Raiders re-sign Justin Miller, William Joseph


A couple of familiar faces unexpectedly showed up at Raiders headquarters in Alameda Monday morning for the first day of offseason workouts.
Although the team has not announced it, the Raiders have re-signed former Pro Bowl kick returner Justin Miller and defensive tackle William Joseph, which was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.
With Johnnie Lee Higgins returning punts and Miller back deep for kickoffs, the Raiders had one of the more dangerous return tandems in the league in 2008.
Look for more details on the Miller and Joseph signings to come from Jerry McDonald.


Jon Becker

  • Brien the General

    Raji isnt tall enuff for Al. Why the fuk would he draft a DT that high who is a pass rushing DT like Kelly. I actually watch ncaa games and saw Brace as the NT

  • darkside

    i dont think we should get craptree

  • JHill (Let the Young Guys Play)


    You apply Raider logic to everything but your Raji analysis. Your only reasoning for Raji is YOUR belief that our DTs are a problem. You haven’t backed that up with one single Raider post season transaction, or clue from the organization that they are in the market for a DT. What else do you have other than YOU think Sands and Joseph COULD be camp cuts?

    You use Davis’ words to say we won’t draft a WR. The OT signings say we won’t draft an OT. Let all the guys we currently have play before we draft any other position. You recognize we need a DE since Edwards was cut and Burgess is on his way out. You need to apply the same thinking to the DT position and get off of Raji so tough. Brace, Hood, or Moala, would also help the team man, Cmon!

  • S&B (BJ Raji / Tyson Jackson @ 7 because run d is 31st)

    Brien the General Says:
    March 16th, 2009 at 8:31 pm
    Raji isnt tall enuff for Al. Why the fuk would he draft a DT that high who is a pass rushing DT like Kelly. I actually watch ncaa games and saw Brace as the NT
    This whole Al Davis height requirement is hearsay and can’t be verified. However, we do know that 6-1 or less DTs have been on the starting roster before (Jerry Ball) for example.

    I saw the clips and read quotes and Raji’s versatility is the reason he is such a high pick. He is an NT in that he takes on multiple blockers, but has the penetration ability of a 1-gap DT. Let me repeat: Raji is an NT!

    As for Brace, he is a talent as well, but it was Raji that took on most of the double teams

  • JHill (Let the Young Guys Play)

    What does he do, go to a 3-4 on passing downs?



  • Als’ sagging lower jaw

    we have TOMMY KELLY!!! the (best DT in the league) why would we need Raji?

  • Als’ sagging lower jaw

    wht arn’t we trying to trade for J Peppers???

    if the Pats land him for a #2 pic i’m gonna shat!

  • JHill (Let the Young Guys Play)

    Tom Cable did call out the play of the DTs in the press and I have posted that before.

    If you are willing to invest a high 2nd round pick for Brace etc…then you yourself are acknowledging a need.


    That’s why I said post season moves. Not Cable talking about the Dline after one bad game.

    And I’ve said all along that we needed a 4th DT, but that was before we signed Joseph. Having Wakefield in the mix last year as the 4th DT was a travesty. And I do realize that this could be Sands or Warrens last year as their contracts are coming up, so year a DT in the 2nd made sense. Since we signed Joseph, I no longer think that is the case.

    I’d be more than happy with

    Rd 1 DE
    Rd 2 C
    Rd 3 OLB
    Rd 4 S
    Rd 6 LB/ST
    Rd 7 LB/ST

    I say that with the intent on seeing what we have this year at DT, WR, and OT. Any of those positions not living up to par would be my focus of next year’s draft.

    Cant fix it all this year, but I need to see what I have already. I think the DT play improves drastically with the DE talent being upgraded.

  • SaintKaufman

    It does seem like we need to get the FA ball rolling. So far I would say the best move was dropping that POS of a corner in D. Hall. The worst would be letting Wilson walk.

    I’m sure Al has counted all of his pennies and knows where we stand, which I would believe is WELL under the cap. Time to pull the trigger big guy!! Uncapped year on the way is going to make it tougher to get FA’s. Call Torry!

  • JohnnyTyler

    Heres one for you ladies….

    Phone rings “ring ring ring”


    Hey Al this is Pat Bowlen, how r you. Hey about we swap QBs. Straight across. Cutler for Russell.

    You are Al. You say…….

    If I was the old man I wouldnt even allow him to finish the sentence. I would say “Done!” so fast his head would spin.