No Raiders live chat this week


Just wanted to clarify that there will not be a live chat with Jerry McDonald this week. Jerry will be on vacation the rest of the week and our regular online live chats will resume on Tuesday, March 31 at 1 p.m.

In the meantime, if/when Raiders news happens, we’ll keep you informed.


Jon Becker

  • Good! Oakglenn has a couple of quick notes to present to you guys, about a potential 7th round pick!

  • Dakota


  • vegas raider

    Maybe it will give Jerry enough time to form an actual opinion on things.

  • Vegas wants the borders shut. That would cut Raiders’ attendance in half.

  • Live chat is as gay as internet geeks

  • vegas raider

    N Front of ya momma’s house Says:
    March 24th, 2009 at 12:51 pm
    Vegas wants the borders shut. That would cut Raiders’ attendance in half.


    Protected, not shut you moron. Besides the Cowboys are by far the most popular team in Mexico.

  • Art Spander

    If you were to ban white trash, that would cut Raider’s attendance almost entirely. It would only leave about a hundred or so black fans in the stadium, and the Oakland police would kill them. So that leaves zero. All other races and classes of Raider fans are too smart to go to the games anymore.

  • Uh oh, Vegas is getting mad…

  • oh no here we go with the politics, why not try these http://www.cnn.com or http://www.foxnews.com how about some football talk here instead.

  • 1pm troll rush hour

  • Could we get back to talking Raider football please w/o the politics, cowardly shooting of people, etc. etc.???

  • Art Spander

    Talk football? What football? This is a Raider blog.

    Oh!!!! Drum roll. I’m here all week, folks.

  • We’re being lectured by a self admitted crank smoker. Only on a Raider blog.

  • S&B (BJ Raji / Jarron Gilbert @ 7 & 40 to fix 31st run D)

    Just numbers:

    1.Points per gm when starting: Henderson 26ppg, Harris 12 ppg

    2. J. Russell last 7 gms: 61% comp, 1,134 yds, 7td, 4int

    3. Points per game last 7 gms: 22 per game

    4. Sacks given up: 1st 10 gms: 26 or 2.6 per gm: Last 7gms: 9 or 1.3 per gm

    5. When Bush gets at least 10 carries in gm (K.C, Buf, S.D, T.B) 71 carries 370 yds 5.2 yds per carry

    6. Three playcallers on offense including the Kiffin debacle
    Going into 2009:

    1. Upgraded head coach, QB coach, Offensive Coordinator

    2. Upgraded tackle positions

    3. Upgraded Center

    4. DMAC will be healthy on week 1 for first time since 1st K.C game

    5. Cable knows what Bush can do

    6. Javon Walker, like Tommy Kelly on defense, will be another year removed from knee surgery

    7. Get Arman Shields on the field for 1st time

    8. JLH and Schilens have another yr under their belt

    Our defense gave up 24 points per game in the last 7 gms

    Offensive playmakers just need to keep playing

    Defense needs to be upgraded!!!! Starting in late April

  • Vegas Raider

    I only pick winners.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Let’s try a line focus. So far it looks like Cable agrees.


    Charlie: give me a link where Cable talks about the run defense being a more pressing issue than a play maker at wide receiver.

  • Vegas Raider

    I have to make some calls. Be back in 5 minutes.

  • vegas raider

    Jerry on vacation means the posters on here will be providing us with all the teams news this week.

  • Vegas Raider

    “yeh, that’s a large pepperoni. My mom will be at the door, she’ll come down to the basement and get me when you arrive. 13.99? Ok. See ya”

    Ok guys, back from making my cold calls. Anyhow, I want the borders protected better, to keep about half of the Raider Nation out of the country.

  • crank smoker = racing not actually smoking crank you idiot

  • vegas raider

    Gotta be a slow day if the trolls can only come up with #15 and #17. How the mightly have fallen

  • Art Spander

    I’ve got all the Raider news you guys need. The Raiders will suck, just as they did the past 6 years. They’ll suck until Al Davis dies. You don’t need any more news than that. Everything else are mundane details.

