Kiffin still here


Reports by ESPN.com and Fox News to the contrary, Lane Kiffin appeared at his weekly press conference Monday, addressed the issue of his job secrurity again and said he has no intention of quitting.

Kiffin said he will continue coaching the Raiders until told otherwise by Al Davis.

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • M


    score as many touchdowns as you want, all good, just shut your f*&cking trap! Nobody wants to be spit upon, bitch slapped or have their manhood denigrated. Got it?
    Just shut the f#@k up on the field! Leave a wounded animal alone. Don’t f&^k with ’em. Clear enough?

  • DoneDeal

    correct then the defense needs to fall back into the prevent.

  • DoneDeal

    fake dakota lt wont be dropping sh!t, lt doesnt even play anymore he is ready to retire.

  • My boss told me to tell you guys that we are going to fire the lame coach tomorrow. I hope he sleeps well.

  • LT wont do anything. Now Sproles is a different story. LT will play less snaps than Sproles tonight because of his toe.

    I doubt he will be ready to go in time for us. It’s nice that they get a short weekend too. At this time i don’t have any hope for a win, but it will not be LT beating us. Rivers and Sproles will do it instead.

  • Cole Ford

    Does anyone have Al Davis’ phone number?

  • M


    the LaDainian ain’t what it used to be. A Sproles can’t do 30 carries either. Marshawn is a beast, Tomlinson and Darren are tadpoles. Don’t worry.

  • DoneDeal

    so JLH was on defense?????

  • S&B – Nation Collective

    Nnamdi21 — That was the sequence of plays that had me cussing up and downt the bar. They let Lynch get away with a key gain on 3rd down. If they had stopped that one, the game is over RIGHT THERE.

    Bills punt Raiders get excellent field position and that’s all.

    Another telling point was when Kelly and Warren sat out the first down. It was because Kelly can’t go 4 QTRs. Why isn’t Kelly in on every down in a critical situation like that moment.

    B.S and that’s why the Raiders lost the game. Right there.

  • I do Cole. Why?

  • darkknight01

    Sure Herrera….I used to call and yell at another dumb tool that used to be in that building Mike Lombardi.

    Don’t make excuses for being a TOOL!

  • Dakota

    No it is me….and don’t worry LT, even in a wheelchair would still drop 200+ yards on Rob Ryan, lol.

    He owns us.

  • El Dirty


    I heard it from these guys… no one will tell me

  • Cole Ford

    I would like to talk to him John. Maybe I can change his mind.

  • He can’t walk, he can’t scout players, he can’t win, all he can do these days is be a drama queen.

  • S&B – Nation Collective

    Raiders can’t afford to sign anymore top 5 picks. We will have to trade it down should we be in that position again.

  • The moderators don’t want for you to call me, or they are afraid of what I might tell you. If you want to call me or the big boss, call:

    The Oakland Raiders
    1220 Harbor Bay Parkway
    Alameda, CA 94502
    Main Office: (510) 864-5000

  • darkknight01

    Hey Herrera,

    If you truly are Herrera…so who is going to be the next in line on the chopping block tomorrow after the season is over….Lofton, Fassel or Rathman?

  • we beat ourselves with a team that is waaaaay better than the dis-charge from the schlooooongs.

    2-2 in the bye week
    2-1 in division

    count on that nation brothers………count on it

  • None of hem you mention. We are hiring the water boy.

  • DoneDeal

    you fans keep watching the debacle that is the raiders organization.

    Raider Nation = #1
    Raiders Players = #1 except javon walker
    Raiders front office = #32

    time to watch the newest in nfl reality show the next debacle the san diego chargers

  • Dakota


    You told us 3-1 going into the bye after the Broncos game, lol.

  • Go watch the Chargers Game. Boy I wish I could be part of that organization one day!

  • OOPS. Did I say that?

  • dick v

    whatever else happens, I know that John Herrera and Mike Taylor will be gone when its all said and done. If Lane sticks and turn things around, Al will fire Herrera and Taylor and make them scape goats for this foolery. Even Lane gets fired, Taylor and Herrera will bget the axe so Al gives the apperance that he is changing more than coaches and adressing all organizational issues: even himself. I have seen too many variations of Al wins. Al is teflon when it comes to these things because he never speaks to the press and can rewrite history any way he wants.

  • Inside Source

    Here is what’s going to go down. Kiffin is going to show up for practice tomorrow and be met by security guards who escort him back to the parking lot. John Herrera will come out and inform Kiffin that his services are no longer required by Mr. Davis and asking him to hand over his playbook.

  • Kelly is still working himself into shape, but it is not because of laziness. He spent the off season rehabbing his knee and wasn’t able to get in the work he needed to get into shape. Hopefully and the weeks go by he will get more indurance.

  • If Herrera would of bloodied Kawakami I would have felt alot better about the loss! I freaking hate Kawakami ….

    Dirty we’ll just have to call it hear say and hope 4 the best!

  • El Dirty


    I hope so

  • r8der4lyfe

    Start Stanford Route
    Fire Rob Ryan
    Disconect MR’s internet service provider

  • Crimedog

    What happens when you can’t trade that pick away? You have to make the pick which means you’re gonna have to pay up. I think we can afford it when it comes down to it. However, all these high draft picks have to be correct or we’re fked.

