Jets-Raiders on TV


The Raiders announced Sunday’s Jets-Raiders game is sold out and will be televised locally.

Tickets returned by the Jets remain for sale.

The Raiders have sold out seven straight games.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Al Davis, you can fire coaches, but you can’t hide.

  • I agree MR;balance IS everything

  • I have been a fan since the 70’s. I love the team but Al let the coaches coach!!!!!! From photosbyfranci.com
    If you are a raider fan you can get a family portrait session from me for your Christmas cards and an 8×10
    for only $50.00 the regular price is $195.00. Just say Go Raiders when you call. Visit my website to see my 30 years of experience.
    Photography by franci

  • it was jets 13 not 19 sorry =)

  • 6 straight double digit losing seasons, for the All-Time NFL record, should be enough for Al Davis to recognize his organization is F’d.

  • Marv Hubbard Rules


    Speaking of Blanda, I remember a game in the early seventies against Cleveland. Blanda was attempting a field goal. The holder (Stabler?)fumbled the snap from center. Walter Johnson of the Browns comes barreling in. Who goes planting a block in his midsection but the 43 year old Blanda. (BTW, Johnson brushed him aside like he wasn’t there:)

  • lefty12

    yea KK,but he (al the scumbag)can’t fire them to their face,he has to do it over the phone-gutless sob.

  • lylelives

    I miss Rich Gannon

  • Balance? Are you kidding me? Are you the karate kid or somethin? Balance is as overrated as discipline. We win by taking down the other team’s quataback and throwin da ball deep. It worked in the 60’s, it worked in the 70’s, it worked in the 80’s and it will work in the 90’s too! Just wait and see!


  • I miss winning

  • We aint F’d KruelKell! The only thing F’d is your loyalty to me! Now bow down and kiss my shoe!

  • thats cool Franci

  • Lefty12,

    I had to do it over the phone because my quads really hurt that day. Give an old man a break will ya?

  • lylelives

    Winning? WTF is that? I recall us winning back in SC baby. The move back to oaktown has killed a once proud organization.


  • Fuk you Franci. Don’t be postin that bullshyt in here.

  • KoolKell Says:
    October 16th, 2008 at 2:12 pm
    The good thing about all this Raider debacle, is that attention is beginning to be focused on Al Davis, where it has belonged all along.

    I agree. It’s one of the positives of all the crud that has been going on lately.

  • lefty12

    screw Gannon.here’s a guy who was(is)admittedly a Raider hater.he’s like most of the guys who come here.he came here for the $.we were the only team to offer him top $ AND a chance to start.he signed and Gruden made him a star(before he tore him down and made him look like the 2nd rate QB he really was in the SB).now,he is back to his old self-Raider hater.

  • Yeah Al Davis, won’t be able anymore, to blame others for the failures of HIS team.

  • I looked at your galleries and it looks like you use a point and shoot camera. Maybe disposables?

  • yes KK;we know we doin bad when a couple of old NATION bros are reminiscing about past

  • I love LA. I really f’d up when I left that town. I didn’t know that stupid b!tch was going to move the Rams and I would have the town to myself! They really cheated me out of LA, and someday I will return! Oakland smells like Jim Madden’s dirty underwear!

  • YES I AM FREE! 4 now…

  • Chaos

    Dont hate on a hook up!

  • And, that’s why I think Al Davis WILL hire a football executive this off-season. He needs a scapegoat, or somebody to take the heat of losing off him.

  • Thats not a hook up Dirt. I am a photographer and I can tell you he has a 60-70 % markup on that price.

  • Don’t worry El Dirty, most inmates are Raihduh fans, so you should be safe. Just quickly allow yourself to be someone’s b1tch and they will protect you.

  • KK

    Scapegoat is the correct word… He will still call the shots.

  • lol

    I’ll be back in a minute

  • Yeah, he’ll stand somebody up front to sheild his egomaniacial self.

