Letter from Davis to Kiffin


A copy of the following letter was displayed on an overhead projector as owner Al Davis outlined his reasons for firing coach Lane Kiffin. Davis said the letter was sent following the Denver game and served as evidence as communication between the two. Kiffin said the two had not talked since before the Broncos game.

September 12, 2008

By Hand Delivery and Federal Express

Dear Lane:

Over the past months, you have made a number of public statements that were highly critical of, and designed to embarrass and discredit this organization, its players and its coaches. I left you alone during training camp in hopes that you would cease your immature and destructive campaign.

However, you continue to make public statements that are critical of the organization, its players as a whole as well as individual players. Such statements constitute conduct detrimental to the Raiders and I will no longer stand silently by while you continue to heart this organization.

Further, you rontract is quite clear that you work “subject to the direction and supervision of the General Partner’’ and that the General Partner has the “exclusive right to do all things, which in its sole discretion are necessary to maintain and improve the Club, the football organization and their activities.’’

I realized when I hired you that you were young and inexperienced and that there would be a learning process for you. Your mistakes on player personnel and coaches were overlooked based on our patience with you. But I never dreamt that you would be so untruthful in statements to the press as well as on so many other issues. Your actions are those of a coach looking to make excuses for not winning, rather than a coach focused on winning.

For example, with the exception of Gibril Wilson, you were involved in recruiting all free agents and determining salaries for them and you were explicit in your desire to sign Javon Walker and DeAngelo Hall amongst others. All were a must to sign in your eyes, Hall in particular, because he played for Greg Knapp in Atlanta and Knapp gave him high grades. Do not run from that now.

I do realize that you did not want to draft JaMarcus Russell. He is a great player. Get over it and coach this team on the field, that is what you were hired to do. We can win with this team!

In regards to your recent fabrications about the defense, during the final cuts you made every cut on offense and every cut on defense except for Wakefield on defense and Wand on offense. Further more, during the game Monday night Rob played your Cover 2 defense and we got killed on an approximately 50-yard touchdown pass and approximately 70-yard gain that led to a field goal.

You meet every week with the defensive coaches to go over both the past game and to get a general feel for what will happen during the week in practice. You have the ability and authority to provide your input during those meetings and the preparation fo the game plan. I do not have weekly meetings with Rob _ you do.

During the week no one has ever gold you what to do on either offense or defense. In addition, no one has ever told you during a game what to do on either offense or defense and you call every play on offense. During a game if you want to blitz more, all you have to do is let Rob know what blitz you want and he will do it.

Although you continue to use the media to express your dissatisfaction with others, no one has publicly pointed out to you that in 4 preseason games and one regular season game played this year, your offense has scored one first half touchdown. That put tremendous pressure on the defense.

I know hta tyou wanted to bring your father in to run the defense and that Monte told me he wanted to come here even though he is under contract to Tampa. However, I did not wan to tamper with another team. In any event that was over seven months ago. Do not also run from the defense and your responsibilities.

This letter constitutes notice that if you further violate any term of your contract, in any manner whatsoever, you will be terminated for cause. I trust that this will not occur.

A.D. Football, Inc.

By: (Al Davis signature)


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer


    Look for the F YOU ALICE signs in sect.#238. Poor Tom Cable, unfortunately he’s next! Even Namdi said this would suck

  • M

    Hilarious to me that when Al finally speaks there is disbelief as to his words. The interview transcribed in Marley Esq.’s post is revealing.
    The only news program I find to be non-insulting is Olbermann’s Countdown. Why? Because he reports all the things that are there which no one else talks about. God rest Molly Ivins, she had the most brass of them all.

  • Seattle Raider

    Never a dull moment in Raderville,

    pull the string on the left, and scream for cheese!

    Later Nation.

  • ShawnRaiders81

    Thanks Dell!

  • buster

    post 396,DICK,you write like a collective loser,kiffie is out,yes,yes,yes

  • That’s my point Oakglenn, you forgot all the slimy crap that Nick Saban did to get out of Miami. Saban is a proven “professional liar”, and yet he is the toast of Alabama right now. The NCAA doesn’t care what former NFL coaches did off the field when making hiring decisions, especially with regard to the Raiders. Remember Bill “Stupidest Team in America” Callahan? Landed on his feet as head coach of Nebraska, and now is back in the NFL as a play-caller. This little tirade by Al Davis did nothing to Kiffin’s stock.

  • AO

    wow this is a nice written out letter. it doez seem like it waz written this morning. lol. i personally think that lane waz doin the best job he could have done.. since he did have limitz.. he didnt want rob ryan az defense coordinator.. and us raider fanz see ytf not! plz dnt b in denial and say al davis is a smart GM and lane kiffin sucked az a coach

  • KoolKell’s Wife

    Get over it. I’m not leaving a scrong black man.

