No sign of Burgess


Defensive end Derrick Burgess, fresh off his first practice since Oct. 6, was not with the defensive line Thursday as the Raiders concluded warmups and drills and were about to begin team sessions.

Burgess has missed five games with a torn right triceps.

Quarterback JaMarcus Russell and running back Darren McFadden were both on the field after being limited Tuesday. Backup quarterback Andrew Walter was suited up after sitting out the previous day.

Center Jake Grove was not on the field, while linebacker Ricky Brown was present but did not appear to be practicing.

Justin Miller, the cornerback and return specialist claimed off waivers from the New York Jets, was fielding kickoffs during special teams practice, as was Hiram Eugene.

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer


  • Twocents

    Russell has got to improve his accuracy otherwise it’s going to be “FIELD GOAL, RAIDERS!”

  • AlisGod (go Warriors go Sharks)

    Nation…I think you’re actually a pretty good blogger. However, all these yoyo’s kitten backers just can never seem to accept that perhaps he was not all he worked out to be. I get real pissed when I see national media write stuff about the Raiders with ZERO actual knowledge or analysis of the stats. Look at the site like profootballtalk…they usually quote articles from the local guys.

    Kitten said he was not involved in the D. All those games we were competitive in was a direct result of the D and spec team. Our offense either under Kitten or Cable has yet to do crap. That’s calling it like it is. and Yeah Hall was a tampa 2 guy and Kitten wanted him here. yet kitten backers are in denial with the thought that perhaps kitten wanted Hall here in the first place. Al was stupid enough to sign the check.

  • Wow S&B,

    I can really say with all honesty that you are a true fan of the game and for that I thnk you. Let me touch on a few of your topics as I have some meetings planned here this afternoon and must get away:

    First of all, Mr. Davis has outright control of his team. He is allowed to make all of the necessary changes to his organization as required to get his team to a successful level. Whether or not that means firing his coach or making other personell decisions, is completely up to him as long as he does it in a meaningful and tasteful respect. The conference he had was simply My. Davis’ way of indicating to the public his take on his situation, which in fact he is not required to do.

    Secondly you bring up some of the recent issues we have had as a league regarding players and their misconduct. These players understand that they play for the best organization in professional sports. We have created a legacy that will be remembered for decades and generations to come. What the players must understand is that it is a privilage to play in this league, as only a few have the potential to do. We have to enforce the rules of misconduct as sternly as possible to mitigate and future potential of ruining the legacy that has been established.

    Regarding the other teams in the league, with the exception of the Detroit Lions, who I feel are working very hard at continuing to create a positive environment, the other teams are competing year in and year out. As you have noticed, even with the team you currently follow, there have been a higher then normal number of injuries that have decimated organizations. With the high number of injuries, a team has to try to compete with the other organizations that may not have had the same defencies as normal, and compete at a high level.

    We do our best to police the issues that are necessary and urgent, and at this time, the Oakland Raider Organization, although in shambles will continue to work towards the greatness that they can acheive. It may take some time and effort, but the Organization and its fan base will survive.

  • If Jamarcus gets ANY time to throw he is a very accurate passer.

  • Dead Head Davis

    Walsh and Johnson didn’t sell out the owner when things didn’t work in their favor.

  • Dead Head Davis

    Commish this team won’t be in Oakland after the current lease expires in two years. You point is invalid.

  • The Raiders were 2-14 and dysfunctional when Kiffin got here, what’s the point?

  • so trolling is still allowed, damn had my fingers crossed….oh well, whats good for some is good for all

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  • Brien

    Oreo in America is highly dysfunctional.

  • Levi

    Uh! I have already prepped my crying towel for Sunday. McFadden needs to wear his old adidas form collage and just cover the logo with tape and draw a swoosh on it and maybe we can get little explosion out of our offense. And just maybe Rob Ryans prevent defense on every third down can be done away with so we get the defense off the field for a rest here and there and maybe develope some kind of rythem on offense, Oh wait we have an o lineman calling the plays. Thanks AL!!!!!

  • All the weak-minded can do is resort to name-calling. got any arguments?

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  • Current NFL Starting QB’s – College – Conference
    Jamarcus Russell – LSU – SEC
    Jay Cutler – Vanderbilt – SEC
    Peyton Manning – Tennessee – SEC
    Eli Manning – Ole Miss – SEC
    Jason Cambell – Auburn – SEC
    Donovan McNabb – Syracuse – SEC
    Phillip Rivers – NC State – ACC
    Matt Ryan – Boston College – ACC
    Matt Hasselbeck – Boston College – ACC
    Brady Quinn – Notre Dame – Ind
    Drew Brees – Purdue – Big 10
    Kyle Orton – Purdue – Big 10
    Kerry Collins – Penn State – Big 10
    Aaron Rodgers – Cal – Pac 10
    Carson Palmer – USC – Pac 10
    Matt Cassell – USC – Pac 10
    Trent Edwards – Stanford – Pac 10
    Marc Bulger – WVU – Big East
    Brett Favre – Southern Miss – C-USA
    Chad Pennington – Marshall – C-USA
    David Garrard – East Carolina – C-USA
    Ben Roethlisberger – Miami OH – MAC
    Jeff Garcia – San Jose St – WAC
    Jake Delhomme – Louisiana-Lafayette – Sun-Belt
    Tony Romo – Eastern Illinois –
    Joe Flacco – Delaware
    Kurt Warner – Northern Iowa
    Tyler Thigpen – Coastal Carolina – I have no idea…

    I am sure that I missed a couple but you can get the picture. Most of the successful starting QB’s right now are from the big conferences. SEC, Pac-10, Big-10, ACC, etc.

  • Brien

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    November 13th, 2008 at 2:26 pm

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  • post72 I totally agree,with Wade starting our o-line got 100% better.He’s played week in and week out with bucs,and bucs always have a good run attack.Wade,Gallery,Henderson will provide the fins with a good asz-busting come Sunday,imo

  • Be A Man

    Bo Schembechler Jackson Says:
    November 13th, 2008 at 3:00 pm

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  • Charged Up!

    Kook Kell says about Brien: Your idea of Manhood is pretty weak. As a Al Davis lackey, It’s obvious you can only deal with me by name-caling. Pretty weak, you’ve embarrassed the moniker Brien to no end

    Right on Kell, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Raider/Charger solidarity against the tard who calls himself Brien.

  • Brien

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  • Be A Man Says:
    November 13th, 2008 at 3:11 pm
    Bo Schembechler Jackson Says:
    November 13th, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    Little Bo Peep quit your whining! BE a man!



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  • Charley Charger

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  • Charged Up!
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  • Brien

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  • Repo Man

    The Raiders are so much better now without Kiffin. Great move, Al. 3 first downs against Atlanta? That’s impressive! Just Win, Baby!

  • Charged Up!

    Everything is great Charley Charger. I am excited about this Sunday and hows weeze gonna beats them Steeler boyz.