Griffith done for the year


Fullback Justin Griffith will need knee surgery and is out for the year, coach Tom Cable announced at the Raiders weekly press conference.

Griffith has a torn ACL, an injury he sustained a couple of plays before before scoring on a 2-yard touchdown pass from JaMarcus Russell, with Cable saying it “gave way” on the touchdown.

With Oren O’Neal already lost for the season, Luke Lawton is the only true fullback on the roster. Michael Bush has the size of a fullback, but was less than thrilled when Lane Kiffin ran him out of that position occasionally during practice.

Cable said moving Bush to fullback may not be an option because of Darren McFadden’s on-going toe problems.

Instead, a new fullback will probably be brought in and trained as soon as possible, Cable said.

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • South Texas: Maybe win the division, but nobody from the AFC West is getting a wildcard

  • # SouthTexasRaider Says:
    October 27th, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    i think its very possible to still get a wild card spot…..given the way our crappy division is right now.

    anything is possible on any given sunday….

    dont lose the faith raider nation.

    (let the hate on my comment begin)

    I truly admire you optimism

  • This just keeps getting worse!

  • Raider J

    What a joke of a defense, Rob Ryan. 97 yard drive to a rookie out of Delaware! FIRE THE BUM!

  • true that vegas raider….a division title is the only way for any afc west team to get into the playoffs this year.

  • Raider J

    Gibril Wilson better never have a game like this again. He should be ashamed of himself! We’ve scored 1 TD in the first half of seven games. Not acceptable!

  • Raider J

    Los 9091 is 100% right. We have enough so-called playmakers. Now we need blue collar guys to open holes and break QBs up!

  • So now can we get rid of a TE…

  • We will have a better showing againts ATL but Sunday was pathetic.

  • We can beat everyone in our division but thats not saying much! God I have become a hater…

  • i dress in black

    LMN – your kicker, the titans D and jerry porter gotta get you 31 points tonight to get the win

  • i dress in black

    oh porter is done.. sorry

  • Cable in Deep

    Scottish Raider Says:
    October 27th, 2008 at 2:59 pm
    Tapeh is the best FA FB currently available but, there are some interesting FBs still available – and it may be smarter to run more 2xRB sets rather than play a conventional FB/RB combination. For example:

    1) Darius Walker ex-Texans
    2) Jesse Chatman ex-Jets
    3) Ron Dayne ex-Texans
    4) Musa Smith ex-Jets
    5) Tatum Bell ex-Lions

    or even

    6) Travis Henry ex-Broncos
    7) Louis Rankin Raiders Practice Squad

    That’s why I’m the HC and you guys troll this blog. Can you see Tatum Bell as a FB? What are you going to do break Travis Henry out of prison to play for the Raiders? Look I know you unappreciative fans are upset and you can dis on me all you want but when you dis on Batman that’s the last straw! I was going to turn this team around within 5 years once I got the personell that I need/want but if you guys are going to be complaining all the time I’ll make sure this team doesn’t have a winning season for the next 10 years. Go cry to mama you panzies!!!!

  • Yo Dirty I jack up Slab 100 to 33

  • Bush might as well play fb he hardly gets any looks @ RB.. IMO

  • Yabba Dabba DOO

    ah man, cable has to go, ryan has to go we are in desperate need of a bill parcells to turn around the franchise…

    I watched in utter amazement as Flacco and Co picked our defense apart, running college trickery plays, it was shameful.

    Why is our offensive coordinator down on the field and not up in the boot where he belongs?

    and how many more weeks are we going to have to endure the bewilderer look on Barney Rubbles face, he cleary was hoping the Great Gazoo was gonna show up and somehow bail him out of the mess hes gotten himself into.

    And yet Jeff George is nowhere in sight….


    Inmann is a douche

  • Although the Raiders blew an oppurtunity yesterday but the bottom line is – THEY LOST NO GROUND in the AFC West.

    This season is a long way from over.

    If the Raiders, 3 point underdogs can beat Atlanta next week and Miami(3 point underdogs)can beat a defenseless Denver team, we will be one game out of first place at the halfway point.

    I’ll take it.

