Coston waived, Brown added to roster


Guard Junius Coston, signed last week to the 53-man roster, was waived so the Raiders could add defensive back Darrick Brown from the practice squad.

Safety Michael Huff left the Broncos game with a stinger and did not return.

“We don’t think it will be much of a problem,” Cable said Monday. “We’ll see on Wednesday.”

Brown first caught the Raiders attention at the offseason rookie minicamp. A 6-foot-4, 200-pound cornerback, Brown, along with fullback/tight end Marcel Reece, was awarded a Raiders helmet at the conclusion of the camp.

“They were the best effort guys, the ones who did what we talked about at the start of the camp,” coach Lane Kiffin said at the time.

Brown played defensive back as well as some wide receiver at McNeese State,where he was also a track athlet. Brown was a long jump, triple jump and high jump state champion as a high school athlete in Louisiana.

In fact, his bio on Raiders.com is almost exclusively about his track career.

He lasted in training camp until the last cut, and like Reece, was added to the practice squad.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    Ok so he was 5-15 lol.

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    6-15 whatever they both suck.

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    I knew I would get a rise out of the top crybaby on the site LMN, small fish bite just like the big ones.

  • See what happens when we blitz the whole game

  • =)

  • Shell blew his chance by not bringing in the right staff. He had the talent to do much better then 2-14. Kiffin blew it by looking for a job 5 weeks into the season.

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    The fence riders need to find a new team. Raider for life here, with or without crusty ole Davis.

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    What? Aaron Brooks talented? I think I might vomit from all the laughter.

  • RaiderKindergartenTeacher


  • Cry Baby

    Watch what you ask for. If al(zheimers) didn’t have the $$ from the “fence riders” he wouldn’t be able to put a team on the field.

  • who cares about preseseson ? you can go 5-0 and then in regular season you can go 2-14.

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    Al does not need money, the league shares in the revenues lol.

  • Brooks didn’t have a line, 7-9 step drops, etc. Lets see ANYONE play behind a OL that had 3 coaches all telling them differnt techniques. They was lost. so was the season. Brooks was a scapegoat. He wasn’t perfect, but he was better then alot of others out there.

  • The league only shares tv, and merch sales, not ticket sales.

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    Brooks flat out sucked, you are delusional or just want to argue.

  • Robert

    How about moving Michael Huff to corner since he can’t play safety?

  • nice try though.

  • After suffering with this team for so long I must be suffering from some psychosamatic disorder.

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    Not going to the games is not going to help you remove Davis, but it might help Davis remove the Raiders from Oakland, careful what you wish for.

  • 909raiderlifer

    Don’t forget to vote, for Cable,for Coach of the week. And, McFadden, for Rookie of the week.

    Vote @ nfl(dot)com

    mod won’t let me post the link.

  • Let them move. The stadium sucks azz! Until he can put a desent product on the field he will never get the support he needs for a new stadium.

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    He has put a decent product on the field and they blew out Denver. The winning will continue, maybe not as consistant as you like yet, but this team is going to win again, soon.

  • La Milicia Negra

    # Back to the 70’s Says:
    November 26th, 2008 at 11:30 am

    who cares about preseseson ? you can go 5-0 and then in regular season you can go 2-14.


  • The coliseum doesn’t suck azz. What are you comparing it too? Candlestick, Quall Comm, What?

  • La Milicia Negra

    # Raider Nation 951 Says:
    November 26th, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Let them move. The stadium sucks azz! Until he can put a desent product on the field he will never get the support he needs for a new stadium.

    I would prefer having them in the bay area.. but honestly I don’t care, I rather have our team to play in a modern environment and with a field without infield..

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    Most teams don’t go 5-0 in the preseason and suck in the regular season, those are mostly flukes and before you start attacking google it and read.

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    The area around the stadium is what sucks.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Aaron Brooks was a pretty good QB from 2000-2004 (5 years). Hurricane Katrina misplaced the Saints in 2005 and Brooks took the blame for a terrible team performance that season. Raiders signed him and he had Moss, Porter & Curry to throw to. Jordan & Fargas in the backfield. Sounded good to begin with. Art Shell should have brought in a OC with knowledge of the current NFL and an OL coach with a proven track record, not two former players with no coaching experience. The talent was on the roster. This example shows what a difference coaching, play calling and schemes can make.

    Anybody guess the Falcons & Ravens would be winning games in bunches this year?

  • AlisGod (go Warriors go Sharks)

    Man, it is a great day to be a Raider today. Hmm..where are all those “we looked so much better under Kitten at now?”

    In embarrassing Rat Face, Cable has already gotten the job. What happned last Sunday was no fluke.

  • RD 951 and LMN. The A’s are building a stadium in Fullerton. We will no longer share the stadium in Oakland with The A’s so your problem with the infield is over in two years. O yeah and they are never going to build and Al Davis team a stadium in Oakland or L.A. So quit dreaming. Besides I like my seats just fine where they are in Oakland. Thanks L.A. Sucks.

