Asomugha has fractured elbow


The injury which has minimized the practice participation of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha this week is a fracture of a small bone in the right elbow.

Coach Lane Kiffin never used the term when discussing the injury the past two days, but Asomugha did when talking about it on Friday.

“It’s real sore, real banged up. It happened in about the second quarter in Buffalo,” Asomugha said.

I asked him Asomugha if he’d struck it on a helmet.

“No, tackling. I got kicked,” Asomugha said. “That’s where the fracture came in.”

Excuse me?

“Yeah, there’s a little bone in there. I don’t know what it’s called,” Asomugha said.

Asomugha will have a better idea of his availability after more treatment and rest.

“It’s going to depend on how it feels the next couple of days because I haven’t really done much of anything on it, so I may be able to have a brace on it and go like that,” Asomugha said. “Just having to depend on how it feels the next couple of days.”

Kiffin said Asomugha’s elbow lacked strength and that he was forced to abandon press coverage late in the Bills game.

Asomugha, the Raiders exclusive franchise free agent and best defensive player, said he may have to change up his game somewhat but noted his left arm remains at full strength.

“It’s his elbow, and what he doesn’t have is very much strength,” Kiffin said. “If it wasn’t contact, he’d be fine. But he does not have the strength right now that we’d like him to have or he’d like to have. That’s why it’s kind of hard to figure out if he’s going to be able to play.”

Asomugha is listed as questionable, along with running back Darren McFadden (toe) and Stanford Routt (ankle). Listed as doubtful were defensive tackle Gerard Warren (pectoral) and Cooper Carlisle.

Running back Justin Fargas (groin), tackle Seth Wand (knee) and tight end Ben Troupe (foot) were listed as out and will be inactive.

Kiffin said all would be game-time decisions, with Warren and Carlisle the two who are “the least ready to play.”

If both Asomugha and Routt were unavailable, Kiffin said free safety Michael Huff and reserve safety Rashad Baker could be drafted into action as cornerbacks and the Raiders would just “try and find a way through the game.”

McFadden will again have a pain-killing injection and start if he warms up well enough. If McFadden to discover either before or during the game he couldn’t go on, then fullback Justin Griffith would be the backup to Michael Bush at running back, with Luke Lawton moving in at fullback.

“We’ll push him and act as if he’s fine,” Kiffin said. “Once he starts showing he’s not 100 percent, we’ll pull back as a safety measure and go with Michael and make sure he doesn’t get knocked out in the game so he can come back (after the bye) with Fargas.”

Kiffin said he can’t recall a time in his 19 games as Raiders coach where he had to prepare for a game with so many injuries.

“I think we had eight guys at some point that weren’t practicing yesterday, either they were completely out or were limited in practice,” Kiffin said. “We haven’t had anything like this since I’ve been here. I don’t have an explanation for it. It’s unfortunate.

“Then I look over at a team that just played Monday night in San Diego and they were 100 percent participation, all 53 guys. Usually, after a Monday night game you have some guys that aren’t practicing. They’re really healthy and we’re banged up so we’re going to have to have some people step up and play.”

It was suggested to Kiffin that the bye couldn’t be coming at a better time.

“It could come at a better time,” Kiffin said. “It could come right now. That would be the best time for it.”

Newberry on the Raiders

It’s the plight of a team on a five-plus year of futility _ ex-players with stories to tell. The latest is Chargers center Jeremy Newberry, who wil be a backup for the first time in his career when Nick Hardwick reassumes the starting role in the Coliseum.

Newberry, without bitterness or rancor, gave a dead-on review of what a lot of players are thinking inside the locker room to the San Diego Union Tribune.

“The organization as far as the football field and the meeting rooms is good,” Newberry said. “As far as the offensive line went, it was a good group of guys. But the other stuff …

“It’s not fun to lose and it’s not fun to be in a losing environment. It’s refreshing to be down here and to have a clear-cut system where everyone knows who is in charge of this and who is in charge of that.

