Press conference at noon Wednesday


Just got word the Raiders have called a press conference at noon Wednesday.

At that time, Tom Cable will be announced as the head coach.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Why not hope for something more likely to happen, p’doffRaider? I hope Al Davis gets indicted for some huge ponzi scheme before the draft, and Davis is forced to give control of the team to one of the McGah’s. Crazy as that sounds, it’s more likely to happen than Cable turning it around.

  • Herrera has it nice, man. Gets paid probably 6 figures a year to plug in a projector.

  • pissedoffraidernation

    or maybe they should test al davis for steroids…..maybe they’ll find something in that old body and ban him for life from the nfl.

  • Florida Pete

    S&B – Nation Collective Says:
    February 3rd, 2009 at 5:07 pm
    Florida Pete,

    The Raiders aren’t going to a 3-4 defense. Davis stopped Ryan for doing it and I doubt he will go back to it.

    Have to deal with the system in place and that’s the 4-3 bump and run defense.

    The top priority has to be stopping the freekn run. No team can win without stopping the run and having dlineman that can play on the other side of the line of scrimmage.

    Move Kelly back to defensive end

    Draft Raji and Brace to shore up the middle

    Draft a middle linebacker and kick Morrison to SLB

    The run defense is improved from this mess right now



    hey man… that’s my best idea to a tee…

    just trying to move the discussion away from:

    Al sucks… Al bites… Cable sucks… Cable bites… Kiffie rules… Al should die… Kiffie was the best thing to happen to the Raiders since, uh, Al Davis…

    just thought i’d throw out something new to talk about…

  • hwnrdr

    So Jerry says Noon, and Raiders.com say 1:15…oh well, don’t matter…
    Now that the coach is out of the way (finally!!!) now we can all cincentrate on the offseason. Haven’t watched too many college games this year, so I would not know who is out there and I really don’t know who’s out there for FA. But…I don’t think I want Haynesworth here. Maybe its because he won’t take a hometeam cut to stay in Tenn, or the fact that he stomped on a players head when that player was on the ground. With that attitide and the attention that he has brought on himself, in Silver and Black, he probably will be banned.
    Anyways…what should we draft for and what should we look into FA for? (Meaning, what would be better).

  • I think Al Davis does take steroids, to keep his hair from falling in front of his face.

  • hwnrdr

    MaddenRaider Says:
    February 3rd, 2009 at 5:20 pm
    I think Al Davis does take steroids, to keep his hair from falling in front of his face.

    Yeah, but he still looks like Montgomery Burns…take a look back at the the picture that was taken when he introduced Kiff as the coach. The one where he was snapping at Nancy Gay…too funny.

  • sweep the leg

    In case anyone missed it.

    From PFT:

    Sources: Raiders To Name Coordinators
    Ted Tollner, a former longtime NFL and college coach, is expected to be named offensive coordinator of the Oakland Raiders, according to National Football Post sources. In addition, the Raiders are also likely to name John Marshall as their defensive coordinator.

    Tollner, 68, has 30 years of NFL and college coaching experience and is a former San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks coach, including stints from 2002-2004 and November 2007 to January 2009. His college head coaching stops include USC and San Diego State.

    Marshall, 63, spent the previous three seasons in Seattle as the Seahawks defensive coordinator. In addition, he has served as defensive coordinator for the Falcons, 49ers and Panthers.

    The Raiders remain without a head coach, although interim coach Tom Cable is expected to retain the title.

    More on this story as it develops.

  • Wow cable great couldnt get anybody everyone in here talking like cables great im writting youre names down and you better stick by barney ruble. I cant wait my two worst fears coming true first cables back and mark my words justin fargas will be the no. 1 back and will proablly double his td production to 2. Congrats fargas you have passed dorsett, harvey williams, rickey dudley, and my all-time most hated Raider marc wilson youre no 1 dude. Ill hope for the best but am resolved to seeing fargas get 3yrds on 3&4 or not catch passes . Worst coach rb and hc tandem in the nfl and dont say trade fargas what would you get nothing!

  • Draft trees, i mean tackles as big as trees. Bring in Boldin, Bart Scott, and quit f@ckin around already. Our interior lineman need big bodies around them, this combo just ain’t gettin it Al. Pass protection and a stout defense up front is where we need to focus. Forget Crabtree, he will not make an impact for a year or 2, draft tackles now dammit!


    How can we tlak about something new- whn its smae ol Raiders run by same ol senile ego maniac DAVIS??

    were going to start talking draft picks now? how out a DB LOL

    Or a thin speedy fragile WR

    Go VOLS ( thats gota bug someone here..lol) the vols will have a bteer recored than the Raiders thats for sure.


    I type is good as al picks personal and coaches.


    new thread

  • phil

    most of you guys are a bunch of cry baby’s we don’t know what will happen next year for one he wants to be here i like cable so give the friggin chance and if you are a real RAIDERS fan you know this team is ready to kick ass silver and black for life

  • phil

    hey big sleasy the vols won’t winn 6 games with kiffin

  • SR Raider

    Tollner, 68
    Marshall, 63
    Hackett, 61

    Bringing in some young talent, eh Al? Hopefully at the press conference you remember to explain to the players on the team why this coaching staff is good for them, because if I was one of them, I’d be feeling pretty rotten about now.

    At least they seem to like Cable, who at age 44 must be considered a young buck.

    I’m not ready to throw the towel in yet, but this just reeks of the same old thing. Hopefully Tom and Al will prove us wrong.

  • Kirk

    We need to draft an offensive tackle or a defensive end in the first round. We won’t win until we start drafting linemen in the first round.

  • Mad Road Dog

    The haters like Ratto are goning to look real stupid if AD pulls this team out of the abyss.

  • JohnnyB

    Lets all be pretend owners, coaches, players…like we can do so much better, especially at Al’s age. He is a legend and unfortunately for some of you he still controls the team. Don’t worry all you whiners, he’ll be gone eventually. If you absolutely have to be a fan of a winning team every year than get a 32 pack of Jerseys-you can swap at will. Or maybe the Steelers will do it for you. For me, I’m a long time Raiders Fan, one Sunday, back in 78 it was way too cold to play so I watched a game. Hooked within an hour. Almost lost hope briefly before we got Gannon. It’s hard watching pieces from the puzzle missing while the strong parts of the team get old. All those whiners now forget how we struggled before our last rise. For *%^# sakes man, It’s time to sit back and enjoy the anticipation of another season. I was convinced two years ago that our lack of a run defence had much to do with time of possession more than an actual failing of Al’s/Ryan’s players & system. I’ve obviously realized that it goes beyond that but that is not insurmountable -a couple more draft picks possibly a free agent or two, A DT to anchor the line, Kelly 2nd, Sands & Warren in reserve. A strong MLB is needed with Howard and Morrisson playing on the outside. One Solid OT in the draft(1st pls), another center or versatile lineman in later rounds. And one receiver obviously….hang on to Asomugha, Burgess will be healthy, rookie Scott looks good, we lack size on the ends but maybe a good DT can make up for it. Anyway, I’ll shut up now…Go raiders..and Ratto is obviously a moron, why don’t cha switch to the Broncos

  • Swervin Mervyn


    Truer words have never been spoken.

    Mike Shanahan wrote

  • good team raiders