Warren, Carlisle hurting


Aside from the continuing saga of coach Lane Kiffin, the most significant news had to do with injuries which could cost the Raiders two starters for their game against the San Diego Chargers Sunday at the Coliseum.

Defensive tackle Gerard Warren, who has been Oakland’s most dominant interior defender, has a torn pectoral muscle (it was originally identifed as a neck injury against the Bills). Right guard Cooper Carlisle, who left the game against the Bills and returned, has an ankle injury and may not practice this week.

While most coaches do their best to mask the seriousness of injuries, here is what Kiffin said regarding the Raiders two injured players.

Regarding Warren: “That could be a serious issue for us.”

Regarding Carlisle: “It’s bad.”

Not coincidentally, with Warren out of the game, the Raiders faded down the stretch against the Bills. That leaves Tommy Kelly and Terdell Sands as the two remaining tackles. Kiffin also counts Fred Wakefield as a third tackle, but in reality Wakefield is a tight end/offensive lineman/defensive end who only recently began playing tackle.

The Raiders can also move Jay Richardson inside.

If Warren’s injury is for the longterm, the Raiders will be on the lookout for available tackles. It is doubtful anyone could be brought in this week to have an impact.

Carlisle was replaced in the lineup by Chris Morris, who would assume the starting role if Carlisle can’t play. The Raiders prefer to use Paul McQuistan exclusively on the left side.

(Correction: McQuistan, of course, is on injured reserve and out for the year. Brainlock after nine hours of travel headed home from Buffalo . . . thanks to those who pointed out the error)

Another injury of note belongs to Derrick Burgess, who has having an MRI for an triceps injury. Kiffin said it is conceivable Justin Fargas could rest another week, giving him two more weeks, including the bye, before returning to action.

Missed the locker room session while returning from Buffalo, making it just in time for Kiffin’s press briefing _ where the surprise guest was none other than Lane Kiffin.

Some quick hits:

— If the Raiders hope to get Kiffin to resign, it sounds as if they’re wasting their time.

“There’s no way I’m quitting, and that’s got nothing to do with money, at all,” Kiffin said. “That has to do with our players. I talked a lot of these players into coming here at some point – obviously, money has a lot to do with that – in free agency over the last two years. A lot of our coaches, I recruited them and their families to come here and build this thing together. So the last thing I’m ever gonna do is quit, the way that you guys are talking about quitting or even quit behind closed doors, as far as my energy or my passion towards getting this thing turned around.

“Because I believe we can turn this thing around. And there’s a lot of good things going the right direction, and I think we’re gonna turn it around.”

— Kiffin said he hasn’t spoken to Al Davis since before the Denver game and doesn’t feel it is his place to walk into his office and ask for a definitive statement one way or the other.

“There’s so many things to worry about running an NFL team and keeping this team together and coaching it, and our staff, that I’m not about to tell Al how he should be handling this situation,” Kiffin said. “He’s been doing this for a long time, has had great success in the league for a long time. I’ve got enough things to worry about, so I don’t need to worry about telling him how he should handle it. He’ll do what he feels in the best interest of our team, I’m sure.”

That was almost a compliment. He even called him “Al” instead of “the owner.”

— For those keeping score, ESPN and Fox Sports had Kiffin fired as soon as today, the NFL Network said Kiffin would make it through today but that Tuesday is a possibility.

— The bottom line? “Until Al Davis tells me I’m not the head coach, I’ll keep plugging away.”

— The bitter end against the Bills failed to serve as some sort of revelation that the Raiders ought to open things up offensively.

In fact, Kiffin sounds as stubborn as ever.

He talked about playing to position punter Shane Lechler in the fourth quarter and conceded, “It’s very foreign to me. That’s not the way I would want to manage a game. But it is where we’re at right now. And there’s no doubt in my opinion managing the game that way with the way we were playing gave us the best chance to win.”

— Linebacker Thomas Howard told reporters in the locker room Kiffin came to the back of the plane to talk over the game with Nnamdi Asomugha and Kirk Morrison.

— Kiffin said he expected everyone to be hurting with the end result.

