Would Raiders take Heyward-Bey at No. 7?


The NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, generally one of the more respected draft analysts around and a guy who was linked to the Raiders a couple years back as a potential personnel hire, had a surprise pick for Oakland with the No. 7 overall pick.

Virtually everyone who has Oakland picking a wide receiver has the Raiders selecting either Texas Tech’s Michael Crabtree or Missouri’s Jeremy Maclin.

Mayock paired the Raiders with Maryland’s Darius Heyward-Bey.

“He’s a height-weight-speed specialist. The fastest guy at the combine,” Mayock said. “This is an Al Davis special. You pair him with JaMarcus Russell and Darren McFadden.”

Mayock didn’t have Crabtree taken in the first ten picks. He said Davis focuses on height, weight and speed and that “Crabtree is not fast enough for him.”

Heyward-Bey’s career stats weren’t necessarily what you’d expect from the fastest receiver in the draft _ 138 catches 2,089 yards, 13 touchdowns.

Which could have something to do with inconsistent quarterback play, frequent double teams and a lot of Cover 2 defenses which wouldn’t let him get deep. Or it could be he’s a track guy who isn’t necessarily a fluid receiver.

Regardless, if Davis were to be enamored with Heyward-Bey, the Raiders could consider moving back in the draft and getting additional picks. Most mock drafts don’t have Heyward-Bey going in the second half of the first round.

OTA schedule

According to an NFL release, the Raiders have scheduled the following dates for the 14 organized team activity sessions they are allowed as part of their offseason workout program: May 19-21; June 2-4; June 9-11; June 16-18.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer


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  • galleryisnobust

    hi, im new here. just got back from holiday and saw mayocks top ten on nfl.com.
    Over the last couple of years ive come to deprnd on Mayocks insight into the draft but im not so sure now. the guy just had a brain fart
    DHB will never happen at #7, not even Al is that stubborn and what are Crabtree’s character and off field issues?
    He piped on about Raji going to the browns because he’s the anchor of there 3-4 defence, they already have Rogers (the best NT in the leauge right now) and have hired Ryan (the bad seed) as their OC!
    He gives Stafford to the Lions (which might happen) but he then says “he has questionable accuracy and decision making, but he’s a franchise quarterback!” WHAT?
    sorry if im rambling but WHAT? lol

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    I celebrated it last night! B I G time =) a bunch of my old army buddies were together, I kicked the last one out this morning…

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  • 15yearsold15yearfan

    Bush rumor is fake pft

  • NoMoreFargas

    That would be awful Bush for 85 no way , 85 is TO without the talent and td’s. He became an even bigger baby when Housh passed him up as the teams go to wr.

  • NMF

    Totally agree, and it was pretty obvious that it was a bogus story..

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  • jhill

    Jhill BTW I see Mbush as the feature back in this offense DMC will be used closer to what you saw with Charlie Garner but when we were really good Whealey played a dominant role on offense. Our RB coach at that time was a huge Garner fan so you saw him in games more because of that. I see Cable as a Bush fan contrary to popular beliefs if you go back early in the year Bush played Cable soured on him when Griffin went down and he NEEDED him.


    Let me again say that this is not about Bush’s talent. If I believed for a second that Bush would a major part of our game plan, then of course you keep him and hope he retires a Raider.

    We saw exactly what we wanted to see starting in game 2 against KC thru the SD game, Kiffin’s last. It was the Bush and McFadden show. Granted it was because Fargas hurt his groin, but regardless, Bush was getting 15 carries a game.

    Bye week comes, Kiffin gets fired, Fargas returns at 60% (torn groin does not heal in 3 weeks), Bush doesn’t see the field until the last game of the year.

    I just won’t believe that Bush is in Cable’s plans until I see him get significant looks against SD on Monday night.

  • Charlie

    Debating the merits of a WR’s speed or size makes for interesting conversation and would actually be relevant for respectable football teams.
    The problem is we have beeen getting pounded for six straight years because our line play is weaker than at any point in Raider history. Our Oline is on the right track with the new FA additions but I would not be surprised at a day one Oline selection.
    Our defensive line is embarrassing.
    Our first pick will most likely de a DE followed by DT in round two.
    Without a day one line focus in the draft it should be no surprise to see very little if any improvement in 2009.

