Raider should hope Broncos keep Cutler


It’s better for the Raiders if the Broncos are true to their public stance that they want to keep quarterback Jay Cutler.

I remember writing a column two years ago how Cutler was in a much better situation than JaMarcus Russell, given that he was being instructed by Mike Shanahan in a system which wasn’t going to change.

Russell, meanwhile, could be looking at a coaching staff overhaul if Lane Kiffin didn’t work out.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Having observed Cutler from the outside for two years, he strikes me as a front-runner who is fine when things are going his way, only to morph into a sullen, spoiled brat when faced with adversity. He’s shown it on the field, in his post-game demeanor, and of late with the news that Josh McDaniels was interested in Matt Cassel.

I believe it was Mel Kiper Jr. who compared Cutler to Jeff George. Not bad.

Russell has some work to do in terms of conditioning and maturity, but he’s rich, young and wealthy and can’t expected to be perfect.

He handled the whole Al Davis-Lane Kiffin situation, as well as the transition to Tom Cable, with an uncommon grace for a quarterback so young. Contrast that with how Cutler is acting now.

As much as San Diego’s Philip Rivers is reviled for his on-field demeanor, he’s a quarterback the home team and home fans can get behind, even if everyone else can’t stand him.

If the Broncos dump Cutler, don’t be surprised if his teammates are on board.

Jumping to more conclusions leading into a non-work related weekend schedule which will leave me away from a computer most of the time:

— The only way McDaniels isn’t mishandiing the situation is if his plan all along was to alienate Cutler to the point where he can start his regime with a new quarterback.

— A thinly veiled attempt at sarcasm during a live chant apparently has some readers thinking I’m of the opinion the Raiders are shopping Russell.

In response to a question about the Raiders doing just that, my two word response was “Real quietly.”

To which I probably should have included (insert sarcasm here).

Considering that earlier in the chat I’d responded to a “bust” question by saying Russell needs three full years (on the field, the contract impasse negates year 1) on the field before you think about applying that tag, and to a later question defending his accuracy over the last several games, I thought it was fairly clear

— The stealth trade talk with Russell has been going on simultaneously with the Raiders’ official request to change uniform colors and negotiations which will culminate with Davis and Kiffin jointly announcing they’ll let bygones be bygones.

— Nnamdi Asomugha is back in the country, and USA Today prepared a lengthy profile on the Raiders cornerback who scored the biggest prize in free agency.

Not much in it we didn’t already know about Asomugha’s character, diversified outside interests and dedication to his craft, but it does nothing but validate the decision of Davis to bring him back at a steep price.

Assuming the Raiders bring Asomugha back for a third year, it makes a lot more sense for Davis to pay him $45.3 million than it does the Washington Redskins to pay $48 million over four years (plus back-end fluff) for injury-prone, driving-challenged Albert Haynesworth.

— Stanford’s center Alex Fletcher won the Big Game “Axe” over Alex Mack in terms of the bench press, pumping 225 pounds 31 times to 20 for the Golden Bear.

If they ever decide to decide a tie game with bench press reps, that’s a big deal.

Reminds me of the time the 49ers took Jim Druckenmiller the year his representatives demonstrated the quarterback’s strength by his ability to wear a harness and tow a car.

All the agility, strength and speed stuff is well and good for purposes of documentation, but the ability to play football and what happens during the interview process is of more importance.

Someone like Mack no doubt scored huge points in the chalk talk and film room with his enthusiasm for technique and love of football. He confessed to reporters it was hurting him to watch Cal teammates going through spring football because he loved playing so much and couldn’t be a part of it.

— If the Raiders are going to make any inquiries regarding Roy Williams, it ought to be soon. The free agent safety visited the Bengals, so he’s looking at teams with losing records and his money demands might be getting somewhere in Oakland’s wheelhouse.

That’s if they want to go down that road. Given the way the Raiders have operated so far, they’re more likely to find a younger player with more tread on the tires.

