A Raiders and Moss reunion


Randy Moss is living the good life with the New England Patriots, where by all accounts, he’s been a team leader and professional enough to meet or exceed the exacting standards set by Bill Belichick.

The same Moss who used indifference as a weapon to get himself traded from the Oakland Raiders to the Patriots for a fourth round draft pick.

In preparation for Sunday’s game at the Coliseum agaisnt the Raiders, Moss and the Patriots will be practicing at San Jose State this week. They opted to remain on the West Coast following a 24-21 win over the Seattle Seahawks rather fly home and then double back.

It’s doubtful the Raiders will be sending a police motorcade to bring Moss to the Coliseum, as they did when the trade with Minnesota for Napoleon Harris and a first-round draft pick became official.

In 29 games with the Patriots, Moss has 159 receptions, 2,334 yards and 31 touchdowns. In 29 games with the Raiders in 2005 and 2006, Moss had 102 receptions for 1,558 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Al Davis is still steaming over allowing Lane Kiffin to talk him into dumping the most explosive receiver of his era, saying the coaching staff didn’t feel they could deal with Moss.

Kiffin’s version, of course, was much different. Kiffin said Moss told him his problems were not with the then-rookie coach, but with the organization.

Considering the rejuvenation of Moss, one could conclude it was the Raiders which dragged down the receiver rather than Moss contributing to the continuing demise of the Raiders.

In reality, Moss and the Raiders were bad for each other.

Through training camp and the first four games of the 2005 season, Moss was everything the Raiders expected and more. There was a miracle a day in Napa, the most incredible training camp I’ve ever seen from a Raiders player. Some of his catches defied description.

“Randy and C-Wood (Charles Woodson) used to go at each other all the time,” Raiders wide receiver Ronald Curry said Monday. “I never had seen anyone get the best of C-Wood time and again but Randy seemed to be one of those guys that did.

“A lot of guys struggled against C-Wood, but Randy came in and did well against him. To me, that pretty much told me how good he was.”

Through four games, Moss had 19 catches for 466 yards and two touchdowns. There were scoring plays of 73 and 64 yards, plus another of 79 yards. When the 2008 Raiders finish a 16-game season, there won’t be a single wide receiver anywhere near 466 yards.

Following a bye in Week 6, Moss went up for a leaping attempt against San Diego, came down in a heap with injuries to his pelvis and groin, and from that point on, things were never the same.

He played 24 more games and was only over 100 yards twice. He finished 2005 with 60 catches for 1,005 yards, with injuries assuming much of the blame.

In 2006, there was no magic in training camp, and Moss looked ordinary. The week of the opener, Moss said on a weekly radio spot that things were “fishy” in Oakland.

Moss dropped passes, blamed the miscues on being unhappy, loafed his way through pass routes and had 42 catches for 553 yards and three touchdowns through 14 games before calling it quits with an ankle injury.

There was some speculaton among NFL types that Moss had lost his legs, and that being a jump-and-catch receiver who relied on speed and athleticism rather than precision, he would never return to the form of his prime with Minnesota.

Davis did not agree, but reluctantly traded Moss for a fourth-round draft pick. The owner went on record at Rich Gannon’s retirement press conference saying he had regrets about trading Moss and that he was convinced Moss could still play.

The fourth-round pick for the Raiders turned out to be Cincinnati defensive back John Bowie, who never left the bench in 2007 and is on injured resrerve this season.

As Moss re-ignited with the Patriots, former Raiders defensive back Jarrod Cooper noted, “That’s OK. At least we got Bowie.”

Raiders coach Tom Cable was delighted to plead ignorance where Moss and the Raiders were concerned.

“I was not part of any of that,” Cable said. “I knew he was here. I thought he was going to be here. So I really didn’t know anything about that.”

The Moss situation spoke to the declining state of the franchise. Once upon a time, the Raiders were a perfect place for an iconoclast. The various behaviorial quirks and “I play when I want to play” persona would have been welcomed and even celebrated.

But without a self-policing group of veteran players and with a dearth of victories, Moss simply quit trying until he got his way and was sent out of town.

He remains reviled not only by some in the media but by old-school players and coaches who believe there is never any excuse for giving less than a best effort, regardless of the circumstances.

But there was a big difference from Moss and the 49ers-vintage Terrell Owens, who moved about as a loner in the locker room with many teammates not knowing what to make of him or having outright dislike for him.

Moss engendered very little ill-will amongst his teammates despite an obvious lack of effort. Curry said he would remember Moss as No. 18, the number he wore in Oakland.

