Griffith done for the year


Fullback Justin Griffith will need knee surgery and is out for the year, coach Tom Cable announced at the Raiders weekly press conference.

Griffith has a torn ACL, an injury he sustained a couple of plays before before scoring on a 2-yard touchdown pass from JaMarcus Russell, with Cable saying it “gave way” on the touchdown.

With Oren O’Neal already lost for the season, Luke Lawton is the only true fullback on the roster. Michael Bush has the size of a fullback, but was less than thrilled when Lane Kiffin ran him out of that position occasionally during practice.

Cable said moving Bush to fullback may not be an option because of Darren McFadden’s on-going toe problems.

Instead, a new fullback will probably be brought in and trained as soon as possible, Cable said.

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Elway’s Teeth


  • Unknown

    Im the Main!!!

  • Elway’s Teeth

    Is Zack Crockett still in shape?

  • Cable shouldnt be allowed to finish season,..hes stupid.

  • When Cable said we are on the cusp of a breakthrough, you can here media people giggling.

  • Damn I wish Gruden was back. I hate this Cable chump.

  • Cable keeps saying a breakthrough is upon us,..the media laughs when he says that.

  • NATION Collective – Bishop916

    crockett was money on 3rd and 2. Unless it was against the patriots. In the snow.

    I’d still take him..

  • Elway’s Teeth

    And Crockett is (or was) a helluva blocker

  • RaiderRockstar

    Zack Crockett? How old is he? Wouldn’t be bad for him to come in here and teach Luke Lawton a thing or two I guess, but not start. I think the Vikings cut FB Thomas Tapeh a week or two ago. I’d grab him in a heartbeat.

  • Cable has a Batman tattoo on his bicep,..I think hes a dork…I think Batmans a dork too.

  • Cable said Lawton is the fb now.

  • I Knee’d to Know

    What’s going on this year? There have been an inordinate number of knee injuries. What’s causing this perceived exceptionally high number of knee related loses to all teams? Any thoughts?

  • RaiderRockstar

    Place Griffith and McFadden on IR. Sign Tapeh and promote Rankin from the practice squad. We’ll be fine. DMC was only a factor in 1 game this season anyways. The season is done. We got 9 games left and the other teams in the AFC West are crap, but we aren’t going to make a run with this roster or coaching staff.

  • Presser over,..it was pretty lame.

  • I agree rockstar,..mcfadden is a friggin wuss anyway,..another hyped college guy that has already been paid and now wont play hurt,..hes a bust in my opinion…another wasted draft pick.

  • Coach Elkins

    Is there a reason one of our TE’s can’t play Fullback?

    I’ll answer this question. There is no reason. The fact that we need to bring someone in to play Fullback just illustrate how little our coaching staff knows about Football. The Raider’s don’t run their fullbacks, they are only used in pass protection and used to catch the ball occasionally.

    One of our 3 TE’s would serve this purpose just fine in a back up role to Lawton.

    I am amazed at how little ingenuity exists in the NFL these days!

  • i think we can win against the falcons. their defense is nowhere near as good as the crows is.

  • RaiderRockstar

    the Raiders deactivated McFadden prior to the Ravens game because they were afraid he’d get Mendenhall’d. Turns out they got Griffith instead. I think that’s the 4th one this year, isn’t it? Ravens got a bounty on RB’s for sure. Suggs continues to be investigated and we’re minus a starting FB for the season because of it.

  • Coach Elkins

    The question with the Raiders is always “what’s wrong”?, instead of what’s right?

    You ask the wrong question, you always get the wrong answer!

  • what the fahq! why are comments being deleted!

  • RaiderRockstar

    Elkins, none of our TE’s can even block from the TE spot besides Miller. I don’t see them moving anybody there to FB, except maybe Fred Wakefield (he plays anywhere and everywhere!)

  • Why is norco boy in here posting?? Isn’t norco boy a dorcus malorcus?

  • Coach Elkins

    Wakefield, another big body. Good call Rockstar. It seems there are better ideas here than the Raiders will eventually come up with.

    And they can all block in the stetch run game concept. Hands inside, keep your feet moving, take the man where he wants to go….

    Be a pole….The back picks his own hole or cutback lane…..easiest run game ever invented….

  • RaiderRockstar

    South Texas: why are comments being deleted?

    answer: because Jerry Mac hired a guy who does nothing but read our awesome comments all day. He makes sure there is no swearing or bad mouthing of Jerry. Then he spends the rest of his day fondling himself and deleting any comments pro McCain and anti Obama

  • I Knee’d to Know

    What’s the problem? We got Wakefield don’t we. He can be the FB. He’ll probably do a fair job of it too like he does as a OL, DL, LB & equipment manager.

  • Coach Elkins

    Jerry Mac doesn’t hire anyone…..I believe we’re dealing with Kiffs old boss.

    So, while I’m gracing you all with my presence, do you have any questions.