— I’ve always supported an overtime system that gives a team a chance to score if the opponent scores first. Seems only fair.

But the Player’s Association shot down the idea of changing overtime with the competition committee, so the coin toss will remain a big part of determining winners and losers when regulation play ends in a tie.

— The contract of Raiders cornerback Chris Johnson remains on a milk carton some place. He’s appearing at offseason workout program, both he and his agent have confirmed that he’s signed, and he’s got a deal on file with the NFLPA.

No word in transactions on Raiders.com, nor an announcement of the signing of a key starter _ even though it happened more than a month ago.

But hey, they were quick to get the signing of Jason Horton out there.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Wow….


    oakglenn Says:
    December 12th, 2007 at 4:56 pm
    Kiff is excited to be here. Believe me. He thinks he’s turned the corner, he thinks he has guys buying into his system, things are moving forward, we just need some more guys.

  • # MaddenRaider Says:
    November 29th, 2007 at 1:25 am

    Whatever though, man. Nobody here takes you seriously outside of Chad E, Raiders Glory, and the other screen names they use. Especially now. We win our first game in KC since god knows when, and we do it on the ground. It is now clear as day that in order for us to win, we have to do everything Al would NOT do. That’s the formula. Kiffin not only showed Al up last week, he showed up his idiot minions, like you. Your credibility it shot. IT’s Kiffin’s Raiders, or it’s lose, lose, lose baby. Most fans know this. You and the Davis loyals can deny it and commiserate over how Al should get the credit, outside of merely hiring Kiffin, all you want. We don’t need you, or your tired, repetitive shilling for a philosophy, a system, and a man in which all three are now defunct. Put that in your spliff.

    “It’s Kiffins Raiders”. The best part of this is when maddenloser says someones elses cred is shot. Funny, maddenloser never once ever had ANY cred. that’s why he tries to destroy others cred, by lying and trolling. If you read this post closely, you can literally hear maddenraiders brain rip in two.

  • Here is a little ditty posted right after the last MR meltdown. Couldn’t have said it better myself:

    # MaddenRaider Slapper Says:
    November 29th, 2007 at 5:50 am

    Hey Marley, Thanks for the laughs. Notice he comes back and goes an all-out attack on Al Davis and you. Anything to take the focus off what a big effin hypocrite and the double-standars he employs.

    No he claims Al Davis has never believed in a “power running game” even though he’s said that about 5,000 times.

    Again, Marley thanks for the laughs. And no, I’m not Chad, Glory or anyone else, I’m just someone that realizes that it’s dumb to hate the person that is the Raiders and then claime EVERY possible success that comes from the organization is not his decision.

  • # MaddenRaider Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    I really doubt Davis is a liberal. A “Humphrey Democrat”, is what the post says; Whatever that is. Hubert Humphrey is a bit before my time.

    Maddenlose sure knows absolutely nothing about Davis, the guy he spends the most of his time discussing. Here, he admits he doesn’t know what the heck he is talking about.

  • cantstandtheHATERS

    you guys too funny lol

  • Madden Raider Slapper

    Thanks for MR’s greatest hits…I forgot that he said ‘Al doesn’t believe in the power running game’, even though Al brought it up…again..at Cable’s press conference that he wanted more power running.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  • All this al dosen’t like to run shiz is stupid didn’t we lead the league in 2000 with garner and wheately you play to youre strengths!!!!

  • Good Morning NATION!!! =)

  • man sorry about the violence in your guy’s city


  • not 2 bad

  • V.B.Raider

    I am now thoroughly convinced that we SHOULD, in fact, take Ramses Barden (WR Cal Poly) in the 2nd round. First round should go to for a Center and after Barden, we should go D-line, Safety, O-line, Full Back…

  • V.B.Raider

    Ahh, proofread schmoofread…

  • V.B.Raider

    In a nutshell: C,WR,DL,S,OL,FB…it’s a shame because we had Gibril Wilson(S) and Justin Griffith(FB)-the two moves that I have disagreed with this off-season.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Combine Wonderlic test results now online. Crabtree a mighty 15, Maclin a 25, Heywood-Bey 11

  • M


    anyone threaten Vince Young’s record of minus 4 on the wonderlic?

