Jon Becker

  • MR I hear ya.. Give me some C-Bo if ya wanna go hardcore.. 😛

  • vegas raider

    McRaider Says:
    December 2nd, 2008 at 3:49 pm
    The one with the highest QB rating is………..You got it JaMarcus Russell. I am not saying that he will be as good as any of these QB’s, but who know’s?

    Troy Aikman 66.6
    Steve Young 65.5
    John Elway 54.9
    Kenny Stabler 61.4
    Jim Plunkett 68.6
    Terry Bradshaw 59.7
    JaMarcus Russell 72.6

    I credit it to the great tutalidge of Tom Cable. I mean those coaches these guys had (Jimmy Johson, Walsh, Chuck Knox, Madden, Reeves) pale in comparision to the great wisdom of Tom Cable and Gregg Knapp

  • 909raiderlifer

    G-Men dropped the hammer, on the “Gunslinger”. 4 game suspension and placed him on the non-football related injury list.

  • MR

    Lame, why are you using 20 year old ghetto slang? Have you even listened to a hip hop song or even had one single conversation with anyone from the ghetto in the past 20 years?

  • Thats what Im talking about ufck the chokers!!!

  • MR

    Never liked C BO, 408. He’s alright, I guess. But, you have to understand, Sac’s fragmented. The Gardens is like a whole different world from where I grew up and went to school. Let’s just say the writing on the wall was mostly red where I was at…

  • vegas raider

    I heard Plax had the gun in his waistline like he was in the movie “Juice” or something. You can’t splurge for a holster Plax? REally?

  • 909raiderlifer

    Suspension, was for ” Conduct detrimental to the team”.

  • 909

    what kinda dumb as$ shoots himself in the leg @ the club? Thats sooooo not gangsta…

  • MR Says:
    December 2nd, 2008 at 3:54 pm
    Lame, why are you using 20 year old ghetto slang? Have you even listened to a hip hop song or even had one single conversation with anyone from the ghetto in the past 20 years?

    Depends MR, is Brooklyn NY considered the Ghetto? If so, then Yes.

    MR you are as hard as a f@g with a bag of d1cks.

  • vegas raider

    I met Brotha Lynch and his fat white wife once out here in Vegas. He is a skinny, tiny ugly man. Why are so many rappers midget-sized? You got Dupri, Dru Down, fortay, TI, and so many others. Always made me curious

  • MR

    I never claimed to be hard at all, Lame.

    And, if you’ve talked to people from Brooklyn in the last 20 years, why are you using 20 year old ghetto slang?

  • Word is Plaxico was attempting to “unload” his gun for the security guard. Dude can’t even chamber his own weapon without shooting himself, LMFAO.

  • MR

    They’re rappers, Vegas. If they were gangsters, they’d be gangsters. Some do both, but not many. Yes, that’s usually who becomes rappers, the small guys in the hood. Martin Scorsese was the tiniest, nerdiest kid in Little Italy. Without him, there would be no GoodFellas.

  • AlisGod (go Warriors go Sharks)

    hey all, i have a hunch Plax is coming here next year. Al will take a chance on him for the cheap.

  • MR

    oh yeah… I 4got.. I never even tripped on cbo like that.. probably cuz there’s only 3 black hoods in sj and they dont realy funk with the homies

  • vegas raider

    Is it the Napoleon complex MR. Dude that ran the Hells Angels was tiny as well

  • MR

    Burress is an idiot. Period. But he didn’t give himself all that money. Surely the Giants’ management were aware he had issues when they inked him. This didn’t have to be their problem. But it is, and they only have themselves to blame.

  • McRaider

    408RAIDER Says:
    whats Jamarcus Rating with and without Kiffin? Im just sayin…

    I can tell you that his best rating in a game was without Kiffin

  • vegas raider

    I heard if they put Plax on the unable to perform list, and cut him before the draft they only have to pay him 5 of the 35 million he signed for this year.

  • 909raiderlifer

    Dumbazz is lucky he didn’t blow his leg off, or worse hit a bystander. Was packing a Glock .40cal.

  • I wouldn’t consider Sonny Barger tiny Vegas. Certainly not in the likes of Napoleon or Scorsese.

  • MR

    408, let me be more clear, I really didn’t like C Bo’s music. Kind of switched from hard core LA style to hyphy…I dunno. Just never really liked his music. Far as where he’s from, I just have to be honest. I lived closer to Oak Park and Gardens might as well be on another planet. Sacramento is fragmented. Poor neighborhoods are separated by industrial areas or rich areas. So, each hood has it’s own different influence. Most of Sac region is unincorporated county, too. It’s like a bunch of cities rolled into one medium sized city, and I just wasn’t from C Bo’s city, that’s all. The Kings were starting to bring everyone together when they were winning. C Webber almost made Sac a unified city. LOL.

