Cable’s father passes away


Tom Cable has more on his mind than the expiration of his contract and his chances at becoming the head coach of the Raiders.

Last Thursday, the day after a four-hour interview with Al Davis to discuss the job, Cable’s father, Thomas Lee Cable Sr., died in Everett, Washington.

Tom Sr. was 68 years old and had been in failing health.

Had a chance to talk with Tom Sr. on Sept. 30, a couple of hours before the press conference that announced the firing of Lane Kiffin and Cable’s ascension to interim head coach.

While he never let on that he knew his son was getting the job, Tom Sr. said with pride that Tom Jr. was no stranger to hard work, having grown up on a farm, and that it was apparent from an early age that he had an affinity for coaching.

Tom Sr. is survived by his wife Shirley, son Tom Jr., daughter Tammy, three grandchildren and three brothers.

A memorial service will be held Wednesday in Washington.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • post 143 Dakota that was harsh;I’m sure Big AL and Coach Cable have the understanding that the world still goes on 1 individual is not greater than sum of the team.The show must go on and things 2 that affect

  • no more infield

    Master Bates would make a fine coach

  • raiderdre

    From PFT

    Posted by Mike Florio on January 13, 2009, 5:05 p.m.

    Well, it’s a safe bet that Broncos quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates is no longer in Denver’s plans, given that the team has given the despised (by the Broncos) Raiders permission to interview Bates for a position on the Oakland coaching staff.

    By rule, teams can block assistant coaches from taking any position with a new team other than head coach.

    Bates, 32, called the offensive plays for the Broncos in 2008.

    But since new head coach Josh McDaniels will call the plays moving forward, Bates’ ongoing presence might be awkward.

    Then again, Bates’ departure could be awkward, too, given that quarterback Jay Cutler has made it known that he wants Bates to stay.

  • raiderdre

    Sorry didn’t see earlier. What is going on?

  • I don’t know what to make of Jeremey Bates. Sounds like Davis hiring Cables staff still.

  • no more infield

    Just heard on the news that the Broncos found a strange white powder substance on their practise field. Haz mat was called in and an investigation revealed that it was actually the goal line…

  • SacRaider

    Hire bates as OC and let him call plays. I thought he did great at Denver and could be just what Russell needs. Cutler had a breakout year because of Bates. Now if we can score a receiver like Royal in the 2nd rd.

  • Did anybody notice how seamlessly the Coaching transition in Indy went? Denver too!

    The Drama Queen is not done yet.

  • raiderdre

    I think we already have an Eddie Royal JLH! Just give him time just like all the other young players.

  • RaiderDogg

    RIP Tom Cable Sr.

    Crabtree is a top 5 pick, The Raiders would have to move up to get him.

  • RaiderDogg

    lmao at post #162, an oldie but a goodie.

    Good stuff No More Infield

  • SacRaider

    raiderdre Says:
    January 13th, 2009 at 2:32 pm
    I think we already have an Eddie Royal JLH! Just give him time just like all the other young players.

    JLH is a good slot receiver.. match him up on nickle backs. need another legit receiver.

  • In this case, the Raiders also are partially in the wrong. They owe Shanahan $157,625, and never have paid the debt. But the other side of the coin here is that Shanahan also owes the team $125,000.

    Cmon, this is false. In Shanny’s contract it said he couldn’t coach in an AFC West team for 5 yrs & he did! Shanny took it to the NFL & they sided with Al. Shanny went to his first superbowl & cried about it to the press & al sent him a letter to shut up or he would get sued. Shanny hasn’t brought it up since.

  • raiderdre

    Agreed. I think he can do well in the slot but would like to have a number 1 to match with Chaz. I don’t know if Chaz or JLH is a number 1. I would think our number 1 would have a decent size speed ratio.

  • Raidermick

    Tom, My deepest Sympathy and condoloences from Raidermick

  • Voldemort

    Condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to the Cable family.


    Tom Cable’s dad raised a son who’s a Raider fan. Must have been a very wise dad. And a very proud dad.

