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  • MaddenRedneck

    JHill Bush is the cheap and a Davis favorite, now thats a lock for the roster.

  • MaddenRedneck

    No it was Kiffin do I need to provide links?

  • Hwnrdr

    Bush wasnt asked to swithch to FB untill Cable was coach. Good try though.

  • MaddenRedneck

    Bush will be a #1 back in Oakland, McFadden was not drafted to pound the middle.

  • Hwnrdr

    Yeah, Redneck, give some links.

  • Get Over Oren O’Neil


    DMac getting hurt is NOT a big if.

    He actually seems injury prone.

    We need Bush, especially since we dont have a power blocking fullback.

  • Raider O

    Bush was a 1st rd lock till be broke his leg, so we took him in the 4th. Now Bush showed that he could run, and that he was a 1st RD talent. All I’m saying is, you can find good WRs in later RDs, ones that come from small schools, and you can find good talent in later rounds. That’s what I mean.

  • Hwnrdr

    From Jason Jones Blog:

    I initially told him(Tom Cable) no the first time you know? Quote from Michael Bush.

  • JHill (We Need A Lot Of Help On Offense!)

    JHill Bush is the cheap and a Davis favorite, now thats a lock for the roster.


    Under ideal cirsumstances, you would think so. But do you really think Fargas is not going to see the field? Do you really think a healthy DMac is not going to get at least 20 carries a game?

    Fargas and Rankin are solid options as #2 and #3 backs. We can afford to trade Bush IF we can get a 2nd rd pick for him. Maybe even a 3rd. I think we may be able to get a starting base DE, LB, or OG in the 3rd round. I’d rather have that player than Bush sitting on the bench.

  • Hwnrdr

    First round lock before his senior year? Dont think so.

  • Hwnrdr

    Or junior year that is

  • Get Over Oren O’Neil

    Bush was a projected top 5 pick; That is truth.

  • Hwnrdr

    All you have to do is GOOGLE “Bush to fullback”. Its the second article down. Full story and interview.

  • MaddenRedneck
  • Hwnrdr

    When was he projected top 5?

  • Raider O

    That’s what I remember Hwnrdr, but I could be mistaken.

  • JHill (We Need A Lot Of Help On Offense!)

    Not once has any one questioned Bush’s talent. It’s not about if the guy can play, it’s about him, for whatever reason, being behind McFadden and Fargas on the depth chart.

    He had one good game against TB, and only got on the field b/c of injury. To assume that he is now going to be the feature back is a reach.

  • Hwnrdr

    Kiffin may have started the thinking but Cable enacted it.

  • Raider O

    The way I remember it, AD and the Kid from Cal were top 10 picks, and bush was rated the 3rd best back ( before he broke his leg), and was rated as a top 20 talent. Like I said, I could be wrong.

  • Hwnrdr

    No way Cable isnt pissed at the dude for being such a bitch about playing FB. Bush is a me first guy, Cable is a team first guy. Those two dont mix.

  • Hwnrdr

    No, you may be right, I am saying preseason ranknings dont mean much. I recall USCs DT Fili Moala was the top ranked player going into the 08 season and now he cant even see the first round.

  • Hwnrdr

    The Bush trade rumors were real. Where theres smoke theres fire.

  • JHill (We Need A Lot Of Help On Offense!)

    Well “technically” you are right Redneck, but what about the very next day’s entry

    Michael Bush needn’t worry about morphing into the second coming of Lorenzo Neal. He began getting some reps at fullback Monday, and didn’t seem overly enthused about it when talking to reporters after practice.

    He probably would have felt a lot better had Kiffin given him the same speech he gave to reporters Tuesday.

    “Michael Bush is a tailback here,” Kiffin said. “We’re going to look at some things in certain personnel to utilize him because he catches the ball so well and he is a bigger tailback. But don’t mistake that. We claimed a fullback. We’ll look for another fullback to compete with this guy or, depending on how this guy does this week, the final waiver cut.

    Michael Bush isn’t here to be a fullback. Michael Bush has a chance to be a spectacular tailback in this league and that’s what he’s here to play.”

