Updated: Ekejiuba’s contract numbers


UPDATE: A league source checked in with details of Isaiah Ekejiuba’s deal, which was first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

It’s for three years, $5.4 million. He got $1.25 million to sign. Cleveland the New York Jets were both in pursuit.

It’s believed to be the richest contract for a core special teams player. Ekejiuba played fewer than 10 snaps on defense all season.

Watched an entire hour devoted to the opening of free agency on the NFL Network and the only time I heard the Raiders mentioned was in reference Gibril Wilson, DeAngelo Hall and their double-dip free agency bonanzas.

Fifty-plus deals, hundreds of millions of dollars, not a Raider in sight . . .

With everything fairly quiet on the Raiders front, some speculation and opinion to keep the wheel turning:

— I sat in a Napa Marriott Hotel room one day with Jon Gruden, listening to him derisively refer to a Mo Collins-Darrell Russell practice matchup as a “brother-in-law block.” Translation _ they were giving each other a break.

It was the first thing I thought of when the Kansas City Chiefs got Matt Cassel for Mike Vrabel and the No. 34 pick in the draft. Bill Belichick was executing a brother-in-law block with ex-colleague Scott Pioli.

Detroit needs a quarterback and is at No. 33. Hard to believe they couldn’t have done better, shipping a younger player the Patriots’ way.

I happen to agree with the the assessment that with 10 wins under his belt (Tom Brady started the other) for a playoff-caliber team, Cassel has proven much more than Georgia quarterback Matt Stafford.

Vrabel, 34, is a throw-in with no more than a year or two left. He fit in with an established New England defense but not a terrible one in Kansas City. The trade was all about the quarterback, and Belichick gift-wrapped this one to the Chiefs.

— Dallas got backup quarterback Jon Kitna for Anthony Henry, a starting cornerback. Wonder if the Raiders had struck earlier if they could have gotten it done for Stanford Routt?

Kitna is extremely competitive, highly professional and always pushes the starter, but also knows his role. Would have been a perfect backup for Russell.

— If you’re a Raiders fan, you’ve got to love the whole Jay Cutler saga regardless of how it turns out.

Very soon, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels and Cutler will greet the media and invoke some or all of the Holy Trinity of athletes and sports journalism (misquoted, blown out of proportion, taken out of context).

But the beauty if the NFL Network is that you see what we see. If you’ve watched the Broncos post-game press conferences, your quickly realize that Cutler is a life-of-the-party quotemeister when he wins and a spoiled brat when he loses.

He gets a whiff of McDaniels’ interest in Cassel, and he responds accordingly.

That bodes well for AFC West opponents for close games in the fourth quarter.

— If the Raiders get serious about tackles Marvel Smith (Pittsburgh) and Khalif Barnes (Jacksonville), it’s reasonable to infer they believe the tackles they like best in the NFL draft will be gone by No. 7.

From a distance, it appears Virginia’s Eugene Monroe is the most athletic, mobile tackle on the board _ and it doesn’t sound as if he’ll be around.

While Barnes played left tackle with the Jaguars, some feel is he is better suited to playing on the right.

– Curious to see what T.J. Houshmanzadeh will “settle” for in the next few days. As reliable as he is, a 10-yard-per-catch wideout on a team often playing from behind becomes hard to justify when the dollars pile up.

— With Ekejiuba in the fold, the next special teams target could be Justin Miller, who returned a pair of kickoffs for touchdowns.

— It’s been more than two weeks, and the Raiders have still not confirmed the signing of cornerback Chris Johnson.

— I have a lot of respect for the job NFL Network analyst Adam Schefter does tracking down information. He was very good at it before he had the advantage of actually working for the NFL.

Same goes for Mike Lombardi. Even those former Raiders colleagues who aren’t fond of him begrudgingly admit his preparation and ability to have good information on virtually any prospect instantaneously were remarkable.

Yet you watch the NFL Network shows about the signings and every one is solid gold. Hole-in-one, birdie, hole-in-one.

Very little criticism has accompanied the signing of Hall by Washington. The deal the Raiders made to bring him aboard last year had its share of detractors _ including yours truly.

