Asomugha has fractured elbow


The injury which has minimized the practice participation of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha this week is a fracture of a small bone in the right elbow.

Coach Lane Kiffin never used the term when discussing the injury the past two days, but Asomugha did when talking about it on Friday.

“It’s real sore, real banged up. It happened in about the second quarter in Buffalo,” Asomugha said.

I asked him Asomugha if he’d struck it on a helmet.

“No, tackling. I got kicked,” Asomugha said. “That’s where the fracture came in.”

Excuse me?

“Yeah, there’s a little bone in there. I don’t know what it’s called,” Asomugha said.

Asomugha will have a better idea of his availability after more treatment and rest.

“It’s going to depend on how it feels the next couple of days because I haven’t really done much of anything on it, so I may be able to have a brace on it and go like that,” Asomugha said. “Just having to depend on how it feels the next couple of days.”

Kiffin said Asomugha’s elbow lacked strength and that he was forced to abandon press coverage late in the Bills game.

Asomugha, the Raiders exclusive franchise free agent and best defensive player, said he may have to change up his game somewhat but noted his left arm remains at full strength.

“It’s his elbow, and what he doesn’t have is very much strength,” Kiffin said. “If it wasn’t contact, he’d be fine. But he does not have the strength right now that we’d like him to have or he’d like to have. That’s why it’s kind of hard to figure out if he’s going to be able to play.”

Asomugha is listed as questionable, along with running back Darren McFadden (toe) and Stanford Routt (ankle). Listed as doubtful were defensive tackle Gerard Warren (pectoral) and Cooper Carlisle.

Running back Justin Fargas (groin), tackle Seth Wand (knee) and tight end Ben Troupe (foot) were listed as out and will be inactive.

Kiffin said all would be game-time decisions, with Warren and Carlisle the two who are “the least ready to play.”

If both Asomugha and Routt were unavailable, Kiffin said free safety Michael Huff and reserve safety Rashad Baker could be drafted into action as cornerbacks and the Raiders would just “try and find a way through the game.”

McFadden will again have a pain-killing injection and start if he warms up well enough. If McFadden to discover either before or during the game he couldn’t go on, then fullback Justin Griffith would be the backup to Michael Bush at running back, with Luke Lawton moving in at fullback.

“We’ll push him and act as if he’s fine,” Kiffin said. “Once he starts showing he’s not 100 percent, we’ll pull back as a safety measure and go with Michael and make sure he doesn’t get knocked out in the game so he can come back (after the bye) with Fargas.”

Kiffin said he can’t recall a time in his 19 games as Raiders coach where he had to prepare for a game with so many injuries.

“I think we had eight guys at some point that weren’t practicing yesterday, either they were completely out or were limited in practice,” Kiffin said. “We haven’t had anything like this since I’ve been here. I don’t have an explanation for it. It’s unfortunate.

“Then I look over at a team that just played Monday night in San Diego and they were 100 percent participation, all 53 guys. Usually, after a Monday night game you have some guys that aren’t practicing. They’re really healthy and we’re banged up so we’re going to have to have some people step up and play.”

It was suggested to Kiffin that the bye couldn’t be coming at a better time.

“It could come at a better time,” Kiffin said. “It could come right now. That would be the best time for it.”

Newberry on the Raiders

It’s the plight of a team on a five-plus year of futility _ ex-players with stories to tell. The latest is Chargers center Jeremy Newberry, who wil be a backup for the first time in his career when Nick Hardwick reassumes the starting role in the Coliseum.

Newberry, without bitterness or rancor, gave a dead-on review of what a lot of players are thinking inside the locker room to the San Diego Union Tribune.

“The organization as far as the football field and the meeting rooms is good,” Newberry said. “As far as the offensive line went, it was a good group of guys. But the other stuff …

“It’s not fun to lose and it’s not fun to be in a losing environment. It’s refreshing to be down here and to have a clear-cut system where everyone knows who is in charge of this and who is in charge of that.

“In Oakland, there was always something . . . this guy was going to be fired because he wasn’t Al’s (Davis) guy, or this guy wasn’t going to be fired because he was Al’s guy. It was always something.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • There wouldn’t be any room for Benson on the roster even if he did look good unless Fargas or McFadden got IR’d, and even then I don’t think Benson runs hard enough.

  • The Twerp

    Kidseven, Higgins is the most dangerous return man in the NFL?… Huh?

