Jets-Raiders on TV


The Raiders announced Sunday’s Jets-Raiders game is sold out and will be televised locally.

Tickets returned by the Jets remain for sale.

The Raiders have sold out seven straight games.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • MR

    We have Zack Miller and our running backs. We can try putting a running back at the wideout. Can’t hurt. Because he can’t be worse than our players actually listed as wideouts.

  • lefty12

    the way Russell has been playing,he is playing with WRs he’ll be with for the long term.i haven’t given up hope for him,but he is being groomed by the same team who has groomed Huff,Gallery,Washington,etc.

  • sup 4eva

    Man you missed out on the chicken/rib platter with coleslaw..

  • MR

    I was kicking ass on Madden ’09, on the pro level. Then went to all pro and our receivers are dropping the balls, like very time you throw to them. They say the all pro level is more realistic. They weren’t lying.

  • MaddoxRaider,

    If Herrera can’t do the job, then I will send Marvin Taylor, or Audrey Trask, or Jeb Belitnikoff, or Jack Otto. Eventually you will get tired and one of my cronies will b1tch slap you!



  • hey LMN does that have music behind it???If not I have an exellent progression 4 it =)

  • If I’m not mistaken John Herrera joind the organization as a ticket sales guy. He’s not a football guy. But everybody else, who could get a job somewhere else did. Herrera and the PR guy Taylor are the only ones left.

    They can’t get a job elsewhere, and are smooching Davis’s azz for all it’s worth.

  • MR

    Bring them on, Al.

  • rod raider

    the al Davis defensive philosphy is good but can the philosphy be put in place under current salary cap restrictions. How can you pay for the Haynes- hayes combo ever again and have the highest paid safety and then the pass rushers.
    Are the current defenses due to salary compliance or offensive proess?

  • sup 408? I missed what??? =)

  • MaddoxRaiders,

    How’s ya mutha?

  • lefty12

    Sunday we take a 17 pt lead into the 4th qtr,then Favre gets hot ,puts up 24,and we lose on their last poss.oakglenn will then reappear on here and blame the off playcalling.

  • 4eva..

    click on my hyperlink, go 8/10 down the list.. Rim Of Hell – D.A.D..

    its the number of the summer of ’89

  • MR

    Rod Raider…the Hayes Haynes connection? I’m sorry, are we in the year 1983? Hayes and Haynes were a great tandem in their day but with today’s rules and the complexities of today’s offenses, if they tried to play the bump and run today the way they did then they’d get torched, not to mentioned flagged repetitively.

  • MR

    Al Davis,

    My mother isn’t interested in an 80 year old guy in a wheelchair, nor any of his dorky henchmen. Sorry.

  • 4eva..

    here is the entire text..


  • I am talking to Paul Rozell about changing the rules regarding DB’s physical play against the WR’s. I think we finally see eye to eye on something, but I am still going to have Jimmy Herrera kill him some day.

  • MR

    You have to mix man and zone today. You have to use deception and pressure. Too much of one or the other and your defense will get figured out…and picked apart.

  • Ryan

    I love how there are always seats available to buy but its a sell out. There are always empty seats when they call it a sell out

  • Greatness of the Rahaiduhs!

  • 4eva

    just got back from lunch it was hella good! 😛

  • severeraider-Brothers United


    People said the same about Atlanta, now Roddy White is in all likely hood headed to the pro bowl. Hell, even Michael Jenkins is making plays in the passing game.

  • MR

    Agreed, Ryan. We haven’t *really* sold out a game since 2002. And notice, between ’00 and ’02, we used to genuinely sell out games, even with the high ticket prices. Gee, winning football… What a concept!

  • MR

    Severeraider, who said the same about Atlanta? White and Jenkins are not as bad as the jokes we have.

  • Ohmanlee

    The Jets game is sold out just like the Charger game was sold out—with 7500 empty, unsold seats. The Raiders claim sellouts even though you can buy tickets through Ticketmaster on the day of the game. These are BS sellouts in my opinion. Notice how many sellouts have been announced (claimed) since the Raiders took over ticket sales a few years back?

  • MR

    It’s funny, if anyone ever disclosed how much money Al has spent on leftover tickets in recent years. It’s probably enough to pay off the debt of a small country.

  • well who gives a fuk? @ least I can see the game without being out $300..

  • MR

    It’s Jerry’s current topic, 408. There are hundreds of other blog entries you can respond to if this one isn’t your cup of tea.

  • MR I thought you could bump a wr within 5 yards,please correct me if I’m wrong =) LMN,nice list PANTERA FUKKIN ROCKS!!!

