How Vick could work with Raiders


Michael Vick is saying the right things and working his way back to the NFL.

Unless you’re comfortable with the idea of Bruce Gradkowski and Andrew Walter battling it out on the depth chart behind JaMarcus Russell, the Raiders should pursue Vick under the following conditions:

1: That Vick agrees to a one- or two-year contract at a salary near the NFL minimum.

2: That Vick understands he has no chance to be the starting quarterback in 2009 unless Russell is injured.

3: That Vick is agreeable to being used creatively on offense in any way the offensive braintrust of Tom Cable, Ted Tollner and Paul Hackett sees fit.

Having lost two years of his career to dogfighting, and the PETA-driven public outcry which will greet Vick’s return, it’s difficult to imagine an NFL team considering him as a starter.

Unless Vick is considering a job in construction _ maybe he can help build the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara _ his best bet in getting playing time right away is in the new United Football League.

If he is going to play in the NFL, the Raiders would be an appealing option for a year or two to get his career back on track. Chances are good Cable has already thought of the creative possibilities, having been the line coach with Atlanta when Vick was there.

It’s worth noting that former Falcons such as DeAngelo Hall, Ashley Lelie and Justin Griffith all swore by Vick in terms of being a good teammate.

Vick is going to need to join a team which is willing to withstand the criticism of bringing him aboard. Few teams shield their players from the media better than Oakland, and owner Al Davis has a track record of giving second chances.

As sick and disgusting as Vick’s dogfighting enterprise was, he has served 23 months in prison. If Leonard Little can play in the NFL and Pacman Jones can get repeated chances, it’s hard to make a case for keeping out Vick.

Coming to the Raiders would benefit Vick by uniting him with Hackett, considered an excellent teacher of quarterback fundamentals. Any hope Vick has of becoming a more conventional quarterback as he enters his 30s and loses some of his blinding speed rests with improving his passing skill and ability to execute an offense.

While polishing those abilities, Vick, assuming he is as blindingly fast and stunningly athletic as ever, could become a potent part-time weapon. He could line up as a Wildcat quarterback in place of Russell, play in the same backfield with Russell in trick spread formations, or in myriad offensive sets that would include the likes of Darren McFadden, Michael Bush and Johnnie Lee Higgins.

Vick would create a run-pass threat that would have to be accounted for defensively. You’ve got Russell taking the snap, with Vick a few steps to his right and McFadden close by or in the slot, with Higgins split wide.

Now what?

In the event that Russell were to be injured, Vick would be a potentially explosive option as a backup quarterback. If he’s not far enough along in that regard after missing two years, then either Walter, Gradkowski or a player yet to be added to the roster could step in, with Vick retaining his roles in other areas.

If Vick is of a mind to come in and compete for a job as a starter instantly and is looking for big money, Oakland is not the place for him.

But if Vick is looking for a way to get back in the game, shake off the rust and do it with an organization that will accept him for who he is, there is no better landing spot.

McFadden named in civil suit

Raiders running back Darren McFadden was added to a civil lawsuit regarding an incident at piano bar which occurred before he was drafted by the organization, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • NoMoreFargas

    My favorite qb will always be Plunkett to come off the bench twice not once but 2 times and lead the greatest team ever I swear anytime they show anything about the 83′ team I tear up to beat the defending SB champs that bad and the squad Plunkett,Allen,Christiansen,M.Haynes,L.Hayes,Howie,Lyle,
    who ever whips a defending SB champ that bad 38-9

  • NoMoreFargas

    How did Tigers dad do or is Tiger just a once in a life time type of cool with dad putting so much on him.

  • NMF..

    Lewis Hamiltons father has been cool to, though i dont like hamilton, he sure has his father to thank for his success..


    Patrick Bates was a bust alright but I don’t know that Huff is important enough to be in the top fifty.

    The poor guy lost his enthusiam for the game he says. Maybe he can buy another some more at Sakks Fifth Avenue with all that Raider money.