    Go Raiders!

  • Tom Cables Monday Hangover

    Siht just put Wakefield back there he’s a jack of all trades.


    Inmann is a big douche


    Inmann is the biggest douche

  • Scottish Raider

    Raiders Mock Draft (Pick No 7):

    Round One: James Laurinaitis MLB, Ohio

    Laurinaitis is a leader, a warrior, a run-stuffer and just the sort of mad, maniac we desperately need to fire up this defense. Maualuga would be the alternative.

    Round Two: Jason Smith OT, Baylor.

    Smith is big, strong and smart – and he is an instant upgrade on Harris and Green. We cannot go forward without an improved Oline and Smith is the best available at No39. Okung (Oklahoma State) is the alternative.

    Round Three: Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma

    I know he struggled against Orakpo last week but I think LT is not his best position. Loadholt projects as a top class RT. He has real power and never quits.

    Round Four: Darius Passmore, WR Marshall

    He’s big enough (6’3″) and runs better than 4.48. Good hands, smart and a real prospect.

    Round Five: Chase Daniel, QB Missouri

    Will be marked down because he is only 6’0″ but Daniel is a fighter and a winner. He will make a great scrambling, scrapping back-up to JR when AW leaves.

    Round Six: Jakoby Ford, WR Clemson.

    Only 5’9″ but very quick and with safe hands. He could also challenge Higgins as KR.

    Round Seven: Antonio Dixon, DT Miami

    Just huge: 6’7″ and 328 lbs – Dixon would be the fourth and biggest DT on the roster and a serious roadblock.


    Inmann is a hugantic douche

  • who’s Inmann?


    Inmann is a bag of old douche water


    A beat writer for this site… and he’s a douche.


    408… Did you read his crybaby article on the Raiders celebrations during Sundays game?

  • JUSTautumnWINd


  • AZ

    Na Im still trying to figure out who your talking bout..


    He was bashing the Raiders for celebrating after the few and far between, good plays made by Raider players when they were down on the scoreboard.

    My thinking is, seeing celebrations from these guys is a step in the right direction. At least it shows some kind of team unity, which we’ve lacked.

    Inmann is a douche


    Look on the Raiders home page on this site under the pic at the upper left. there is an article titled “Raiders having fun losing”.


    …what a douche.

  • I would argue the notion of us already having playmakers. I would only consider McFadden (when healthy) our only playmaker. What we really have is average guys being paid like playmakers. I agree we need to address the line on both sides in the draft, but I wouldnt be mad if we took Crabtree in the 1st rnd then hit the line with the rest of our picks, thats assuming we dont make another dumb trade in the offseason and give up a high rnd pick in return. Putting Henderson back out on the field for the rest of the year to see where we stand with him wouldnt kill us either. Jamarcuss needs some guys to protect him, but he also need someone he knows he can depend on to catch his footballs as well. Just Saying.

  • no fillin

    bring back Jon Ritchie!!! How bout Zack Crockett!!! I loved those guys…

  • Scottish Raider


    I agree about Henderson. I would also like to see James Martens get some game time – Dallas saw him as a real prospect and we need options at OG.

    If we draft well, next year’s Oline could (and should) look very different.


    Rick The Hunter Says:
    October 27th, 2008 at 3:40 pm
    POST 86

    85 & TO availible as FA’s next year. Then we wont have to draft a reciever till later in the draft.


  • To is to slow now he has trouble getting off the line thats why the cowgirls got Williams

  • HayesDaze#37

    We’re still not mathematically eliminated from anything, so never give up hope!

    Since I never expected more than even an 8-8 season, I’m barely able to stomach games like yesterday’s. More than anything, I feel this is a season to watch individuals — individual players, plays, positions, drives, coaches, everything.

    Even the harshest Raiders critic can see talent on this team. A few of the things they lack — like proven, productive talent at WR and LB — are being recognised and will be addressed the next time they can be. Evidence is overwhelming that the Raiders need to develop a presence in the middle. Sorry, Kirk — you’re not the monster we need in the middle.

