Jets-Raiders inactives


No surprises . . . .


WR Todd Watkins
S Rashad Baker
T James Marten
C John Wade
TE John Madsen
TE Ben Troupe
QB Marques Tuiasosopo (third quarterback)


K Mike Nugent
QB Erik Ainge
WR David Clowney
CB Justin Miller
CB Drew Coleman
LB Marques Murrell
DT Kareem Brown
QB Brett Ratliff (third quarterback)

Notes: According to Raiders CEO Amy Trask, a power failure around the stadium could make for a late-arriving crowd. Power has been restored, but BART was affected, and Trask said 30 percent of Oakland fans arrive via BART.

The Coliseum itself is on a separate power grid and is not affected.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Andrews Mom

    You welcome tex

  • Florida Pete in disguise

    kiffie sucks just as much today as he did 3 sundays ago…

    he’s just not sucking publicly…

    he’s sucking in the privacy of his own home…

  • JB

    Sorry, but Tom Cable does not instill confidence in me. we seemed to have lost all discipline on both sides of the ball.

    We need 2 OT’s soooo bad. Throw a center in with that group too.

  • RFFL

    glad I didn’t waste more $ on gas and parking for this game!

  • I am so glad we came out agressive and balanced.

  • S&B

    Javon Walker needs to be pulled out of the game right now!

  • Florida Pete in disguise

    oh… CHAOS…

    just to make you feel more comfortable…


  • S&B

    They are laying a hat on Farve

  • Billy Chuck

    good tackle, and even better blitz! keep it coming…

  • SC Raider

    Nice stop D

  • S&B


  • RFFL

    oh my gawd!!
    1st down!!

  • RFFL

    look at cable…he is so lost!!

  • This had to be the dumbest team in America.

  • Billy Chuck

    i feel sick

  • Chrisco

    UNBELIEVABLE!! Cable is going to trump the
    Bugel and White era….

  • Maryland Raiderfan


  • RFFL

    A.D. I agree today!

  • Chrisco

    Just make Hall a safety if he’s going to play that far back….

  • Maryland Raiderfan

    ready here’s 7 for the Jets fFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!

  • choke

  • RFFL

    Stabler is in town!
    Put him in there to coach!

  • Maryland Raiderfan

    its about time Walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • These refs must be getting paid by the flag.

  • hyeidi

  • whatever

  • we lost

  • the toss

  • scott

  • we do it now

  • sh:t

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!