Imagine Lewis in silver and black


Random observations following a long trip to Baltimore:

— The Raiders were far from alone in this, given that the dominant defensive player of his era lasted until the 26th pick of the first round, but how would history have been different if Al Davis had been smitten with Ray Lewis instead of Rickey Dudley?

A Raiders team that has had difficulty stopping the run for most of their return to Oakland would have had the services of the one common thread in a defense which has been among the NFL’s best in that area since 1996.

— “It’s personal. It really is,’’ Lewis told reporters earlier this season. “Me being around here for as long as I’ve been around, it’s just the bottom line whenever a new person comes in here. The first thing I say is there’s something we don’t do. We don’t let people run the ball on us.

“It’s kind of a thing we all buy into from Day 1.’’

— Three linebackers were drafted before Lewis _ Kevin Hardy to Jacksonville at No. 2, John Mobley to Denver at No. 15 and Reggie Brown to Detroit at No. 17. The No. 1 overall pick was Keyshawn Johnson.

(That’s the good news for Oakland _ Denver passed on Lewis as well, meaning the Raiders wouldn’t have had to play him twice a year for 13 years).

Baltimore, getting its move-year from Cleveland off to a great start, also got Jonathan Ogden at No. 4 overall.

— The Raiders traded the No. 17, No. 48 and No. 109 picks to Houston in order to take Dudley at No. 9. Dudley wasn’t a bust _ only Tim Brown caught more touchdown passes during his time with Oakland _ but poor hands made him an unreliable receiver who never achieved the greatness Davis expected.

— The Raiders managed to get Brett Favre of their back last week. Lewis has been equally difficult in his infrequent appearances against the Raiders. The Ravens are 3-1 in the Raiders not including a 16-3 smothering of the Raiders in the AFC championship game following the 2000 season.

The only Oakland win came in 2003 when Rick Mirer made fewer mistakes than Anthony Wright, with the Raiders prevailing 20-12.

(Thanks for correction _ it was Anthony Wright, not Alexander . . . )

— In the last meeting, the Raiders managed 162 yards of total offense and Aaron Brooks left during the first series in favor of Andrew Walter with the Ravens prevailing 28-6.

— As good as Lewis is, and coach Tom Cable believes he hasn’t lost a thing, the Ravens have a rookie quarterback in Joe Flacco who has been error-prone, only one real threat at wide receiver in Derrick Mason (tight end Todd Heap can also do some damage).

If the Raiders can defend the run as they had earlier this season, and put last week’s 242 yards by the Jets behind them, there’s no reason they can’t keep the game close provided they take care of the ball.

Throw in a touchdown on defense or special teams, win the field position battle and let Sebastian Janikowski kick a field goal or three and they’ve got themselves an upset.

— Cable last coached against the Ravens in 2006 as offensive line coach of the Falcons. It was a tightly fought game which Baltimore pulling away at home largely because of two big returns by B.J. Sams.

Maybe he’ll get to the M&T Stadium, break out multiple formations and try to pass the Ravens dizzy, but Cable is selling the notion of a slugfest. The Raiders used to get Junior Seau out of position on occasion, but Cable doesn’t believe Lewis will take the bait.

“He’s played too much, he’s seen too much,” Cable said. “You try to do some things, but he’s seen a lot of football. You’re not going to trick him.”

— What to make of the John Elway blast leveled at the Raiders? Lose 10-plus games five years running and you’re a punching bag. Only way to change it is to win.

It’s worth noting that Russell’s pass protection has actually been better than expected, and through six games he’s not taking the sort of physical beating Elway was alluding to regarding young quarterbacks on bad teams.

But if the Raiders do a grand sweep of their coaching staff following the season, junk their entire offense and start over, then it’s a setback.

But so far, so good.

— The Ravens are very good defensively, but they haven’t exactly been beating up on quarterbacks. They’ve got 12 sacks _ four fewer than the Raiders _ and only bounty-hunting Terrell Suggs (4.5) having more than two.

— More impressive than the site of Camden Yards when driving into Baltimore _ the gas stations. Regular unleaded gas is $2.49 per gallon.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Just win baby.

  • thanx 4 the fix Jerry

  • Jay Raider

    According to Willis Da Raider he already was in 05 we traded for him LMAO

  • my personal favourite is the 2002 draft taking buchanon over ed reed, no wonder we’ve sucked every year since the sb loss. and yeah dudley was a bust


  • Andrews Mom

    Game three wolrd series
    Penn state – overrated nuts…errr buckeyes

    And my pals at ROR blogworld to chat with.
    What more could an old man ask man.

  • A defensive TD is needed in this game. Chris McCallister is not the corner he used to be. Go after him.

  • This should be the Jamarcus Russell break out game. Throw on lst down on more than one occasion and see if the ancient Maven corners can shut down our wides. BTW, hey Gregg Knapp: MIX IN A FEW DRAW PLAYS!!!

  • DesertRaider24

    More impressive than the site of Camden Yards when driving into Baltimore _ the gas stations. Regular unleaded gas is $2.49 per gallon.


    That IS impressive, Jerry. Hopefully the Raiders will be equally impressive, and win!