    I have a few minutes!

    ha ha

  • RaiderRockstar

    Wakefield also serves as waterboy, ball washer, GM, Amy Trask’s date on friday nights, comedian and 4th QB.

  • Coach Elkins


  • Coach Elkins

    Also a player coach?

  • I Knee’d to Know


    Sounds about right. A good ol’ boy who plays the game wherever it shows up.

  • Coach Elkins

    The League will start to develop more of these kinds of guys. We need men who can play explore the many different roles on the football field. Currently, the Patriots are the only team using these ideas to their fullest.

    Screw the contracts, treat the players like they are in high school. A body is a body!

  • RaiderRockstar

    Wakefield also provides child care for the other players. He’s the team counselor and lobbied hard to get Pacman this offseason. Since Cable got promoted to interim HC, Wakefield coaches the o-line. He’s the Raiders rep for the players union and more importantly, he’s President of the Raiders “playas club”. I think I even saw him in 50 cent’s new video

  • that statement by Fargas TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND.Like what kind of message does that send.These players of 2day dont give a fukk,I’m rich so WHO~~~~~CARES we’re rich.I thought Fargas deserved his 6mill gaurenteed 2yrs,for being ready when called-upon,he did all his talkin on the field,led by example.For him 2 say that that bullsh:t he needs a 3 game suspension period.I was against the Hall signing almost as much as the donkey signings both of em,but Hall said you didnt see me celebrate once,its all about the winning and we wernt.Hall needs 2 sit these rich,spoiled,arrogant loosers down and BEAT THEM

  • my gawd I gott settle down,sooo BEER RUNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  • RaiderMight

    Dang, another Fullback out for the year.

  • norco bob talks alot….but then again again..he lives in norco….which is the ass crack of california

  • Boy I tell ya, Im wondering if all the people who were saying get rid of Kiffin feels relieved about the direction we’re going with the Cable guy. I thought last weeks win caused people to actually think we were gonna miraculously turn into a winning team and all of a sudden make a run for the playoffs. Sorry folks! It aint gon’ happ’n capt’n. It looks like we may be running sigleback formations the rest of the year. So uh,,,, does anyone think we’ll get lucky enough to land Micheal Crabtree come draft day?

  • Ajoakraider

    ill tell you what nation i think what was wrong with yesterdays game was field position we had. it was horrible field position to start the game.hell the whole game seemed, we started at the 5 or 9 or 3 for that matter. and if hall makes that pick
    when we had the ravens down by the goal line it could have been a different game. defense gets a turnover by the magehee fumble (which he always does) we score its 22-17. but just not enough protection for JRuss, and the offense is just horrible.

  • Elway’s Teeth

    We’re going to reach a point where the RaiDUHz can’t afford another top 5 draft pick, then WHAT?

  • # SS Raider Says:
    October 27th, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    LMN, oakglenn hasn’t posted on this site in months.

    of course not under his own moniker, but he sure has under others..

  • RickyRich

    Looks like they are going to have to bring the big WR-converted FB, Marcel Reece off of the practice squad. Man, are O-Line sucks, and now we have no FBs to help max protect with the TEs. Zach is never going to catch a pass the rest of the year because he will blocking on every play. FUDGE!!!

  • if we sign crockett we all know who’s in charge, he couldn’t even block the last 2 years he was a raider, yeah he was good, but does that mean we should get stabler under center? Nah, didn’t think so..

    If he signs we can’t even win the KC game..

  • los9091

    After all is said and done….we are only two games out of first place!!!!!!


  • Scottish Raider

    Tapeh is the best FA FB currently available but, there are some interesting FBs still available – and it may be smarter to run more 2xRB sets rather than play a conventional FB/RB combination. For example:

    1) Darius Walker ex-Texans
    2) Jesse Chatman ex-Jets
    3) Ron Dayne ex-Texans
    4) Musa Smith ex-Jets
    5) Tatum Bell ex-Lions

    or even

    6) Travis Henry ex-Broncos
    7) Louis Rankin Raiders Practice Squad

  • # Elway’s Teeth Says:
    October 27th, 2008 at 2:56 pm

    We’re going to reach a point where the RaiDUHz can’t afford another top 5 draft pick, then WHAT?

    I don’t think that will be a problem we are heading for un-capped waters..

  • Rick the Hunter: Hopefully not, because he will go top-3 I am sure. The way I see it, Detroit, Cincy and KC will have the top 3. Darrius Heyward-Bey from Maryland, runs a 4.24 forty, is 6’3 and Al will never pass him up with that speed.

  • i think its very possible to still get a wild card spot…..given the way our crappy division is right now.

    anything is possible on any given sunday….

    dont lose the faith raider nation.

    (let the hate on my comment begin)

  • los9091

    Last thing we need is another “offensive playmaker” we need to build the team from the inside out…that means o-line and d-line!!!!!!

  • Scottish..

    4) Musa Smith ex-Jets he was a good 2ndRB option in Baltimore, but FB he isn’t, he is much like Jordan, just cheaper =)