A Raiders and Moss reunion


Randy Moss is living the good life with the New England Patriots, where by all accounts, he’s been a team leader and professional enough to meet or exceed the exacting standards set by Bill Belichick.

The same Moss who used indifference as a weapon to get himself traded from the Oakland Raiders to the Patriots for a fourth round draft pick.

In preparation for Sunday’s game at the Coliseum agaisnt the Raiders, Moss and the Patriots will be practicing at San Jose State this week. They opted to remain on the West Coast following a 24-21 win over the Seattle Seahawks rather fly home and then double back.

It’s doubtful the Raiders will be sending a police motorcade to bring Moss to the Coliseum, as they did when the trade with Minnesota for Napoleon Harris and a first-round draft pick became official.

In 29 games with the Patriots, Moss has 159 receptions, 2,334 yards and 31 touchdowns. In 29 games with the Raiders in 2005 and 2006, Moss had 102 receptions for 1,558 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Al Davis is still steaming over allowing Lane Kiffin to talk him into dumping the most explosive receiver of his era, saying the coaching staff didn’t feel they could deal with Moss.

Kiffin’s version, of course, was much different. Kiffin said Moss told him his problems were not with the then-rookie coach, but with the organization.

Considering the rejuvenation of Moss, one could conclude it was the Raiders which dragged down the receiver rather than Moss contributing to the continuing demise of the Raiders.

In reality, Moss and the Raiders were bad for each other.

Through training camp and the first four games of the 2005 season, Moss was everything the Raiders expected and more. There was a miracle a day in Napa, the most incredible training camp I’ve ever seen from a Raiders player. Some of his catches defied description.

“Randy and C-Wood (Charles Woodson) used to go at each other all the time,” Raiders wide receiver Ronald Curry said Monday. “I never had seen anyone get the best of C-Wood time and again but Randy seemed to be one of those guys that did.

“A lot of guys struggled against C-Wood, but Randy came in and did well against him. To me, that pretty much told me how good he was.”

Through four games, Moss had 19 catches for 466 yards and two touchdowns. There were scoring plays of 73 and 64 yards, plus another of 79 yards. When the 2008 Raiders finish a 16-game season, there won’t be a single wide receiver anywhere near 466 yards.

Following a bye in Week 6, Moss went up for a leaping attempt against San Diego, came down in a heap with injuries to his pelvis and groin, and from that point on, things were never the same.

He played 24 more games and was only over 100 yards twice. He finished 2005 with 60 catches for 1,005 yards, with injuries assuming much of the blame.

In 2006, there was no magic in training camp, and Moss looked ordinary. The week of the opener, Moss said on a weekly radio spot that things were “fishy” in Oakland.

Moss dropped passes, blamed the miscues on being unhappy, loafed his way through pass routes and had 42 catches for 553 yards and three touchdowns through 14 games before calling it quits with an ankle injury.

There was some speculaton among NFL types that Moss had lost his legs, and that being a jump-and-catch receiver who relied on speed and athleticism rather than precision, he would never return to the form of his prime with Minnesota.

Davis did not agree, but reluctantly traded Moss for a fourth-round draft pick. The owner went on record at Rich Gannon’s retirement press conference saying he had regrets about trading Moss and that he was convinced Moss could still play.

The fourth-round pick for the Raiders turned out to be Cincinnati defensive back John Bowie, who never left the bench in 2007 and is on injured resrerve this season.

As Moss re-ignited with the Patriots, former Raiders defensive back Jarrod Cooper noted, “That’s OK. At least we got Bowie.”

Raiders coach Tom Cable was delighted to plead ignorance where Moss and the Raiders were concerned.

“I was not part of any of that,” Cable said. “I knew he was here. I thought he was going to be here. So I really didn’t know anything about that.”

The Moss situation spoke to the declining state of the franchise. Once upon a time, the Raiders were a perfect place for an iconoclast. The various behaviorial quirks and “I play when I want to play” persona would have been welcomed and even celebrated.

