakota

    Plus Amy Trask is married to a guy from South Dakota…she clearly has taste.

  • Ice Assassin

    I may have missed it but who did we cut to get TE Troupe?

  • http://www.thenextraidercoach.com Jim Lofton

    Im out also,…later Nation.

  • Ice Assassin

    Come on Raider Nation I need so Information? Is every on asleep?

  • big E

    Ice go back and read the last thirty or so posts- Lofton and DAkota had some interesting things to share.

    Dark Days in Oakland despite young talent. DAVIS is one SOB

  • DirtyBathWater

    Im looking for burgess to have a big game against walker this sunday they better not leave him one on one with burgess or its gonna be a long day. Our recievers need to step up big time because if they tryand come in to stack the line against the run it will be important that we are able to throw the ball, if walker isnt 100% then he dont need to be on the field at all, he will be more of a liability than an decoy, why noe put in watkins he’ss been pretty solid in the preseason. we have to give these young recievers a chance of playing and developing. Its not like were playing against top corners on buffalo, I cant even name the guys on that team so lets roll with shilens watkins and curry, miller and company so we can get a rythem in the passing game

  • big E


    whats your beef man ?

    why did my post have to be moderated and taken off..I dont like you. I read crap in here all the time .

    I didnt write anything bad..talk about power control..gee

  • DirtyBathWater

    hey did anyone sign the petition letter on that web site advising al davis not to fire Kiffin?

  • DirtyBathWater


  • Ice Assassin

    Big E I went back and I did not see when they said who would be cut to make room for Troupe. If I missed please let me know?

  • big E

    Remember Gruden made a tape of a standing DE that AL wanted to have in the defensive scheme. Al really like it. He loves football too much where its almost unhealthy.

    Its not funny if our owner is not of soundmind or has alzhiemers or some other illness which could be the case.

    SILVER had said in his article that AL would drop a rag and have an employee wipe his shoes..LOL

  • big E

    This moderator has issues. Dakota said AL is not of sound mind..I mention Alzheimer in a serious tone and my post is removed.

  • big E

    My post mentioned interesting insight on Gruden’s experience with AL but my post was removed. Hopefully someone will find it on the net -if interested. Al wanted to sit in meetings with the defense etc.

  • big E

    Gruden’s experience with AL but my post was removed. Hopefully someone will find it on the net -if interested. Al wanted to sit in meetings with the defense etc.

  • Ice Assassin

    Did anybody see who we will cut for TE Troupe? Big E I didn’t see anything as far as who we will cut. I don’t care about the GM I just want to know about the team and our players!

  • big E

    I hope the moderator is a program and not a person because that person sucks.

  • Nation Collective-Chaos
  • big E


    I couldnt help you with that? who would you want them to cut?

    maybe a lb like Williams would make sense to me.

  • big E

    ice to me the in-houde disaster and reality of Davis’s control and what the future holds is WAY more interesting that some late addition that got cut from some other team.

    a te at that..wippy do dah…the raiders are a mess.

  • Nation Collective-Chaos

    Quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers and running back Darren McFadden of the Oakland Raiders are the FedEx Air & Ground NFL Players of the Week for games played on Sept. 14-15.

    Good job D-Mac…..

  • Nation Collective-Chaos

    Big E…..We know th Front Office is all fed up….I have been saying that for a few weeks now…But imagine this beast on the opposite side of Miller, in to pass block and Miller opening up the middle. This guy also held records in Florida when he was there for TD Catches…..Not bad if you can get him for player minimum to act as a decoy or who knows, maybe show some of that flare that he did in Florida….

  • Nation Collective-Chaos


  • big E

    nite all

    Raiders 23
    Bills 20

    Davis fires Kiffin has Lofton fill in and next year we loose Napp Cable and here we go again..the crazy world of AL DAVIS

  • big E

    by the way I apppreciate your optimism COLLECTIVE. I am just coming around to the mess and been in denial I guess.

    Yeah addition is an addition for sure. But what you do in college means squat. We need lineman and wrs but will wait for the draft again.

  • Ice Assassin

    Big E Willaims is the one I would cut they say he was good until he got hurt but when you get hurt by someone on your own team like he did in the begaining. It is not a good sign of what you will do in the future years. Even if you are hurt by Romo. Let this sissy go!

  • http://keepkiffin.com Nation Collective – rich_gannons_love_child

    no offense to j-russ, but…

    we’re gonna get a real good look at the QB we shoulda drafted last year. hindsight is 20/20 but i’d much rather have edwards throwing ball to clavin johnson. hey, but at least we have javon “what happens in vegas, stays in vegas” walker. talk about a stud.

    once again, the brilliance of al davis knows no end….

    lynch goes for a buck-sixty, edwards shows j-russ how to protect the football, rob ryan and co. realize very quickly they’re not in kansas city anymore…


    al-still senile
    “rational” raider nation-fed up

  • K-Rock

    For all you guys signing the Kiffin petition…

    Barring an out-of-body experience by Davis, there will be a fifth coach very soon. It’s not that Kiffin is simply on the outs after refusing to step aside in January when Davis reportedly drew up a resignation letter for him. Kiffin, repeatedly taking verbal shots at the owner in the media, wants out faster than investors can dump their AIG stock.

    “That’s the funny part about people asking if he’s worried about getting fired,” said a source close to Kiffin. “He’s worried that he might be stuck there the whole season.”


    The guy you guys are defending doesn’t even want to be here.

    Jim Fassel will be the next coach of the Raiders.

  • K-Rock


    That should be no surprise. Davis has often reportedly overruled coaches when they have tried to fine players or told coaches who needs to play. On the way to the Super Bowl in the 2002 season, the Raiders would regularly fly on a Friday before a Sunday game. According to multiple team sources, the reason was that a large number of players would get drunk on the plane ride to a road game.

    “We needed Saturday to get sober so we could play on Sunday,” one former player said.

  • K-Rock

    Al Davis…

    “If he had his way, we’d have taken Jordan Beck instead of Kirk Morrison, but we wouldn’t let him,” former Raiders personnel man Mike Lombardi said, recalling a draft-day debate he had with Davis in 2005 over which linebacker to select in the third round. “He wanted Beck, but we had coached Morrison at the Senior Bowl and the whole coaching staff believed that Morrison was the best player we had seen there. We all told him, no, Morrison is the guy.”

  • http://cxabelcomcast.com Sirbliztalot

    This sucks man! Oh Lord, please lift the plague off of the Oakland Raiders.

  • Nnamdi21

    K-Rock Says:
    September 19th, 2008 at 11:44 pm
    For all you guys signing the Kiffin petition…

    Barring an out-of-body experience by Davis, there will be a fifth coach very soon. It’s not that Kiffin is simply on the outs after refusing to step aside in January when Davis reportedly drew up a resignation letter for him. Kiffin, repeatedly taking verbal shots at the owner in the media, wants out faster than investors can dump their AIG stock.

    “That’s the funny part about people asking if he’s worried about getting fired,” said a source close to Kiffin. “He’s worried that he might be stuck there the whole season.”


    The guy you guys are defending doesn’t even want to be here.

    Jim Fassel will be the next coach of the Raiders.


    Nnamdi21 says:


    Who’s your source?

    This guy?


    Victor Cotto, S&B report from raiderfans.

    More shameless rumor mongering.

    The only way to shut people up is to win.

    “…said a source close to Kiffin.”

    Again, with the anonymous BS “sources”.


    Give it a rest.

    Lets kick ass Raiders.

  • K-Rock

    Yahoo sports article.