Burgess gets a second opinion


It’s not looking good for Derrick Burgess with regard to playing against the New Orleans Saints Sunday at the Superdome.

Burgess missed practice for the third straight day with a triceps injury and coach Tom Cable said the two-time Pro Bowl defensive would be seeking more medical advice.

Cable said Burgess would be on the trip to New Orleans but it was doubtul he would play.

In that case, Jay Richardson would move to left end, with Kalimba Edwards opening at right end.

Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha (elbow), running back Justin Fargas (groin) and guard Cooper Carlisle (ankle) all practiced without restrictions before the Raiders boarded their charter flight headed to New Orleans.

Running back Darren McFadden (toe), linebacker Isaiah Ekejiuba (shoulder) and tight end Ben Troupe (foot) were limited. McFadden and Ekejiuba should play, Troupe would be available if active.

Cable seemed confident McFadden would play a prominent role along with Fargas.

“Absolutely, we’ll spot it,” Cable said. “I see those guys being able to do a lot, like we did in Kansas City, a good mix of the two of them.”

Safety Gibril Wilson, out with the flu the previous day, practiced without restrictions Friday.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • thanks LMN I think 408 is still sleeping tho,he REALLY must have had a wild night.Dam no dog food BRB

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  • La Milicia Negra

    …testing, 1, 2, 3.. testing.. shotgun!?

  • Spider

    ShawnRaiders81 Says:
    October 10th, 2008 at 10:17 pm
    Spidey your team and town is so boring your in a Raiders blog, get a life loser.

    we will always be better than the broncos even if we never win a game again, more history and tradition here.

    better than lame denver I don’t care what happens even John Elway knows Raider women are better…..

    Blah…blah…blah…blah…you girlz sure like to talk but you never say anything that makes any sense.

  • La Milicia Negra

    testing.. envy

  • La Milicia Negra

    testing.. seems like i got the wrong leg out of the bed this morning..

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    LOL, yeah, I guess 408 wishes he had a shotgun by his bed, when he wakes up =)

    I was full of envy last night, reading how he blew off steam.. I was working last night :/

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    I almost forgot.
    I bought two large jars of orville redenbacher.
    Its cheap and filling.

  • blowing off steam is the thing 2do

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    Andrews MOM!!

    good to see ya, long time!

  • hey LMN;408 is prolly yelling at the spider stomping his legs on the wall 2 keep it down!!!

  • K-Rock


    For the first time this season, the Raiders and Rams can focus on one thing only — winning a football game.

    That is refreshing. That gives us a chance to see the best of exactly what are the Raiders and Rams.

    Haslett gives a rare view of both situations.

    Haslett began his pro coaching career as a Raiders linebackers coach in 1993.

    “I love Al Davis,” Haslett said. “He understands the game. He may be a little demanding in some areas. And it’s a hard job working for Mr. Davis. He’s very demanding of the defense. He knows how he wants it run. He wants a defense that is quick and that can run. He wants an offense that throws the ball long.”

    Davis wants Cable to do those things. And win.

  • K-Rock

    Cable said he wants his team playing at 100 miles per hour, not afraid to make mistakes. He is looking for receivers Javon Walker, Ronald Curry and Johnnie Lee Higgins to step boldly forward. He has stressed tempo in practices. He is openly talking about a playoff run in his team’s final 12 games.

  • Senile Kings’ Aricept

    …Post #94….Although we are likely to lose Sunday by double digits to the Saints, I don’t agree at all with your doom and gloom forcast for the U.S…..Evidence last night McCain actually defending Obama against his own campaign’s desperation inspired hate mongering….(The OLD John McCain’s ONE gracious moment of late…) Our GNP still smokes. Period….Democracy isn’t perfect, by any means, but it’s still the best system yet. By comparison, just look at the Raiders- ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY- this concept applies to both to the managing general partner,( with “toys in the attic” to boot…), and several obscenely overpaid ,unhappy millionaire players whom seem to be devoid of maturity, commitment or character.

  • thanks K-Rock I didnt see that one;good post

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  • must of followed 408s lead,everyone drunk-up or better

  • Lynn from Snot

    Curious to see if there is any difference in who we will throw to Sunday. If Walker just catches his 2 balls and disappears or if he is acually a factor. we need to get the TE involved too if Troupe plays Miller can be more of reciever than blocker.

  • Lynn from Snot

    The SAints throw deep down the middle or post routes it appears to me so i expect us to use alot of nickle coverage. Huff and Wilson can’t get sucked in too much to stop the run and fail to get back on play action.

  • I agree Lynn From Snot,and I’m glad you posted I thought I was awone in the universe;the NATION is international and it was WAY 2 QUIET in here!!!

  • Lynn from Snot

    Yeah i guess they’re in a no post zone

  • and Brees is a very mobile QB and can throw off either leg.This was not something he developed in NFL.He used 2 drive the BIG 10 nuts on 3rd downs.Oh yes Brees is very cagey

  • Kirk

    Javon Walker sucks. Davis should have let him quit when he wanted to. JLH should play the wideout, with Branch fielding kicks.