“In Oakland, there was always something . . . this guy was going to be fired because he wasn’t Al’s (Davis) guy, or this guy wasn’t going to be fired because he was Al’s guy. It was always something.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Clay Aiken, owner Says:
    September 27th, 2008 at 10:34 am
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    Clay, mr=miss raider is spoken for by the State of California. Thats over 20 million men, not counting illegal mexicans. Muhahaha

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  • I had high hopes when we drafted him, but he has never lived up to those hopes. We really could use another DT in his place.

  • R8R4FER

    What’s up with Troupe ?did he come here with a bad foot or does it come with becoming a raider you automatically are injured and can’t go.?

  • R8R4FER

    Injuries are a part of the game but this is getting ridiculous.

  • MR

    LOL. We’re having mock drafts in here. It’s September…

    I can see you guys have a lot of faith in Rathman turning it around this season.

  • MR

    Little memo to those of you still running down Matt Millen: Since 2003, Millen has done a better job than our GM.

  • MR


    RIP Paul Newman.

  • MR

    Newman, Carlin, Bernie Mac…

    My God. You can have ’08 back. Especially if McCain pulls it out.

  • damn thats the 1st I heard.Thank-You MR

  • MR
  • DarthPirate

    What evidence is there that Rathman is gonna take over instead of Rob Ryan? I don’t get where this is coming from. If it was true, I would be happier with that than with Rob Ryan’s dumbass up there.


    Any news of a blackout?

  • MR

    I was speculating on Rathman, Pirate. My overall point was that people in here are already having a mock ’09 draft. They must have a lot of faith in whoever Kiffin’s replacement is going to be…


    I’d go for Hitler ’08 over Obama ’08



    Kiff’s replacement will probably be Lofton because nobody in their right mind would take this head coaching job besides him or Ryan. Whomever Al decides, it’s just going to be another puppet regime anyways. No light at the end of the Black Hole.

  • yeah baby,thats what I’m talkin bout


    Al Davis has turned one of the proudest and most historic franchises in sports into the laughing stock of the entire sports world. I was always on the side of Mr. Davis before this year. I finally had enough after the offseason soap opera. Al Davis has to go, period. The Circus in Oakland is all Al’s fault and it sickens me.

  • DarthPirate

    Ah ok MR, that explains it. And yeah I don’t have any faith in whatever puppet Al puts up there.

    Duke Nukem would be a good coach though.

  • MR

    Death by Tatum,

    I’m not even sure Lofton would take it. I’ll have to google it but I recall some columnist writing that the reason Davis is hesitant to pull the trigger on a coaching change is because Lofton is holding his balls to the fire regarding contract language. Lofton’s likely doing the Art Shell maneuver, making sure he gets paid no matter what happens. Al’s going to take the lowest bidder, period. Because whoever Kiffin’s replacement is, he’ll obviously be an interim.

    And, why would you want Hitler over Obama? Do you hate J-ewish people and black people that much?



    Kiffin is a good coach. In his many years, Al has got it right 4 times: Madden, Flores, Gruden, Shannahan. Kiffin still needs time, this mess is not his fault. He does make mistakes but this is only his 2nd season. I have been critical of Kiffin but I know there is only so much he can do without the Crypt Keeper breathing his death breath down the back of his neck.

  • DarthPirate

    DEATHbyTATUM, I know Kiff is a good coach. He also has a shot at developing into a great coach. However I still think it is a forgone conclusion that he will be out, and Al will promote one of his pets to the position (Rob Ryan or Lofton).



    No, I dont hate either, in fact…one of my best friends happens to be a Son of Abraham. How about Millen 08 instead of Obama 08? Adolf was a little extreme.

  • MR


    There’s no way Kiffin has as much control as Gruden had, even when Gruden started. Gruden was allowed to pick his own staff. Al only demanded he keep Freddy and Willie, and they’re just skills coaches anyway. Gruden picked both W. Shaw and C. Breshnehan.

    Kiffin hasn’t been allowed to go near the defense, and there’s no doubt Al’s been making the calls on offensive personnel, too. No way Kiffin wanted Walker, and it’s likely he’d have rather drafted for our D line than taken McFadden. When he alluded to that in the summer, fans were assuming he was just playing the media, and that him and Al were on the same page. You can toss that theory out the window now.


