Another win in Miami?

Note: Didn’t make the Miami trip this week, so no live in-game blogs today. Will post a wrap-up following the game.

Is it really too much to ask to convert a few third down plays and punch the ball into the end zone two or three times?

If the Raiders could manage to do that, it’s not inconceivable they could beat the Miami Dolphins today.

There may be stats and events that serve as signposts to 3-13, but keep in mind the schedule has been brutal since Tom Cable took over for Lane Kiffin.

They got the Saints at home, where they’ve lost only once. Baltimore is now considered a dark horse AFC Super Bowl contender. The New York Jets are 7-3 and atop the AFC East _ and that’s a game the Raiders won.

Most recently, Atlanta is NFC’s turnaround story of the year and Carolina is atop the NFC South at 8-2.

The Dolphins are 5-4 and coming off a 21-19 win over a Seattle team which stands at 2-7, same as the Raiders.

I’m not suggesting there is any sort of remarkable turnaround in the offing, only that every once in awhile teams with bad records do enough right in an afternoon to defeat one with a better record.

If a few things go the Raiders way, today could be one of those days.

For instance:

— A big play by Darren McFadden, preferably for a touchdown. Short of that, McFadden’s presence sets up someone else for a touchdown. Touchdowns are so hard for the Raiders to come by, they could use a quick strike.

— A few first downs from Ronald Curry, who could be back in the starting lineup today with Javon Walker out for the season and Chaz Schilens active but hobbling with an ankle sprain. He’s the only player with a real sense of how to get past the third down stake _ now he’s got to remember how to hold on to the ball.

— A running game that gets 150 to 175 yards rushing after gaining 299 in Miami last year. It would help if a lot of that is straight at Joey Porter, slowing his pass rush. There were some signs against Carolina the Raiders were starting to snap out of their run-funk.

The Raiders can’t afford another sack-fumble from JaMarcus Russell and zero interceptions would be nice. Today’s backup is Marques Tuiasosopo, as Andrew Walter is listed as the third quarterback because of an ankle sprain.

— A big kickoff return or two from newcomer Justin Miller. Sometimes a little juice from a recent acquisition can do wonders. Better kick coverage, the usual 2008 performances from punter Shane Lechler and kicker Sebastian Janikowski. That means making every field goal attempt from 50 yards and in, and maybe a kick or two from beyond.

— A defensive performance which rivals last week. Chad Pennington isn’t going to beat the Raiders deep, so the tackling must be good. Tommy Kelly was as stout in the middle against the Panthers as he has been all season.

The “Keep it simple’’ approached worked well last week.

— A wakeup call. West Coast teams have been coming out in a fog in 10 a.m. starts. Fact is, it’s a problem of bad West Coast teams. It’s an excuse. Don’t use it.

I’ll check in following the game . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Nnamdi21

    Dakota Says:
    November 16th, 2008 at 1:03 pm
    Our only hope is that while sucking Al’s dik, Rob Ryan chokes to death and in his death throes he bites Al’s dik off and Al bleeds to death.

    That is our best case scenario.


  • lefty12

    Ryan’s D did its usual collapse at the end ,but you can’t expect to win any game when your off. can’t score a TD.we should hire Fassell NOW.at least he could probably get the off. to score some points.it is pretty obvious the people responsible for us scoring TDs are incompetent.

  • Brown81

    Rob Ryan’s D blew it on that last drive, but Tom Cable runs way too many 1st down run plays and too many screen passes. Dude needs to throw a 5 yard pass on 1st down. Just get positive yardage. How hard is that?

  • Nnamdi21

    I’m sure its been said, but man, flatter than a pancake in the 1st. Flag,flag flag. Yuck.

  • hahahaha great post dakota

  • Dakota

    Fassel tells Davis he wants to coach Raiders?


  • 4 all of you that wanted 2 trade Fargas or cut JLH I PROUDLY SAY FUKK YOU

  • Nnamdi21

    Brown81 Says:
    November 16th, 2008 at 1:05 pm
    Rob Ryan’s D blew it on that last drive, but Tom Cable runs way too many 1st down run plays and too many screen passes. Dude needs to throw a 5 yard pass on 1st down. Just get positive yardage. How hard is that?