“If you’re feeling good about yourself in this organization after that, then you’re not our type of guy,’’ Kiffin said. “Every person should be feeling they could have done something better. I know that’s the way I feel.’’

But he also found the silver lining in the black cloud in stepping up against a difficult opponent on the road.

“I compare that to last year, basically two similar situations where we went on the road, long trips, and that was Green Bay and Jacksonville, two playoff teams that we had to go on the road and play them in a tough environment, and we got handled pretty well,” Kiffin said. “As opposed to yesterday, where we outplayed them, we’re up by two scores with six minutes left. Once again, no one is pleased with the outcome or the way we finished. There are no moral victories, but I do like the direction that we’re going.”

— Kiffin credited Buffalo with speeding up the tempo on the Raiders defense with a “hurry-up, sperad out” situation and cited missed tackles as a culprit in the eventual demise.

If you’re looking for him to say they should have been blitzing . . . sorry. Kiffin said he leaves the defense to Rob Ryan but didn’t seem to have a problem with the strategy.

“Naturally you’re gonna be more conservative on defense in that situation, up by two scores, you’re gonna feel better about letting them complete five-yard passes and making a tackle,” Kiffin said. “And all of a sudden you miss a couple of those tackles and they go for 15, 20 yards now, where before you’re trying not to let ’em get a five-yard completion. That happens a lot of times, and it happened in that game. And unfortunately, it happened fast.”

— Running back Darren McFadden said again he was unaffected by the turf toe injury against Buffalo _ he slipped at least four times _ but Kiffin ins’t so sure.

“Hardly anybody else had any issues with it but him so I’d be surprised if it wasn’t having to do with his toe,” Kiffin said.

— Film review indicated to Kiffin that Gibril Wilson deserved his 15-yard personal foul against Josh Reed.

“From what I saw on the film Gibril deserved to be thrown out. He clearly punched the guy. I don’t know what happened before that because you can’t see it on the film. I’d love to protect him in this situation but there’s no reason for that,” Kiffin said. “No matter what’s happened before there’s
no reason for that and it hurt us. It hurt us with field position and it hurt us by not having him in there. We’re playing Branch, a rookie, instead of a guy who’s one of the highest paid guys and one of the keaders of our defense. I don’t like the decision that he made. I’m sure
Gibril regrets it as well.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    I think you are probably right. He probably has the stupid look on his face like when the cameras go to him during the game and he just sits the with his mouth open in a daze. Maybe he will come to his senses for a few seconds and realize Kiff needs to be coach and then go back to senile ways. Is it possible he can be senile and realize Kiffin needs to be the coach at the same time? I hope so!

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    Going into what amounted to be a Prevent Defense with a Quarter to go???? What were the coaches thinking?

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    That’s impressive, Oakglenn. Your bloggingness. But tell me something, why are the Raiders so tough off the field, but so weak on the field? That’s the question that’s been circling around the sporting world for, I dunno, a couple of decades now.

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    Agreed, Intense. The only use for a prevent defense is to let the opponent kill their own clock when you have an insurmountable lead. I know some teams get away with using variations of it in close games, but god knows any team ran by Al Davis has never been one of them. You could write a book on all of the times throughout history that Al Davis choked using this defense. There should be a drinking game for every time Al prematurely uses a prevent D. Nobody would be able to walk.

  • NATION Collective – JediRaider

    Oakglenn – Sorry to disagree with you – yes, dominant performance through 3 and 1/3 quarters – nobody disagrees with that – but Rob Ryan switched to an Al Davis Special – the man prevent – you said you watched more games than 99% of us – tell me you haven’t seen that bs scheme before in the 80’s and 90’s – man prevent – soft man coverage that still leaves you dependent on a 4 man rush (or three as Ryan went to) and with little help over the top – play deep 1/3 safeties for god’s sake – soft man prevent went out of style when modern offenses came into existence with spread formations – the whole term “prevent defenses prevent you from winning” came into being precisely because of the soft man prevent – we are the only team that runs that sh*t – you think rob ryan is a good def. coordinator – Sapp playing DE in a 3-4 with Brayton and Irons at OLB? dropping 11 back with no pass rush vs. cleveland? multiple osses directly due to the fact that ryan runs a man prevent when he gets a lead? Puh-lease.