    Have you ever heard of Devin Hester or Darren Sproles?

  • Big Daddy WooWoo

    At least they aren’t talking about moving Fred Wakefield to cornerback.

  • S&B

    No other Coach in the League would have kept those 2 Timeouts.

    – Not when Lindell has not missed inside the 40 since 2005.

    – Not when you have JLH who already has 3 Kick-Off returns of 40-plus yards this season and had 69 yarder earlier in the game.

    Even if they didn´t kick it to him, a squib kick usually results in very good field position.

    – Not when you have Janikowski who just nailed a 56 yarder on the road the previous week.

    Even if they kept advancing the ball, you give youself a shot, you never give up on your team.

    You may consider it a valid decision, but I can´t see how, you keep repeating what Kiffin said but nobody outside of Kiffin thinks it was a good decision.

    And I like Kiffin, but he screwed up on that one. It didn´t cost us the game, that´s evident, but we gave up.

  • HayesDaze#37

    JLH was called-out, and responded. Different guys respond to different motivations. Super Mario and Gallery have responded to different types of motivation. And that’s the thing…some of them are responding and flourishing. It’s time for them all to respond, to see what we’ve got — from Kiff on down.

  • I´m out, enjoy your friday night people and take care.

  • El Dirty


    how does it feel that no one likes u? no one in the nfl,your team, and your family?

  • Nation Collective-Delicate Flower

    ok then top 3….Huh? derrrr

  • Charged Up!

    I like Philip Rivers.

  • Oakgoon

    JLH is better than Deven Hester. Hester hasn’t done anything this year.

  • BigDaddy WooWoo

    Hester hasn’t done anything this year. (except get hurt)

  • We’ll probably get a taste of the passing game early Sunday (out of necessity).

    The thinking would be this offsets the ‘Bolts preparation for an all-out running attack. At least throw on first down with SD in their base defense.

    On the injury front; a big “gotcha” for the karma police. One would hope LT’s toe would act up accordingly (along with some of their other maladies).

    Still harbor hope for an “over our head” performance & accompanying win Sunday. Rember this; the predominance of the Raiders players are, like Kiffin, “In!” And thus back him as HC. Hope their efforts translate into a big win.

    Injuries! Aggrrh!


  • MR

    Anyone want sex for money? I suck cokk for $$$$.


    its funny when all the money is being bet on 1 team we have no chance but bet its closer then people think guys anything can happen i just hope its a good game n pray 4 the victory still upset from bills .

  • Dickota

    MR Says:
    September 27th, 2008 at 12:01 am
    Anyone want sex for money? I suck cokk for $$

    Im the best, though! Muhahaha

    LMN, I miss your European flavor. Muhahaha

    Also, your laugh! Muhahaha

  • New post:

    “Al Davis Has Fractured Brain”.

  • MR

    Oakglenn, seriously, you win. This blog is dead anymore. Coach on Wheels outright keeps the sanity in this rat’s nest. A.I. aka Lofton is the comic relief. From there, look, you guys mean well. But it just gets tedious.

    Marley, Oakglenn, Hayez, and the rest of the Davis defense team are like listening to finger nails go down a chalk board. I wonder if these guys know that any of us can just go to Raiders.com and not only get the same spoon full of their b.s., but pics of cheerleaders to boot. These idiots are wasting their lives. I can only hope they’re paid employees. If not, they need a f’n shock treatment.

    And, ya know,..It’s great that one of these Davis shills designed a program which filters out the posts of people you don’t like. I’m going to download it, to filter THEM! Thanks again, fellers. Great innovating.

  • Dickota

    mr=miss raider
    I make sure you post in the wee hours when your mom goes to the corner store for more cigarettes for me. Hahaha

  • GuamanianRaider

    Damn… I cannot go to the game on Sunday: family supersedes this weekend. Live in Santa Cruz, any interest?