  • radraider

    what did randy moss getting traded for a 4th rounder and getting rid of zack crocket have to do with the fireing? Firt time Al looked like a fool. Zack i dont know why Al brought that up unless it was to try and get the players on his side.

  • My buddy was the d-line coach at Idaho from 2000-2003. The reviews of Cable were awful. He is a fine o-line coach, but not a HC. He will be a train wreck. Anyone who would be a for the Raiders is nutless at this point. That is reality.

  • Dakota

    Einstein Says:
    September 30th, 2008 at 7:51 pm
    Dakota what is your CURRENT stance on all this? Im asking because I care, and I respect your opinion.



    Well, I am happy to see the circus end INSIDE the Raiders. I think Al wanted Kiffin gone last January and it took him 9 months to build a case and I think he threw away the 2008 season to get his way. I think the locker-room was certainly affected by all of this and without a united group of leaders the players were unable play to their full potential. I still do not trust Rob Ryan and think that he will remain our Achilles heal, but hopefully Al will let him leave after this season. I hope Cable can unite the players and the staff in the common goal of turning this franchise around. I think Kiffin’s chance of leading this team ended in January, but he had us going in the right direction and Al’s decision to retain RR was a major mistake. I think Kiffin tried to change the team’s culture and that was his downfall, and things spiraled out of control and some of the blame lies at his feet. He certainly was not a great coach but he gave a lot of us hope.

    I am disgusted with Al for throwing away this season to win a personal battle with a 33 year old HC. I am disgusted with Al for passing the buck on the free agent flops (and for still crying over Randy Moss) when the entire world knows Al has final say in all things Raiders. I am not shocked at Al’s admission that he has a difficult time letting players leave, even when they are past their prime. But Al will never change and so I just have to cross my fingers and hope that Cable is the man to lead the team despite Al’s dysfunction.

    What else can a fan do?

  • AO

    Also in this letter, Al is subliminally referring to Hall and Walker as bad moves by Kiffin. He tries to take credit for Gibril Wilson. Lol. He then says that Rob used Cover 2 defense against the donkeys. Can somebody explain to me why Rob didn’t bring that up to the media when he spoke to them for a long time after the donkey loss? Omg, this makes me frustrated. This is the second young, good coach we are letting go through our hands.

  • Shawn no coach in his right mind will get near Oakland.

  • TownBiz

    kiffin b!tched up after Al said no to kiffins daddy being defense coordinator.. Al already knew what time it was with kiffins punkass after he heard about kiffins interest in arkansas..

    we’ll see what atiitude the players take but im sure their all happy and excited about playing under Tom Cable..

  • Well its been fun, gotta go. Want to end on a positive note though. Whether you want Al Davis to step down or not, everyone of us in the Raider Nation can agree on one thing tonight: We want Tom Cable to kick a$$ and take names against the Saints.

  • TownRaider510

    I think Al Davis and Kiffin are both to blame, but it’s over now. For Lane, it was just business, he was not a Raider by far. Cable stated that he was Raider Fan long before coaching.

    I’m just glad this sh*t is over, and we can finally play some ball with ease and WIN..Watch for the turnaround.


  • ShawnRaiders81


    Thats strange we just fired one and named another thats 2 in one day…..


  • Chrisco

    Al wants to blast a coach for acting unprofessional in the very same breath he tells the press how Kiffin never wanted Russell!!! What did that accomplish? Childish…reads a letter saying how Kiffin needs to take responsibility for this team losing while at the same time tries to absolve any blame for himself by calling out all the mistakes this team made, BY NAME (Hall, Walker,) and saying it was all Kiffins decision…wasn’t kiffin already in the doghouse before Hall, Walker, etc, and not making any personnel decisions??

    It’s true what they say…you begin as a child, you grow up to be an adult, then you grow old and become a child again.

    Has Tom Cable been fired yet?

  • alisgod

    Funny how the writers always write stuff about the Raiders but when they get a chance to validate their writings in front of Mr. Davis, THEY all get real scared.

    Mortensen was on espn bumbling about how he gets his source from a RAider exec. Al called Mortensen out in public. All Mort has to do is furnish the resignation letter that he has but he didnt even mention it. What a punk.

    Jerry Mc…Can you now admit you were manipulated by the lame kitten.

  • TarHeel


    look at Kiff being classy and staying real, I dont care if what he did was true or not, he has shown more class and maturity to the media than Al Davis in 1 day.

  • Dakota:

    I feel you bro!!

  • AO

    Dakota said it best. Can you say NO fallacy?

  • Shawn,
    No coach with any nuts will work in such an environment.

  • I am sure your hero, Tim Brown, would agree.

  • See the interview with Kiffin on BSPN. Congrats to Kiffin not falling for the PROPAGANDA from trey wingo towards the raiders.

  • K-Rock

    Al looked everyone in the eye. He did not fake emotion or make stupid facial expressions to over emphasize emotion. His body language was smooth. He did not hesitate when answering questions.

