Cable continues to add to his coaching staff


The Raiders moved closer to readiness for the upcoming season by adding three coaches to Tom Cable’s staff.
Cable hired Bert Leone as the defensive quality control coach, Rich Scangarello as his offensive quality control coach and Aaron Pelch as an assistant special teams coach.
Cable has hired 10 new coaches since he was made the full-time head coach by managing general partner Al Davis on Feb. 4. He also has reassigned five coaches to new roles this season.
In other news, quarterback JaMarcus Russell showed up for the offseason workout program Thursday. He reportedly missed the first part of the voluntary workouts so that he could be with his mother while she underwent surgery last week.
Cable started the offseason workouts Mar. 16. Players aren’t required to attend, but they are encouraged to spend as many days as possible working out at the team’s year-round facility.


Jon Becker

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  • Cole Ford

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  • S&B (BJ Raji / Jarron Gilbert @ 7 & 40 to fix 31st run D)

    Midwest Fan Says:
    March 27th, 2009 at 3:03 pm
    Has anyone taken that list of DT’s ref their Height and given what round they were taken. I think that would be interesting.

    William “Refrigerator” Perry – 6′2 325, Pro Bowl, 1st rd #22
    Dana Stubblefield – 6′2 300 – Pro Bowler 1st rd #26
    Jerry Ball – 6′1 330* – Pro-Bowler – 3rd rd #63
    Keith Traylor – 6′2 340* 3rd rd #61
    Russell Maryland – 6′1 300* – Pro-Bowler 1st rd #1
    Jerome Brown – 6′2 292 – Pro-Bowler 1st rd #9
    Casey Hampton 6′1 320 — Pro-Bowler 1st rd #19
    Vince Wilfork 6′2 325 — Pro-Bowler 1st rd #21

    B.J Raji – 6′2 335 or 6′1 and 3/4ths 335* 1st rd #7

    *Played/s both DT and NT

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  • More knowledge can’t hurt hiring football personnel is What this team needs sending a message too players That except nothing but quality out on the field from Tackling too blocking also dropped passes have been a Major issue so hope these guys have what it takes too Turn this ship around.

  • cole ford.

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  • Raider O

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  • Mad Road Dog

    Andre Smith and finding a way to get Mack ensure a consistent running game coupled with a more effective passing game translates to a balanced offense which elevates the defense. If our offense can score enough points, the pressure on our defense switches to containing the pass more than the run. Thus autimatically no more 31st against the run. Besides the 3rd,4th,6th picks in the draft and walk ons can further build the defense.

  • Im all about taking Andre Smith at 7,…Im not worried bout his bad combine and pro day,..he will dominate on sundays.

  • # Cole Ford Says:
    March 27th, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    Kell, thats because people across the bay are granola eating pansies.


    Yeh, Mixon looked like the typical hippie…

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  • Raider O

    If one of the top 2 OTs falls to 7th, we will take him. Other than that Curry, Raji, or Orakpo should be the pick. KC is looking at Curry, and the top 2 OTs should be gone by the the 5th. Orakpo may get drafted by an Ohio Team, so that leaves us Raji. If Seatle or the Rams take Crab and the Ohio teams take Orakpo and Wells, then 1 of the top 2 OTs should be available.

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