  • Corrected, Crank Smoker. You don’t really smoke crank, you just have the intellect of someone who does.

  • The trolls are everywhere, Vegas. They’ve been getting me, too. I think it’s employees if IBA beefing up web hits.

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  • Dakota

    Another forced vacation for Jerry?

  • I meag boners!

  • Dammit. I’m jumpy today. Can’t type. I biye boners!

  • Damn! What’s wrong with me?

    I bite boners.


  • Hubbard Run Me Throw

    The Raider’s throwback helmuts look pretty sweet, at least from what I can tell by that dinky picture on NFL.com. I think they’re going to wear them on MNF. Also, are Cable’s comments from the owner’s meeting posted anywhere?

  • kiss my dick ya momma’s

  • Art Spander

    Hi Oakglenn.

  • RaiderRockstar

    “I think everybody has tried to be sure you’re good enough at tackle so I think you still address that need,” Cable said.

    “I’m trying to see as much as I can because it’s so important to me, particularly this first draft, for us to know as much as we can and obviously my deal is the offensive line so I want to keep a hand in that and stay focused with that,” Cable said.

    With that in mind, Cable is looking to keep JaMarcus Russell upright.

    “We’ve got to get some places better on the football team,” Cable said. “For us it means something like protecting JaMarcus Russell. I think that’s where we have to start.”


    From Jason Jones & Jerry Mac. What Cable said last week at the Cal pro day (after Barnes was signed)

    Looks like he’s trying to surround Russell with talent. part of protecting Russell is making sure he has somebody to throw the ball to

  • Crank smoker’s getting angry. Must be coming down…

  • Dakota

    I need a TV in my office so I can play Fallout 3 on slow days like this one.

  • # N Front of ya momma’s house Says:
    March 24th, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    This is the only name I’ve ever posted under, Vegas Raider. But you can duck the question all you want. My point’s made.

    come on azz hole, you are the only one who asks the same questions, brings up Al Davis and his projector, brings race into everything, and changes the subject to some politically related issue. And also, the only one who sits here and lies about it. you’re getting stupider maddentroller

  • darkknight01

    I think JARRON GILBERT would be an excellent 2nd Round pick for this team!

    He can play some DT but he can also play DE because of his size, quickness and long arms.

  • Dakota

    PFT says Hakeem Nicks got fat. Gained 15 or 16 lbs since the combine…and not muscle.

  • and maddenraider cleans it up

  • Sean Smith, safety, Utah, early in the 2nd round.

  • Dakota

    Oakglenn, I am afraid you might be right about that, Al might go S in round 2…after going WR in round 1.

    The lines get castoffs while the picks go to the positions of lesser importance.

  • RaiderRockstar

    LOL @ post #39

  • darkknight01

    I don’t think the Raiders need to be drafting any DB’s whether their safeties or not until at least Round 4.

  • Rickey Henderson was no Joe Rudi. Pretty fast for a Filipino though.

  • LOL @ post #42. Hhahaha, Hehehehe Soooooo funny!

  • Actually Dakota, I am thinking one of the stellar left tackles in round 1, and then Sean Smith in round 2. If you guys have not checked out Sean Smith, you may want to.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Dakota: read post #33

    trading for Satele doesn’t make us “good enough at tackle” … calm down

    the cable guy has a plan for the o-line. Barnes, Pears, Carlisle & Satele were just a part of that plan.

    Question: who would we cut to make room for draft pick(s) spent on the o-line? Barnes & Pears replace Harris & Green. Satele replaces Grove.

    Do we cut: Marten, McQuistan, Wade, Morris?

  • Nader64

    will do CJ. If you have any links you’d suggest, pls send.

  • Dakota


    I still like McQ…the rest can all be cut as far as I am concerned.

    New post up

  • Chris in NY

    Great. Now where am I supposed to find someone who will field questions for the 1001th time about Mark Davis’ future role with the team and who the mystery GM candidate might be.