Goodell on the Raiders


How NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell responded to media questions regarding the Raiders and the state of Bay Area football:

Q: Why did you come to Oakland?

Goodell: I try to get around to every stadium every couple of years. I haven’t been out here yet so . . . this is a game that we had picked a couple of months ago. I’m glad I’m here.

Q: Your impressions of this stadium facility, one of the oldest in the NFL?

Goodell: It is. And it’s something that we’ve been meeting with a lot of people today about how to address that from a long-term standpoint. It’s clear, and I think everyone accepts it, that something has to get done here with a new stadium at some point. And I’ve had a chance to talk to some of the leadership here about how we can help in that process. There are a lot of passionate fans here, as you know, from talking to fans here.

Q: Both the Raiders and 49ers need stadiums _ any chance they could agree on a common stadium?

Goodell: That’s complicated by a lot of factors. The teams here have to come together. The communities have to come together and say, ‘This is the best way to get something done.’ I don’t know if that’s the best solution here or not. But that is something that I think needs dialogue and everyone is going to have to evaluate that as one alternative to the long-term solution for both teams.

Q: What is the challenge now in getting the G3 stadium fund replenished in light of the credit crunch and is it more difficult to gain financing?

Goodell: A couple of things. First, the G3 fund expired just over a year ago, so that funding is not available right now. Clearly, in this economic environment it makes building anything more challenging. And we obviously, as you know, have issues on the labor side in which we’re trying to look at our labor costs, and the increased risks in building stadiums like this. We’re probably building a stadium in New York that’s going to be about $1.8 billion.”

Q: Other sports have said the economy is having an impact. Is it having an impact on the NFL?

Goodell: Unfortunately earlier this week we advised our people that we’re laying off 150 people. So yeah, we’re seeing it on a variety of levels. We’re seeing it on our sponsors, our partners, our broadcast partners. Clearly our fans are being faced with either less disposable income. There are a lot of challenges.

Q: The Raiders have not been competitive for six years now. Does it fall within your realm as commissioner as something to address?

Goodell: Not individually, no. Competitiveness . . . I think we’ve got a very competitive league. The Dolphins showed how fast you can turn a franchise around. The Atlanta Falcons have showed how fast you can turn a franchise around. This franchise has been competitive for decades. I’m sure Mr. Davis and the Raiders are going to turn that around.

Q: Is there ever a situation where you could see yourself stepping in in that regard as far as (ensuring) competitiveness?

Goodell: I’ve got enough things to do. No. (Laughter). I work for 32 teams. I can’t work for one. And I’m not sure I’d be much help, by the way.

Q: How important is it for the Raiders to remain here in Oakland, with their lease coming up in a couple of years?

Goodell: I think it’s important for all of our teams to stay in their communities. This is something we’ve focused on an awful lot over the last 10 or 15 years, in trying to make sure we create an environment where the team can be successful, the community can be successful and together they can create a partnership that’s going to do great things for the fans and the community.

Q: Did you meet with Al Davis today?

Goodell: I did.

Q: How would you characterize the relationship of the NFL office with the Raiders?

Goodell: It’s better than it has been in many, many years. We’re working together on issues. We’re trying to do things that will benefit the NFL and the Raiders together in the communities that we both represent.

Q: What about the Los Angeles market, have you thought about it much?

Goodell: Yes (laughter). Well, listen the reality is, the NFL is going to do great without Los Angeles, and Los Angeles is going to do great without the NFL. My thought has always been, together we can do better. We’re having good dialogue with the people there trying to create an opportunity that is good for the community and is good for the NFL. It would be great to be back there. We know we have millions of fans in that market and we would love to be back there. But it has to be back in a way that is good for the community and the NFL.

Q: Can you share with us any of your meeting with Al Davis?

Goodell: No. Nothing that is significant. We talked about a variety of different issues. I don’t mean it was that secretive.

Q: So, you can’t divulge any details?