    Plunkett was/is great. He was great at Stanford too. An unassuming guy with great control of the team and the game. A class act.
    It’s pathetic that he’s not in the Hall of Fame.
    I see Al’s is starting to push that. He’s up against that east coast bias.

  • 4evaRaider

    gee,I dont think I like this anymore

  • 4evaRaider

    somebody needs 2 light a fire under Huff’s butt


    Light a fire under Huff’s butt?
    We could start the fire with all that paper money the Raiders are wasting on him.

    You’d think he would get the idea from watching Aso at work.

    Maybe Jack Tatum could have a word with him, show him how to hit, how to tackle, how to be responsible for your position.
    Of course we don’t want Jack scaring him into being even less enthusiastic.

    I don’t get Huff. He’s got talent but he’s not a first.
    It would be nice to see him pull it together though and show us what he’s capable of. I don’t think Cable wants guys who lose their enthusiasm and I don’t think he’s going to have any patience with it.
    For the first time in the last six murderous years the Raiders are looking good. It’s either play or get lost.

  • take care guys, im going out for a beer or two =) and to enjoy the fantastic weather…

    4eva… arent you going to get some sleep? you are worse than me =) LOL

  • NoMoreFargas

    Where is the huff that cost usc a 3 national title i want that guy not the one we got.



    Seems like Huff can’t find him either.


    And I’m off to watch some rugby.
    Now there’s a game Jack Tatum would love-constant hitting and no pads.

    Actually there is probably talent for the NFL in rugby, they’ve got the hitting down pat and just need to read the NFL rule book.

    The Raiders should scout out some of the younger rugby players in Europe, send a scout over here, scout Billy Twelvetrees maybe.

    Al, if you’re reading the posts now that they’re all cleaned up as well reading Jerry, I’d be glad to volunteer for that job.

    I’ll even fly to Oakland to pick up the check.

  • Mistabrown

    Huff didnt flourish under Rob Ryan but other than Nnamdi who did ? If Huff doesn’t improve with new DC than go ahead and throw him under the bus.

  • edward teach

    If we draft an OT with the 7th overall pick we’ll have about ten of them in camp at the same time.

    Tom Cable will officially become the Jon Gruden of offensive tackles.

  • JediRaider

    I don’t care what kind of weapon Vick would be – I wouldn’t want to be put in a situation where I would cheer for him. There are mistakes and there are pre-meditated crimes. Vick did this for years, bought a house explicitly to fight dogs, had employees to run the operation, traveled around the country to fight dogs, and then killed them in the most brutal way possible.

    I can almost understand how this “sport” exists, it’s been around for centuries, and Vick is dumb country boy where all this is acceptable – I get the cultural aspects of it, like cock fighting in mexico or whatever, but Vick lied about it and kept on lying right up until his plea deal and then got busted for smoking weed while out on bail – IDIOT – he should have just said he was raised on fighting dogs and didn’t see anything wrong with it (obviously he didn’t so that’s pretty much the truth), but knew it was illegal but culturally acceptable – once the outcry reached a fever pitch, he could have apologized and done his time and put some money into a shelter for animals and gone to “counseling” to cure himself and all would have been forgotten – except he’s just a disgusting pos who thinks he’s entitled to a life of fortune and fame – he has no remorse, other than he got caught and lost all his money – let him work in construction – he will f that up too – in three years he’ll be back in jail with travis henry trying to become Tony Montana because he’s too stupid and irresponsible to make a living doing anything legitimate.

  • Good morning.

  • Tony Montana, LMAO.
    Say hello to my little friend.

  • It used to bother me how much actors, singers, and sports players make. Now that I understand there is a lot of money in entertainment, and that’s due to the consumer willing to pay $19 for a CD, $50 for a movie, and a $100 for a game ticket. If we are willing to keep paying them, and look up to them, this will never change.

  • DarthPirate

    Supply and demand Raider O, that’s all it is.

  • fullwack

    Raiders sign Vick and I burn my Raider Jerseys…