Raiders will tell you when they’re good and ready


You can thank David White of the San Francisco Chronicle for smoking out the latest big news out of Alameda.

When team executive John Herrera said there was no media availability scheduled this week as some of the team gathered for preseason workout sessions, I thought the worst.

You know, the usual. A locked security gate, opening and closing only for players and employees in cars with the pass code, and anyone wishing to get a few words subjected to shouting through a chain-link fence.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Whether the usual security was in force, I don’t know. If someone else is going to get the kids off to school with the wife out of town, I’ll need some advance notice.

White, in the best tradition of the news organization that blew the lid off Balco, was responsible for forcing the following earth-shaking announcements via the transactions page on Raiders.com:

C Chris Morris re-signed
C/LS Jon Condo re-signed
CB Justin Miller re-signed
T Khalif Barnes signed
LB Ricky Brown re-signed
DE William Joseph re-signed

Other than Barnes, consummated over the weekend, these other transactions have been done for awhile now.

I’m fairly certain I read on a few occasions in the comments section underneath this blog about Miller. I even asked the Raiders about it and got their best Sgt. Schultz impression. “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.”

Miller’s agent wasn’t saying anything, either.

Would have been a nice announcement on the Raiders Web site, bringing back a guy who returned two kickoffs for touchdowns. Instead, it’s a non-story, rating behind Raiderettes visiting some far away land.

(Note: The Raiders have still not confirmed the signing of cornerback Chris Johnson, whose signing, complete with contract numbers, was reported on Feb. 12).

Profootballtalk.com speculated perhaps the Raiders were too busy reminding the media about the many lies of Lane Kiffin to keep up with their “responsibility” of informing people of their day-to-day operations.


More likely, it’s just the another quirk unique to the Raiders.

When it came to the loss of linebacker Marquis Cooper at sea, the Raiders displayed sensitivity and perspective with a real-life issue far more important than most anything else they’ll do.

They get trashed consistently for their dealings with the media, but run a pretty good draft day and their training camp access is better than most.

Other times, mostly in the offseason, they fall asleep at the wheel. They pick and choose regarding transactions. They’ll go ahead with some signings that can’t help but become news (Nnamdi Asomugha, Shane Lechler).

Bringing back others, such as special teamer Isaiah Ekejiuba, guard Cooper Carlisle and return specialist Miller, are treated as if they’ve reluctantly renewed an unwanted lease.

It’s not the fault of Herrera and Mike Taylor, who are nearly carrying out the wishes of the organization. It’s really not that big a deal at all, unless you’re one of those people who wishes to be kept informed of the goings on with the team to whom you’ve devoted your soul as well as your fan dollars.

It all flows from the top. Somewhere, near files which contain all the paperwork on the slogans “Commitment to Excellence,” “Team of the Decades,” and “Pride and Poise,” is another near the desk of Al Davis which says, “None of Your Damn Business.”

For what it’s worth, the subject of making some players available in the next couple of weeks, as well as new coordinators John Marshall and Ted Tollner, has been broached with the media relations people.

Cable, who straddles the line between his own beliefs and the company line while not sounding as if he’s spreading propaganda, looks like he has real promise at the media game.

Maybe the Raiders will open up a little. Cable even went to the podium at the NFL scouting combine, the first Raiders coach in memory to do so.

More likely, they won’t.

If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, no problem.

If the Raiders don’t feel it’s in their interest to compete in the market place during tough economic times, so be it.

As part of the media, you learn to live with it.

As a fan, many of you don’t care until the games begin anyway. You’re fine with all in-house stuff on Raiders.com and believe any discouraging word is evidence of a Raiders conspiracy.

Long live lack of information.

As for the rest of you, tough luck.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Not to be critical but I have to be honest, this post was a total waste of time Jerry.


  • RaiderRockstar

    Warner is a stop gap. By all rights, Lienart should be the QB.


    Kurt Warner is a guy you want to have if you’re planning to make a run at a title. With the Cards, we know that’s possible (who would have thought?). A rebuilding team like the 49ers would have been a disaster and I’m glad he didn’t go there. terrible o-line & WR corps (like us) in san fran. Warner would have won about 9 games and missed the playoffs, like Favre last year. Then the 49ers (like the Jets) would have to start all over at the QB position. Kudos to him & the Cards for working things out …

  • hwnrdr

    Later Dirt Lot!

  • RaiderRockstar

    see ya Dirt Lot …

  • RaiderRockstar

    Hwnrdr, no updates yet man.

    The Lions released LB Anthony Cannon, a former 7th round pick. does that count as news?


