Trade winds will tempt Raiders


The Raiders have never been shy about making deals at draft time, whether it be with picks or players on the current roster.

Last season, Oakland dispatched the No. 104 and No. 213 picks to move up four spots and take Tyvon Branch at No. 100. They dealt cornerback Fabian Washington for a fourth-round pick which turned out to be wide receiver Arman Shields.

Branch has been lightly penciled in as the starter at strong safety, while the hope is Shields can be a more recent version of Michael Bush _ a potential starter who rehabbed an injury for a year and will turn out to be a bargain.

They’ve had their share of swings and misses.

They dealt the No. 7 overall pick in for Randy Moss well in advance of the draft.

They acquired Mike Williams and Josh McCown for a fourth-round draft pick in 2007. (Although, remarkably, the Raiders got the better end of the deal _ if there is such a thing. A.J. Davis, the cornerback the Lions drafted, failed to make the team, landed on the practice squad, and was waived. He’s trying to catch on with the Houston Texans).

They traded up to get Mario Henderson, traded up to get Sam Williams. Back in 1997, they moved up to get Ricky Dudley.

The Raiders have already acquired their probable starting center, Samson Satele, by swapping fourth round picks and sending a sixth-rounder to the Miami Dolphins.

There is conjecture this could be the year Al Davis deviates from his normal mode of trading up in the draft and instead trades back to acquire more picks.

The Baltimore Sun reports the Raiders had an on-site visit with Darrius Heyward-Bey, the most impressive size-speed receiver in the draft out of Maryland. The NFL Network’s Mike Mayock has the Raiders taking Heyward-Bey as a surprise at No. 7.

Yet most mock drafts have only Texas Tech’s Michael Crabtree and Missouri’s Jeremy Maclin as receivers who could go that high, which means trading back is an option if they like Heyward-Bey.

At No. 7 the Raiders likely won’t be high enough to land either of the two top tackles, Baylor’s Jason Smith and Virginia’s Eugene Monroe.

They won’t be high enough to get Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry, who’s selection at No. 3 to Kansas City appears to chiseled in stone. (The Raiders don’t have a particular need at weakside linebacker _ although Curry might be good enough to play anywhere _ but he’s considered possibly the best football player in the draft).

If the Raiders are deciding between B.J. Raji, Brian Orakpo, Everette Brown, Michael Oher, Maclin or Crabtree, they can stay where they are be assured of landing one of them.

For virtually anyone else, it would behoove Oakland to seriously consider trading back and adding picks.

If they like Heyward-Bey better than Crabtree or Maclin, they can trade back.

If they want any one of three USC linebackers (Rey Maualuga, Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews), they can trade back.

If they like Mississippi’s Peria Jerry or Raji’s Boston College teammate, Ron Brace, better than Raji, they can trade back.

It’s not a tactic the Raiders have employed in the past, but then again, this entire postseason has been one of a common-sense approach and adding young talent, with the notable exclusion of signing veteran quarterback Jeff Garcia.

Trading back, getting more picks and building that young talent base makes sense.

Follett, Meredith, etc.

Various published and Internet sites have linked the Raiders with Cal lineabacker Zach Follett and Jamon Meredith (Sporting News diary).

Both likely would merit second-day consideration.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Said Raiders T Khalif Barnes, “I’m so determined to be this franchise’s left tackle for the next nine years.”

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    Five Qs with Khalif Barnes

    New Raiders left tackle Khalif Barnes wants to apologize for not calling right away for a previously scheduled phone interview.

    “I just get caught up in training and it’s like tunnel vision, that’s all I see,” Barnes said after coming up for air three weeks into offseason voluntary workouts. “Sorry ’bout that, it won’t happen again.”

    He also wants everyone to know that he’s here to play left tackle, as opposed to the widely assumed right. So if Mario Henderson wants to be the starter at that position, he’ll have to go throw Barnes, a four-year starter with the Jaguars who signed a one-year deal with Oakland last month.

    Barnes took some time to answer five burning questions as the Raiders prepare for the NFL Draft.

    Q: Any experience with the zone blocking scheme?

    A: A ton of experience. That’s all we did in Jacksonville. I’ve been going through a few plays here already and like what I see. It’s something I’m very good at and something I can get better at. It gives you a chance to get running off the ball. Looking around, we’ve got a lot of athletic linemen here.”

    Q: Tom Cable, the offensive line coach turned head coach?