  • Happy Birthday LMN.

  • NoMoreFargas

    Saying the d-line is good in spurts means their not very good and that why we get the ball run down r throat. People will say better o and then the d will be better but lot of games last year the pats and falcons they ran it early and succesfully in the first half.

  • LMN

    A little herb and some Snapple should do the trick.

    Happy Birthday my Raider brother!

  • jhill

    Run defense, run defense, run defense …

    Burgess missed how much time last year? How many games did we have Kalimba Edwards and Jay Richardson starting at DE for us, with NO ONE at the other OLB spot?

    The 3 glaring holes in our front 7, if you want to talk about run defense, are without question LDE, RDE, and MLB.

  • Charlie

    Teams pretty much ran AND passed at will.
    No question that better offense means better defense because our D is off the field.
    Everything on defense starts with the Dline and we do not pressure the QB with our base four and we are awful against the run.
    Needs to be addressed on draft day one. Not day two.

  • I see over at pft.com, thanks to #24’s continuous e-mails to Florio, that they finally addressed that bogus trade rumor about Bush and a 2nd rounder for OchoStinko.

    Nice work 24! Way to smoke out the truth.

  • Dogg,

    Herb!!! Does that help?

  • Charlie


    I agree with you on DE.
    I guess you are suggesting we move Morrison outside?
    He was our leading tackler and he made alot of penetrating plays despite traffic cones playing in front of him.
    I still think we go DT on day one.

  • Norco Bob

    Good morning Jerry, nice to have you with us.

  • I see a problem with our DEs, DTs, and SLB. Kirk is a solid MLB, but he can’t do much behind that D line. No one can.

  • Charlie,

    Kirk is also smart, and he is our leader on defense. He gets and calls the plays too.

    After we fix our D line, then we can find out if we should move him to SLB.

  • Voldemort

    When is the draft? It’s on the 17th right?

  • Charlie

    Raider O

    Absolutely. I am perplexed by how anyone can support our existing front four. To have your second leading tackler be your strong safety ought to scare the h#ll out of people.
    Fix the Dline and half the people on this blog could play DB for the Raiders.(Maybe not but you get my point)

  • Xplosive_da_1

    Derrius Heyward-Bey would be the overall Best Pick up for the raiders and the overall Best Wide Receiver to come out of this class.

    Essentially he would be a instant impact player the only player that will help us beat the chargers and clinch our division again..

    Thats who the raiders select with the 1st pick 7th overall in the draft.

    2nd they can take evander Hood or a OT, But the Raiders need Bey and he needs them its a match made in heaven.

    GO Raiders


  • BigZ@CSM

    Hey Nation just for the record i dont think Raji is big enoug or strong enough. He is listed as 6’1 323 with 33 reps at the combine. This is why i dont think he will be great. He is kinda short he could use longer arms to get them hands up on passing plays. In high school i played NT and LT. I am 6’3 312. and i could throw up 25 reps at 225. This guy is a top ten draft pick and he is only a lil stronger than me? I lift and work out as a hobie now and he only has me by 8 reps…. He ran a 5.13 40 yd dash thats quick but… plus i just found some more info in 47 games played over a 5 year span(2007 DNP) he recorded 105 tackels 32.5 for loss and 12.5 sacks. Are you kidding me and in ’08 he had 8 sacks lol. so 4.5 sacks in 3 years? Plus the fact that he is a pot head… Last year kirk morrison had 100 solo tackles last year in 16 games. thats what BJ did in 4 years.

    ok ill stop now go RAIDERS!!

  • CJ Legend 34

    This line came out of an article posted today in USA Today about DHB. Does anyone see a little concern witht this statment? Not the type of money I would gamble at #7 on a prospect.

    “At 6-2, 210 pounds, he has size to go with speed. However, during his three-year Terrapins career, he never had more than five touchdown receptions in a season.”