Goodell: No, we had a good dialogue about a variety of things that are happening in the league. And that’s part of what I do when I go to markets is want to hear from owners, I want to hear from club people, I want to hear from fans, I want to hear from the media.

Q: How important is Davis to the way the league works?

Goodell: He is very valuable to us because he has been through this. He has seen it from a variety of different perspectives, as a coach, as a commissioner, as an owner. He has a very good sense of the game of football and what’s necessary to make sure the game stays competitive. So, he can help us.

Q: Will the 49ers receive any of the (stadium) money?

Goodell: That’s what we have to address as a league and certainly with our players association. The program was very successful. It got a lot of stadiums built. But it has to be done in a way that makes sense for the collective 32 teams, and that’s what we’re going back and evaluating.

Q: Are you concerned that the 49ers or Raiders might bolt for the L.A. market?

Goodell: No, we’re worried about the California market, in general. If you look at where our stadium situation (stands), San Diego is trying to address a stadium situation, San Francisco, the Oakland Raiders. So, collectively we have to try to address these matters on a statewide level as well in our local communities.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Chris in NY

    Oh, and Gilbride “developed” Ryan Leaf.

  • jhill

    I don’t mind gilbride as an oc/qb coach, but I don’t know abot hc.

    I’m going to stick with my Cowher dreams. we need an established NFL hardnosed disciplinarian, with the gilbrides and lebeaus as coordinators. establishedguys with NFL success instead of the next up and coming.

    no more on the job training with the coaches for cryin out loud!

  • RaiderRockstar

    I was hoping we could avois being in the TOP 5 for a draft pick, but I’m not so sure anymore.

    1. Lions (0-16 baby)
    2. Rams (2 wins)
    3. Chiefs (2 wins)
    4. Bengals (2 wins, 1 tie)
    5. Seahawks (3 wins)
    6. Raiders (3 wins)

    Rams play the 49ers this week, so if the Rams win, they might fall below us. Also not sure where we’d be placed if the Rams & Seahawks both finished with 3 wins. Donks & Cards each have 8 wins. If the 49ers win, they’d have the same record as the dolts. Dolts won’t beat the Bucs or Donks, will they? strength of schudule is interesting …similar. Also, the Chiefs play the Bengals in Week 17. Bengals would drop below us with a win. Chiefs? not sure …

  • RaiderRockstar

    what if the Raiders pick in the TOP 5, both OT Andre Smith and WR Michael Crabtree are gone and nobody wants to trade up? then what?

  • Hey MoRon, go find where I said that. What a turd.

  • jhill

    mlb usc …

  • Hey MoRon, while your at it, why don’t you post as me as usual and lick my asshole.

  • Chris in NY

    I could definitely see that scenario happening. I guess we go best 0-lineman available there. Probably Oher from Mississippi. I’ve seen there’s a LT from Virginia who is also highly touted.
    Maualuga is a great player and it’s hard to argue with that pick. Yesterday’s game notwithstanding, I just think the offense needs a lot more help than the defense right now.

  • How many people are posting as now MoRon? what a lying sack of shi*.

  • vegas raider

    #189: He jumped offsides after we called a Timeout on Defense to set up our 3rd down defense. Is that even possible with any other team in the NFL, that they would call a timeout on Defense to setup the D and they come out and jump offsides? Unbelievable

  • outsider

    Coach, if you want to know when to give the ball to McFadden, here’s a hint. Everytime Houston gives Slaton a carry, give one to DMac. Slaton has 230 carries and 40 catches to 100 carries and 22 catches yet their yards per touch are about the same. I really like Slaton but nobody had him near as good as DMac coming out of school. There’s no use owning a horse if you don’t ride it.

  • We Suck!

    It doesn’t matter guys, we already know whats going to happen. Al is going to bring in another washed up coach, all of our good players are going to want to leave and we are going to have another losing campaign again next year with a bunch of players who don’t really want to play.