    Luke Lawton practiced for the first time as a Raider, wearing No. 44

  • MaddenRedneck

    Find the morning practice quotes where Kiffin said Bush was going to play fullback only to be corrected by Mr. Davis at the afternoon practice. Ouch!

  • Hwnrdr

    Hows that red mark on your face from getting slapped so hard??

    Bush would have never played with Cable as coach if not for injuries. Thats not even debateable. Bush had 2 good games. KC and TB. KC game was a Kiffin game. Man your getting killed today bro.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hwnrdr

    Hmm, Aug 25th. Preseason. Matters what happens in preseason.

    ” Micheal Bush is a tailback here.” said Kiffin. Case closed.

  • MaddenRedneck

    Kiffin wanted to play Fargas and you guys are so stupid you can’t see the facts. What happened? Davis said play the young guys and Bush got the ball.

  • http://ibabuzz 4evaRaider

    S&B (BJ Raji / Tyson Jackson @ 7 because run d is 31st) Says:
    March 22nd, 2009 at 10:26 am
    This is our receiver right here. Look at his speed and size. Quality is a little off though.

    WOW talk about seperation.Man S&B myself and “some” other posters in here,you included,could see this from Chaz in the little playing time he got.Yep at the end of the up-coming season Chaz will have 19 starts on his resume.Man he’s gonna be something and I feel we could go into the season with the recievers we have.

    AND thanks 4 da link S&B

  • Hwnrdr

    One GAME. He got the ball in ONE GAME you freakn moron.

    How do you explain all the DNPs??

  • MaddenRedneck

    Hwnrdr, the biggest idiot in this blog, have fun Kiffin lover.

  • Hwnrdr

    Come on dude. Explain the DNPs under Cable.

  • Charger

    You fukkin myopians have no clue. Big daddy Al will tell you what to do and you shall do as he commands. Commitment to Blackouts myopians!

    Taste the Chocolate Rain b1tches

    oooooooooooooooooooooo taste it

    damn myopians

  • M

    Anyone here, or anyone in Alameda for that matter who believes that DMc and/or Fargas are durable enough to carry the full load and last a full season in a run-first offense are doing so with a lot of praying involved. I don’t believe it for a second.
    M Bush is paid about the same as a special teamer and has the ability to be a feature back. Why would he be traded? Because he wouldn’t play fullback? Hmmm…there is obviously some disconnected logic I am missing in this.

  • 15 years old 15 year fan

    i kinda agree m but i am hoping 4 dmac to stay healthy

  • Get Over Oren O’Neil

    For Charger:

    Who can’t sell out games???

  • Get Over Oren O’Neil
  • Blackholepriest

    If the Raiders do trade MBush they damn well better get Beanie Wells to replace him. There are few HB’s capable of what Bush is capable of and that my friends is dominating games.

    I said befre the draft last year that I didn’t think DMC could beat out Bush in a fair competition and I still fell that way.

    As for Shields his skill set says he has starter ability, now how he developes is another thing but the kid can flat out play………..period

  • Beeeecham

    Ahh, I love when the little Charger girls visit our blog. They’re so cute, getting all riled up at our 3 championships.

    That’s compared to their 0 championships.

    I’ll say it again so she understands.

    RAIDERS 3 Championships
    CHARGERS 0 Championships

    So cute, that little Charger!

  • Raider O

    Chaz will be a good WR in the NFL, depends on his work ethics but he can be great. He has Talent, Size, and speed.

  • http://contracostatimes NoMoreFargas

    Amen BHP bush is destined for NFL greatness kids huge with great hands quick feet and what did he cost us, please big al you have to let bush/dmac become the most dangerous tandem in the NFL with these two and j-russ,miller,chaz,jlh and according to you your’e boy shields we have the makings of a young and explosive off just get them hogs for the trenches !!