    I go back to 64′. I started at Frank Youell field, when Al Davis was the actual coach.

    I could jaw all day about past glories, but you’ll notice, I rarely do. That was then, this is now. This organization and The Nation need to be about now. That’s where life is.

  • El Dirty Says:
    October 16th, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    I have to admit it! I am pretty sexy… I cant help it.


  • El Dirty,

    If anyonw wants you to be a “Keister” or “Mule” just say no thanks! Also, don’t let anyone think you are a Rapo.

  • Hey Kell……..

    Life should be about sellin them houses dont ya think?

  • Maybe an Open House or two?

  • Ericturner_r.i.p.

    Whats up raidernation!

  • Speaking of highway robbery!

  • lefty12

    Koolkell,i was out of town when it happened,but did you buy the Bs al the scumbag put out about Kiffin at the press conf.,about how Kiffin was on board with all the FA signings and that Kiffin was an out an out liar.hate to bring up old topics,but i was just wondering.

  • I love the false optimism in you guys.

    It was funny how everyone thought we were going to whoop the aints too, and I asked what they would say if we lost.

    I heard:


  • post 130 LMAO =)

  • Lefty,

    I thought that Presser was horrible. That letter put on screen by Al Davis, bringing JaMarcus Russell, Javon Walker and D Hall into his mess with Kiffin was bush league.

    I think that letter was a pure fabrication for his grievence with Kiffin. But either way, it should have been kept private.

    For Gawdsakes, don’t bring JaMarcus into that Bullsheit.

  • wow did you guys see the new Fisher Price digital cameras??? they’re water prof and shock proof.Top that franci

  • Sunday we take a 17 pt lead into the 4th qtr,then Favre gets hot ,puts up 24,and we lose on their last poss.oakglenn will then reappear on here and blame the off playcalling.

    The only way this team could take a 17 point lead is to have the jets run the wrong direction after a catch, long snap over Farver’ers head, and then have Farver’erah run out the back of the endzone like the moron in Detroit did.

  • Ericturner_r.i.p.

    Did yall hear bout al davis eyeing jim harbough maybe hiring as the head coach of the raiders?

  • KoolKell a “pre-fabracation” if you will

  • Stockton Raider

    why can’t we just run a updated offense? We need to run the ball on some first downs. Throw the ball sometimes on first down, mix it up. We know our receivers aren’t that good ,so we need to put them in different formations and help them get open. Jon hot head gruden used to do this with all the receivers we had. We need to put fargas or bush in with Mcfadden and show them different looks. They need to run Mcfadden out side some of the damn time, to keep the defense honest. Why do we always run him inside,over and over and over for no damn gain. Don’t even get me started on the defense. Can we please run a standard 5 down linemen defense to stop the run and passing game(not a “f” ing 3 down linemen). Match the lb’s and the coners and safties up depending on what the offense is doing. Just doing some of this would help our damn team out……… Al please read this or have someone translate this for you. thanks!!!

  • LosT


    The speaker said that the RAIDERS are the #1 NFL team listened to on the Radio during games…

    Guess thats why they’re called NATION!!!


    October 16th, 2008 at 1:38 pm
    I was kicking ass on Madden ‘09, on the pro level. Then went to all pro and our receivers are dropping the balls, like very time you throw to them. They say the all pro level is more realistic. They weren’t lying.


    Try this set up Mr. I win all the time with it.

    QB: Russell
    RB: Fargas, Bush
    FB: Zach Miller, Justin Griffith
    WR: McFadden, Lelie, Walker, Shillens, Curry
    TE: Troupe, Madsen

    Use “PASS BALANCED” as your playbook. hehehe! …its not cheating, it’s vurtual coaching…

  • R.I.P

    I did it was a good article



    WR: McFadden, Higgins, Lelie, Walker, Shillens, Curry.


    What up Stockton Raider! Thats my home town! How is it back in Cali these days?