    It is just sad to me that there is already names floating around that we know aren’t going to help us in any way what so ever. No one good will want to come here.

    By the way, any team that has that many points put up on them in the first qtr. shouldn’t even be able to call themselves an NFL team.

  • RaiderRockstar

    I could definitely see that scenario happening. I guess we go best 0-lineman available there. Probably Oher from Mississippi. I’ve seen there’s a LT from Virginia who is also highly touted.


    I agree. which positions would be best to fill in the draft and which would be best to fill in free agency? we need a ton of help and I don’t think one draft can solve the many areas of need. Backup QB would obviously be a free agent. Then you got WR, LT, RT, C (unless we resign Grove), RG (unless we resign Carlisle), DE, DT, LB and P (can only franchise one player). I’d like to resign Carlisle if we keep the ZBS and I think we should make an offer to Lechler to be the highest paid punter in the league. He deserves it and we really got our use out of him the past 6 years!

  • outsider

    It’s official, Monte is joining Lane at Tenn. I don’t know if the cover 2 will work in college but it’s a shame he couldn’t have brought him to Oakland. (Plus it would have driven Chucky crazy)


  • Al’s Al

    The NFL’s version of the kiss of death? Drafted by Al in the first round. Your future is sealed baby!

  • darkknight01


    the difference with young qb’s being successful is plain and simply COACHING…don’t you get it?

    Flacco and Ryan are not great by any means either, but they have received GOOD solid coaching the whole year!

    With Jamarcus, he has done through THREE different coaches calling plays for him….now THAT is silly and ridiculous.

    You should know better than to judge a rookie QB in his first year of pro ball. If anything all the signs point to Russell getting better…he has all the tools….he just needs a better HC and who knows how to develop a QB into a game manager and knows how to teach a young QB what it takes to win in the NFL.

    Jim Harbaugh is that type of coach IMO.

  • jhill

    I agree the offense would appear to need more help, but the reality is the help on the sideline or being misused as a WR. I like the idea of going after houszmenzadah(sp).

    the front 7 of our D has to be addressed. it just has to. we have to concentrate on building a solid smashmouth defense.

    then we could just run mcfadden and bush 40 times a game and run playaction to miller, houz, or higgins. mix in a few screens and we should be in business.

    it all starts with the d

  • darkknight01

    Kevin Gilbride has already proven to be a terrible HC.

  • Hubbard Run Me Throw

    With the fourth pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, The Oakland Raiders pick: Some dude who was really good in college who’s potential will not be fully realized until he is traded away from this joke of a franchise in about three to four years.

  • SacRaider

    nfldraftcountdown has the top part of the draft looking like this..


    they explain this about our pick:

    “The Raiders are a terrible team with a ton of needs yet one glaring weakness somehow manages to stand head and shoulders above the rest. That really says something about how bad Oakland’s offensive tackles are. That is why even though they have plenty of holes to address the Raiders are almost forced to take a blocker with this selection. To say Kwame Harris has been a free agent disappointment would be an understatement and how Cornell Green has managed to hold onto a starting job for two years defies explanation. The Raiders already have two high draft picks and a ridiculous amount of money invested in JaMarcus Russell and Darren McFadden so it only makes sense to bring in someone to block for them. Eugene Monroe is the consensus top senior offensive tackle in what is considered to be a very strong class and he will try to follow in the footsteps of former Cavaliers D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Branden Albert. Plugging Monroe in at left tackle and moving Harris to the right side would give the Raiders line a major boost and at least give their offense a fighting chance. The other main consideration here will most likely be a wide receiver and Michael Crabtree could tempt Al Davis but he needs to suppress the urge to make a splash and do the right thing. There is no question that Russell, McFadden and Crabtree would form one of the most exciting sets of triplets in the league but all that talent would be essentially rendered useless with an offensive line like they have now.”

  • Andy Farmer

    Kevin Gilbride would seem to fit Al’s theory of hiring retreads with bad records if he can’t find someone 32 years old.