  • hwnrdr

    If Cannon was good to be had, then it counts. LOL

  • Nnamdi21

    147. I agree, those other teams could use a QB, but like I said,

    A. What has Rosenfelds done to make U think he’s better than Cutler?

    He signed a 2 yr contract and last year…”Rosenfels went 2-3 in five starts for the injured Matt Schaub in Houston last season. He threw for 1,431 yards with six touchdowns, 10 interceptions and a 66.7 completion percentage.”

    Not exactly Pro bowl caliber… and Jackson? Most with a pulse know about hsi struggles…

    B. Warner’s AULDE, Lienart may have been a wasted 1st rnd pick.

    C. Collins is 36 and signed a 2 yr deal. As for Vince Young…

    “Kerry Collins return could spell doom for Vince Young” ESPN


    I’m not playing. I’m ballin’ str8 up…

  • RaiderRockstar

    Not to be critical but I have to be honest, this post was a total waste of time Jerry.


    I wouldn’t say a total waste. He did report the news, even though he was the last one to do so. and he gave David White props 🙂

  • Nnamdi21

    RaiderRockstar Says:
    March 17th, 2009 at 7:14 am
    Warner is a stop gap. By all rights, Lienart should be the QB.


    Kurt Warner is a guy you want to have if you’re planning to make a run at a title. With the Cards, we know that’s possible (who would have thought?). A rebuilding team like the 49ers would have been a disaster and I’m glad he didn’t go there. terrible o-line & WR corps (like us) in san fran. Warner would have won about 9 games and missed the playoffs, like Favre last year. Then the 49ers (like the Jets) would have to start all over at the QB position. Kudos to him & the Cards for working things out …


    Even though, like you mentioned, they have new coaches…

  • Nnamdi21

    RaiderRockstar Says:
    March 17th, 2009 at 7:09 am
    Marshall is a headcase.

    why would Cutler let him live with him last offseason?


    Try and keep the idiot out of jail…

  • Nnamdi21

    Peace owt! Have a large day Raider Nation!

    Konnichiwa bishes!~

  • RaiderRockstar

    159. Jackson, Collins & Warner all won their division and made the playoffs. Did Jay Cutler? Nope. He folded down the stretch.

    AZ & TN have franchise QB’s waiting in the wings and Rosenfels could benefit from the monster o-line and running game in Minny, right? this is the second season they’ve went after him and they finally got him. even gave up a draft pick to get him. I doubt they would suddenly change their tune and dump promising Sage and TJ, who the HC is getting better with more playing time.

  • ragin

    Jerry, take a break, don’t get so worked up, cover the donkeys if you need to….

  • Nnamdi21

    164. So now Leinart and V. Young are franchise Qb’s?

    AZ and TN have monster defenses that helped them win their divisions. Not so with Cutler in Denver.

    Also, the Broncos had 6th string scrubs at RB last year…

  • jerry this was a pos post. stop being a douche bag and post something with substance.

  • hwnrdr

    BTW: For those who do care this morning….
    Happy St Patricks Day!!!
    Watch out for all of those leprechuns looking for me pot of gold…

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Good Morning Raider Nation,

    Hope Jerry’s live is as good as Raider Beat’s was yesterday. No holds barred, and great give and take.

  • just another excuse to drink beer. happy st. patty’s day

  • Dakota

    Is it draft day yet?

  • RaidOn

    If the organization wishes to keep the daily goings-on a secret, so be it. As a fan, I am a cool with it as long as they produce on the field – Which they have thus far failed to do.

  • that raider beat site is *cough* shyteeh

  • RaiderRockstar

    N21: you came back less than 20 minutes later to debate with me? i’m honored. haha

    Leinart & Young were drafted to be franchise QB’s. They just got outplayed by vets who have been there and doen that and had success in this league. Would anybody be shocked if Warner & Collins outplayed Russell? I wouldn’t be.

    Az had a monster defense? come on N21, really? Dansby, Dockett & Wilson were impressive at times, but I don’t think anybody would claim that the Cards have a monster defense. Titans had an impressive rushing attack. the donks had a ton of injuries at RB, but thats a part of the game

  • RaiderRockstar

    Happy St Patricks Day!!!

  • Barnes on a 1 year deal is a good signing.

    During his first 3 seasons as the starting LT, Jax won an average of 10 games, their offense ranked in the top 10 in scoring every year and made the playoffs twice.

    Last year Barnes slipped, but everyone sucked in Jax, they were supposed to fight for the Super Bowl and ended up winning 5 games.

    I’m giving Barnes a mulligan on that one.

    Unlike Kwame Harris, Barnes has had success in this level and he’s been an important player for a playoff team.