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    A convicted felon out on parol punched a police sargent in the face and nearly started a riot just as I passed by on the board walk into the stadium before the opener. They need more than one entrance into the place.

  • RaiderRay

    What’s wrong with the area around the stadium? I’m a CIO of a major I.T. company. My grandfather was a train engineer. We live around the stadium. If it’s good enough for me, it certainley is good enough for you gangstas!

  • RaiderRockstar

    NEW POST !!!

  • vegas raider

    Aaron Brooks stinks, if he was even OK he would be holding a clipboard or would have gotten an invite to training camp this year. Maybe his year here made him damaged goods, but geez even Tim Couch was invited to a camp and teams contacted old man Testerverde before inquiring about Brooks.

  • CBDH. Those are the same fans that were saying that they weren’t going to come to games to show Al Davis how they felt. They are the reason the Raiders get a bad rap. I am soo glad all of those gangs in LA started to wear our apparel. It’s reall broadened the fan base. A whole bunch of loser felons. Sad. Very Sad.

  • Cry Baby Davis Haters

    RR if you like graffiti on the sides of your condo, bars on your doors and windows then you don’t mind living there.

  • 909raiderlifer

    New post/thread!

  • los9091

    The stadium does suck…very old. It was voted the worst stadium by players a few years back.

    Some say it got that rank due to the poor visitor locker room.

  • Well all of you who think that the Coliseum is so terrible please stay away. I really don’t mind when your not their?

  • los9091


    The Raiders were a better team under KIFFEN…the facts are in the stats. You cant argue the stats.

  • BIG E

    screw the soft Raider fans who after providing strong criticism of AL the tyrant, crawl with thier tale between thier lehs and go lick his boots.

    AL is GOD,Collective, Chaos….loss respect for you.

    Fickle as cranberry asses!

    We win freking game to a DEnver team that is injured, no champ bailey.. no pass rush…a year in ehich the AFC west is crap..

    AL davis king????

    SCREW YOU…AL davis screwed us when he fired Kiffin period.

    This game of the team coming together started from off season work outs.

    CANT YOU READ! Ruun the ball, take shots down the field and make few mistakes and solid special teams like JERRY said!! just what KIFFIN preached!

    all you fans that say let the kid play”,,open it up!…dont know sqaut anout the game of football..

    Brown nosers…and disullsioned fans drunk on Raider mystique of the 70’s dont make intelligent fans..maybe on this blog you van listen to yourself tlka but in real;ity you dont know what your bias hearts will allow.

    Blackhole preist…writedown your call before you call post game show…ner heard a guy put so much energy and not say a damn thing..

    I knew you cpome out of ALS closet with this win..

    DAVIS was prime negotiator in his signing for over four hours..dude, man. priest…so put that in your davis crack pipe and smoke it brutha

    Preist didnt like Kiffin because ” whos this young guy”…he was called the head coach! which means he gets to be undermined by DAVis, who has to put energy in a smear campaign

    now thats real talk

  • raiderjambo

    Raider Nation, 1st off, to all of my fellow TRUE RAIDER FANS, Happy Thanksgiving! 2nd, an absolute disgrace that some of our old RAIDER heroes are not in the HOF, be it Guy, Hayes, Plunkett, Christiansen, or Flores. Some of the guys that are already in don’t stack up to these guys.Anyway, I’ll leave it at that. “JUST WIN BABY!”

  • SenileAl

    Big E: Can’t agree with more!!
    Davis has betrayed us, but not on purpose…ergo my handle.


    ALbert Davis has lost it… There is no doubt about that. Allen Davis was a STUD but ALbert Davis is a Dud.

    So they won a game… a great game… they put it all together well thank Kiffin because he’s the one who hired all the offensive guys that are now coaching the team.

    They were in cutlers face all day (not an ALbert favorite) They got a man to man corner (by defacto coz AL wanted HALL) Like Warner with the RAMS, he wasn’t the 1st choice but the (there isn’t anyone else)choice.

    It is amazing how the Koolaide flows here but I am exited none the less. I will never candy coat AL but I am so happy the Raiders won because of the way they won, and not only because of the W.

    The chemistry ALbert destroyed when he fired Kiffin could in one single swoop be formed again and that could only be positive.

    As long as the ol Crumudgeon stays away and lets cable coach.

  • Senile King’s Aricept

    Don’t forget…Dispite the fact that Al Davis is a Shakepearean tragedy, implies the notion that his sick genius can…once in a while…pull a rabbit out of a hat…Best fuc*in’ soap opera in the history of sports…..PERIOD!…

  • MR

    You are right Seinle King!! In Al I trust!! I recant all my beliefs. Al is Right!!!!