    The 4th and 5 killed.

    Better play calling today, but me thinks Cable’s wearing too many hats to inspire these bishes at the beginning of games.


  • how do you like me now ???

  • Brown81

    yeah fargas and JLH have really made this team into a winner… WTF?

  • Raiders WR #11

    You know, I just got done steam cleaning my carpet, and this doesn’t surprise me. Actually, after seeing the Raiders had 15 points, I did get a little shocked, but how the game ended didn’t shock me. And I’m taking back what I said earlier about the XFL, I think we would be the worst team in that league too. Sad indeed.

  • 0525…are you 13 or something..talk to someone else fool, no wonder all my buddies hate raider fans and say they are stupid idiots who cant control themselves…guess sometimes they are right…fking team blows, grow up tool

  • Dakota

    Where is Mort getting his info…I thought that leak was Kiffin, lol.

  • hmmm post 18.. =)

  • thats right they the only mutha fukkas doing anything

  • Roch Romanson

    Another loss, closer but not really. Opened the game on offense with a false start. Almost as if it was designed that way, because the Raiders wouldn’t make anything easy. Then on Defense, we pin them deep only to take consecutive offsides penalties to jump start the Miami drive. That leads to 7.

    More comments… Fargas plays with heart, he’s a good blocker on the pass, and he sacrifices his body, but the field vision just isn’t there, he’s getting stuffed too much, and with the young talents of Bush and McFadden, they need to get the touches.

    Am I the only one that thinks Russell is getting fatter as the season wears on? And pulling himself for what looked like a ‘soft’ injury. If he’s the future, I am beginning to question the heart of the future, and the commitment.

    Nice to see more plays to the wide outs today, but how many sacks did JR take, that looked like he just crumpled when the pressure got close.

    As of today, the Raiders are playing for next year. Play the youth on the team, have them gain experience for next season.

    I still believe a message needs to be sent to the executive team of the Raiders, and empty the stadium for the KC game.

    And it’s time to begin scouting hard and planning the draft, one can probably assume the Raiders will be picking within the top 4.

    And maybe we can all count it as a win if the Raiders could actually go a whole game with out a false start call.

    It’s hard to see another season go down the drain, but I guess we’ve all known that this was the way the season would go, since the Kiffin-Davis saga began in July. Or even one could look before that to the DeAngelo Hall trade. Actually if one thinks about it, the Hall trade…lose a 2nd rd pick, before that the Moss trade, is still having its ripple effects. The Javon Walker in LV fiasco, we should have took the money back and let him retire. The Kiffin Davis BS, The Burgess Injury (what is the deal with that?? 6 games now!?!) The Mcfadden turf toe.

    There are too many factors to continue, but the most important factor is the lack of mental toughness of the Raiders.

    Time to build for next year.

  • Brown81

    yes, cable is wearing too many hats and he’s not a good enough coach to do that

  • Dakota


    What did Fargas do today? Did you accidentally click on last year’s Raiders-Phins box score or something?

  • how many times we lose in the last minute this year…is this somekinda heart breaking fking record or what….how many games we lose with the lead last drive since this fker ryan got here….fk I hate ryans ass

  • DoneDeal

    post 729 is the truth, only i would trade russell for a bag of rocks

  • Brown81

    I like Russell, he just needs a coach that can actually help him develop (over the course of a few years), a receiver that can get open AND catch, and an o-line that isn’t constantly on it’s heels. But I guarantee Al will draft a CB

  • Maryland Raiderfan

    rob ryan is still here because he kisses al davis’ rear and tells him his players are great and they will win someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dakota

    Fuk it, if Fassel wants to coach, let him start next week, not February…let him evaluate which of these turds deserve to remain on the team.

    The we shall see if Hassel is able to convince the might Al Davis which players must go…and coordinators.