    Just a quick shoutout to 808Raidah, Guamanian Raider, Huff24, KoolKell, SirBlitzalot, I Dress in Black, Silver Blood–Black Veins, South Texas Raider, New Mexico Raider, Jedi Raider, and to all the other cool and respectful posters…keep putting all those Raider haters in place–especially that #1 troll…


  • Andrews Mom

    Its still over three bucks here in pee hole arizona.

  • Andrews Mom

    Back at ya desert Raider.

  • Andrews Mom

    Im for PSU and TBR

  • Nnamdi21

    Lewis’ motor is unquestioned, but he definietly benefited from the Ravens stout front lines.

    He was allowed to scrape and make plays as the big men clogged and stuffed.

    I don’t think that would’ve happened with Sapp at DT.

  • Huff24

    I know its early but this stuff is fun.


    2009 NFL Mock Draft

  • Huff24

    My Notre Dame is kickin some @$$ early on. Its nice to see one of my football teams score points like this. Haven’t seen this in forever.

  • Nnamdi21

    Far as gas prices go they should be pre war right around a dollar a gallon.


  • Huff24

    DesertRaider24 – Yo!

  • Huff24

    I wouldn’t mind having a murderer at MLB. I’d love to add Michael Myers (Halloween) if possible.

  • Na hes to slow but Freddy Kruger would be cool..

  • i dress in black

    Huff they have us finishing worse than Cincy who haven’t won a game…

  • Nnamdi21

    Huff24 Says:
    October 25th, 2008 at 5:37 pm
    I wouldn’t mind having a murderer at MLB. I’d love to add Michael Myers (Halloween) if possible.

    Too slow and plays too upright.

    Needs to get lower in his pads, but his cardio? Whoo boy…you can’t stop this guy. He’ll play deep into the 4th quarter with no sign of let up.

  • Nnamdi21

    “Who blinks first”

    Russell’s not really a rookie but he is inexperienced.


  • WTF

    I like how elway makes reference to what he did when he was drafted. He should be ashamed how that turned out. Instead he’s proud of it. It’s the NFL you go to the team that drafts you. Nothing worse than somebody coming out of college getting a shot in the NFL and being to good to go to the team that drafts you ala rivers.

  • WTF

    ala manning

  • Grow or Pay

    imagine if Robert Comer wasn’t an id1ot..

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    fill er up!!!!!!!

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    Blah. I’d rather imagine the future for Kirk and Thomas.

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    yeah thats much easier.. we all know this blog’s Comer is an id1ot

  • Grow or Pay – Wikipedia me.

    Go Raiders!

  • Fluffy, I’m only going to tell you this one more time.

    Draft talk in October is for LOSERS!

    Go Raiders!

  • Grow or Pay

    yeah.. as I said you are an id10t. only a fool would use such a moniker.

  • Grow or pay.. aint that the truth..

  • Grow or Pay – Grow a pair.

    Go Raiders!

  • Grow or Pay


    grow a brain..

  • Good one.

    Go Raiders!

  • ufck I just got the ring of death on my xBox

  • What’s the ring of death?

    Go Raiders!

  • While it goes without saying that I would love to have Ray, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that the Ravens would love to Russell, Nnamdi and DMC.

    Everyone wants better players if the Ravens had a better QB for the last ten years they would be the Patriots. And that’sthe reason why I find Jerry’s blogs sometimes seek the negative. I bet the Ravenswish they had Brady but they don’t. So to write about crap like this is silly.

    The Ravens have lost a ton of games over the last few years because they can’t score, especially late in games. They should be working on a dynasty instead they’re washed in mediocrity because they never got the QB situation straightened out.

    So they essentially wasted Ray’s career. What do you think of that Jerry?.

  • Grow or Pay


    wikipedia it..

  • BHP – True that.

    Go Raiders!

  • Grow or Pay

    -408.. I feel for you.. my 360 did it, and it meant I’ve been a ps3’er since

  • Grow a pair – You smell like Fluffy.

    Go Raiders!

  • I realy wanted to shoot people in the face! Fuk!

  • Grow or Pay

    “I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that the Ravens would love to Russell, Nnamdi and DMC”

    If you mean love to “have”, then its pretty obvious and redundant.. you are talking about 3 first round picks 2 with less than 8 games under their belt. I think 31 teams would like those guys

    Wasted Rays career is pretty much far fetched.. look what he has obtained.. he is already a HOF in waiting

  • Grow or Pay


    if you still have your waranty it shouldn’t be a problem. of course for the time being but not on monday, you should be able to get a new and improved version.

  • Grow or Pay


    you smell like burned flesh.

  • GOP

    yeah I Know this is the second time it happened thanks tho

  • Of course he is a HOFer, I’m talking their about inept record over his career. They’ve had a dominant defense for the majority of ten years They got lucky and beat us at home. If Gannon had played the entire game we would have won, no doubt in my mind. But Gannon suffered a cheap shot and they went on to win the SB. Other than that what have they accomplished with that defense………….nothing.

  • Grow or Pay


    thats just bad luck.. 2 times, that shouldn’t be possible, what are you going to do about it, then? try again?

  • Grow or Pay

    -Blackholepriest, yeah Tony S, ruined his arm, and our chances, hate the guy, I still think Ray Lewis done a fantastic job, and I have to admit I rather have ravens record for the last 8 years than the pathetic record we have accumulated..