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The topic?

To further explore the possibility of trades and the draft, I’ll write about which current Raiders players are most likely to either be used as bait or be sought by other teams.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • so just to be sure the draft is the 24th and 25th???

  • SnB Defense


    It appears the Raiders have invested some in the O-Line with their top 2 picks. Looks like the Raiders don’t know how to pick’em.

    Defensive Line has been neglected for quite a while. Only 1 D-Lineman drafted with a top pick since 2000 and only 3 since 1998. The D-Line has been neglected when it comes to draft time.

    I think rounds 1 & 2 are for day 1 starters…3rd and after is for developmental, depth or diamonds in the rough “luck”. These players are largely expendable.

    2004 1 2 Robert Gallery T
    2004 2 45 Jake Grove C
    2003 1 32 Tyler Brayton DE
    2002 2 53 Langston Walker T
    1999 1 18 Matt Stinchcomb G
    1999 2 40 Tony Bryant DE
    1998 1 23 Mo Collins G
    1998 2 31 Leon Bender DT

  • Sat and Sun.

  • So now Andre Smith has fired his agent. Al, please don’t draft this future perpetrator of the “Barret Robbins Disappearing Trick”

  • r8rpaver

    LMN…25th and 26th

  • # 24 Says:
    April 13th, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    Ok everyone. Its time to shape up. No more being happy. No more being optimistic. Reality time. Everyone sit back and be depressed. The Raiders are going to suck..thats life, get over it. Dude is here and we must act accordingly. Everyone get your game faces on.

    LOL dude’s worse than choked up… hes probably his lil brother

  • Al just dont pick a DB or a WR in 1st, then i really dont care… ohh and no kicker either… LOL

  • # r8rpaver Says:
    April 13th, 2009 at 12:53 pm

    LMN…25th and 26th

    thanks mate…

  • # DirtyRaccoon Says:
    April 13th, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    La Milicia Negra Says:

    best post of the day =) LOL

  • 11 days and 16 hours.. just made a countdown =)

  • r8rpaver

    my pleasure… everyone feeling better at work today ?

  • SnB Defense

    Its all about the lines. Cornerbacks and Safeties are useless if the QB sits in the pocket all day or running backs are coming at them at full speed.

    Receivers, running backs and QBs are useless if the QB is running for his life or the running back can’t get an open running lane.

    The Raiders have enough “skill position” players. Hitting on two starters for the lines will get the Raiders a couple of wins this year. For example:

    1. What if Mario Henderson started last yr from day 1?

    2. What if the Raiders went with Trevor Scott of Kalimba Edwards?

    3. What if the Raiders shaved 40 or 50 rushing yards a game from the opponent?

    Well, when you look at the Buffalo, San Diego (1), Miami and K.C games last yr, you know that it could have made a big difference in the win/loss total.

  • No, 24, what we need to do is get pumped up. Get our game faces on, indeed, but with an optimistic attitude. We need to paint our faces and charge forward. Because as we all know, it’s us, the fans, who are out there playing the games. We’re also the ones who build the teams. Leave Al alone! It’s OUR fault!!

  • Dude


    How can you as a seemingly knowledgeable football guy, actually NOT see the fact that the Raiders WR core is as weak a unit as there is in the NFL? Walker, Chaz and JLH are not starting caliber players in the NFL.

  • “do you seriously think there is a D coord. in the league who would be worried about Walker and Schilens?”

    Just ours.

  • Dude, we don’t have too many players on our roster that would start elsewhere in the league. Remember, that’s why their here. Funny trivia: Which team would hire Al Davis as a GM today? come on, I know one of you loyalists honestly believes there’s an owner who would actually throw Al the keys. Let’s hear your case. It’ll be funnier than a Chappelle show episode.

  • DMunoz 26

    BREAKING NEWS: My source tells me that the M. Bush sweepstakes is heating up. Now that Bills’ LT Peters is on the trading block, the likely scenario with any Bush trade would be to send the Raider’ RB to the Bills, along with a second rounder, for Peters. This would solve the Raiders LT issue, as well as provide the Bills with a runner in the absence of the suspended Lynch. Look for this trade to become a reality leading up to the draft.

  • Dude

    No way bro!! John Marshall will change EVERYTHING!! His defenses have been legendary.

  • DMunoz 26

    The Lions may consider hiring Al Davis as a GM.

  • Why do you some of you get so offended when people make fun of Al Davis? Have you guys ever met him? If so, what has he done for you, personally? I understand he’s made your life better by giving you the Raiders. And what exciting football he’s given us the past 6 years… But what in your personal life has he done for you? Why so much loyalty to a man who’s really done nothing for you personally, at the end of the day, other than separate you from a lot of your good money?

  • R8rPaver..

    nopes, first day at work will be tomorrow…NICE =)

  • DMunoz, why would the Lions hire Al Davis as GM? Al’s record in the time Millen was there is the same as Millen’s. Try again.

  • Dude


    People around here think Chaz and Bush are headed to Hawaii this year, so I am sure you will find a guy or two who still think Al is a genious.

  • I’d never even heard of John Marshall until we hired him. Thought it was that Marshall that played for the Giants. I’d been cool with that. Bring some discipline, if anything. But nope. Another tab cola drinking puppet. Cover 0, baby.

  • DMunoz 26

    The Lions might consider hiring Davis because one, they couldn’t be any worse, and two, they would receive attention from the media.

  • Dude

    Al would have fired himself 10 times over already if he werent so freakn senile.

  • OAKlifer

    BREAKING NEWS: The rib joint just pulled the coleslaw off the deal seems munzos camp over hyped his status and he is actually supossed to be a UDFA….

    Line for’09

  • DMunoz, teams generally hire GM’s to improve, not avoid ‘getting any worse’. The Lions would not hire Al Davis as GM. Try again.

  • r8rpaver

    the seas are a safer place now….. thanks to 3 head shots lol

  • DMunoz 26

    My source tells me that there is a new post.

  • RaiderRockstar

    The league officially has announced the names of the nine players who’ll be in New York for the draft on April 25.

    They are, as previously reported, receiver Michael Crabtree, linebacker Aaron Curry, linebacker Brian Cushing, quarterback Josh Freeman, tackle Eugene Monroe, tackle Michael Oher, defensive end Brian Orakpo, tackle Jason Smith, and quarterback Matthew Stafford.


    Interesting they invited Michael Oher and not Andre Smith.

    Interesting they invited Josh Freeman and not Mark Sanchez.

    Interesting they invited Orakpo/Cushing and not BJ Raji.

    our draft pick Maclin/Jenkins won’t be there. darn it!

  • blackdeath29

    jeramy maclin will be on the jim rome show today.only in the bay area is he called a jlh clone.