But without a self-policing group of veteran players and with a dearth of victories, Moss simply quit trying until he got his way and was sent out of town.

He remains reviled not only by some in the media but by old-school players and coaches who believe there is never any excuse for giving less than a best effort, regardless of the circumstances.

But there was a big difference from Moss and the 49ers-vintage Terrell Owens, who moved about as a loner in the locker room with many teammates not knowing what to make of him or having outright dislike for him.

Moss engendered very little ill-will amongst his teammates despite an obvious lack of effort. Curry said he would remember Moss as No. 18, the number he wore in Oakland.

“Randy was great in the locker room. He was great to be around,” Curry said. “I’d take him any day. He was a good person.”

Curry shrugged off the Moss years in Oakland as a blip on the radar screen.

“A pro is a pro. You’re here to play. People are going to have off years, down years here and there,” Curry said. “Two of his down years were here. It didn’t make his career. It might have made him a little hungrier. That may be one of the reasons why he is doing what he’s doing now.”

That’s not the kind of credit Davis had in mind when it comes to the legacy of Randy Moss.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • R.A.W.


    K-rock, congrats =)

  • S&B – Nation Collective

    Speaking of vet QBs….Kerry Collins, Brett Favre, Chad Pennington and Kurt Warner probably won’t win any Super Bowls for their respective teams. Why?

    Collins, Farve and Warner are one and done. Maybe 2 and done. Then those teams will be back at 5-11 to 8-8.

    Meanwhile guys like Big Ben, Ryan, Flacco, Mannings, Cutler, Rivers etc… will get several shots at playoff runs and super bowl chances. The more shots you get the better the chance to get a ring.

  • R.A.W.


    The Raiders have won three of the last four regular-sesaon meetings with the Patriots. The winner of this game will take the lead in the overall series, which is currently tied at 15….Dating back to 1981, the Raiders aim for their fourth consecutive win at home vs. the Patriots.”

    “Keep your eye on …
    The Pats on the left coast: This week marks New England’s second experiment this season with extended West Coast travel. The team has decided to stay in California to avoid multiple cross country flights both times. The first time around, New England defeated the 49ers then lost to the Chargers the following week. They’ll look to avoid another split this time.

    New England’s LBs: Junior Seau was surfing in San Diego before re-signing with the Patriots last week and he may be asked to start vs. the Raiders if Tedy Bruschi sits out with a knee injury. While Seau provides another veteran presence for New England, the 39-year-old veteran appeared slow while defending Seahawks TE John Carlson on his 10-yard touchdown reception last week.

    Zach Miller vs. New England’s secondary: Inconsistency at quarterback has led to a woeful year for Oakland’s receivers. But perhaps the only player not affected has been TE Zach Miller,` who leads the team with 45 receptions and 614 yards. Oakland’s next highest totals are are 19 receptions from Darren McFadden and 197 yards from Ashley Lelie. Miller is averaging 13.6 yards per catch this season, and is facing a Patriots secondary that has struggled to defend tight ends.”

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    Perform or go home.

    I took my last final today! I graduate Sat. morning


    K-Rock: I agree & congrats!

  • RaiderRockstar

    thanks for the good report RAW, but we just lost back to back games against the woeful Chiefs & Chargers. How can we expect to beat the Patriots? Even w/o Brady, Maroney, Harrison, A Thomas & Bruschi they are leading that division …

  • R.A.W.


    I know, we lost back-to-back games. I just hope we play a competive game and that moss gets blown up by Wilson or Morrision or some person on D.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Speaking of vet QBs….Kerry Collins, Brett Favre, Chad Pennington and Kurt Warner probably won’t win any Super Bowls for their respective teams.


    S&B: Titans, Jets, Dolphins & Cardinals. I agree. I don’t see any of those teams winning the big one this year. If the Titans had Favre, then yes.

  • dikembesaysno

    I wish we had a passing game, because then we could exploit the Patriots weak secondary.