    But we will lose because Rob Ryan never blitzes in the fourth quarter.

  • Lynn from Snot

    I thought the Saints would have ran more last week but I think they’re in love with the long ball. That reminds me of someone Hmmm. The Vikings stopped them most of the game barring the returns for TDs.

  • post 128 Kirk;absolutely

  • Kirk I do nit agree we will loose,I agree about JLH he is the bomb!!!

  • not sorry

  • Lynn from Snot

    We are wearing down late in the game because the offense can’t get a first down when they need one . Only in the KC game did we keep the chains moving to run out the clock. The last 3 games we’ve taken leads into the 4th only to let up on both sides of the ball ,if that changes then and only then we will win.

  • LFS,I think with Cable we will go 4 the jugular attack attack attack

  • Lynn from Snot

    Now that JLH has learned to field the ball on KOs It’s time he moves on to being a deep threat as a reciever. While Miller can be our 3rd down go to guy. Now all we need is for Walker to show up for once.

  • Lynn from Snot

    Sunday will be a good test of where this team is at and where it’s going

  • 4 the sake of the NATION,I hope I’ve been wrong about the donkey.If he’s finally ready{I wont go there}he BETTER DO THE NATION PROUD.I have as much patience as anyone,but this is ridiculous

  • Thomas Frekkin Howard this game is built 4 you!!!Stop R.Bush and you become a superstar,which you Truely are.MAN-O-MAN come on T

  • Thomas Howard wears #53 PROUD

  • big E

    this blog used to be filled with intelligent comments from long time dedicated fans who were open to criticism of coach and owner.

    NOW its run by juvenille ignorance….CABLE is BUGEL

    enough said..later NATION

  • In Too Deep

    If He ain’t going to solute our nations flag then F-Him. If you disagree with this take you are a staight out dumb sh*t “a sheep to the slaughter”

    Men have sacrificed blood for the philosiphy of freedom and this Barack has no respect for that! he will be dead within the first term!

    re: our Raiders just let us have some cohesion!

  • post 136 stated;We will see tommorrow,Big E

  • Marv Hubbard Rules

    The sun is shining and the temperature is in the mid seventies here in Ohio. Life is good.

    The dawn of a new Raider era is almost upon us. Sunday will either be the beginning of the Raiders return to excellence or the beginning of a downward spiral that will make the current economy seem stable.

    Ever the eternal Raider optimist, I predict the former. The defense has done well against the run. J. Russ has been avoiding the typical rookie mistakes and meltdowns. We have talent and depth at most of the skill positions. We have a coach that knows his place.

    Raiders 33 – Saints 17

  • Marv Hubbard Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marv Hubbard Rules

    Random memories from the Raiders past:

    Best hit I’ve ever seen:

    1972 playoff Steelers vs. Raiders (immaculate reception game). The Steelers were holding on to a tenuous 6 – 0 lead late in the third quarter. On a fourth and one at around midfield, the Steelers elect to go for it. Everyone in Three Rivers Stadium including the Raiders expected Franco Harris to get the call. Steelers snap the ball, Bradshaw hands off to Harris, BOOM, Jack Tatum comes up to the line of scrimmage and plants a helmet to helmet collision that sent Harris straight to the ground. You could hear the collision all the way in Niles, Ohio (where I was watching the game on TV). There was no lunge forward, there was no struggle for extra inches. It was as if Harris had rammed his head into a brick wall and just slid straight down. All for naught, unfortunately.

  • 4eva the eternal optimist Marv

  • myself Marv sorry

  • I was watching that game myself Marv and KNEW we had it.Everyone knows by the trajectory of the ball it hit the ground

  • Marv Hubbard Rules


    I feel sorry for the doom and gloom crowd. What is it like for them to always expect the worse and rarely be dissapointed?

    I prefer to look at the positives. I will admit that 2006 was a challenge, even for me.

  • I was 14

  • Marv Hubbard Rules

    I think that the officials were of the mindset that if they called the play back, they would not make it out of the stadium alive.

    Steeler fans were downright scary back then. Remember Bob Moore, the Raiders starting tight end at the time getting beat up by stadium security the day before?

  • “yowhats up this tajai from the mighty souls of mischief”

  • whatever happen to danny clark, last time I saw him, he was in a saints uniform

  • Marv we have been truely tested thats 4 sure.But NEVER,NEVER have I ever thought about leaving.This is my parents,this is my child,you are all my brothers,and that is the way it is.2 be TOTALLY OPTIMISTIC in these times is to be ONE.WE are one Marv,and all the true believers!!! RAIDER ON!!!

  • Marv Hubbard Rules

    I was 17.

    I was waiting to walk out the door to go to work at the end of that game. I had my car keys in my hand. After the ruling, I threw my keys against the TV so hard, they chipped the screen.

    I feigned ignorance as to what caused the chip for years.