Hall, Walker costly against ’09 cap

The Raiders are not only out $20 million in actual dollars for the 16 games played by DeAngelo Hall and Javon Walker, but will also see both players take up a good chunk of salary cap space in 2009.

With Hall having been waived, the Raiders will have $5.833,334 in “dead money” under the 2009 cap, according to league figures.

Walker, who underwent surgery Friday to have two screws interseted in his ankle, might end up sticking around for at least another year simply to avoid the bonus acceleration that would come with his release.

According to the wording of his contract, “Club agrees that it will pay Player the Roster Bonus despite the fact that, Player, due to an injury suffered while practicing or playing with Club in the immediate prior contract year.”

That essentially guarantees the Raiders will have to pay a $5 million bonus, unless they want to argue that Walker has completely recovered from surgery and is healthy. That road could be perilous. Players for the most part don’t care if Al Davis occasionally battles with coaches over money.

But after the Hall contract dump, if the Raiders were to attempt to skirt an injury guarantee, Davis’ reputation as a player’s owner would take a huge hit.

There is already some grumbling among agents that they will attempt to convince their clients not to go to Oakland. The same grumbling existed last year, and it didn’t matter because the Raiders were throwing money around and both players and agents were only to glad to take it in the form of bonuses and commissions.

The landscape could change if the perception of dysfunction carries over to the matter of actual dollars in the pockets of the players.

Assuming the Raiders pay the $5 millon bonus and make good on the injury guarantee, Walker’s salary cap figure will be $10,833,333, including $4 million in salary.

Should Oakland pay the guarantee as stipulated and then cut Walker, the 2009 cap charge $14,166,667 to terminate the relationship. Combined with the Hall dead money, that’s $20 million in dead money.

The Raiders could also attempt to get Walker to take less money, as done in the past with players such as LaMont Jordan who didn’t play up to their contract standards. Walker would be under no obligation to do so and would be made aware by his agent of the bind the Raiders would be in should he be waived.

The 2009 cap has not been set, but was $116 million in 2008 and has risen $7 million in each of the last two years.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Luger, King of the Trolls

    NMRaider I didn’t say go Bengals, I said go Bengal fans. Now go away before the Urona catches you. She’s a friend of mine. Go Browns!!

  • Stop the Ignorance

    What did I tell some of you clowns about the cap? Some of you spouted “well, it’s over, we cut him so no harm done. Quit complaining about the money we spent” or the classic one by Goon “The contracts are backened so it’s no big deal” (he means backloaded by the way).


    Keep on keepin’ on, Al!

  • RaiderRockstar


    Ryan is a players coach. The players love him. Davis is a players owner. The players love him. The Head Coach is always the fall guy. Davis has shown in the past that he isn’t afraid to axe a coach he likes, if that guy doesn’t produce. Art Shell & Norv Turner are examples of this. Callahan & Kiffin are not – they could have used more time, whether they deserved it or not. Davis is also very cheap. Ryan probably could have got canned at Turner or Shell’s request, but not Kiffins. Even though Kiffin was right about Ryan being a bust, Davis kept him in spite of that because Ryan was loyal to him and Kiffin wasn’t.

  • Eeetsum Cox

    The move would be to rent an airplane with the message “Fire Al Davis” trailing behind it, and fly it over the coliseum during a game. Not only would the crowd see it, but it would probably get on TV

  • Luger, King of the Trolls

    Did I say go Browns? My bad I meant Go Seahawks!!!!

  • RaiderRockstar

    you can’t fire the owner … either get on the plane or jump off it

  • suicidalraider


  • Stop the Ignorance

    Thanks Al for convincing Walker to play this year and for not accepting his wishes to retire. You were right not to listen to Kiffin’s constant nagging about the players. He was so wrong for calling out Walker. He deserved what he got. What a deal Walker turned out to be. We could have signed Berrian for less but Walker is a much better investment. Don’t let the naysayers tell you otherwise.

    Keep on keepin’ on, Al!

  • nmraider

    It’s spelled “la llorona”,which mean’s “the crying woman” aka “the troll”! GO RAIDERS!!!

  • Dakota

    $20 million dollar salary hit? So what, Al would just blow that money on schitty players anyhow.

  • Stop the Ignorance

    RaiderRockstar Says:
    November 14th, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    you can’t fire the owner … either get on the plane or jump off it

    Feeble minds. I hear this argument all the time. Yes, you can’t fire the owner, but you can sure make a statement and let him know you’re not happy by boycotting the games and gear. Then he’s have to listen to our collective voice.

    Good thing our country’s founding fathers weren’t anything like you promoters or apologists. We’d still be kissing the Queen’s ass if it were up to people like you. “Duh….we can’t do anything about it….so just keep bending over”

  • Raiders_83

    Burgess out still out….
    Wonder if he is ever going to suit up again this year?
    Maybe he was one of those unnamed players earlier this week.
    That would be a shame

  • SacRaider

    What do you bet Al signs Chris Johnson to a monster contract this offseason and calls him the next great shut down corner..