  • darkknight01

    The most important move of the offseason will be the retirement of Al Davis and the hiring of a TRUE GM/Personnel director and new coach that will be kept around for at least 4 years.

    The next investments will be to do whatever it takes to help Jamarcus in his development. A new coach who knows what it takes to develop a young QB and run an offense and get a solid new LT to protect Russell.

  • darkknight01

    Eugene Monroe would probably be a better pick then Oher actually….

  • vegas raider

    Gilbride may have been a crappy coach once before, but Belichick was 36-44 through 5 crappy years in Cleveland, was hated and ran out of Cleveland. He ended up landing on his feet pretty well.

  • RaiderRockstar

    here’s my take:

    WR: free agency – bring back Drew Carter and go for TJ Houshmandzedah. Would like to part ways with Walker, but I doubt Davis will do it leaving us to cut Curry & Lelie (no problem)

    C: free agency – leader of the o-line needs experience for both the line & Russell’s sake. Can’t try to learn on the job like Grove did.

    RG, RT: free agency – McQuistan & Henderson might be able to fill these positions, in case they can’t somebody better than Seth Wand or James Marten would do.

    LT: franchise LT’s are hard to come by. I think you need to draft one high in round 1.

    DE: Scott & Richardson are the future. Edwards is here as the situational pass rusher, but we need leadership here. A veteran who isn’t oft injured like Burgess might help.

    DT: Kelly, Sands, Warren & Joseph all have talent, but have fallen under the Rob Ryan “can’t stuff the run” curse. I think these guys have what it takes, but until proven otherwise, this is a MAJOR position of need. Sands & Joseph wouldn’t be hard to replace. I’d take a DT in round 2 or 3.

    LB: Either move Kirk Morrison to OLB or sign a stellar OLB, because the LB corps isn’t complete. I’m not convinced Morrison is big & strong enough to stay at MLB, but he’s a good player at any LB spot. round 1 seems way too high for a MLB imo, especially with the needs on both lines …

    CB: franchise Nnamdi and trade him if he refuses a fair long term deal. What happened to Asante Samuel, Marcus Trufant, Terence Newman, Antoine Winfield & Nate Clements after they got paid? notice I didn’t even mention DeAngelo Hall?

  • S&B – Nation Collective

    The Raiders HAVE to draft a left tackle with their top 5 pick. Don’t fall into the trap of signing a wide receiver or middle linebacker. The glaring need is left tackle. Plain and simple. Other thoughts:

    1. DMAC not playing until the 2nd QTR is inexplicable and unforgiveable. People here are saying Russell’s numbers were inflated because of screens to DMAC…WELL THAT’S WHAT A PLAYMAKER IS SUPPOSED TO DO…MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR HIS QB! If DMAC played full time as the starter, Russell’s numbers go up, our receivers numbers go up, and the offense scores points

    Cable deserves to be fired on the spot for his mishandling of DMAC. FIRED!

    Geez, a 4th overall pick being used like he was an undrafted free agent from South Dakota State!

  • Dakota

    Watch it S&B!

  • darkknight01

    If Gilbride was hired….then he needs to hire Waufle as the new D-Coordinator….and lets hope Al gives them at least 4 years, to right the ship.

    A bookend LT is needed BADLY and then they can let Henderson, McQ or Harris compete at RT. I have had enough of Kwame though.

  • Chris in NY

    Tackle is a huge need but WR ain’t far behind.
    Who would you rather have, Andre Johnson (Texans) or Joe Thomas (Browns). Both are Pro Bowl players who were drafted Top-5 in recent years. You could argue for either, but to me Johnson is a real difference maker. I respect o-line play as much as anyone but I think an exceptional playmaking WR is harder to find.
    That’s why I’m back to thinking the Raiders should take Crabtree if he’s there and solidify the o-line through other means.

    Look at the top-5 receiving yards leaders in the NFL right now. Four are 1st-round picks (Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson. Steve Smith is the other one. He was taken early 3rd round).