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    There were some ties with Vince’s record. LOL

    Best 10 scores
    1. Justin Blalock, G, Texas (41)
    2. Anthony Pudewell, TE, Nevada (39)
    3. Kody Bliss, PK, Auburn (38)
    T-4. Jon Cornish, RB, Kansas (37)
    T-4. Brandon Harrison, S, Stanford (37)
    T-6. Scott Chandler, TE, Iowa (36)
    T-6. Daniel Sepulveda, PT, Baylor (36)
    T-6. Jared Zabransky, QB, Boise State (36)
    9. Jordan Kent, WR, Oregon (35)
    10. John Beck, QB, BYU (34)

    Worst 10 scores
    T-1. David Irons, CB, Auburn (4)
    T-1. Bo Smith, S, Weber State (4)
    3. Earl Everett, OLB, Florida (5)
    T-4. James Jones, WR, San Jose State (9)
    T-4. Turk McBride, DT, Tennessee (9)
    T-4. Julius Wilson, OT, UAB (9)
    T-7. Brandon Mebane, DT, Cal (10)
    T-7. Matt Trannon, WR, Michigan State (10)
    T-9. Baraka Atkins, DE, Miami (11)
    T-9. Alonzo Coleman, RB, Hampton (11)

  • La Milicia Negra


    where did yo find’em, what is Robiskies number?

  • La Milicia Negra
  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    From SI 2-26-06:
    Young scored a disastrous 6 out of 50, retook it and got a 16, that the first test wasn’t graded properly, that his agent inexplicably failed to tell him about this part of the combine, that the first score was legit and the retake was part of an NFL cover-up of its embarrassment at letting the score leak in the first place. Either way, 6 or 16, Young bombed.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Can not find Robiske’s # yet. Top score is a 50. The bust Mike Mamula scored a 48.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    25 is the average score for quarterbacks and offensive linemen. Other positions average about a 20. A generic breakdown of the scoring looks like this:

    50 = highest possible score, superior intelligence
    30 = Very bright, you’re shouldn’t be living at home
    20 = average intelligence (similar to IQ of 100)
    15 = Equivalent to unskilled worker
    10 and Below = Moron, barring unique circumstances

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    I did a web search using the term 2009 combine wonderlic test results.

  • Dale Affonso

    If the Raiders are going to be foolish enough to use the 7th pick on Mack (i.e. because they can’t find a trade partner up or down) then they should do the unthinkable and just be late with their first round pick. They don’t go to the podium to select Mack until number 18 or 19. At least this way they get their guy but without paying pick #7 money. However, I find it hard to believe they couldn’t find someone to give something of value for the number 7 pick.

  • Good morning nation.

  • im hoping we draft crabtree, bad foot or not…its probably not that bad.

  • La Milicia Negra

    well I still like Brian Cushing…

  • cushing overrated, like archuleta, stay away from cushing,..hes a 4th rounder in reality, but false hype has made him a 1st rounder.

  • Oakglenn

    Post647 was Blackholepriest.

  • Crabtree looks like an NFL WR, Maclin looks like Desmond Howard. WE have JLH, we don’t need Maclin. He’s an all purpose guy…and we got returners and RB’s coming out the yin-yang. However, if you think there will still be a # 1 type WR in the 2nd , then draft o-line in 1st. But i really don’t know if the talent will be there? the FACT is we don’t have a real # 1 WR or even a # 2. who is JR throwing too? Walker? are you crazy? that glass figurine , drew carter? no way. JLH is good 3rd. Chaz Schilens just doesn’t have that go-and-get-it thing…he catches balls when he’s wide open and it’s right between the numbers…..that said…i am thinking Crabtree…6 foot 1 and all.