    A: “He’s a player’s coach. He’s an offensive line guy. He understands how we work, how we think. He sees things I can already fix so I can become more explosive. I can see and feel the difference already. At one point, you get comfortable playing in a certain stance and a certain way, but the guys coached the positon … little nuggets here and there can help you out and elevate your game.”

    Q: With a one-year deal, plan on sticking around?

    A: “I know I have a lot of work to do and a lot of individual goals I want to accomplish. I can be one of those tackles thay can stay there for another nine years. You look at guys like Orlando Pace, Jonathan Ogden, guys that stayed in one place for 13 years. I’ve started four years but I know I have a lot more to do and have a chance to be really good.”

    Q: Tom Cable said you’ll compete at left tackle, but some think you’ll be on the right side. Your plans?

    A: “I’m so determined to be this franchise’s left tackle for the next nine years. I know that’s a big challenge but that’s my goal. What better place to be a dominant left tackle than with the Raiders? I get a chance to come in here and start I’m not going to let it go.”

    Q: Any fearless predictions for next season?

    A: “This is the year the Raiders can change things around. I know they haven’t had the best of years here the past few years but that can all change. Who would have thought Arizona would have gone to the playoffs coming off the season they had? It doesn’t matter about the previous records. I’m excited about the players we’re playing with. There’s going to be some good ball played.”



    Jimmy Carter was president when the Iranians held American embassy people hostage for what seemed like a decade.

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    Thanks for post#24. I like the sound of Khalif Barnes. Looks like Khalif and Mario are going to be knocking heads.

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    Per the report, the Dolphins might consider trying to trade Beck, who has faded into the background since the new regime of Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Sparano’s arrival.

    (I say we trade Andrew Walter for John Beck and cut Gradkowski. I think we’d have a nice trio of QB’s and Beck would be young enough and talented enough in case Jamarcus fails.)

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    EnglandRaider – Definately. Tom Cable knows exactly what hes doing. He needs competition on this team.

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    4evaRaider – Welcome.

    April 12th, 2009 at 11:40 am


    Jimmy Carter was president when the Iranians held American embassy people hostage for what seemed like a decade.

    yeah i know, i just didnt know there was a “dance” =)


    Watched an episode of Three and a Half Men the other day. Charlie Sheen starts thinking that a girl he laid years has a son by him and he didn’t know about it.
    When he finds out it’s not his son, he says:
    “Thank God, I was afraid I’d have to start pretending I like soccer”.

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    What would your brother think of post 133.?



    Well, there’s no official dance! It’s just that Jimmy didn’t seem too do much about the hostages. They were released within hours right after Reagan was sworn in as President-like the Iranians didn’t want to mess with him.

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    I meant the Celebration of Easter. I’m sure diff countries have diff traditions on Easter my friend. Since you lived in both countries, I was just wondering if you celebrate Easter the same. Christians in Arab countries have a diff tradition on Easter than here in the US.

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    Bob Marley – My brother would feel that the Cowboys would be giving up too much for one player. The Cowboys can improve their depth even more with their current draft and Jerry Jones has been a master of setting his teams up well in the draft with alot of picks and 2 1st round picks on several occasions. Spears is a former 1st Round player who is still young and productive and he plays opposite of Olshansky so both players are needed. The Cowboys would be making a mistake to trade that much for one player when they are set at so many positions currently and set in the draft for the future as well.


    I agree, I like the guy and I’m hoping he’s going to work as well with Al as Madden.

    We know that Cable is a very good offensive line coach. We know that somehow he brought the team back to win the last two games last year even though it seemed like they would just quit after the painful Kiffin soap opera.

    We know that he understands the underlying problem inhabiting the locker room for the six years and has the support of the players and of Al Davis. We know that he is working well with Davis in what is our most organized off-season in years.

    What we don’t know is how well he will call the plays. He was doing ok in the Tampa Bay Game, but will there be any more trick plays for Seabass?
    Can we make him promise?

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    Plus…The Cowboys could use more depth on the defensive line, cornerback and SS. They also need another QB and WR and they can find both in the 2nd and later rounds and be ok because neither would need to start right away but would provide them with more quality depth.