  • Dakota

    Dick V….Herrera has been with Al for 20+ years….his nose is firmly stuck in Al’s butt. He is going nowhere….

  • El Dirty

    Mr. your killing me

  • Jerry whats up with the fix dude?

  • El Dirty


    Finally got to your post. I know J-Mac will be great I just need him to be more, we need him to be more.

  • .
  • ChargedUp

    LT is so dreamy in that powder baby blue jersey . Black is so dull and blah blah

  • Dakota

    In case you missed it earlier…Herrera got his azz kicked before, lol:

    Mike Ornstein:

    During a recent interview, Ornstein retraced his path from toilet scrubber to powerful sports marketing representative. It started in 1975 when, fresh out of Indiana State University, he took a job as an unpaid administrative assistant with John Madden, then the head coach of the Raiders. Without his own car, Ornstein borrowed a beat-up truck known as the “Raider Mobile” and reported for work at 5 a.m.

    Then he pulled out the cleaning supplies.

    He said he handled janitorial duties before working with Madden from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. Then it was off to the scouting department where he would help break down film and file reports. His workday typically included stops in the equipment room and he rarely left the complex for dinnertime.

    Working unpaid for the first 18 months in Oakland, Ornstein said he headed to the Hilton on Monday and to the Hyatt on Tuesday and Thursday to eat the free hors d’oeuvres.

    “I can’t even look at a little meatball or a little hot dog anymore,” Ornstein said. “Still to this day I gag when I see those things.”

    He became a fixture not only at the hotels’ free buffet lines but also at the Raiders’ complex, where his climb up the ranks was successful but stormy. He moved on to the media relations department, then into the marketing department and, at times, he proved as tough and unpredictable as those old renegade Raiders and team owner Al Davis.

    According to a Los Angeles Times article, Ornstein “won undying fame before the 1984 Super Bowl victory in Tampa by ordering Irv Cross of CBS off the sideline – while Cross was on the air.”

    In 1986, Ornstein punched his fellow senior administrator, John Herrera, during an argument over who had used a movie projector last. Herrera pressed charges, and Ornstein pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery.

    “When you work for Al (Davis), you kind of think you can do whatever you want,” Ornstein said. “As a young guy, I was a feisty guy. … I did a lot of stupid things. I try not to do too many stupid things anymore.

    “I haven’t punched anybody out in 25 years.”

    But when he was with the Raiders, his fellow senior administrator wasn’t the only one with whom Ornstein butted heads. He recalled a rocky relationship with Davis, adding that the owner fired him “three or four times.” His association with the team ended in 1989, when Davis learned Ornstein had interviewed for a job with the Rams, then based in Los Angeles.

    Attempts to reach the Raiders for comment were unsuccessful.

  • 4lyfe #330

    first laugh I had all day! Thanx bro

  • yeah i know dakota, and up until the 4th qtr it seemed like that……but like the stones song goes…….
    you cant always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need.

  • Ottocrat

    All this crap about Herrera yelling at Tim Kawakami during the press conference just shows you how low the Raiders have gone. These people are supposed to be professionals. If Al and his crew of sycophants ran any other company the way they run the Raiders, it would’ve been bailed out by the fed just like all of these other bankrupt jokes that we’re picking up the bill for. This is sickening. The rest of the sports world is laughing at this mess of an organization right now.

  • dick v

    All things must come to an end. Herrera has made a spectacle of himself and now he has tried to fight Tim Kwamaki. Kwamaki is going to continue to roast him in the paper and on his guest spots on knbr. Herrera is the fall guy, and Taylor to. with al you know there will be blood.

  • La Milicia Negra

    well I believe them both, both kawakimi and Cohn, I don’t think they lied, but that doesn’t change that Kawakami can’t write and Cohn is a b1tch as nancy..

    but its still funny =)

  • Dakota


    Come on, I need a laugh!

  • 909raiderlifer

    Jerry Mac..

    Where is the effing fix??

  • dick v

    once Pft gets a hold of this the story will go nation wide. John Herrera is the next contestant on Al’s chopping block. Herrera might have just saved Lane’s job. PFT has been saying that Herrera and Taylor are the only two people Al talks to effectively shutting out any nay sayers. Herrera is gone. Taylor is next.
    Lane is here for the rest of the year and counting in my opion on the perfromance of the Raiders and a minimum of 8-8 record.

    Lane is learning very fast and is even more mindful of his thoughts and sharp tongue. Lane will not be ‘ insubordinate’ anymore, and the farther he gets from that monday night debacle, the more pressure he puts on Al to keep him.

  • Keep Kiffin!
    Fire Rob Ryan instead!!!
    I wonder how much of a bonus that RR gets for throwing the game in the 4th qtr?
    Oh, yeah…
    Probably the head coaching gig.

  • willie

    Tim k(whatever)is a NINER LOVER,and you guessed it ,a RAIDERS HATER,has been for YEARS!!!!!I dont care what HE says,cant stand any of the Mers reporters,hell,408 will vouch for that FACT

  • How many of you will be able to support a team that is coached by Rob Ryan? I am not ready for such a garbage product. I do not know if I could stomach another 4-12 season.

  • El Dirty

    Ha Ha Herrara is gangster lol shoud have punched.