    All signs of speaking truthfully.

    When Kiffin was on ESPN tonight, he took pauses before answering and looked down and to the left before answering every question. He also forced facial expressions. Also a lot of blinking and shoulder shrugging during his responses.

    All signs of speaking untruthfully.

    Al would not have done this if he did not have the evidence he needed to hang Kiffin.

  • Shawn,
    Just because you coach for the Raiders does not mean you want to be there. Cable and Knapp needed a place to land after Atlanta. They were far from hot commodities.

  • Fromdabay wtf are you talking about? post 426

  • Raider Dell


    So true. Today he was right there, fire away at the monster.

    They sat on their hands knowing they had been manipulated by bad sources and reading other press releases.

    What happened to journalism 101: be objective and factual.

    So easy to distort the facts and kill the guy in the press, real fun.

  • ShawnRaiders81


    I think Tim Brown would coach here given the chance…

    not sure why we are ever talking your contradict youself.

    “no coach will want to come here.”

    Raiders fire Lane Kiffin (coach a)
    Raiders HIRE Tom He can say no Cable. (coachB)

    Thats two coaches who DID COME HERE!!!!

  • Voldemort

    Al is an idiot. He should have hired monte and kept Lane. What a senile old fool!

  • alisgod

    I just watched Kitten on BSPN again and Trey Wingo was nailing him for the remarks about meeting with Al. All Kitten has to do is say ” I stand by my previous comments and I will leave it with my lawyers”…yet what he do…oh….I am not going to get into that. When someone call you out in public you defend yourself…unless you were a punk to begin with….

  • Post 427: K-Rock

    Good points, I took a class on Interrogation techniques once, and you are exactly right.

  • So the underline question to ask……….Are we going to win with Cable?

  • Those of you who think Al came off well are too dumb even for this blog. He came off like the tragic and pathetic figure that he is. It will an entire decade before this franchise gets out of the gutter. Al will still have you lemmings stoned.

  • ShawnRaiders81

    Plunkett, These guys did not have to come here if they did not want. Thats a lame excuse.


    Just remember- IF Al had this “Letter” right after Denver, why the hell didn’t he send it then? Pure FKN BS!!!!!!!

  • RaiderFan

    It’s almost too bad the 76 yd FG attempt against SD wasn’t blocked and/or returned for a Charger TD.

    Then all of the idiots here now lamenting Lame Kiffin’s departure, would have been screaming for his dismissal at halftime.

    Just in case wasting the two timeouts in Buffalo, or 2 passes in one half – didn’t convince you that Kiffin was an idiot and a sorry excuse for a coach – surely his decisions at the end of the first half against SD should have.

    It’s unbelievable that people are defending Lame Quiffen. The guy was a joke.

    Goodbye Lame, you will not be missed.

  • AO

    Post #435, Godwilling.

  • Raider Dell


    Do you have a link,to the interview.

    If not I can look tomorrow, little tired here tonight.



  • Nation collective chaos,
    What about cable makes you think he can lead? O-line vs. HC? Big difference. He is not ready!

  • Kiffy is full of sh!t. Fuk him for putting us in this situation. He is NOW the ENEMY.

  • Nah I was just asking…..I asked if you guys think we could win….I never gave him my vote….

  • Shawny,
    Noone else wanted them? Why is your girl with you? She had no better choice…

  • Voldemort

    we will be 1-15 this year, unless we manage to beat the chiefs again, 2-14 at best. Probably no better than 6-10 for the next decade, (or whenever Al dies)hopefully it happens before the next decade.

  • Rager

    I hate that this drama has gotten this far, but just glad it’s over. I think Al has lost it though. No real coach would want to take on this mess. Kiffin screwed himself by airing laundry to the media, so that falls on him. Truth be told though, Al came off looking just as childish and petty as Kiffin. All it was, was a smear campaign to try and get his players and fans to like him since, for the most part, the players were behind Kiffin, per interviews from players such as Nnamdi. I’m so sick of the old man, for those of you people who think “Al is God” and all that BS, what is your spin in favor of Al for trading Gruden? Have you noticed that Al will smear all his coaches after they’re fired, saying it was the coach’s decision to draft a particular player that is a bust?? He’s just a childish little punk who is senile, egotistical and doesn’t even realize he has brought this once proud franchise to the laughingstock of the NFL.

  • Plunkett Post 346:

    THen go find a new team you fugging pus$y. Leave the Raider Nation, you obviously can’t handle it anyway.

  • I can’t say I know about him, other then the fact that he is a bruin dogg…..and I can’t stand bruin doggs……but other then that, I know we can run the ball…….so the question is still out then…..can he lead us to the promise land and how long does he get to prove to the Raider Nation that he is the man?

  • Voldemort,
    You speak the truth, but some of the tools on this blog will flame you for that type intelligent insight.