Burgess gets a second opinion


It’s not looking good for Derrick Burgess with regard to playing against the New Orleans Saints Sunday at the Superdome.

Burgess missed practice for the third straight day with a triceps injury and coach Tom Cable said the two-time Pro Bowl defensive would be seeking more medical advice.

Cable said Burgess would be on the trip to New Orleans but it was doubtul he would play.

In that case, Jay Richardson would move to left end, with Kalimba Edwards opening at right end.

Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha (elbow), running back Justin Fargas (groin) and guard Cooper Carlisle (ankle) all practiced without restrictions before the Raiders boarded their charter flight headed to New Orleans.

Running back Darren McFadden (toe), linebacker Isaiah Ekejiuba (shoulder) and tight end Ben Troupe (foot) were limited. McFadden and Ekejiuba should play, Troupe would be available if active.

Cable seemed confident McFadden would play a prominent role along with Fargas.

“Absolutely, we’ll spot it,” Cable said. “I see those guys being able to do a lot, like we did in Kansas City, a good mix of the two of them.”

Safety Gibril Wilson, out with the flu the previous day, practiced without restrictions Friday.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • wow marv that was the best play play description ever…what a way with words

  • I was so mad;you could cleary see.This is just here-say,but a good friend was in MAUI and ran into Franco.When asked if he caught ball,Franco wouldnt answer.I saw a tv show on it and the refs were afraid 2 call it back

  • Vilapiano played a hella game

  • Lynn from Snot

    The Tuck game was just s painful because we’ve been down for a while and looked like we were going finally get back to winning again . That game was the begining of the end.

  • Marv Hubbard Rules

    Phil Villapiano was the epitome of Raider toughness.

    I remember watching him in a Superstars competition back in 75? He was going toe to toe with OJ Simpson in the clean and jerk (he he, I said jerk). OJ had the form down to a science. Phil just brute forced his press. OJ won but Phil came in second. As I recall he straight pressed 225 pounds which was close to his weight.

  • Vilapiano=tough Ohio kid!!!

  • I’ve stated b4 we have the personell 2 b a 3-4.Speed is our strength.Marv like you said Vil weighed only 225 but played much bigger.Its scary,I think our LBs are better now,all we need is a true MLB or a commitment to the 3-4

  • HayesDaze#37

    K-Rock — That was a great quote by Haslett, and it goes right to the heart of why Kiffin needed to leave (besides the high school gossip stuff, etc)…


    Haslett began his pro coaching career as a Raiders linebackers coach in 1993.
    “I love Al Davis,” Haslett said. “He understands the game. He may be a little demanding in some areas. And it’s a hard job working for Mr. Davis. He’s very demanding of the defense. He knows how he wants it run. He wants a defense that is quick and that can run. He wants an offense that throws the ball long.”


    If a HC does’t think he can win with the same philosophies, then said coach shouldn’t take the job in the first place.

    We have a QB with one of the strongest arms in the league — it’s time to use it (hey, what are we gonna do, lose some more?). One of the best arms in the league? And is it connected to the proper brain? We’ll find out, finally.

    Javon Walker and the other WR’s could’ve and should’ve been used more all along — it’s very likely that Kiffin was holding Javon back, even when he was ready to play (Javon has nothing good to say about the guy). If Walker is NOT ready to contribute on game day, then Cable needs to have the ballz Kiff lacked — and USE other receivers (not just stick ’em on the field), no matter what their experience level is.

    The defense will be immensely better if DeAngelo Hall gets over his anxieties and starts to press more. Chance of a big play going over him? Yeah. Chance of making his own big play comes with it, though. Bumps and bruises aside — time to man up, DeAngelo, re-establish yourself as a top player.

    Drew Brees is only human — a pressure defense can/will cause him and his offense to make mistakes. The ball will be flying around enough to grab a few, that’s for sure. The D needs to heed the advice of the Saints defensive-minded former HC Haslett, and use their speed to apply heat — all over the field.

  • Marv Hubbard Rules

    At the beginning of 1976, we lost three out of four of our starting D-line. The Raiders switched to a 3 -4 with Sistrunk, Matuzak (picked up from Houston), Rowe (Cardinals?), backed up by Millen, Hendricks, Villapiano, and Rod Martin (I think). We ended up winning the Super Bowl.

    Oh good lord, I have completely reverted to living in the past.

    As much as I like the 3 – 4 defense, it has been a challenge for us to come up with three quality LB’s let alone four. Isn’t the 3 – 4 Rob’s preferred scheme?

  • Marv Hubbard Rules


    I agree in regards to J’Russ. When even the most ardent fans are writing “we have the personnel to finish 8 – 8”, its time to think about our future and let the kid take his lumps.

    As you said, worse that will happen is we lose some more games.

  • Marv I dont know if its RR scheme.Please believe me when I say this:We have THE BEST LBs in NFL!!!A true NT or MLB will put us over thed top.Rod Martin had 3 interceptions in that SB,thats why I’m so high on Thomas Howard,he wears #53

  • Maloso Madden

    Good idea…comparing this squad to our ’70s team. Because our ’70s team also hit a 5 run stretch losing 61 games, so obviously there’s a huge similarity. My god, you guys are such geniuses!