    All things point to disaster this weekend. LT, the not so silent owner of the Raider, our injuries, and our perpetual tabloid interest, seemingly to work out cultural lines of so-called sanity, enlightened reason. Some folks (even Howie Long back in the day) liken Al to some Sith Lord who keeps his tenuous “good looks” by siphoning all the passion from the fanatic Nation. Just saw “Leatherheads” and saw the same story of a game whose rules have changed and supposed passed by the old guard. It’s a common story, kind of primal horde-ish. The Raider Nation is uneasy and coming apart at the seams. No more love in Oakland—black fills the heart of the Nation (in election year no less), and the silver is tarnished with delusion. Except… except… we keep selling out games since the Raiders took over. Gone are the daze of the Oakland Football Marketing ASSociation. Don’t look now, but even with the injuries from last week we played football, team football. Our reduction of pressure from both sides of the ball make more sense because (paraphrasing Kiffin) “we have no depth.” We are just getting enough football players among our starters and we remain good when we have our best foot forward. You know there’s more gray hairs of late when Watkins has to play corner. We may be over matched against the Chargers, whose qb leads the league at present (I wonder how far he could drop in a single game…). I’m taking the view that we still have a Sargent York play somewhere to pull out, like in that punting duel we once had with another number 2… Araguz!

    I wish I could be there. Divisional games are the most fun, especially when a big ‘W’ ignites our smiles. Buffalo has not allowed a 100 yard game yet by a team. In our bruised state we came darned close. Bush runs better, and we’ll see about McFadden as he toes the line of playing or sitting out. I seem to remember JaMarcus working something out with Miller last year against San Diego. We need to make a lot of noise this Sunday for our defense. Let’s win another game and watch for the next tabloid autopsy. We’re not dead in the water by any stretch of the imagination——we’re just approached with such a scalpelling eye.

    Should you want to see the game from the Guamanian Raider perspective, I won’t be filling it this weekend. Let me know.

    Raider on,

    Guamanian Raider

  • Raider Mike

    I hope Mr. Al Davis lives to be 100 years old. I will attend the service knowing he never changed his beliefs/convictions one iota. Being a Raider means never giving in to the establishment regardless of the outcome. Win, Lose or Tie Raiders ’till I Die.

  • MR

    Oh, who died and left you in charge of the constitution of what it takes to be a real fan, Raider Mike?

    I’ve probably been a fan of this team before you were born, ya blowhard.

    Al Davis designed the unis. Big ‘fn deal. Betsy Ross designed the American flag. How often do you hear her name anymore? Case and point, the Raiders will still be here long after Al. And the longer he’s gone, the less relevant either him or his legacy will be. And considering the fact that his legacy is slowly becoming that of him being an incessantly losing maniac, it’s probably a good thing. The sooner he croaks, the better off his legacy will be. Because it’s become a grim reality that every year that he’s still alive is a year that the Raiders are out of the playoff picture in October. Barring a miracle, we’re at 6 straight seasons and counting.

    You may very well hope Mr. Davis lives to be 100, Mike. I guarantee you, so do the Bowlens, Spanos’, and Hunts. It makes the AFC West a 3 team division.

  • La Milicia Negra

    Take this Rock n Roll refugee…

  • La Milicia Negra

    LOL.. RaiderMike.. gotta say i’m with ‘MR’ on this one..

    post 270 is ludicrous..

  • Troy Aikman
  • MR

    Haze, guess who the first person was to claim that Kiffin was a good coach with a sharp eye for talent?

    I’ll give you a hint: It wasn’t a fan, nor anyone in the press.

  • MR

    And, Mike, as far as Al never giving into the establishment; Tell us, what happened to the AFL?

  • MR

    Drudge Report has practically nothing on tonight’s debate. That means Barack won.

  • La Milicia Negra

    Oakglenn.. again now? whats with you and dicktota? I simply can’t understand why you do this, but I sincerely hope you can explain it to you self..

  • Its a beautifull morning NATION

  • La Milicia Negra

    it sure is..

    last day of summer in this area…

  • postt 238 S&B;again I totally agree with youre comment

  • GM LMN.Yep its a little brisk here.The dog is loving it!!!

  • LMN,how do you think we look vs dis-chargers?

  • Charged Up!

    4eva, I think the Chargers are going to waste the Raiders. 56-9

  • La Milicia Negra

    I agree with Charged Up!, but I think it will be closer. Chargers 31, Raiders 16.