  • Stop the Ignorance

    Eeetsum Cox Says:
    November 14th, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    The move would be to rent an airplane with the message “Fire Al Davis” trailing behind it, and fly it over the coliseum during a game. Not only would the crowd see it, but it would probably get on TV

    That’s the spirit. You can’t fly it directly over but should be able to fly along side. We should research how much this would cost and take a collection.

  • raiders_76

    Raiders_83,couldnt agree more,perfect draft goal for 09.Some in here think we need another qb,Im not one of them!

  • Luger, King of the Trolls

    NM Raider I’m a troll I’m not supposed to know how to spell. She’s not very good at spelling either but she’ll still come up from the river and get you if I ask her to. BOO!!!!

    GO JAGUARS!!!!

  • Stop the Ignorance

    SacRaider Says:
    November 14th, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    What do you bet Al signs Chris Johnson to a monster contract this offseason and calls him the next great shut down corner..

    LOL….A la, Tommy Kelly…
    Or maybe the collossal idiot (Rob Ryan) will proclaim that he has the best tandem in the NFL again.

  • Luger, King of the Trolls

    NM Raider what do you think of the experts ranking the Chiefs and Bengals higher than the Raiders? Go Bucaneers!!!!

  • AlisGod (Go Sharks)

    Jerry, who cares about how much money Al spends…it aint my money. I have heard this story since 1989. Al has always find a way to get around the cap…i dont expect that to end anytime soon.

  • Luger, King of the Trolls

    10. Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins: Let’s see: Since taking over as interim coach of the Raiders, Tom Cable has cut cornerback DeAngelo Hall and benched wide receiver Ronald Curry, safety Michael Huff and offensive tackle Kwame Harris. He’s also taken the play calling away from offensive coordinator Greg Knapp. The result has been four losses in five games, and the Raiders have been outscored 70-13 in the first halves of the past five games. Under former coach Lane Kiffin, the Raiders outscored opponents 30-24 in the first half, but they had trouble closing out games. Under Cable, the Raiders get off to horrible starts and can’t recover. Now they play an East Coast game in which Raiders body clocks will be at 10 a.m. Don’t you think there’s a chance the Dolphins might jump on them early?

  • chucky

    First of all
    Who is going to be the next head coach availiable next year.Al needto think hard and be really smart who he pick as a H.C I can see him get get Fassel or Mike Singletary if he doesn’t resign with the niners.They need to make a huge trade on offensive line next year. To trade or release player like harris and walker is probably going to be hard to get a quailiy player in free agent.

  • http://deleted GOT YOUR BACK/Nation Collective

    No matter how badly we think we need Crabtree we need offensive and defensive linemen more than anything. As a matter of fact I would endorse us taking just offensive and defensive linemen only with every draft pick plus sign as many additional linemen as we can as college free agents.

  • http://na Committment to ?

    Where is the hope? The Raiders are nearing rock-bottom

  • Raiders WR #11

    WE will probably end up with a top 5 pick again this year. I think we should trade that pick, for a 12th or 13th and a second rounder. Then trade one of our seconds and a 5th or 6th rounder for a low first round pick. That way we get 2 first round picks, and can draft two much needed line men. Whether it’s LT, RT, or LT, DE, whatever. Then in the second round draft another linemen. Then draft a WR with our 3rd, a safety with our 4th, another lineman with our 5th, a LB with our 6th and maybe another WR or line man with our 7th…

  • Luger, King of the Trolls

    Why don’t you guys hire Herm Edwards and really get Carl Petersen mad at you?

  • http://none Super size me!

    There is no plans for a collective bargaining agreement to be signed after 09 and that means there will be no cap in football. So, after 09 none of the cap talk matters. I still think we need to get Crabtree and then worry about drafting and a left tackel and a right tackle and any other position we have needs. I think Jmac, Dmac and Crabtree would be a nice young tandem for the future. If we are trying to build through the draft let’s not miss on a can’t miss like Crabtree. Then if JMac doesn’t work out. We can go sign Matt Cassel, and when that QB has those weapons he can start winning for us.

  • Raiders_83

    Schottenhimer (sp) For GM
    It’s a win win.
    NOT Head Coach, but GM
    Better that Brian “The Brain” Billik
    Also if the Tuna and Al are such good buddies..
    Why didn’t he come here?
    Pretty sad when we are already planning for next season

  • Luger, King of the Trolls

    A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

  • Luger, King of the Trolls

    Oakland Raiders (2-7) at Miami Dolphins (5-4), 1 p.m. ET

    Tony Sparano should prove to the Oakland Raiders what a difference a new coach can make, even in just one season.

    The Raiders will, in all likelihood, try to get it right again after the season, hiring a new coach for the fifth time in seven years. From Bill Callahan to Tom Cable, the Raiders have struggled mightily.

    As the Raiders travel to Miami to face the resurgent Dolphins, who were 1-15 last season, they can look at Sparano and see hope for next year and another new Oakland head coach.