“Randy was great in the locker room. He was great to be around,” Curry said. “I’d take him any day. He was a good person.”

Curry shrugged off the Moss years in Oakland as a blip on the radar screen.

“A pro is a pro. You’re here to play. People are going to have off years, down years here and there,” Curry said. “Two of his down years were here. It didn’t make his career. It might have made him a little hungrier. That may be one of the reasons why he is doing what he’s doing now.”

That’s not the kind of credit Davis had in mind when it comes to the legacy of Randy Moss.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Nnamdi21

    Oakglenn’s Revenge Says:
    December 9th, 2008 at 9:45 pm
    One of the things a team has to have, is an identity. What is our teams identity? Who are the leaders of our team?

    One of the first things you are ever told as an athlete is do not embarrass yourself, do not embarrass the team, do not embarrass the organization. Did any of you see that last game?

    Saw not only the last game, but the Saints and 1st Denver game too…

  • Nnamdi21

    Oak G:

    Who can be the Leader when Davis is on high to over rule?

    Coach can’t make an example, players really can’t step up and call others out if their Davis’ favs what do you do?

  • What is the identity of our team??? Our we a physical team?? A smart team?? A tenacious team that scraps and never gives up?? What kind of team ARE WE?? And I don’t mean right now, I mean over the last 2 years? This is one of the first things a coach needs to instill.

  • Oakglenn, everybody in that lockeroom laughing is on borrowed time, this putrid pile of fecal matter that Al Davis has squeezed out of his wrinkled cheeks has bottomed out, finally. The entire franchise will implode without the presence of a Madden/Parcells personality installed at the gm, or upper management position. Al simply cannot continue to run a billion dollar enterprise like a 1970’s popsicle stand. Until the futility of his management affects the “bottom line” of the other franchises, they will all sit back and rejoice in the continued destruction that has scarred this once “greatest winning percentage team of all time” to the ever growing hemroid it has become.

  • Unknown

    Oak, we r any disgraceful adjective that u can muster to describe us!!!

  • Oh I almost forgot, nitey nite Kool Kell, you get some rest okay, tomorrow is a big day for you, now that you’ve been enlightened.

  • Get over it, Ja-bling Russel shows incredible immaturaty, over the top Deion Sanders flash, a lazy work ethic, and he thus far has done exactly nothing, non-ka, ZIP,

    I think he’s had several good games. We’ll see.

    Lazy work ethic? You base that statement on what?
    Do you know that, or are you just belching from your couch?

    Bling? Yes I agree. 22yr old #1 draft choice. I didn’t hear any Leinart personal attacks when he was associated with hollywood ho’s.

    But all this is besides the point. Al Davis is the ultimate Shot-Caller here. 6 straight years of losing 11 games or more. Going back to when JaMarcus was still in high school.

    But hey, whatever, I aint gonna call you any names. I’m not going to change your perspective. I’m just glad America is changing.

  • Rosanna Pucci

    What about Lamont Jordan?? Is everyone going to be focusing on Moss…

  • Nnamdi21

    No doubt Rosanna.

    I mentioned before how it would be just super if Jordan rushes for 100+ against us.


    He’s been fairly ineffective and injured alot for the Pats, but still…

  • Nnamdi21

    Heres the dealio, in all honesty, who knows which Raiders team will turn up this Sunday?

    The one that thrashed the Broncos or the one that got killed by the Broncos?

    The roller coaster is making me sick…

  • Dmac20

    Man I don’t see why jerry or reporters would ask curry anything about the raiders when we all know his heart isn’t here. That sometimes pros have down years was stated to make his ownself look good because he’s having a so called “down year.” The difference between him and randy is randy dropped passes on purpose to get out of oakland because al and everyboy else really wanted him here, ron drops passes because he just sucks and no one wants him here. So of course he’s going to say good things about randy, but if he was a real raider he’d feel f*** randy he was a cool when he was here on the team but come sunday all I see is a pattsy and he’s going down. The raiders mystique is gone and it shows in the play and statements of pieces of sh*t like curry, and I can’t wait until the season is over so he can get his non catching a** out of here.

  • Nnamdi I don’t buy that “Al Davis is sitting in the ivory tower so everyone is emasculated” argument. In the 70’s, 80’s late 90’s and the early part of this century Davis was sitting in that exact same ivory tower and players responded. It has to be something different. Those 2000-2002 teams were physical smart teams. The last few years we have weak, disinterested teams.

  • Ron Curry thinks other teams are going to be lined up to sign his ass up after his last two terrible years and his injury plagued career, when they can sign faster, younger, hungrier players for about one tenth as much???? He better put down the cell phone with his agent on speed dial.