  • post 284 Charged Up;yeah you guys have pretty much owned us as of late thats 4 sure.But with all the key injuries on both sides{man Fargas hurts the most},neither sides defence cant stop opposing O’s,this game could be a high scoring game,like last week vs bills,the last team 2 have the ball wins.That said,because of our special teams,I think this is our best chance 2 beat you guys in a while.JLH remember that name

  • have hope LMN

  • Scottish Raider

    Our best chance is to try and force some mistakes and to keep Rivers under pressure. I don’t believe that the Chargers pass protection is as good as it has been. We have to send Burgess and Edwards after Rivers and stretch their Oline. If they over-compensate on the flanks, we should blitz Wilson and Howard through the Guard channels. Rob Ryan has to be create, aggressive and determined. I think we have the speed to get to Rivers – and it just takes one good sack.

    Shame that Troupe is injured. I would have liked to see us run some 2 TEs sets. The Chargers don’t have the tallest LBs and Safeties and we could have played for some height mismatches. We need big games from Miller, Curry and Schilens – they must get open, give JR some targets and….catch the ball.

    The Bolts defense is currently ranked 29th (we’re 21st) – so they clearly aren’t playing at the top of their form. There is hope.


    But the key could be special teams. We cannot give away cheap points through bad special team play. And we have also got to give JLH some room.

    The Bolts are strong favourites. We are big underdogs. But they are still not firing on all cylinders and we can cause a big upset. Believe Nation, believe.

  • La Milicia Negra

    post 285 isn’t me.. btw..

    but I think they play better for each game, and I think the team plays for Kiffin.. not for us or themselves or for our franchise..

    realistic speaking I think we will get a loss again, but I still think we will be in the game and its ours to lose.. It all comes down to two things, how loose RR will play the D and how our O will be in the redzone..

  • troll get out

  • Man their flirting with disaster,bench Dmac,all year if need be,bring up Rankin or Reece

  • Charlie

    The Newberry comments further validate my suspicions that alot of the organizational nonsense may have much more to do with some front office administrator than Al Davis himself.
    I know Al is opinionated and has his faults but do you really think Al is talking to the press?
    Some front office politician is playing games to try to win Al’s favor and get a promotion.
    Lombardi(now gone)was one of those types.
    It is not worth getting into who (they-plural) might be
    but I have seen this type of crap in other organizations I have worked in. The boss makes a comment and you have some weasel out there trying to show loyalty at the expense of someone else.
    Sad and unnecessary. I wish the media would see it for what it is and discredit these “sources”.

  • when we know who they are,we should feed em 2 the defence

  • R8R4FER

    Elway to marry former Raiders cheerleader

    15 hours, 14 minutes ago

    Buzz Up

    In this Feb. 1, 2008 file photo, Former Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway and Paige Green arrive at the Maxim Magazine party in conjunction with the grand opening of the Stone Rose Lounge at The Fairmont Princess Hotel in Scottsdale, Ariz. According to published reports, Elway and Green are engaged. The Rocky Mountain News reported Friday, Sept. 26, 2008, that the two-time Super Bowl winner proposed to 41-year-old Paige Green during a trip to Italy last week.
    In this Feb. 1, 2008 file phot…
    AP – Sep 26, 5:36 pm EDT

    * NFL Gallery

    DENVER (AP)—Denver Broncos Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway is engaged to a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader.

    The Rocky Mountain News reported Friday that the two-time Super Bowl winner proposed to 41-year-old Paige Green during a trip to Italy last week.

    Elway told the newspaper he was “looking forward to a long life together” with Green.

    The 48-year-old Elway was previously married to Janet Elway for 18 years. They have four children.

    Elway met Green during a celebrity golf tournament three years ago.

  • R8R4FER

    what next

  • Elway should probably know that Paige Green used to date Magic Johnson….just sayin’….

  • Dakota


  • well time 2 take my beautifull pit-bull swimming.A couple of Fosters and a Joint and we’re ready.Check back l8ter NATION

  • R8R4FER

    they don’t call him Magic “Johnson ” for nothing

  • NC Raider

    Just saw this headline … memo to Raiders: get Tory Holt NOW!

    Pasting the article here:

    Howard Balzer writes on InsideSTL.com via an anonymous tip that Scott Linehan may be trying to release or trade wide receiver Torry Holt because the two despise each other.

    From what we understand, Holt and Linehan have had several disagreements in the past several years. Holt and former Rams wide receiver approached Linehan in 2007 with some ideas about beating the Seahawks defensive backs and Linehan rebuked them saying “You play, I’ll coach.” Another disagreement was caught on camera on a Thursday night NFL network game in December of 2007 with Holt going ballistic on the sideline.