Jets-Raiders inactives

No surprises . . . .


WR Todd Watkins
S Rashad Baker
T James Marten
C John Wade
TE John Madsen
TE Ben Troupe
QB Marques Tuiasosopo (third quarterback)


K Mike Nugent
QB Erik Ainge
WR David Clowney
CB Justin Miller
CB Drew Coleman
LB Marques Murrell
DT Kareem Brown
QB Brett Ratliff (third quarterback)

Notes: According to Raiders CEO Amy Trask, a power failure around the stadium could make for a late-arriving crowd. Power has been restored, but BART was affected, and Trask said 30 percent of Oakland fans arrive via BART.

The Coliseum itself is on a separate power grid and is not affected.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • S&B


  • snake

    they are playing the underneath game vs our defense, soon they go deep for 6

  • SC Raider

    Bend But don’t break!

  • Nice play by DHALL hope he has a good game. Ryan needs to do something about that underneath game

  • SC Raider

    Lets go Johnnie Lee

  • snake

    a real Qb would make our team look alot better….so how many more games untill fans start raining down on jmarcuss?
    I think he has at least this season to start progressing, but he has to start showing something soon or the pressure mounts for sure

  • S&B


    I just said the samething a few seconds ago in the room….

    Rob Ryan better have his A game

  • Andrews Mom

    I bet Ryan is looking like a Raider today.
    What color tent is he wearing today?

  • Billy Chuck

    terrible overall defense, discipline is killing me with those freakin offsides, but we blitzed on at least 3 plays, 2 resulting in incompletions. very encouraging in that they only got 3 and we brought the pressure, now lets see what our o can do

  • http://www.insidebayarea.com/raiders/ci_10757409

    Snake, Read this story in comparison to other #1 picks like Manning, etc.

  • I think they wanted to tire out of d quick by passing so much. We are in trouble!

  • snake

    yea they are setting up the defense watch the double or triple moves soon, farve will take ANY shot it dont have to even be open….man he woulda looked good in S & B

  • Nice to see Branch finally in there, returning kicks. That will pay dividends at some point down the road. Nothing against Higgins. Why is CBS going with a three man announcing team, by the way? It just doesn’t work.

  • S&B


    Still not a throw to Nnamdi yet. I find that amazing.

  • JB

    The field does not look to be in good condition. Big chunks are showing up everywhere. That’s not good for a running game. Figures, even the groundskeepers are pissed off.

  • LMN, I guess Branch wil get to return a few. Probably JLH and Branch back on KO’s, and JLH on punts…..
    If we get to see any.

  • Nice gallery!

  • snake

    texguy….I dont need to read the story, im not saying jammac not a great in training….just saying the mentality of idiot fans and the constant Al davis changes gonna wreck the guy is all

  • Vijay

    Dick enberg is the best play by play caller. Hope they give him a better analyst

  • S&B

    Did they pracctice this week? Another penalty

  • 4 penalties to begin the game. I love how much dicipline there is!

  • Maryland Raiderfan

    rob ryan sucks!!!! How many times this season does he need to see a Offense use a 2min type drill to go down the field on us –granted the penalties helped. Why can’t or d adjust quickly? don’t they train against defending a quick tempo offense?? Again on ryan? We are lucky to just be down 3 and now a penalty on Offense!! great move to let kiff go al!!!

  • What a way to start an offensive drive.

  • Andrews Mom

    We have to march down the field and get 6 points.
    No more of the BS called failure.

  • JB

    Now, just run all day long. Go JFar

  • Fargas will be the only reason we stay in this game, if we can stay in it.

  • snake

    CHAZ…yea the youth

  • With Cable we are able…….

    To Punt!

  • Snake, I say give him a serviceable receiver and he would be doing much better. I think that most fans know that.

  • snake

    nice st plays

  • Chrisco

    Looks like the practicing less by Cable is working out for them…going for a new penalty record in a single game.

  • snake

    he need a little more time also….but WR is a real problem…ive been callin for chaz and a few others to see the field, and am amazed it happened…our WR’s been killing us for years

  • JB

    Punting – It’s good to be #1 at something.

  • Andrews Mom

    Heres where we get a turnover and get 6.

  • What difference does it make who the wide outs are. Knapp and Cable have no confidence in the young man. Why would you run on 3rd a seimi long? Roll out….QB bootleg,…….pass to the flat……But no. Run the fukin ball……Wow!

  • snake

    be nice if they could get chad johnson…he has pretty well made the bungals sorry for not trading him

  • JB

    Oh, I forgot we’re also #1 for defensive penalties too.

  • snake


  • SC Raider

    hopefully Hall will be able to jump one in this game

  • snake

    wow ok this is way better

  • Fouts is full of S. Hall should have picked it off? That would have been a circus catch.

  • SC Raider

    Lets go D! Big play on 3rd down!

  • F Chad Johnson. He would be a cancer to the team like Moss was.

  • snake

    better d, ty ryan u made a adjustment

  • SC Raider

    Nice Stop

  • We should get good field position

  • OK. I am calling it right now. Looking in the crystal ball…………………………………………………………….Run on 1st…..Pass on 2nd…Incomplete and pass on 3rd…..punt!

  • RaidingTexas

    Man, if the Raiders defense can figure it out this quickly, then there is no hope for the spread offense in the NFL.

  • JB


    Hall is a clown so yes, he should be making circus catches.

  • S&B

    I want the pressure to keep going the WHOLE game! Rob, don’t make me have refer back to this post!