  • Unknown

    I agree america is changing!!!

    The highest incarceration rate in the world!!

    The worst economy in the world, darn near!!

    Changing for the worse, I agree!!! shhhh

  • You know, Moss might be responsible for a lot of the poor attitude we have here. Moss came in rejuvenated, quickly soured, and then did nothing til he got his ass shipped to exactly where he wanted. That right there, is a beautiful blueprint for every underachieving or marginal player on the entire roster. Problem with that is there is only one Randy Moss. Almost every other player is going to find out, if he can’t furnish film showing excellent skills and effort, the only place he’s going to get shipped to is the unemployment line.

  • edward teach

    I tihnk JRuss is aware that he’s involved in something much bigger than he is, and way beyond his capability to fix. This is not to denigrate him, it is to point out the sorry state of the Raiders.

    Maybe he just wants to have a little fun. It’s better than being depressed about it all the time.

  • edward teach

    Oakglenn, I like your last point a lot. The players do nothing for themselves and their careers by blowing assignments, quitting on plays, etc.

    I remember Kiffin saying after he first took over that he was going to use that thought as a motivational tool for the team, and I also remember a lot of people thinking that was a really good idea.

    Damn. Was he right about that, too?

  • kat

    Nobody wants to play in Oakland. Nobody.

  • Nnamdi21

    New tackles.


    2 Wide outs

    Different story next year.

    Don’t forget, injuries early killed us. Week 4 (was it? ) pre season against the Cards. Carter and more importantly O’Neal out for the year. Lost another FB Justin Griffith for the year too. Walker with his hammy was a no show and DMC’s toes put a damper on our offense as well.

    Defense, Burgess was a ghost.

    D played well and alot of big plays that cost us games came from back up and reserve guys that wouldn’t have been there if not for dings, poor play by starters (Hall) and injuries.

    Closer to wins than alot of people realize because of the awful and high profile blow outs.

    Jekyll and Hyde Silver and Black indeed…

  • Senile King’s Aricept

    …Kool Kell #91… With all due respect, #2 pick Robert,(looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane), Gallery, has not received as much personal critisism as Chubbustus lately for the following reasons :
    1) Although Gallery could also afford a fur coat and gaudy diamonds the size of bowling balls, he abstains from ,at least, doing so publicly. The fact that Chubbustus continues to do without having proven himself, suggests:
    A) He is immature and insecure.
    B)He is also Out of touch with reality. None of us would question his attire if he had actually won games with his arm when given the chance.
    C)He is also unaware that his behavior is actually putting more pressure on himself.
    2)Coach Cable himself has been quoted as saying that Chubbustus is absent on Tuesday. This clearly does not remind me of Rich Gannon throwing his car keys or rocks at John Gruden’s window at 4:00AM. If Chubbustus was clearly working his ass off on ,let’s say..his machanics …publicly…in his spare time, it would do wonders for his image.
    3) Blowing off the NFL Network, but much more importantly his fellow team mates by…oddly…not being visably present on the sidelines during the second half of our last blowout, clearly undermines the perception that he is acting as a team leader.
    4) His recent statements that openly challenge his receivers to take hits as he does, does nothing to promote team unity. It was confrontational and devisive. Had Chubbustus alternatively said,” I’ve got to do a better job of protecting my receivers by throwing accurately to them. They have the greater risk of sustaining a Darryl Stingly-esque like injury.” It would have shown that he had their back.

    Stop your childish implications that legitimate critisisms are racist. We all want Chubbustus to improve, not regress,and ultimately lead our team out of the toilet bowl…. If I may speak for others, it’s not his tremendous ability or potential I’m concerned about. It’s his attitude…

  • you speak 4 me Senile King Aricept =)

  • RaiderJoe

    Moss was a punk who took Davis’ money and gave zero effort after 2005. We all know that is a fact. We all saw it.Al trying to re-write history with regard to Moss irritates me. My recollection from interviews and columns from 2007 is that Kiffin came in intending that Moss would be part of his offense and would gameplan to keep Moss happy.Lane begins reaching out to players as the incoming HC and is unable to get in contact with Moss.For several days was the rumor. Moss wouldn’t take his calls if memory serves. He finally did and informs Kiffin that he no longer wanted to be a Raider would not play another down for them. The team could have enforced his contract and punished him with fines for every day he wasn’t in camp and for every game he missed.I got the impression that Lane felt that Moss had decided no matter what the organization did, he was never going to play another down in a Raider uniform. So all keeping him would do is create a HUGE distraction that he didn’t need while staring the rebuilding process and he still wouldn’t catch a single pass. He had to go and Kiffin knew it and informed Davis of Moss’ stance recommending they try to get something in trade for him as they wouldn’t get any production on the field out of him. Now Al wants us to believe Moss would be playing for Oakland the way he is in New England. That is a fantasy.If Al had kept him he would have caused so many more problems and still wouldn’t have set foot on the field.Despite his production in NE and who the Raiders drafted, Kiffin and Al did the only thing they could with Moss at the time. He had to go.