  • darkknight01

    Fassel would be a better HC overall than Gilbride….

  • Chris in NY

    Gilbride would be a deflating hire. The coaching hire equivalent to when the free agent signing of Larry Brown after he was Super Bowl MVP.

    At least Belichick had one good year in Cleveland and his defenses were consistently among the best in the league when he was a coordinator. I don’t think either could be said of Gilbride.

    I’m still pushing Jim Fassel as the perfect fit for this job aside from unrealistic candidates like Bill Cowher.

  • Lt or MLB or DT or De; maybe we pick-up a WR in F/A,no way do we draft a WR this year

  • darkknight01

    Chris in NY,

    What do you think about Harbuagh or Del Rio?

  • darkknight01

    I agree…as much as I like Crabtree…we don’t really need to draft a WR that high when a solid LT is needed and a vet run stuffing MLB is needed along with another DT and DE. A stronger Center is needed as well.

  • Chris in NY

    I don’t know much about Harbaugh. He was a tough, good QB and supposedly Al likes him as a coach. I haven’t really followed his coaching career and I don’t think I’ve ever sat and watched Stanford play in recent years. I know the Cardinal is not great but some jobs are tougher than others. I guess I just don’t know.

    I’m not all that excited about Del Rio. Two playoff appearances in 6 years and currently mired in a disappointing 5-9 season. He strikes me as the kind of coach who gets really frustrated when things don’t go well and points the finger solely at the players, which I never liked much and I’m sure most players don’t respect that either. If you’re Parcells or somebody like that it’s one thing, but I don’t think Del Rio has the stature to do that. We could do worse, but I don’t think he’s necessarily a good fit.

  • Dan

    The good news is our OT situation can’t get much worse (if any) our OTs lead the league in false starts and sacks allowed. The kids from Virginia and Miss are what we need next. Then the best oline avail in round 2.

    Add that to a new coaching staff/GM and we’re off to the races (7-9)!

  • darkknight01


  • darkknight01

    Here is my updated Raider draft board. This is what I think it should like based on what is the most important need positions.

    1. Davis- LT
    2. Oher- LT
    3. Crabtree- WR
    4. Monroe- LT
    5. Orakpo- DE
    6. Johnson- DE

  • darkknight01

    They can get a Cente, WR, or DT/DE in round 2 and 3 if necessary if they go with an OT in round 1…which they should do.

  • darkknight01

    Harbaugh has shown he can get the most out of the talent that he has in the college level. Plus he knows the NFL game and what it takes to win. He is Captain Comeback….and he has that Gruden/Gannon instensity that this team needs. His brother has done well in B-More as well….and he should be able to teach Russell what it takes to be a successful NFL QB.

  • toneeg2360

    The only way Godell could help the Raiders was to push Al out of the skybox.

  • LBRaider

    I hear you guys bagging on JR and I couldnt agree more. I live in Long Beach and I try to get my family up to Oakland for a couple of Raider games a year. Now, with Russell quarterbacking, the Raiders wont see a dime of my money. Jamarcus Russell is HORRID!! and painful to watch. Russell has no clue of how to “manage” an NFL game. He plays with no fire, no direction and looks completely lost on the field. He has no clue on how to look for checkdown receivers. He has no clue on how to run a no-huddle, he has no clue on how to change a play at the line, he has no clue on how to read a defense and anticipate a blitz, which requires getting rid of the ball extremely quick. He has horrible footwork. He has horrible touch on his passes. In short, Jamarcus Russell is a “DISASTER” . He has a huge contract with no desire of getting better. Instead of being in Alameda working out all day with his receivers, this guy seems to only be concerned with cruising around in his Escalade with 30 inch rims and hanging out at Warrior games like he is some celebrity. Raider fans didnt deserve this clown.. Oh, and did I mention that Russell loves to fumble inside the 10 in almost every game.. Like I said, this guy is painful to watch.