  • Raider O

    JLH showed he has big play abillity, and Cgaz looked much better the last few games if the season. Arman has Talent, but he hasn’t showed a thing in the NFL. Walker is 1 injury away from retirement. We should add another WR, but not draft another young talent with what we have on the roster. Last year was Chaz’s rookie year, and Arman was hurt. Let’s give them a full season, and add another Vet WR and see what happens. If the WRs didn’t do well, then we can draft one next year. Maclin and Crab are no Calvin Johnson.

  • Raider O

    Thunder and Lightning.

  • Raider O

    We need a DT, and you can never have enough Guys on the Oline. I say we should draft Raji, or one if the top 3 OTs. Curry will not make it pass the 3rd.

  • Raider O

    Warren and TK restructured their deals, so that gives us more room to invest in another DT. IMO. We can draft Raji, and he can help our run D and pass rush. He had 8 sacks as a DT. Not bad. We invested high picks in our Offense the past 3 years, it’s the time to fix our D.

    In 07:
    1- JR
    2- Miller
    3- QM ( was cut in camp), Mario, JLH.
    4- Bush

    In 08:
    1- DMC
    4- Branch, Arman

    We should draft D players in the first 4RD, and draft a Center due to need.

  • Raider O

    In 06:
    1- Huff
    2- Thomas H
    3- I can’t remember
    4- Bing

    So I correct Myself, the last 2 years we drafted O players in high picks. It is time to draft D again.

  • JHill (We Need A Lot Of Help On Offense!)

    Raider Draft Board (Hopefully!) – I’m going to stick with the rankings right up until the bowl games started. I’ll let their body of work on the football field determine things moreso than Pro Days and the combine.

    Andre Smith
    Eugene Monroe
    Jason Smith
    Everett Brown
    Michael Johnson
    Alex Mack

    Take the player at the top of this list when it’s your turn

  • Camille

    Raider O Says:
    March 22nd, 2009 at 5:10 pm
    In 06:
    1- Huff
    2- Thomas H
    3- I can’t remember
    4- Bing

    So I correct Myself, the last 2 years we drafted O players in high picks. It is time to draft D again.


    3 – Paul McQuistan OT

  • 15 years old 15 year fan

    Michael Huff SS
    Thomas Howard OLB
    Paul McQuistan G
    Darnell Bing LB
    Kevin Boothe G
    Chris Morris C
    Kevin McMahan WR

  • 15 years old 15 year fan

    who is bobby garen

  • http://0 Bob Marley

    Maclin would be a fine choice.

    In fact, had Maclin not turned down the likes of Oklahoma, Ohio State, Notre Dame to attend Mizzou, he probably would be a lock as a top 5 pick.

    And Maclin won’t even turn 21 until a few days before the season starts, he’s only going to get better.

    Here’s something from his pro day, I liked the part about his playing speed and how he looked good in position drills (routes and hands):

    “…Attending for the Rams were vice president of player personnel Tony Softli and scout John Mancini.

    Funny, despite the mini-obsession by Maclin with his 40 time, it appeared to be of zero concern to the NFL coaches and personnel men in attendance Thursday.

    They all know Maclin can run, and run plenty fast by NFL standards. And his playing speed is even more impressive than his running speed.

    “When he runs his 40, he runs kind of tight and bound up,” Softli said.

    Not so when he’s actually playing football or doing football drills.

    “When you watch him run his routes, catching the ball, you get that elongated glide,” Softli said.

    “He’s faster running routes and moving than he is in his 40. There’s a playing speed that has to be accounted for. You’re looking for that extra juice, and he has juice.”

    Of more importance to the NFL scouts than Maclin’s 40 time is his route running. Playing in a spread offense at Mizzou, he didn’t run a lot of the routes he’ll be called upon to run in the NFL. More specifically, the post patterns, post corner routes, and slants.

    “The guys that were here wanted to see him drive down the field and make the different cuts, which he did fine,” said an AFC personnel executive, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

    “And those things are things you learn. He’s a bright guy, he’s talented, he can learn those things without any problem.”

    “I think everybody was curious about his ‘skill’ workout as far as catching and running routes,” Softli said.

    “And he looked good. His routes are crisp. Playing only two years in college, he’s still got a lot to learn. But you could see his athleticism and his speed coming through.”