    It’s harsh to say and it hurts to say…but the Raiders will not be a respectable franchise until A. Al dies or B. He relinquishes command and we know the latter will only happen when he dies.

    God, think about it. Have you ever had a disagreement with your grandfather? Remember how hard it was to try and get him to see your way? Have you ever tried to get an old person to hand him your keys and let you drive? Impossible. He is too gone, set in his ways to listen to any form of reason. He has surrounded himself by yes-men and is riding all of our hearts and the players’ into the ground. Cherish McFadden, Howard, Nnamdi, Bush, Miller…players like this will be gone once they get the chance because this franchise is detremental to their growth as a player. Goodell knows that if he tries to step in, Al will take the NFL through some long, ridiculous lawsuit.



    I know exactly what Hitler stood for. I was kidding, obviously. No way I would vote for Hitler.


    I never said Kiff had more power than Gruden, its not even close!

  • MR

    I know you didn’t say Kiff had more power than Gruden, DBT. I made that post in agreement with you. Little defensive today, are we? Well, anyone who thinks Hitler would make a better president than Obama…

  • MR

    Here’s another great Newman scene.

    I warn that this this is horrible quality. Somebody obviously camcorded it from their t.v. and posted it to youtube. But it’s still a great scene.


  • Kush

    After looking at the complete situation last week, I have to say that responsibility for last weeks lost appears to be leaning more towards Kiffin than Ryan.

    Yes Ryan sucks. Yes he should have been fired last season. But look at the entire picture in the fourth quarter last week:

    Burgess (Starter)- Injured
    Warren (Starter)-Injured
    Wilson (Starter)- Ejected
    Aso (Starter)-Injured

    Bottom line is that the starting unit that wrecked havoc on Buffalo for three quarters wasn’t there in the 4th quarter.

    Kiffin played conservatively on offense and turned it over to a seriously DEPLETED defense to win the game.
    That was poor game management and recognition of the condition of his players.

    All we needed was a first down or two on offense, and the game would have been ours. Kiffin admittedly turned it over to a depleted defense to preserve a lead, and so we lost by one point.

    Kiffin F’d up last week, and he better learn quick to PLAY TO WIN rather than NOT TO LOSE, or he’ll be gone real quick.

  • MR

    Kush, Kiffin needs to play to win or he’ll be gone real quick? Ooh, I’m sure he’s scared…

  • Kush

    Naw MR Kiffin probably would be glad to leave. But the statement about him being gone real quick is for those of us who have supported Kiffin thus far, including myself.

    If Kiffin continues to do a piss poor job of managing games, he will be fired quickly, and ultimately, it will have been his own fault.

    Last week should have been win, bottom line. It was Kiffin’s job as head coach to make the decisions that would have secured a victory. Instead, he turned it over to a injured, second string defense. He F’d up big time.

  • Are you guys still talking about Kiffin?

    Well, I guess it is your last chance.

    The Kiffin era: Glory days.

    Just Win Baby.

  • Tard Boy,

    Go lick the crabs from around your mommy’s asszhole, ok?

  • Hey stupid assz Moderator,

    Why delete everything except White Power?

  • ajoakraider

    raider nation we need to come together and will these raiders to victory. i say the bill game was that more important to win cause we would be 2-1. and how injured we are at least we still be 500 headed in to the bye and rest our players and get healthy to make a run. ya digg.

  • Senile Kings’ Aricept

    …..As Don Merdith once said,” Goodnight- the party’s over..,…”…
    ……………..ashes to ashes………….
    ……………..dust to dust……………

  • eks

    You hear that? Thats the Sound of Al’s ship sinking fast into the depths of the Black Hole. Regardless of Kiffin being fired, Al will continue to sink. Al loses in all this, not Kiffin. Al and only Al has to own up to this mess he made and suffer from it till he either jumps ship. Or he can choose to sink with it. He won’t be here forever. no one will.