  • Raider J

    The salary cap isn’t the issue. Getting quality offensive and defensive linemen is. Al Davis has lost his mind, and hopefully his will to live. He has no more vision of talent. Javon Walker is a thug, who should have been released in August before getting a dime. DeAngelo Hall is an arrogant SOB, with no talent. Al’s son is an idiot if he doesn’t work with his mother to remove his dad out of the Managing General Partner role immediately. I refuse to buy season tickets again, unless something drastic happens. This is a worthless organization. And Jamarcus Russell needs to step up these final games of the season, because up until this point he has been a dud.

  • http://www.car.org KoolKell

    Maybe this is new cause for the commissioner to step in. After all the League is subsidizing this incompetence!

  • http://none Super size me!

    Revenue sharing is from TV contracts not welfare Kell.

  • Raiders_83

    And with the fourth pick of the 2009 draft the Oakland Raiders select: From USC MLB Rey Maualuga

  • Raider J

    Go away, Al. Cheap SOB. Won’t pay a coach a couple million, but the old buzzard sees nothing wrong with throwing 20 million down the drain on thugs who didn’t do 1 positive thing for us. The NFL history books will show you going down as a LOSER, Mr. Davis.

  • Luger, King of the Trolls

    This just in from NFL Headquarters: Commisioner Goodell gives a new twist for the 2009 NFL Draft. The Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions will alternate at picking the first 32 Draftees in the first round of next years draft. The Commisioner said that without this new angle neither team has a chance to have a winning record in this millenium. Newly appointed Secretary of Foreign Affairs Luger will facilitate who gets the first pick. Secretary Luger said that it will be a joint decision between him and his aide/special advisor la llorona.

  • Luger, King of the Trolls

    Matt Hubert from Erie, PA: It’s the Raiders’ inability to score. No one was expecting them to challenge the ’07 Patriots for offensive firepower. Still, they had a solid running game last year. McFadden was supposed to add an explosive element to the offense. Walker was supposed to stretch the defense. Instead, the team has regressed. Fargas’ production is down. McFadden’s been hurt. Walker’s been missing in action. And Russell has failed to display the accuracy needed to sustain scoring drives. The offense is painful to watch, plain and simple.


  • http://none Super size me!

    Crabtree, Crabtree, Crabtree, Crabtree. Because the Lions can’t do it.

  • Raider J

    Does anybody out there care about Al Davis?

  • Raiders_83

    And within 3 years all selections would either be on another team or out of football

  • http://none Jay

    Further proof Al Davis is a retard.

  • http://none Super size me!

    When you draft first in the draft it has to be on a position player unless there is a can’t miss Tackle on the board (Robert Gallery). I would rather have three JMac’s, and three DMacs, than one more Robert Gallery. Crabtree, Crabtree, Crabtree. A future weapon. Get the Tackles thru free agency or later rounds of the draft.

  • Luger, King of the Trolls

    The Commisioner has stepped in. In an unpresidented disicion the Commisioner stated today that the NFL has made a one for one trade with the CFL. The transaction sends the lowly Oakland Raiders to the CFL in exchange for the Vancouver team. Owner Al Davis’ advisers recommended strongly for Mr. Davis to not sign the trade papers but were told, “Go away you little trolls, you’re bothering me.” After nearly 45 minutes of coughing and wheezing Mr. Davis signed the papers to make the trade official.

  • http://none Super size me!

    Crabtree, Crabtree, Crabtree, Crabtree, and one more time Crabtree.

  • http://www.raiders.com Oakglenn

    Repost of a great post:

    There is a group of fans in Cincy that are upset regarding their team. They combined together and bought rental rights to a few billboards close to the stadium, on the billboards they are protesting their dis-like for the current state of their franchise. Their voice is being heard.

    I wish we could do something like that, but since the Raiders are in the crap hole called Oakland, nobody has the money, brains, or wits to attempt such a thing.

    sad, truly sad….

    out witted and outclassed by bungle fans.

  • Raiders_83

    Maualuga is a scrapper….
    We need that attitude on our D, that fear.
    Use every other pick on lineman.
    Crabtree would be a luxury pick.
    Every Big name, top pick reciever recently has failed.
    Reason…bottom teams have O-line issues.

  • raiders_76

    post91,Im thinking you mean JRUSS,I like the idea of stocking both lines ,just as Raiders_81 suggested

  • raiders_76

    I mean Raiders83,sorry

  • nmraider

    That’s why the so-called “experts” are playing ,right? But that’s O.K. Being a true diehard fan I’ll be watching my Raiders on NFL Ticket come Sunday morning with a nice cold 16 ouncer!! A true fan sticks by his team thru thick & thin! We’ll be back,although I must admit it’s been a tough stretch! GO RAIDERS !!!

  • TrevJo

    I’m just wondering what we’ll do next offseason that is stupid, that I’ll tell you all is stupid when we do it, and most of you won’t realize it’s stupid until November, like the Walker and Hall signings…

  • nmraider

    On any given sunday…