    You said it perfectly – Warren went out and we had to put in Wakefield – one, that speaks to poor personnel decisions by Al Davis for not acquiring better depth, two, that speaks to Rob Ryan’s incompetence. What did Kiffin do to compensate for the fact that he had to start mario henderson? developed a scheme to mitigate the fact that mario sux. And it worked. What did Rob Ryan do? Nothing. When he couldn’t get pressure with 4 rushers, he switched to 3 three rushers and hoped the extra defenders would stop the pass – newsflash – everyone knows that any decent NFL QB will tear up a D if they have enough time, especially vs. a man defense and even more especially if it’s vs. our bs soft man prevent. Rob Ryan was successful because he augmented the four man rush through 3 and 1/3 quarters with the blitz and threat of a blitz. He failed when he decided to play not to lose and played his terrible Al Davis prevent defense, the direct equivalent of the antiquated Tom Walsh offense. If you don’t scheme to mitigate your weaknesses, other teams will exploit it. There is no excuse to give up a 1st and 20. As I said before, Rob’s defensive schemes had the CB follow the WR (who was performing a crack back block on the DE) in motion therefore taking him out of the play and opening up the flat by 1. not being there and 2. screening out our LB who was in man coverage which left a massive hole in our coverage. That’s pop warner (or should I say Hutchinson Community College) bush league play calling. Put the team in a zone, blitz the hell out of Edwards and force him to throw short and get rid of the ball before the play can develop. When you know the other team has to pass, attack them. We lost this game for one reason and one reason only. Rob Ryan switching the play calling to soft man D. That kept the D out there, let them get punched in the mouth for 30 plays in a row, and wore them down to the point where they had nothing left in the tank. Talk all you want about the perfect game Rob Ryan called up to that poing, but he was in charge of protecting two 9 point leads with less than 10 minutes to go and he FAILED. What’s more, I, along with a bunch of others on this blog, called it. I knew we would lose as soon as Rob switched the scheme. The fool never learns and only recently started blitzing (probably at Al Davis’ direction after Kiffin called them out) the last two games. Surprise – it works! don’t get away from it – play to win, etc. etc. etc.

    I posted three pages on this and I’ll rewrite it all to prove my point if necessary. Fire Rob.

  • severeraider-Brothers United


    Mario henderson was our best lineman last game. There were several runs that went to his side, in fact all of our longest runs were to the left. You don’t have to formulate much of a scheme when a guy is playing that well. Also kiff had the advantage of knowing Harris was out, no one could have predicted that warren would go down. Additionally the lack of depth could be contributed to kiff’s affection for special teams guys and his soft spot for Wakefield, in reality we should have retained Joseph for depth if not for his stout play against the run.

  • NATION Collective – JediRaider


    Rob Ryan admits he doesn’t have a “prevent defense” – that would be the soft man coverage prevent I’ve been bitchn about – interesting video of Kiffin – rare to see him outside of a controlled media environment – he’s actually got some charisma and personality – I can see why al made the choice despite the lack of credentials and why he’s debating the firing –

  • severeraider-Brothers United

    Also it was not Ryan who played not to lose it was kiffin, he chose to put the defense in that situation. Kiff did not have good playcalling in this game and that hurt us late. Early on we had used a read option play with mcfadden at an and it worked to perfection yet we never saw it again. Late in the game Ryan had to protect a lead and protect Branch who was in for Gibril and it hurt us. Your no nonsense tell it like it is head coach agreed with RR decision to go to a softer zone, which btw was not a prevent and some of you idiots keep calling it that, and kiffin acknowledged the impact that not having gibril in had on the gameplan. RR was playing a cover 3 NOT A PREVENT!!!!!!!! I have to rewatch the last drive but to that point there was no prevent, some of you need to learn what fcuk a prevent D is. Kiffin did not call a horrible game but he did not adjust to what was working, buffalo has a very fast and young d that tends to overpursue, some misdirection plays would have been highly effective. Like I said the read option, draws, screens, would have all worked. Perhaps what would have been the most effective play is a reverse bootleg, get Russell on the move and match Miller on a lb and simplify the reads for J-rock.