Scheduled live chat today canceled



Sorry to say we’re going to have to call off the live chat with Jerry McDonald today, due to a late scheduling conflict. However, feel free to send any Raiders questions to Jerry at

Jon Becker
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Jon Becker

  • Did I get it?

  • That’s a sign we win in NO!

  • Lyn from Snot

    Now what?

  • So lonely around here…

  • RaiderRockstar

    Drew Brees is the real deal.
    He can throw to Lance Moore, Robert Meachem & Devery Henderson for 350-400 yards and 4 TD’s with ease. The key is pressure, like the Vikings had. The Vikings don’t have a good secondary, yet blitzed him all night and he finished with more INT’s than TD’s.

    Reggie Bush is dangerous in space. watch the screen passes

  • RaiderRockstar

    no live chat with Jerry?

    oh no! what shall we do with ourselves?

  • RaiderRockstar

    Jon Becker:

    how much will the Raider beat the Saints by?

    10? 14?

  • Lyn from Snot

    Is this the 3rd straight home game for the team with the thing you see on top of a gate on their helmet

  • K-Rock

    Posted by Mike Florio on October 7, 2008, 3:29 p.m.

    There’s a vague report that the NFL already has informed the Oakland Raiders that owner Al Davis violated league rules when he “falsely accused” the Patriots of tampering with receiver Randy Moss, and that the Raiders “certainly” are facing a hefty fine.

    But a league source tells us that the NFL has not yet concluded that any violation occurred. Instead, the league has advised Davis that, if the Raiders have a tampering allegation to make, they should make it. The league also has advised the Raiders that such allegations should in no event be made publicly, and that any claim of tampering should be handled exclusively through the league office.

    We’re also told that the league has not characterized the claim of tampering as false.

    That said, it’s possible that the league will eventually conclude that Davis was in the wrong (even if he has evidence to support his allegation), and it’s also possible that there will be some type of discipline against the organization or Davis personally. At this time, however, any suggestion that such decisions have already been made would be premature (or, depending on one’s perspective, wishful thinking).

    And so the story currently is on the same path that Adam Schefter of NFL Network charted on Sunday — the league is looking into the question of whether Davis violated the rules when making the accusation. The letter sent by the league to the Raiders is the first step in the process.

    As we understand it, the Raiders will submit a written response, and then the league will decide what if any steps should be taken next.

    Davis accused the Patriots of tampering with Moss, during his all-out, public, verbal assault on former coach Lane Kiffin. The Raiders eventually traded Moss to the Patriots for a fourth-round draft pick, making it the exact opposite of the Herschel Walker deal from 19 years ago.

    In that case, the Vikings gave up a ton of picks and players for a washed-up, overhyped tailback whose best days came at Georgia and in the USFL. In this case, the Raiders gave Moss away for a second-day pick and a used hot plate . . . and he caught 23 touchdown passes in his first year with his new team.

  • S&B

    Will Tom Cable have any input in the defensive playcalling? Especially in the 4th QTR.


  • What’s happenen 408

  • RaiderRockstar

    this is exactly why Davis hates talking to the media. speaking the truth gets you in trouble. Even if the Pats really did tamper with Moss, Davis gets punished? doesn’t seem fair to me. call it what it is. Davis thinks Kiffin is a conman and a liar. should somebody get sued for that? seriously… defamation of character lawsuits are BS. what if Kiffin did lie? call the spade a spade. I like Roger Goodell’s approach to this thus far. I think he has a lot of respect for Al and he should for all Al has done for the league, as well as african americans and women in the sport. look it up if you don’t know what i’m talking about

  • Not Much just got back from lunch.. We had mexican..

  • Right on. Glad the bye weeks over! Now we get to see what the REAL DEAL IS!

  • Last Chance to get a win be 4 ur date eh Dirty? So yo surrender on the 15 or just find out how much they wanna give ya?

  • MR

    I have been wrong about Kiffin and Al Davis. Al has this team back on track. We may even win in New Orleans.

  • How much they want to give me. It’s looking good though.

  • MR.

    That has to be the first positive thing I have heard you say about the Raiders!

  • RaiderRockstar

    S&B: Davis and Ryan both claim that Kiffin (not Davis) did have a say in the defensive playcalling. It’s obvious he did in Week 1 playing the Tampa 2 against Denver. Ryan doesn’t like that scheme, neither does Davis, so why run it if it weren’t for Kiffin? Cable will have a say. I think Ryan will try anything, but if it doesn’t work, he’ll go back to the prevent defense he’s comfortable with (which we knows doesn’t work). I want to see the defense play aggressive for 4 quarters instead of 3.

  • MR we still cool?

    Yo Dirty MR called me out yesterday you missed it…

  • MR

    El Dirty I have seen the light. I posted last year if Kiffin lost 8 games with the talent on that team, he should go. He lost twice that. Al has put some talent on that team. Now all they have to do is pull it together and close out some games.

  • 408

    Really? lol That’s funny I dont think I have ever heard Mr. threaten anyone. You must have really pissed him off.


  • #87 Dave Casper

    Is that even the real MR???

  • 😛


    he thought I was posting as him… LOL called me a punk.. Threatend to meet me any time any place.. said he knew I was scared.. It was classic..
    We’re cool again I think.. besides I dont fight well over the internet

  • lol Unity on the blog is key! This is my new goal in life! Jk you guys can all kill each other lol!

  • ok just so you guys know I put a new link out there for my handle. So dont go thinking if I’m talking smack its not me!

  • DarthPirate

    So is Colston playing this week? I think we have chance, just like I do every week. And so far we have been in position to win every game except one, and have only been able to close the deal once. I hope we learn how to close out games THIS WEEK.