  • Also I hate 2 beat a dead horse but…Fukkin Mario REALLY NEEDS 2 STEP UP.If he did it would help us 2 ways:We would have our LT 4 years 2 come AND we could draft Mauagula or another mean,nasty,bust you in the mouth all day and like it MLB!!!Come on Mario.Either way after we take Maualuga we need 2 draft nothing but linemen on both sides of the ball,imo =)

  • Maualuga sorry


  • Holyroller

    Jamarcus has major maturity issues.

    I was reading about how Flacco takes all his linemen to steakhouses everyweek now.
    He foots the majority of the bill( which I presume is hefty),EVERYTIME.
    He also said he doesnt like reading novels because he prefers his playbook.

    Thats what I want from my QB, leadership and smarts.
    Not a Zillion dollar arm and 10 cent brain.

  • Roch Romanson

    Nice post Nnamdi21, I agree the loss of O’Neal and Griffith are bigger than most people realize, especially to the type of game the Raiders need to play to win. And I repeat this team is a smash mouth Running team, that will open up the offense off of play action.

    And I am tired of hearing about the sour grapes about the Moss trade, fact is no one has ever spoken about Jerry Porter at the end of last season celebrating the last game like it was the SuperBowl claiming “I’m Free!!” fact is like Randy and like Porter the cancer that is the Raider organization infected them and they quit.

    Not unlike the team that played against Atlanta, and more recently San Diego.

    Now I agree that this team has potential, but as the main point of Senile King’s post, Russell needs to mature and be a leader, and that starts with getting in shape. But I will cut him some slack, as I am hoping he’s more like Roeslinberger and him blaming his playoff loss on his pinky toe, than like Ryan Leaf. Although big Ben did win a crap load of games in his first season, I hope Russell can find his grove and become the leader that this team desperately needs.

    Fact is there is no support behind this team. As is eveident in the on going drama that is Alameda, which means the players are in control of what they do on the field.

    We desperately need a leader to step up, and it has to be a player, there is no one else. And we all hope its Russell. What he does this off season, and how in shape he is when he shows up at training camp next year will tell the tale.

  • hwnrdr

    Nnamdi, post 170. Agreed with that post. I would have loved to see what Carter would have done, especially with oneal blocking for JRuss. Had Walker get over everything that happened in his life (which I know is hard to have a friend and fellow teammate die in his arms) and move on to just football, maybe our season would have been better. However, would Kiff still be around, or would he have bolted for Oregon, Tennessee, etc? With Kif possibly there for this whole season, would we have seen Russell throw down field more, or would he be just handing off like Kiff liked to do? The last 6 years have been about “what if’s” and “next year”…I hope “nest year” will be a better year. Carter said he wants to resign. If he can stay healthy, based on highlights in Carolina, we may only need one wr in the offseason. What do you all think?

  • hwnrdr

    Raider Joe, 174: Right on. My thoughts exactly. That is why I no longer respect Moss. He is a terrific receiver who always needs to be accounted for, but a punk arse for quitting on us (the Shell II era, well…). He had also said that he hasn’t felt like playing because he was unhappy. Wow…if I told my boss that, I would be gone in a heartbeat!!! But, this is today’s NFL, and it is what it is. Just hoping that our secondary gives him hell on Sunday and expose his punk arse to Bellicheat of what he really is…

  • so thats what you get.I dont like it anymore than you.

  • hwnrdr

    Hey Holyroller,
    With the ridiculous salary that Russell is getting, he could take all of us fans out for steak and cough up the whole bill…You are right, though. He needs to step up and become a leader…

  • hwnrdr;I agree,we need a Proven Veteran receiver.I also would like 2 give Carter another chance 4 sure.Also the loss of OO cant be measured because his loss WAS immeasurable,imo I also think we have a stable of young talent at WR.My personal choice would be 2 have Carter,JLH,Chaz,Sheilds and Watkins rotating all game.Man the opposing DBs would be cooked by the 3rd

  • RaiderRockstar

    who cares about Randy Moss? Nnamdi Asomugha is going to shut him down, just like he did Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Bowe & Chris Chambers the last 3 weeks. Wes Welker might have a good day though 🙁

  • Hwnrdr,I apologize 4 spelling you’re moniker wrong,wont happen again =)

  • RaiderRockstar

    the funny thing with Jerry “cry baby” Porter is this … He’s having his worst season, besides the one Shell had him riding pine (2006). He went from a 3 win team to a 4 win team and both are looking at a Head Coaching change. way to go Jerry!

    the grass is much greener on the other side, isn’t it? just like Charlie Garner & Tim Brown going to the Bucs … and Schweigert on the Redskins & Lions.