  • Brown81

    I agree Dakota. What have we got to lose?

  • DoneDeal

    He “had” a coach that could help him develop. that coach was also protecting his short comings cuase he
    knew russell was awful

  • Dakota

    did you guys see this?

    Dakota Says:
    November 16th, 2008 at 1:07 pm
    Fassel tells Davis he wants to coach Raiders?


  • Dakota..

    I don’t like fassel, but I agree, the sooner the next HC takes over the better

  • Dakota

    you are going to kick my ass in FF LMN…congrats.

  • Brown81

    So you think our WR’s are stellar? Our o-line is solid? You’re full of sh*t! Wake up! Our WR’s wouldn’t start on any other team in the league.

  • ToozFan

    We need a GM and a “REAL” talent evaluator.

    This has gotten SO out of hand it is insane!
    AL has got to get a Management team in place NOW! don’t wait til the “off season” cause it (the off season) started for us when he fired Kiffin. Don’t wait to hire off someone elses staff, cause guess what, no one worth having who is currently employed is coming to work here…
    now get too it!

  • yea I agree the interem not doing very good, bring fassell in now .
    this team has lost alot of players to injuries and crazy stuff…and alot of bad moves for one year…..DAMN.
    fk you ryan u tool

  • Dakota..

    yeah I did, did you see post 18?

  • DoneDeal

    the HC is not the only issue with thus dumb a$$ team what about adrssing the org chart start at the top AL davis fire yourself, and all your little minions.

  • no matter what Dakota any team NEEDS a leader Fargas throws himself in there : this team aint dead and we gots lots 2 look forward 2.And nothing personal 2 anyone I’m W-A-Y BUZZED and I was inspired by our play .Sea-bass blew it oh-well but I see progress.Again I’m a loud fan I apoligize if I offended anyone

  • Maryland Raiderfan

    Why would you want Fassel? since his fall from grace in NY after his superbowl what has he done? I guess if no one else wants him then he would be perfect for al, another puppet?

  • Dakota

    Oh, damn, I thought I was posting breaking news, lol.

    Sorry LMN.

  • Dakota..

    re, FFL, nah im not so sure, but I have more PMR, so I still hope, but my team truly suck =)

  • Brown81

    fassel has done more than cable ever has. at least it’s someone with nfl head coaching experience and knowledge of how al works. our only other options are assistant coaches on ncaa division 2 schools

  • Mistabrown

    Fargas is garbage, you should pull your head out and see what is up.

    # 4evaRaider Says:
    November 16th, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    4 all of you that wanted 2 trade Fargas or cut JLH I PROUDLY SAY FUKK YOU

  • Dakota

    I can’t believe how bad McNabb and Westbrook performed against the bungles today…really fuked my FF team…oh well.

  • Brown81

    mcglocton is ripping jamarcus a new one… telling him to grow up and take ownership of the team

  • lefty12

    hell,i’d bring in batman if he could get our Off. to score some TDs.

  • Twocents

    I have seen enough of Tom Cable.

    You could put a cadaver at left tackle and your offense would improve.

    You were wrong Tom, admit and move on to Seattle and take Kwame with you.

  • DoneDeal

    We dont follow a footall team anymore, we follow the traveling circus around.

  • Dakota

    Fassel develops quarterbacks…and takes teams to SBs…he is certainly not my first choice, but from what Al has to choose from it might not be a bad pick.

  • Dakota..

    re fassel. well when I posted it, nobody seem to care, I guess people was preoccupied getting ready for the game..

    So, its cool, my thoughts, Fassel would be a perfect fit for Al Davis, and a crappy fit for the raiders

  • Brown81

    i agree dakota. he’s the best option we have, might as well get him now and build for next year

  • yeah but Harbaugh would be a better pick and you know it Dakota

  • Brown81

    Well, LMN, the best fit for the Raiders is for Al Davis to go away… but that’s not gonna happen for a long time

  • S&B – Nation Collective

    Two names:

    Kwame Harris & Sebastian Janikowski


    Where’s the Commissioner?