  • RaiderRockstar

    It would be nice to see Moss get smacked around. Since the Raiders keep one CB on that side of the field the entire game, it’s hard to imagine the Pats not trying to exploit the Johnson on Moss matchup. CJ held up well on Marshall & Bowe. Jackson’s stats were inflated due to that one big play he got on CJ. He failed to make contact at the line of scrimmage on that 59-yard pass from Rivers, then when Jackson sped by him, he couldn’t get his hips turned fast enough. That’s fundamentals of the position.. I think our corners will be ready. Welker in the slot is what worries me. That guy is a first down machine. We better not have Eugene, Wilson or Routt trying to cover him in 3 WR sets!

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    The Raiders had practice today.

    Where is the report Jerry?

  • RR

    Do they practice?

  • Sup Dirty??? =)

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    El Dirty:

    The Raiders defense probably looks like 11 pro bowlers compared to our offense in practice. The offense can run the ball i’m sure, because our d can’t stop the run. Curry & Lelie aren’t even starter quality receivers, so i’m sure they present no challenge at all for Johnson & Asomugha. Zach Miller might be tearing it up if the line can hold up for 3 seconds so Russell can get the ball out. practice play selection probablt goe like this
    1st down – Fargas gains 4 yards
    2nd down – Fargas gains 4 yards
    3rd down – Russell throws the ball behind his receiver
    4th down – punt

    next series:
    1st down – Fargas gains 5 yards
    2nd down – Fargas gains 3 yards
    3rd down – Russell overthrows his receiver
    4th down – fake punt. loss of 10 yards

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    How’s it going?

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    STuuuuupid! LMAO!

  • Dirty I’m doing fine 2day.I ran out of work at work so I dont go back till the 22nd.I guess thats what ya get 4 workin hard: kitchen equipment hasnt shown up yet so sit home.Ahh the life of a commercial plumber =)How are you???

  • Found this a few ago and all I thought about was MR and Oak Glenn


  • Living the dream! Went home played cards with some friends then we went to Old Town and drant till 2 and then had a night cap with that pic I posted yesterday. Then everything went bad… I woke up! ugh… I feel like crap

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    Bill Belichek vs. Tom Cable

    Josh McDaniels vs. Greg Knapp / Tom Cable

    Bill Belichek vs. Rob Ryan

    Nuff said

  • S&B – Nation Collective


    Favre on Tennessee would be something interesting. I bet that Tennessee wishes Vince Young was playing to standard though. Or wish that Kerry Collins was a few years younger. Tennessee reminds me of Baltimore a couple of years ago with Steve McNair. The Ravens went 14-2 with McNair and lost a close game to Indy.

    The next year the team collapsed as McNair wore down and Boller busted.

  • S&B

    I dont think the Titans Defense is that good and Kerry still sucks. That fools been sippen on the Whiskey and is living his alcoholic dream! (Sorry still bitter with kerry)

  • those were great post Dirty especially 270 =)

  • Its going to be The Ravens and the Steelers in the AFC Championship… WHO WINS THAT GAME?

  • Chile Relleno

    Matt Cassells father passed away. UH OH! Remember what happened the last time a QB facing us in Oakland lost his father? (FAVRE)

    We are doomed!


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    I had to smile on those pics. It makes my head stop hurting.

  • RaiderRockstar

    in a game it goes like this:

    1st & 10 – Fargas gains 2 yards
    2nd & 8 – HOLDING. 10 yard penalty
    2nd & 18 – 5 yard pass to Miller
    3rd & 13 – false start. 5 yard penalty
    3rd & 18 – Russell throws the ball at his receiver’s feet
    4th & 18 – punt

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    RaiderRockstar you should replace Greg Papa and Plunk. Because you hare clairvoyant.

  • Old Skool Raidah

    “Moss engendered very little ill-will amongst his teammates despite an obvious lack of effort. Curry said he would remember Moss as No. 18, the number he wore in Oakland.

    “Randy was great in the locker room. He was great to be around,” Curry said. “I’d take him any day. He was a good person.”