  • vegas raider

    Always thought he was small Lame, guess I shoulda checked before I threw it out there.

  • No worries Vegas, lots of Hells Angels leaders now. But Sonny is considered the first and foremost.

  • McRaider

    yeah the game against the donkeys was great.. My point is he has had alot of bad games since kiffin got the boot..

  • MR

    I never liked that baby killing stuff they were rapping about in the Gardens either, 408. I think it was Brutha Lynch Hung doing that. That just didn’t compute with me. I can handle songs about day to day reality in the hood but that was too bizarre.

  • Has JaMarcus had a good game? Did I miss it?

  • vegas raider

    Wasn’t Andre Nickatine from Sac?

    I smoke chewy like a nut

  • MR you are bizarre.

  • I gotta splits.. Im out like a light. Peace.

  • vegas raider

    Take care Lame….good work today

  • MR

    Nickitina? Dre Dogg? He’s from Frisco.

  • I hear ya MR.. I had a friend that was locked up with cbo and use to talk about him making an album so when the gas chamber came out I bought it..

  • Nickitina AKA dre Dog is from the Fillmore… SF

  • 909raiderlifer

    Former Raider great, Greg Townsend would like to interview with Al, to be the Head Coach.

    Go to: Find, the On Demand link. At the top right of the page. Loose Cannons 12/2. And hear it for yourselves.

    mod won’t let me post links.

  • I hardly even listen to rap any more.. Well I still listen 2 Local Bay Area artist… Now Im getting into Metal..

  • McRaider

    I can’t say that Russsell is better under Cable, he did have his worse came under him as well. he also had some bad games under kiffin though. He has 2 wins under cable and one under kiffin.

    Once thing all of those other QB’s have in common, is HOF coaches. If we don’t get a good coach soon, JR will be history just like alex smith. Doesn’t mean he was not a godd pick, just that we kdid not handle him right.

  • vegas raider

    This new stuff is garbage 408. I went to the Mary J. and Jay-Z concert a year ago, man Jay had like a whole horns section, a bad-a** drummer, a bassist and a lead guitar, Mary singing BACK-UP, the whole nine. I left there thinking what is wrong with all these new guys

  • MR

    The radio’s whack because it’s corporate owned now. DJ’s have no say anymore. Even the artists don’t have say if they want their s’t played. Got to go to the internet for real hip hop today. Radio’s been stuck on the dirty south for a decade now, because girls like dancing to it and it just sells. Much love to Scarface and a few others but screw the rest of that s’t. I download all of my hip hop now. Haven’t listened to either of Sac’s so called hip hop stations in years. They’re a joke.

  • Vegas

    yep… “Play the instrumental get the mic and I’m cool” …. 2 Short

  • vegas raider

    103.5 The Bomb, is that still up and running?

  • Plax is gonna do 3and a half to 15 years, Mayor Bloomie is pushing this hard! New York

  • vegas raider

    I’m outta 5 to the dog house

  • Charles Oakey


    Information for all of you who are coming to San Diego for the Raider-Charger game. The Raiders are staying at the Marriott Hotel in Mission Valley and should be there around 3:00 PM Wednesday afternoon. This is a chance to see the current team file in, and to meet many retired Raider players like Tom Flores and Jim Plunkett in the lounge. You can meet Raider fans from all over. I will be there wearing a black Raiders “Starter” jacket. Be sure to say hello.

    Also that Wednesday evening there is a big Raider party put on by the Raiders Fan Club of San Diego. This will be at the Rock Bottom Restaurant in downtown San Diego. This event is purported to have many retired Raiders (Ben Davidson, etc) attending. There is an admission charge but that will cover all you can eat food and drink.

    I hope thousands of you make the trip to San Diego and help cheer our Oakland Raiders to victory!

  • # Todd Christensen’s Shadow Says:
    December 2nd, 2008 at 4:33 pm

    Plax is gonna do 3and a half to 15 years, Mayor Bloomie is pushing this hard! New York

    4 shooting himself LOL….

  • MR

    yeh, 103.5 is still on the air, and still sucks, Vegas.

    It was good back in the day. Played mostly west coast hip hop and neo soul type stuff, Erika Badu, etc. Now they wouldn’t play a west coast song if it were a dying kid’s last request.

  • 909raiderlifer

    Jerry Mac..

    About time, for the late afternoon FIX.

  • McFadden

    Hey Oakley, if you see Plunk ask him if he’s got an eskimo relative, 100% sure he’s got one.

  • That Lame Sniffin character sounds like that idiot Brien, no?