    Almost more important than any positional need is the fact that this team lacks leadership. A guy like DeAngelo is just itching to be one, but because of his poor play to date, he’s biting his tongue. You know that’s not going to last much longer, but you also know he would’ve been much more vocal by now if he had something to crow about.

    If we do not develop real team leaders on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball — both sides — then we need to bring them in from elsewhere. Pretty tough to ask rookies to be team leaders, so our next round of free agent signings better address more than a player’s (alleged) physical ability.


  • Yabba Dabba DOO

    didnt read the article – but personally thought howard looked like a douche, celebrating tackles when we were clearly behind and outmatched like he was winning the superbowl single handily…

    thats the biggest problem with this team – it has no sense of team work, no pride, no poise, no commitment to excellence and hasnt for a long time.

    This all stems from the owners handling of players with kid gloves – not instilling discipline and team work, like most teams do.

    The night before the 2000 afc championship, the biggest in a young CB’s career, Charles Woodson was out drinking at a club in oakland where my friend was the bartender. I went down there when he called because I couldnt believe that. C-Wood didnt leave till after 1 pm. What a punk that guy is and looked like crap out on the field the next day – wonder why…

    Barret Robbins awol before the Superbowl… how the hell do you let that happen? Darrell Russell, well we all know how that turned out.

    I could go on and on and on but I wont bore you. I love my team, but our owner has let this once proud franchise disintegrate into the laughing stock it now currently is because he wont change with the times.

    These arent the days of The Snake, where guys go out and drink and play the Superbowl the next day. Als defensive and offensive mindsets are outdated at best. Until a GM who has total control over day to day football ops can come in and rework our whole coaching staff, re-organize our talent – look to building for the future and instill DISCIPLINE and inspire these guys to play as a team, every week will be just another episode of All my Children!

  • Hey 4eva thats why you gotta be In on FF cuz then @ least you can be happy if your players do good.. BTW Dirty is going down next week!


    Hey Barney Rubble,

    Did you see the Raiders at the beginning of the season, when someone would make a key tackle or a good defensive stop? NOBODY celebrated, no pats on the back, no piling on top of JLH after a PR TD, nothing… THAT was a sign there was no “team”. Good plays should get praise regardless of the score. The last couple weeks its been nice to see some excitment from our boys, even if we’re losing.

  • Cable in Deep

    Yabba Dabba DOO Says:
    October 27th, 2008 at 3:28 pm
    ah man, cable has to go, ryan has to go we are in desperate need of a bill parcells to turn around the franchise…

    I’m here for the duration doochbag. If you’re not up with that I suggest you find yourself a new team!

  • Yabba Dabba DOO

    good players should GET praise! not celebrate for doing their JOB. When you get an order right when your working the drive in at Burger King do you spike that persons order on the floor?

  • Yabba Dabba DOO

    Cable in Deep,

    MR your shtick is old and tired, just like your mom whose basement your living in!

  • it is real dumb to start predicting draft prospects and positions….please stop.

  • HEY 408 did Dirty get sentenced??? but this aint fantasy,my brother =)

  • Sorry my man but Inman isnt a douche bag, he’s actually right. The last thing the Raiders shouldve been doing is celebrating for making 1 good play. Thats one of our biggest problems,,,we get outplayed, outschemed and outmaned. We let a rookie out play us not only as a quarterback, but we also let him out play us as a wide reciever. Thats nothing to celebrate about. Losers shouldnt celebrate, they should be humble, yet angry at themselves for giving a half-heart effort, yet expecting a full paycheck. Sorry my man but Inman or whatever his name is hit it on point. If I was getting my ass beat up I wouldnt celebrate for landing one good punch. Doesnt make much sense.



    How do they “get” praise? After the game behind the dumpster or what?

    Get loud! Get pumped! Celebrate! Have fun out there guys because getting all butt-hurt because your team finds ways to lose is not a solution. I’m in no way saying that celebrating while down by 22 does, but at least it keeps the energy level up. Besides, it’s a game Mr. Rubble…

  • 4eva

    Dirty got his sentencing pushed back till late Dec or early Jan..

    FF is fun being a rookie and in 2nd place got me talkin smack like a mofo… 😛