    Once again, this shows the lack of leaders on this team. The actual Oakland Raidahs that many of us on this board came to know, love, and simply revere wouldn’t have given a rat’s ^%$ ’bout whether Moss was “a good person”. If he showed the lack of effort and heart back then that he showed here in Oaktown they would have gotten rid of him for Big Al. No questions asked. Boy, today’s pampers-wearing, fraudulent jocks…..

    And so long as well to Ronald Curry and the rest of that bunch of frauds wearing the Silver And Black. Good riddance!

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post!

  • The Father of Matt Cassell, die yesterday, so, expect another 5 td performance a la Favre.

  • Old Skool Raidah

    “# KoolKell Says:
    December 9th, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    No doubt. I’m just saying, players aren’t going to kill themselves in a hopeless situation. Particularly in a sport where injury can end your career in a heartbeat.

    We seem to hold athletes to a higher standard than the Bush Crime Family, War Profiteers, Wall Street Bank Robbers, CEO’s taking a 10 million dollar “bonus’” while laying off thousands.

    But everybody in front of their monitors here is holier than thou, and absolutely Indignant with a black athelete wearing fur coat, perceived to be making too much money, just terribly indignant, huff!”



    I do hold the Bush Crime Family et al more responsible and to a MUCH higher standard. Jess that this ain’t the thread for that airing, ya’ dig?;-)

  • post those dreds Brien

  • new post ladies

  • Dean2512

    I am fed up with the Raiders being the laughing stock of the NFL. I am asking the local media to start calling for Al Davis to step aside; we fans need your help.

    Thank you


  • Virginia Raiderfan

    If JaMarcus doesn’t come into camp weighing 240 lbs after busting his azz on the Walter Payton workout this offseason and studying the hell out of the playbook….bench his fatazz and hope like hell some vet (besides McCown) takes the backup job with the clear directive that he can compete to start….and let the chips fall where they may…Al will still be alive so it wont matter Ronald McDonald will probably be coaching the team next year


    All of you (if you are real Rader fans) who give Al Davis a hard time should be ashamed of yourselves. I understand the dumb f-cks are going to come to our sites and say dumb stuff, but the real fans need to man up. Al has over the years given you one of the top 6 winning teams in the 32 team NFL and this is how you repay him. I know all of you who wish bad things on him will receive bad things 3 fold. Especially those who wish death or harm on him for the sake of football. If the team had ended up winning this year, all the same stupid people would probably be calling him the man because of the off season transactions. But because some of the transactions did not pan out you are bashing. You stupid people need to get a life. All teams have gone through bad times. The Raiders remain tied in 3rd place with three SB wins/six appearances. They have even with these bad five years more conference championships than any other team in the AFC possible the NFL. If you are loyal fans, support the team through the good times and the bad, and stop bashing. I stood right in front of Al Davis in Baltimore, and listened to him say that he is going to get this team turned around and I believe him. I support Al and the Raiders no matter what.
    • Teams that have never played in a Super Bowl:
    o Cleveland Browns
    o Houston Texans
    o Jacksonville Jaguars
    o Detroit Lions
    o New Orleans Saints
    o Arizona Cardinals
    • Teams that have never won a Super Bowl:
    o Buffalo Bills
    o Cincinnati Bengals
    o Cleveland Browns
    o Houston Texans
    o Jacksonville Jaguars
    o Tennessee Titans
    o San Diego Chargers
    o Philadelphia Eagles
    o Detroit Lions
    o Minnesota Vikings
    o Atlanta Falcons
    o Carolina Panthers
    o New Orleans Saints
    o Arizona Cardinals
    o Seattle Seahawks
    o The most Super Bowl wins is five – a record shared by the San Francisco 49ers, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Pittsburgh Steelers
    o The second most Superbowl wins is three – a record shared by the Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, and the Washington Redskins.

    Of the seven teams here are their winning percentages over their history:
    Oakland .599%
    Dallas .573%
    San Francisco .565%
    Green Bay .559%
    Washington .522%
    Pittsburg .502%
    New England .492%

    Raider for life.