But now that Hall has gone elsewhere, it’s as if he’s become cleansed somehow.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • thats it M.Cooper.C.Smith and someone else I’m watching news now will try 2 keep everyone up 2 speed

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    —“Someone from this blog actually went to a Denver blog and brought Spider back with him?”—

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    Used to ski when I could’t get to Mammoth Mtn or Heavenly Valley at Snow Summit. 20 yrs ago LOL.

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    Prayers go out to all of those guys on that boat. It’s probably a recovery mission at this point.

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    who is C Smith?

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    —”Someone from this blog actually went to a Denver blog and brought Spider back with him?”—

    Did not know the site was infected with STD’s. I used protection though. LOL

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    At Least the Raiders were able to re-sign Ekejiuba yesterday.

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  • ShawnRaiders81

    Wow did we just have a sports writer admit that there is a shadow that is cast on the Raiders.

    No matter what the Raiders do (in spite of the superbowl) they will always be down casts by the media.

    And they think we don’t see this?

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    —“Did not know the site was infected with STD’s. I used protection though. LOL”—

    Muahahaha, goood stuff, well what did you expect, I might ask?

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    JHill says,
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    That’s what is amazing about all this drivel that is posted on this site. Grown men….adults posting stuff about people drowning and just utter garbage.

    Maybe people should realize that kids might read the comments here. I have no problem with people posting critiques on the Raiders or even promoting other football teams. As long as its on topic.

    And off-topic stuff should be good natured stuff. Music etc… Got no problem. But the garbage that this True Blue and other people put up here is really disgusting and degenerative behavior.

    There are PLENTY of websites out there for those of you that want to post obscene comments and giggle all day!

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    Lmao so hard I have tears,can’t stop.

  • Used to ski when I could’t get to Mammoth Mtn or Heavenly Valley at Snow Summit. 20 yrs ago LOL.

    EXLA,there was a small ski-lodge 9 miles below snow summit called Kratka Ridge,very steep slopes.Thats where I lived and worked

  • ringer raider

    I cant make any sense of this but it seems as Old Al has cried uncle and is actually putting the brakes to his insanity.He actually reversed most of the incredibly bad moves he made last year and will more than likely follow thru with the rest.At great expense to our immediate success no less.With all cancers you have to cut them out immediately and completely and suffer the effects.We will get better and Cable will make a difference.He is used to dealing with the biggest and sometimes smartest football players on the team. (O line)Maybe he can use those skills to bring the rest around.Its about time we have a coach who actually LOVES the Raiders.He has sold out for the cause and if Al comes around,we might have something special.

  • This is great news! Now it’s one more free agent we need to definetly sign and it’s CB/KR Justin Miller! This guy was an absoulute steal, and we better not let him get away, he can can turnout to be a very valuable player for us. What is the news of the 2 tackles Khalif Barnes and Marvel Smith? If we sign both like we should we are gonna be sitting pretty when the draft comes. Come on Cable build the O-line in free agency, and solidify it sometime in the draft. C Alex Mack from Cal should be there for us in the 3rd round now. We still have C Wade under contract and we might as well bring back C Jeremy Newberry to compete with him for the starting job. Jake Grove looks like he won’t be back and it’s understandable cuz all the teams in the Afc West now are running a 3-4 defense and he can’t handle big nose tackles. I still believe the Raiders have one major signing coming at Wide Reciever. Look for Ocho Cinco or Torry Holt to be a Raider via trade.

  • Who knows when they pass out the compinsation picks i think the Raiders should get a few we lost ihe year before stating QB Mc Clown starting WR Crybaby Porter ans starter Brayton to FA I also think someone on O line maybe Walker anyhow Mcclown,Porter should bring a higher pick than 7th rd.

  • RaiderKC

    Cinci is looking for a veteran QB to backup Palmer besides his little brother. Trade Walter and Fargas to Cinci for Ocho Cinco. Also, Pacman Jones doesn’t have a home, pick him up cheap as depeth in the secondary. Carr is also looking for a new home…