  • SnB Defense

    I hope a reporter asks Cable the following on Tues:

    1. Positions that need to be upgraded on defense to improve run defense

    2. The future of Schilens, JLH and Shields

    3. Options for Mario Henderson. can he play the right side?

    4. Will Michael Bush see more time next year and what does he need to do to improve?

    The answers to those questions would be helpful in understanding the draft AND the direction this team will take in 2009


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    I guess I misunderstood. Easter here is the same as in the US.

    San Diego is a beautiful place. Too bad it’s full of Charger fans. I expect you have a few arguments.
    If I remember correctly, San Marcus has a couple of pretty good pubs.

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    ENGLANDRAIDER – I agree with you about Cable. Maybe we don’t need him to be another Madden but anything in that direction would be a positive. Maybe 20 years down the road we can say…that Tom Cable was a great coach? I’d love to say that. Cable definately brought the best out of the players somehow and that speaks volumes compared to the rest of the last 6 years. I personally liked his playcalling as well and so what if he tried a fake or 2. This offense needed a spark. The team needed to know that their coach had the b@lls to try anything in order to win. Had the play worked, it would have pumped the team up. Blame Jani for the poor execution.

    As far as Tom Cable coaching at Idaho and having a poor record. For God sakes. Its Idaho. They have never been good and probably never will be so I don’t think the coaching had anything to do with it. No player worth a damn wants to go their and play so of course he had a poor record. He was working with scrubs. He has alot more talent to work with in Oakland and despite the negative people’s comments…we may not have the greatest coaches but we do have a good core of coaches with alot of experience and knowledge on a young team that desperately needs that.

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    I don’t want Cable to talk to the media until after the draft. We don’t need to give any clues as to the direction of the coming draft. Just leave it alone and let the pieces fall where they may.

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    I will live in San Diego one day. Its a great place. I will also wear my Raider gear proudly.

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    Bob Marley – If it sounded to good to be true…then it is. 😉

  • Whatever Cable says on tuesday is meaningless when it comes to the Draft.

    He’ll speak highly about the young players and say we need improvement and competition everywhere.

    If he goes out of his way to praise or express concern about a certain position or area, it’s a smokescreen, no coah or GM says anything of value at this time.

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    I haven’t been to a good Pub in SD, but I have a Fav Pub in Jordan.
    It’s an Irish Pub, and let me tell you bro. The Irish had nothing on me, I can drink. 🙂
    That was before I became a Musl!m, so now I can’t drink or eat pork. I miss drinking beer and eating pizza with pepperoni. lol



    “The team needed to know that he had the b@lls to try anything in order to win.”
    I think Cable actually said that was why he pulled the Seabass play.

  • damn im so freaking bitter tonight… i think i better put on a movie

  • New thread, fellas…

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    I know, but why can’t Jerry Jones go back to being the guy who traded 2 first round picks for Joey Galloway?…

    But seriously, their window is closing and I don’t see room in their roster for 11 draft picks, trade a couple of them and keep 7 or 8 picks which still would be more than what half the teams in the league have.


    Raider O

    No beer and no pepperoni pizza?! Thazt’s a tough one.
    They have an Irish pub in Jordan? I have a nephew working in Dubai and apparently he says he can drink there.

    As to you out-drinking the Irish, I guess maybe you’re hanging with different Irishmen than I am.

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    priesttj Says:
    April 11th, 2009 at 8:28 pm
    That beings t mind what is happening with our own JaMarcus Russell who’s just growing into manhood and will be one of the most dominant QB’s to ever play the game. Right now he’s somewhat immature and feeling his way around. I’m hoping like hell that he starts to hang out with Garcia and get some of Garcia’s experience in this game to understand how to be a pro.

    Without question that’s why Al Davis was trying to bring him here for the last two years. There’s something he feels Garcia has that can really help Russell. So we’ll see.

    What kind of S@IT are you smokin?
    Are you in a F^KIN dreamland?
    You must be the most stupid MUTHAF@CKER in the world thinking this fat pig of QB is the real deal.
    It’s time to wake up from your dream! Brothers who play qb don’t make it in the nfl. Specially overweight, lazy, stupid f@ks like this PIG of JaBUBBLES.

  • CJ Legend 34

    I think JaMarcus Russell could turn out to be a great QB with a big arm. He shows allot of composure for a young QB on a team that has a lack of talent at the WR position.

    If he is dedicated at studying his playbook like they say he has been doing since he was a rookie. I thought he showed a lot of dedication his rookie year studying the plays over the phone with his QB coach before his contract was signed. JAM is ging to be a real good QB one day.