  • MR

    It’s not just the bump and run, it’s the overall style of play. Maybe the rules would permit most of what they did. But offenses today would not play right into their trap. Our ’83 defense, as much as I love them, because they were great in their day, would be f’n clueless against a 4 WR set.

  • severeraider-Brothers United


    No, not now they aren’t. But before they were both considered busts. We need to get our receivers the ball period. Name a receiver from Miami, I can’t think of one besides Ginn jr. They have less talent at wr than we do and yet they find a way to get them the ball. Our play design is uninspired and basic. We need more imagination and creativity to cover up our talent deficiency at that spot.

  • lefty12

    Ohmanlee-who gives a sh!t,at least the locals get to watch the game.hell, the whiners haven’t sold out for years either,but they keep saying they do.there is plenty of other stuff to b!tch about besides fake sellouts!

  • thanks LMN : 408 glad you enjoyed lunch.And always remember 408 says HELLA FUNNY = HELLA FUNNY

  • is there really? thanx MR

  • =)

  • Marv Hubbard Rules

    At least the economic woes has put this season in perspective for me.

    I will be looking for anything and everything to be positive about. If a single reception by J. Higgins is all I can take away from a game, so be it!

    Another blast from the past:

    Coolest pass:

    It wasn’t pretty and I doubt it gained more than five yards, but the coolest pass I have seen as a Raider was a Jim Plunkett to Marcus Allen completion.

    Plunkett had a defensive lineman tackling him from his left side (They were a lot slower to blow the whistle in those days). He reaches his right arm behind his back and flips the ball across his back to a stunned Marcus Allen. Pure Plunkett.

  • Regardless of all the drama, the fans still love the team. I was not going to go this weekend, but looks like I will end up going after all. Either that or lose the $120 for 2 season tix for this game.

    Looks like it will be another packed house. All I ask for is to play all 4th quarters at a high level, if they can’t even do that, then atleast play the 3 and not get blown out like they did in New Orleans. lol

  • Play Nnamdi at Wr.

  • MR

    Severeraider, says who? you keep saying that “people say” white and Jenkins were busts. They weren’t given the chance. We have gotten the ball to our receivers. They just can’t catch it. And that’s been the case with Walker in recent years before he came here. Not to mention he’s a head case. You’re comparing apples to oranges. Atlant’s receivers were just unproven potential. Ours are PROVEN to suck.

  • Chaos, I rather see Hall play WR. lol He was used that way in college.

  • I ruined Lane Kiffin’s life! hahahahahaha My work for 2008 is done!

  • 2 days, 23 hours, 8 minutes, and 22 seconds left until the New York Jets visit the Oakland Raiders!

    Just play, baby!

  • MR

    This whole idea of “Just pass, baby” is unreal. When will Raider fans ever learn? that’s what we did against the Saints. It went nowhere. And, their defense is not great. It’s about balance, and you have to build toward a balanced offense. That’s what Kiffin was trying to do. It’s not about just airing the ball out and maybe getting a cheap win for confidence. It would be one thing if we already were a winning team and used a high passing attack to catch a team off guard, a la 2002 vs. Pitt, but it’s not the answer for right now. We are RE BUILD ING. Well..we were, at least. That went out the window two weeks ago. Now, we’re just dreaming again, like fools. Airing it out, as every defense knows we will. As I said all along, as soon as Kiffin is fired, Defensive coordinators around the league will start calling Raider week “Vacation week” again.

  • Marv Hubbard Rules


    I will ba happy if they show up this week vs. last week’s debacle.

  • Loyalty.

    40 yard dash.


    Those are the three keys to winning football.

    Team chemistry is overrated.

    Leadership from the Head Coach is overrated.

    Discipline is highly overrated.

    I am a football god!

  • lylelives

    The Raiders havnt won since leaving LA. I think they need to get out of that arm pit, and back to SC baby.
    Hi Sammy!

  • The good thing about all this Raider debacle, is that attention is beginning to be focused on Al Davis, where it has belonged all along.

  • HEY Marv Hubbard Rules;I dont know if you saw this but…..I was 9 the Raiders were at jets.1 second left,jets 19-Raiders 7.Darrel “the mad bomber” Lamonica drops back from jets 38yl.Out of corner of tv screen I see Warren Wells dive 4 the ball TOUCH-DOWN Raiders.I think Blanda kicked pat and we win 14 -13.That single game taught me 2 never give up on Raiders AND LIFE IN GENERAL

  • Hey Florida Paul, where the hell did you go? You were right about firing that “Temp” Lance Kiffin! My new “Temp” is much better!

    Wait until I unveil next year’s “Temp”, he will be exactly what the Raihduhs need to bring us back to greatness!

  • oh man you gotta love all u can eat lunches