  • hwnrdr

    …My personal choice would be 2 have Carter,JLH,Chaz,Sheilds and Watkins rotating all game.Man the opposing DBs would be cooked by the 3rd

    I’m, I mean we all are hoping. We do have talented wr’s, just need a coach to maximize their potential. That would be great, though 4eva…

  • RaiderRockstar

    FREMONT — The landowner of the site targeted for the Oakland A’s ballpark village opposed the proposal Tuesday night, dealing a serious blow to the team’s efforts to build a stadium adjacent to the Pacific Commons Shopping Center.

    Catellus Development Corp., which also owns the shopping center, has determined that the stadium would cause major traffic and parking problems for the shopping center, said Aidan Berry, the company’s vice president.

  • hwnrdr

    Hey 4evaRaider,
    Don’t worry about it…i won’t get mad over a cap error. Thanks for thinking about it, though.

  • hwnrdr

    Isn’t that stupid? Wouldn’t that generate more revenue for the shopping center? Wow…

  • RaiderRockstar

    We do have talented wr’s, just need a coach to maximize their potential.


    I don’t think the problem here is James Lofton. It’s JaMarcus Russell. He’ll be better with the help of a running game and some pass protection. We won’t have either until we fix the o-line. We need 2 tackles if we stick with the zbs. We need an entire o-line if we scrap the zbs. The Vikings have crap at QB, but are winning their division, because they dominate both lines of scrimmage. Same with the Titans.

  • Gonzales had a great game against Nnamdi,only because he is stronger.Strength really helps on the out routes,so Tony had the advantage on the sidelines and thats where he got most of his 127???yards.Moss is speed and finesse,I think Nnamdi can take em

  • =)

  • RaiderRockstar

    Isn’t that stupid? Wouldn’t that generate more revenue for the shopping center? Wow…


    exactly. these people are idiots. they don’t like baseball. must not be Americans!

  • RaiderRockstar

    Cutler, Marshall, Royal, Stokley, Scheffler & Graham.


    Cassel, Moss, Welker, Gaffney, Watson & Faulk.

    neither team has a running game. only difference is the Patriots have a better defense. We beat the donks, hopefully we can find a way to beat the pats.

  • If an entity wanted 2 build a Baseball stadium on my property,especially 4 our As,and parking was was a sticking point,I would : A. build a parking garage,or B. offer top dollar 4 more surrounding land.I mean MLB is a profitable entity and people need 2 look at the big PICTURE

  • Randy will destroy the Raiders…

    UFCK ME!!!!

  • hey Norco Bob;if you are still thinking on moving 2 Daytona,let me tell you this:Florida is a great place 2 visit.But believe me its no Cali.$ instance people here cant just take their dog down 2 the river with a 40 and a joint.People here are little tattle tails and narks,doing ANYTHING 2 save their own ass.People here can call the police and lie 2 them anonymously repeatedly,and the cops will come every time.!st time offence 4 cultivating is 3 years in STATE PRISON,1st offence.The state gets $198 per-inmate,per-day from the Federal Gov.Thats why they release you at 12:01 AM.Its ALL about getting money from the feds,so the police state of Florida W-A-N-T-S 2 incarcerate you,even falsely,for a day or 2 anyway.I moved here 17 years ago,and I think finally next year I can leave this sh:t hole.Just thought you should know,from 1 NATION BROTHER 2 ANOTHER =)

  • RaiderRockstar

    it’s past 8am in California. where is everyone?

  • Larry Brown, MVP

    Randy Moss, whatever. The guy´s a quiter. I don’t watch many Patriots games, but I know Moss aint no Hines Ward, he’s got no fight. I was really happy when he left. He might be the most dangerous weapon in the NFL when playing with Brady, but here in Oak he looked like Javon Walker, Jerry Porter, Roland Curry, etc. No fight, no effort, no interest, etc.

  • RaiderRockstar

    There’s still some time to cast your Pro Bowl votes. The Raiders have two players that should be in the game:

    CB Nnamdi Asomugha & P Shane Lechler