    Let’s look at Barnes last year (his worst season):

    He lined up across a Pro Bowl player for 9 out of 16 games and gave up 7.5 sacks, including:

    2 vs Mario Williams (Pro Bowler)
    1 vs Dwight Freeney (Pro Bowler)
    1 vs James Harrison (Pro Bowler)
    1 vs Kyle Vandenbosch (Pro Bowler)

    Barnes also held without a sack the following players:

    Dwight Freeney (Pro Bowler)
    Mario Williams (Pro Bowler)
    Jared Allen (Pro Bowler)
    Terrell Suggs (Pro Bowler)
    Aaron Schobel (Pro Bowler)

    Obviusly, Barnes played division rivals Freeney and Mario twice.

    What about the running game?…

    “The Jaguars averaged 6.04 yards per carry running off left tackle in 2008, the second best mark in the league.”

    Bottom line:

    Barnes is just 26, has plenty of talent and if he can keep his head in the game and stay out of trouble, he can definitely turn into a steal.

    Why did Jax let him go then?.

    That decision was made a long time ago when Barnes worw out his welcome by calling Jacksonville a hick town and said he could not wait to get out.

    They kept him last year even after those comments because he was on the last year of his rookie deal, he made 500,000 dollars and they were winning with him.

    But there was no way he was going to stay after those comments and a subpar season.

  • RaiderRockstar

    A report surfaced in the wake of Oakland signing free agent offensive tackle Khalif Barnes that said the Raiders promised Barnes that they wouldn’t select a tackle in the NFL Draft on April 25-26.

    Barnes’ agent, Kenny Zuckerman, told ESPN.com on Monday that he is unaware of any such promise.
    “I’m very doubtful Khalif was ever promised that, and I don’t put any validity into it,” Zuckerman said. “I talked personally to Raiders coach Tom Cable, and he gave no such promise. Khalif knows the business, and he is ready to compete to start whether the Raiders draft a tackle or not.”
    Later that day, Cable told the San Francisco Chronicle that Barnes wasn’t promised anything other than a shot at replacing Kwame Harris on the left side.
    “He’s going to come in and compete at left tackle,” Cable said. “It was a good thing for us to get him. He brings some competition to the position and, at the same time, won’t deter us from what we need to do in the draft.”
    Mario Henderson was the projected starter at left tackle until Barnes agreed to a contract Saturday. He told the Chronicle on Monday that he is heartened by the fact the Raiders didn’t make a long-term commitment to Barnes, which signifies they’re still confident in him as a future starter.
    “I just want to be consistent so they can depend on me and not worry about it,” Henderson said. “I showed I can do it if given a chance. That’s pretty much all I needed, a chance to show them what I can do. I just want to come out here and show them I can still do it.”

    – Raider Beat

  • RaiderRockstar

    Quarterback JaMarcus Russell did not make it to the team’s practice facility for the start of offseason workouts Monday.
    However, he is expected in Alameda at some point this week, a team official said. He has been spotted at the facility in recent weeks working out ahead of the arrival of the masses.
    Russell was praised by former coach Lane Kiffin for the hard work and commitment he put in last year during the offseason. Kiffin said Russell was the first one to show up and oftentimes stayed longer than his teammates.
    Cable will expect a similar showing from Russell this year based on his comments last season about Russell needing to do whatever it takes to establish himself as the unquestioned leader of the team and to succeed at quarterback in the NFL.

    – Raider Beat

  • Dakota

    Barnes will play RT for us in 2009.

  • RaiderRockstar

    when they show Matt Jones highlights on ESPN, there is always a TD he made with Fabian Washington in coverage. Who was the safety that was supposed to help out? Stuart Schweigert..

    remember those days fellas? almost brings a tear to the eye, don’t it?

  • Dakota

    ….and we still have crap safeties.

  • barns lined up next to gallery and hopefully mack, unger, or wood sounds pretty dominant to me. you can count on mcfadden bush and fargas gaining big numbers on that side of the line.

  • Yeah, it would be great if Mario keeps the LT spot and Barnes earns the RT position, beats the hell out of Kwame and Cornell.



  • RaiderRockstar

    Bob Marley: good point about Barnes. last years stats from guys in his old division …

    Freeney: 10.5 sacks
    Mathis: 11.5 sacks
    Vanden Bosch: 4.5 sacks
    Jacob Ford: 7 sacks
    Mario Williams: 12 sacks

    New division:

    Hali: 3 sacks
    Dumervil: 5 sacks
    Phillips: 7.5 sacks

  • By the way, Barnes has just 6 false starts and 9 holdings in 57 games as a starter, but he did have his worst year last season as far as penalties with 3 False starts and 5 holds.

