Sapp not a Cable guy


Warren Sapp held an chat on NFL.com Thursday and while he paid a glowing tribute to Al Davis, he apparently doesn’t think much of the ability of his former boss to select a coach.

Q: Do you think Cable is good enough to lead the Raiders?

Sapp: Tom Cable couldn’t lead the Raiders to a picnic in his own back yard.

When asked about how he really felt about Davis, Sapp said, “One of the true legends of the game. It was an absolute pleasure to play for the man. The only thing is, I wish I could have won more for him. He embodies everything that the NFL is. He’s unmistakable. Recognize greatness when you see it, because it won’t be around too much longer. I love Al.”

Al may beg to differ on how much longer the greatness will be around.

Asked about the Raiders draft, Sapp said, “My people in Oakland are talking about picking something crazy like a safety. So don’t be surprised if they do something you don’t like in Oakland.”

Not sure at this point who Sapp`s “people” are. It’s not like any of his former defensive teammates are privy to information regarding the draft. His former coaches, Rob Ryan and Keith Millard, are gone.

There really aren’t any safeties worthy of the No. 7 overall pick, with the real outside shot being Ohio State corner Malcolm Jenkins being taken as a safety.

But that’s Warren. Never let the facts get in the way of a good quote.

Cable to talk draft Tuesday

Cable will address the media Tuesday regarding the draft and the progress of his team in the offseason.

The schedule will be announced Tuesday as well, but probably after Cable speaks.

Picnic baskets are optional.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRockstar

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  • Broncos needs:
    1- an entire new Defense.
    2- every position on Offense but WR and LT.


  • Dude

    Ok man. Wow. You REALLY look at things through Raider colored glasses. Russell has more success than Cassell?? That must be a joke. Funny, Funny.

    The Chiefs suck, but as a Raider fan, saying that is like throwing stones from a glass house.

    Bush is a 3rd stringer, thats why I didnt add him.

  • come on jerry make with the fix….

  • Dude

    Dont know about your Bronco take. They have like 8 picks in the top 60 this year. You can fix alot of holes with that many picks.

  • Dude is right, KC and Oakland will rule the division for the next decade.

    Broncos are toast.

    Chargers are right behind them in the free fall.

  • Als saggy lower jaw

    Bush is the man dude!

  • I wish I can be stuck in the 50s. I like the culture, music, cars, and clothes. 🙂

  • Back to Football:

    I say we take Robert Ayers and forget all this avoiding Tennessee bull crap!!

  • OAKlifer


    No bro I never said…”Russell has more success than Cassell?? ” I said…”Russel& Cassel toss up But i’m a way bigger fan of Russels having more success than cassel…but as far as roster goes if we lose russel GOD forbid!!! we have Garcia…”
    Atvantage Raiduuuuas…

    Which means I think its a TOSS UP ie above/ and I would be a bigger fan of russel HAVING more sucsess than Cassel… NOt sayin he has been more sucsessful…

    But yes we can agree on one thing the donks really F-ed up!!! LOL

    O-line for ’09

  • Raider O LOL

    What about Elvis!!!

  • Als saggy lower jaw

    ok…. Chargers obviously win the div… then maybe us k.c or denver…

  • new post up

  • Als saggy lower jaw

    Robert Ayers?? overrated.. we have whats his name

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    Aren’t you jesus freaks supposed to be kind, turn the other cheek and all that?


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