Raiders losing the 100-yard war


As you watch Baltimore and Pittsburgh struggle to gain inches on the ground in today’s AFC championship game, keep in mind the Raiders, their search for a defensive coordinator to replace Rob Ryan, and the importance of a coach, philosophy and the right players to stop the run.

The Ravens haven’t allowed an individual runner to gain 100 yards in 38 regular and post-season games, dating back to a 23-carry, 120-yard effort by Kansas City’s Larry Johnson on Dec. 10, 2006.

During that span, the Raiders have given up more than 100 yards to a running back 19 times.

Working in reverse order:

Player, team, tcb-yds

Sammy Morris, NE, 14-117
Ronnie Brown, Mia, 16-101
DeAngelo Williams, Car, 19-140
Michael Turner, Atl, 30-139
Thomas Jones, NYJ, 24-159
LaDainian Tomlinson, SD 20-106
Fred Taylor, Jac, 7-111
Ryan Grant, GB, 29-156
Kolby Smith, KC 31-150
Chester Taylor, Min, 22-164
Ron Dayne, Hou, 21-122
LenDale White, Ten, 25-133
Larry Johnson, KC, 24-112
LaDainian Tomlinson, SD, 24-198
Ronnie Brown, Mia, 15-134
Travis Henry, Den, 26-128
Larry Johnson, KC, 31-135
Stephen Jackson, STL, 31-127
Rudi Johnson, Cin, 30-117

The Raiders’ record in those games is 2-17.

Pittsburgh hasn’t given up 100 yards to a running back since Jacksonville’s Taylor gained 147 yards on 25 carries on Dec. 16 of last season.

As much as Al Davis is identified with hiring offensive minds to be his head coach, with a preference for play-callers, if possible, you wonder if he’d ever consider going wtih a defensive head coach to stem the tide of 100-yard runners and the defeats that follow.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • AndrewsMom

    If Missouri is that taint who is the purple berry?

  • Dakota

    Western Kentucky or Idaho….hmmm, can we hire another USC ball boy instead Al?

  • Nnamdi21

    444. BWAH-HA ha ha!!!

  • Brien(Gruden Lovers are punks)

    Be cool yall…………just know the real Brien left and any afterwards unless I give the word is a fake

  • Nnamdi21

    Ravens D is going to knock Rothelisberger out of the game for keeps this time…

    Steelers can’t rely on making those close plays all night.

  • KB

    That would be Arkansas, not to be confused with the real Kansas.

  • Dakota

    This game is over Nnamdi21. Cards only hope for the SB is that the Ravens injure a bunch of Steelers during the loss.

  • KB

    I can’t help but to talk sheet on MO. because they put the MO in Homo.

  • frozen

    Nnamdi21 Says:
    January 18th, 2009 at 5:03 pm
    Blackholepriest Says:
    January 18th, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    I like what Millards done with our pass rushing DE’s.

    Trevor Scott looks productive, Clemmons played well for us and even Kalimba Edwards made some plays early on.


    What about what he’s done with our DT’s though?

    D-Line is supposed to stop the run. I think Millard sucks, personally.

  • Dakota

    Frozen, nice to see you.

  • Beeeecham

    ESPN reporting Martindale could be named head coach.

    Dakota put down that twinkie and pay attention.

  • Dakota

    Beeeeech, see post #365….I can eat twinkies and still scoop Jerry Mac.

  • Dakota

    Can’t get Hostess Twinkies around here…only Mrs. Freshley knock offs.

  • Dakota

    Lol, what a bad call!

  • Dakota

    NICE HIT!!!!

    Where did everyone go???

  • Dakota


  • lefty12

    i makes me sick the way the stealers always get the calls.holding on Holmes punt return and a terrible call on the punt.

  • Dakota

    Wow, Pitt fukin blew that.

  • Ragin

    Wasn’t someone whining about giving fabien washington to the ravens? he is getting punked like MR……

  • lefty12

    earlier Priest said Martindale always looks like he is in a bad mood.well, if you thought you knew what you were doing(not saying he doesn’t ) and you had to watch R.Ryan run the Def the last few years,you’d probably be in a bad mood all the time too.