    There’s potential there, it’s up to Cable and Barnes.

  • hwnrdr

    That’s good news about Barnes willing to still work hard despite what we draft. I do remember that Garcia saying that he wouldn’t come here if we drafted Russell…and that Matt Jones highlights over Washington and Stu…I’m trying to block it from my memory banks…stop!

  • Rockstar

    Yeah and Jax lost their starting LG, C and RG early in the season, they never recovered and it certainly didn’t help Barnes playing next to a bunch of backups.

  • Dakota

    new post

  • Larz

    I love how people are critical of the Raiders for drafting fast players.

    Guess what they’re all fast!!!!!!

    Maybe they should draft a slow player, and that would make people happy. Show everyone that slow is the new fast.
    Scour the country, see if they can find a DB or a WR that runs in the high fives.
    Hey he’s probably real smart and can pick up the schemes quickly though.
    Good in the “room” too.

    That might be a good reality show.
    “Search for the slowest Raider”

    Speed neither guarantees greatness, nor precludes it.
    But if you never had it, you’ll never get a call period.

    So please stop bashing the raiders for doing exactly what every other team does, it’s ridiculous and makes you look stupid.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Barnes also had to work with a line that had many injuries. He had to cover for the 2nd stringers missing their assignments making it more difficult for him.

  • For all of you out there thinking about drafting Matt jones on the cheap think again, he is a cocaine head. He chose to go to jail than receive treatment tells me allot about his wanting to continue to party hard than get better. How could we rely on a WR like this, even of on the cheap?


    JACKSONVILLE, Florida (AFP) — The Jacksonville Jaguars have cut wide receiver Matt Jones for violating the terms of his plea-agreement on cocaine-possession charges.

    Jones had asked to be sent to jail rather than spend six weeks in a residential treatment facility after admitting he drank a couple of beers – a violation of the agreement reached in October, when Jones was ordered to undergo a league-sponsored substance-abuse counseling programme.

    In July, Jones had been charged with cocaine possession when he was discovered allegedly cutting up cocaine by a police officer in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

    The NFL later suspended Jones for the final three games of the regular season for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.

    Jones, who was released from jail on Saturday, had failed a drug and alcohol screening – a condition of the random drug testing as part of his plea deal.

    A first-round pick of the Jaguars in 2005, the Jaguars had attempted to convert Jones from a quarterback in college to a wide receiver in the NFL with mixed results.

    Jones, 25, was having a breakout season prior to his suspension, hauling in 65 receptions for 761 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He has 166 career receptions with 15 touchdowns.

  • Dakota Says:
    March 17th, 2009 at 8:04 am
    ….and we still have crap safeties.


    I’m hoping Alston converts to SS. He is 6′ 220, and fast, plus would help against the run.

    Our safeties could look much better this year if Marshall dumps our useless one-safety-deep scheme.

  • Awww, the poor media. They didn’t get the attention they so desperately require. Awww, it so sad… imagine that, the Raiders had other things to do instead of spoon feeding the media.

  • Mad Road Dog

    Sorry Jerry if the Raiders news release stradegy does fit in with your domestic needs but you are not on the payroll.

  • clasher

    Sounds like Mike Taylor is all over it!

    ….or Maybe Herrera had a nice long spring break.

    Typical Raiders. Clueless. Enjoy 4-12 again….and the inevitable search for the 187th Head Coach in the past 6 years.

  • clasher

    and all of you LOSERS (#194 & 195) who say the media is whining – why are you checking this blog and leaving comments??!! Hey IDiots – if Jerry isn’t doing this blog YOU ARE NOT GETTING INFORMATION! You people are as dumb as the front office.

  • ozraiders

    HEY GUYS, What happen if JR goes down? Who is our BACKUP QB, LAME WALTER? We should get rid of this guy, he look like a gang corner him in the back alley! ITS amazing THAT EAGLE EYES BIG AL HASN’T SEEN THE WAVIT[rabbit] YET! THINK WHOS OUT THERE, THATS GOOD ACCURATE AND CHEAP, AND TELL SANTA AL TO GET IT FOR US!!! PS! NAME THAT QB TUNE! NAMES PLEASE .

  • ozraiders


  • Twinkie defense

    Jerry, instead of complaining about the dearth of information you should be celebrating it! Just think how much power that gives you as a broker of information. ESPN can’t be bothered to verify a rumor with the team, good for you! Just think: if the Raiders transparently reported every aspect of the organization, where would that leave your job?

    So keep up the good work… and quit complaining!

  • ozraiders

    Start camp early and get the FAST and THE FURIUS!Fastest guy in each position so they can see WHO WE ARE!