    Right now, Tom’s not thinking too much about football.

    God bless you and your family Tom. The thoughts the Raider nation are with you.

  • I guess it’s safe to say there will be no hiring of a GM anytime soon. Oh well, I at least hope Cable is given some breathing room to do the necessary things (assuming he gets the job) to get the team going in the right path. Although it’s a dice roll with Al. Hell,,we cant even assume Al’s gonna keep Cable as HC regardless of his unfortunate circumstance. We’ll see.

  • Voldemort

    Higgins is a BEAST at WR and at kick/punt return. Everybody hated him this time last year lol, just think how much better DMAC will be in year 2!

  • Dakota

    Looks like he is young (32) and desperate (New Regime in Denver)! Ripe for Al to scoop him up.
    The future of quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates is up in the air, as well. Bates gained the respect and trust of Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler over the past three years, with Bates handling the play-calling duties this past season. If Bates stays with the Broncos, however, his duties will change.

    McDaniels made it clear Monday he will be calling the plays in Denver, just as he did in New England.

  • Voldemort

    I have a feeling that Al is going to put Javon Walker on the field as our NO.1 reciever again, he is too expensive to just release. We will have Walker in single coverage a lot though, so maybe he can find it in him to get open once in a while. Oponents will keep a couple of people on JLH and Chaz if they pick up where they left off next year. Anyone think our schedule is a bit rough next year besides me? But, on the other hand, we had what s supposed to be one of the easier schedules this year, which turned out to be pretty tough after all, so maybe t will go the other way this time? We’ll see.

  • New Post.

  • Voldemort

    I really don’t like the fact that the Broncos hired the man behind the Patriots offense the last 2 years. The last 2 RECORD BREAKING years. We could be in trouble nation. As much as I hate the donks, I have to admit, McDaniels inherited a pretty potent offense, and as he proved in NE, he knows how to use a potent offense. We should go after one of the patriot’s defensive assistats for DC to try to counter (and hopefully know a little bit about) what McDaniels will try to bring to the table offensively. I think that would be a brilliant move by Cable, (or whoever the head coach is)if it is even up to Cable to get to choose his own staff, which is admitedly doubtful.

  • Nick

    Coach Cable,

    My sincere condolences for your loss. I’m sure I speak for the Raider Nation in wishing you the best wishes and thoughts during this hard time.

    Sec. 227

  • RIP Cable Sr.


    My thoughts and prayers are with the Cable family, RIP Tom Sr.

  • Keep Cable

    God Bless Tom

  • first of all my deepest condolences to the cable family. lofton out means washington means the next hc will be an offensive mind and will bring in his own staff.

  • Raidermvp

    Cable Sr. RIP!

  • My condolences to the cable family… RIP Tom SR..

  • Condolences to you and yours TC

  • Raider Ran

    Condolences to the Cable family. Very sad to hear about this Coach Cable.

  • Raider guy

    My condolences on your fathers passing.

  • SR Raider

    Enjoy your time in heaven, Mr. Cable. You’ve raised a good son.

  • John Marra

    My condolences to Coach Tom Cable and family. Whether he remains as head coach or not, he better stay on if Mr. Davis has any sense left. The man tells it like it is, no B.S. I trust Tom Cable. The Raiders didn’t quit on Cable!

  • I never leave

  • im so sorry for cable i hope he ok

  • My heart goes out the the Cable family.

  • JediRaider

    Condolences to the Cables…I’m glad he got to see his son win the last two as head coach of the Raiders – I’m sure he was very very proud and if Coach Cable stays on as Head Coach, I’m sure his Dad will be smiling down on him.

  • NCRaiderFan

    This is great news for JOHN MCCain!!


    Condolences to the Cable family.

  • Dale Embree Family

    Condolances to the family, please take comfort that you and your family are in our prayers. Best wishes for the upcoming year and season.

  • the garman family

    our condolances from the raiders fans in Pa.
    bring CBLE in as head coach.Gooooooo RRAAIIIDDERS