  • BTW that is a SB record by a LB thank-you very much!!!

  • HayesDaze#37

    Marv — The only way RR’s defense ever makes it to an elite level, is with a beast in the middle. As much as I dislike the guy — a Ray Lewis type (on the filed) is exactly what this team needs. Great guy Kirk Morrison has his moments — but we need a LB whose moments are all-game long, and who demands his teammates step up their game in a violent, yet legal, way.

  • Maloso Madden

    Al Davis’s record as a GM is 20-64 since the great Gruden blunder blew up in his face. The last thing we need is someone who praises Al Davis, HayesDayez. No thinks on Hasslet.

  • Maloso Madden

    “No thanks on Haslett”, I meant to say, not “no thinks”

  • remembering daze while you still sh:t your pants Maloso

  • Maloso Madden

    Nice comparison between our modern defense and our ’83 defense, 4evaRaider. I remember that ’83 squad getting torched like we did in week one against Denver, and blowing leads like we did against Buffalo and SD, and pretty much all of last year. My god, where do you guys get this football brilliance?

  • Maloso Madden

    The “doom and gloom” crowd. LOL. That’s rich. I’d rather be “doom and gloom” than be certifiably insane and start comparing this team to our ’70s and ’80s teams. You kids are too much.

  • Maloso;I believe our D of 2day can be better than 83D.We got WAY more speed,we just need a true MLB

  • Maloso,I’ll take our 3 LBs and a TRUE MLB

  • Marv Hubbard Rules


    First, I was referring to the 76 squad, not the 83 squad.

    Second, chill. Remember, we are going to be 1 – 0 after Sunday.

  • One thing about the 80-81 team the beat the Eagles in the Superbown and the 83 Superbowl champs was that they were not a great team starting off the season but at some point the light went on and they became suddenly solid. I hope that this team can do the same thing.

  • Marv Hubbard Rules

    Matt Millen is available. I will take him at 55 (?) over the backup LB’s on our roster.

  • HayesDaze#37

    MM — Take out his praise of AL, then. Any HC who comes in here knows what he’s getting into. Whining about the differences in philosophy after you’ve $igned a multi-million dollar contract is no way to be a head coach — Kiffin should be made to pay back AL for what he took from him!

    20-61? What’s that except old news due to a bunch of mistakes? THIS team is 1-3, had a few chances to be better than that, and still has a chance to improve more than any team since Gruden skipped town.

  • Exellent post 178 Raiderkoolaid!!!

  • Marv Hubbard Rules


    Also, thanks for calling me a kid. I haven’t been carded since 76. At 53 I will take what I can get.

  • I just turned 50 this past sunday

  • thats right they had my BD off

  • HayesDaze#37

    8-8 at the end of the year? Now, that would be some kind of achievement.

    I’d “just” like to see Cable get this team to play at least .500 ball from here on out — that would be an achievement of its own, and should earn him a contract.

  • agreed HD37

  • Marv Hubbard Rules


    50 is the new 30 … which means that 30 is the new 10 and 70 is the new 50 … whatever.

    Its 4:00 PM EST. Time to go party which for us 50 + crowd means dinner, maybe bowling, maybe rent a DVD … jeez I’m old.

  • You’re NEVER 2 old Marv

  • Marv Hubbard Rules


    Never too old, just too tired.

  • Time can be burdensome,you just need a pick me-up,mental-wise

  • Marv Hubbard Rules

    One last blast from the past.

    Best pass:

    1980, Pastorini out with broken leg. Monday night game, Steelers vs. Raiders. With Plunkett starting I have all but given up on the season. Raiders on third and long. All I see is a mass of Steelers and Raiders jerseys when all of a sudden a football comes shooting out of the middle. WTF?? Next thing I see is Branch streaking down the sideline hauling in a perfect bomb from Plunkett for a TD. A new beginning.

    This Sunday will be a new beginning.

  • Marv its funny you should say that.Cliff Branch WOW!!! I swear JLH is the 2nd comming of Branch.JLH will be streaking 4 6 many times!!!!!!!!!!!!Jmac+JLH=Best Ever imho

  • raiderjambo

    From one old RAIDER fart to my fellow old RAIDER farts, keep up the positive posts, and “JUST WIN BABY!”

  • Charles Oakey

    Dear Marv Hubbard Rules,

    In 1976 the Raider linebackers besides Ted Hendricks and Phil Villapiano were Monte Johnson and Willie Hall.

    Rod Martin and Matt Millen would arrive later.

  • thank-you Charles Oakey clarifacation is Always wanted and needed!!!Sometimes we get carried away YA KNOW

  • Senile Kings’ Aricept

    Marv Hubbard rules…Bo Jackson steamrolling Mike Harden of the Broncos may be runner-up to the stop on Franco Harris…….
    ………..Higgins can get open & catch the ball………I wonder how long it will take for him to assume a starting role ?……..

  • Senile Kings’ Aricept

    ……..If we win……..Mike Bush will out play Reggie Bush, Kalimba will have 2 plus sacks…..