  • Aussie


    Wasn’t this the guy the Raiders denied tried to buy a stake in the Raiders?

    Plenty of teams would fight to move to LA you would think, provided they build this stadium….

  • Beeeecham

    Dakota, you shouldn’t know what post #365 says. That means you’ve wasted another Sunday on a football blog instead of hitting the Wii Fit. Or at least doing a few healthy laps around your coffee table.

    Now put down your lame fly-over state excuse for a dessert and do a few leg lifts. That’s an order, flabby!

  • Martindale – DC

    Gilbride OC

    Cable HC

    That’s what I think

  • this how we should draft in order of importance….


    This is how Al Davis will draft

    Trade up to get Crabtree

    one more fast guy

  • Beeeecham


    Ha ha ha, that’s so funny! Wow, no one on here has ever sarcastically predicted Davis would select CBs instead of need positions in the draft. I totally get it, it’s because he loves … to draft CBS, right? That’s very original, did you think of that on your own or did you consult with one of Dakota’s back rolls?

    Anyway, keep up the hilarious, insightful posts and don’t let that staff writer for SNL dream die!

  • PIT and BAL suck and they are going to get blown the f*ck out by the Cardinals..all that blitzing, we’ve already seen what Warner and Co. can do agsint it…

    AZ 38 PIT 17

  • MR, that was weak even for you.

  • Gilbride is our coach, I think. Cable is interviewing assistants because I believe Al has made him the Asst. Head/Off Line coach. Notice the Raiders are not dealing with offensive assistants. That’s because Gilbride will bring his own guys and Cable will blend in somehow.

    This is not exactly but very similar to what I said last week about how this coaching thing was gonna go down. I believe I said it in a post Friday or Saturday before divisional rnd of playoffs.

    Herrera said we will have a coach and staff in place for senior bowl week. If so then Gilbride should be named tomorrow.

  • Beeeecham

    ha ha that’s not funny but instead you seem a little butt hurt.

    Not like any one in here ever made fun of another guys post? How original are you for trying to act like a hard core blogger. Now that’s funny!! whatever kind of insecurities you have that allow your feeble mind to get all emotional over my post (which is just words on a computer screen) let go of it man I am not Dakota your internet nemesis like your a freaking 4th grader playing dungeons and dragons.

    I will leave you to your childish games little man.

  • South Texas Raider

    # La Milicia Negra Says:
    January 18th, 2009 at 4:44 pm


    Martindale has sucked the entire time, Millard likewise.. them not being fired long time ago hints they are at least not on Al hate-list =)

    They suck just as much as Ryan and has just as much blame.. Puppets… just like Ryan..”

    LMN doesn’t know sh1t, obviously. He doesn’t even know what Cover 2 means for christs sake!

  • SnB666..

    Martindale as DC, is what you think or what you hope/would like??

  • LMN its hope

  • South Texas Raider


  • That Baltimore defense has been on the field way too much tonight, but that happened last week and they pulled it off.

  • Beeeecham

    666 I totally apologize. That was mean and I’m so sorry I forced you to soil your big man panties. Really, I feel awful about what I said and will never do it again. Friends?

    Actually, I take it all back. You’re an idiot.

    Hey Dakota, what happened? Hit me back, bro, let’s meet at Charged Up!’s house and eat his leftover jalapeno poppers from Applebees.

  • Beeeecham and Idiot is someone who try’s to act like his blogger buddies got his back. (Hey Dakota hit me up man I am your butt buddy we can spoon on the farm later) Dakota hates Europeans.

    An Idiot is someone who doesn’t realize there is another thread.

    An Idiot is someone who thinks he is real neat or cool or nifty because he is the king of the nerds, I mean bloggers.

    Get a life your wearing out the blow up doll little troll man.

  • Dakota Says:
    January 18th, 2009 at 4:25 pm
    Oh fuk READ THIS!!!



    Oh fuk is right! If he’s not named HC we’re still fuk-ed because he will at least be named DC. Gonna go drink some Pepto.

  • lefty12

    if that wasn’t a helmet to helmet hit there is no such thing.he launched his body in the air and hit the guy helmet to helmet.oh,that’s right it’s the stealers-they can get away with just about anything they want.