Madden now available to Raiders


It’s been nothing more than speculation and educated guessing that John Madden was the “unique” person Al Davis hinted would be joining the Raiders in a front office capacity.

With Madden’s retirement from announcing, the chatter will increase.

A few things to remember.

Madden is 73 years old and it seems doubtful he’ll charge straight into a high-pressure, fulltime front office job with huge responsibility.

Madden hasn’t been involved in the inner workings of a football team since he left the sideline 30 years ago, other than production meetings and interviews with coaches and players to prepare for broadcasts.

Madden is extremely loyal to Al Davis and it wouldn’t stretch the bounds of the imagination should he try to help the club in some capacity.

If nothing else, Madden could certainly give the preseason television broadcasts a big ratings jolt.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Culprpper vouched for Curry. lol
    That’s like an idiot who vouched for a moron. lol

  • 24 Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 6:22 pm
    SaintKaufman – Crabtree may never produce while Boldin is guarenteed.”

    Like Randy Moss was “guaranteed”?

    Don’t get me wrong, I would take Boldin in a heart beat, but there are certainly no guarantees in the NFL.

  • Raider O

    Glad you got the joke 🙂

  • 24

    I just can’t believe after researching that Javon Walker and Anquan Boldin were teamates and starters at the same time at Florida State. Maybe they could kick@$$ together once again?

  • 24

    RaiderDogg – Moss is a quitter. Boldin gets his face smashed in, doesn’t take anything to cover up the pain, heals up and comes back to play some more. Moss would have retired.

  • 15yearsold15yearfan

    a lady makes deer meat and calls the kids down to eat the son asks what it is and the mom says its your dads favorite so the son says its pu$sy dont eat it

  • 24

    Moss is a crybaby. Boldin is mad because he was producing and breaking records before Fitzgerald even got there and Fitz got rewarded while Boldin was ignored. He still caught 89 passes for 1038 yards and 11 TD’s despite that and THAT was in 12 games.

  • 15yearsold15yearfan

    i would like boldin but not for 2 picks this year and not if we were going to draft an OT with that pick

  • Here is my Improved Final Mock Draft based on I want, and has a good chance of being drafted by Al.

    O Mock Draft 16.0:

    1- DE Orakpo if available/ if not OT A Smith

    2- DE M Johnson/ WR Ramses Barden

    3- SS David Bruton/ Vaughn
    4- DT Dorell Scott, Sammie Lee, or Khalif Mitchell.

    7- OLB Russell Allen, or Ty Sales.

  • vegas raider

    Boldin wants a new contract, he’s made no bones about it and that’s what this whole things is all about. If he gets traded to Oakland, that won’t change the fact that he wants to get paid, and after this next season, he might be a hold-out candidate in his last year on his deal in 2010.

    Is that potential headache and 1st and 3rd rounders this year worth the 80 catches 1200 yards and 10 TD’s we would probably give us?

    Or Al might just trade for him and than give him a ton of money like he did last year with Meangelo. I really hope he doesn’t repeat that process.

  • 15yearsold15yearfan

    mock draft

    1. best OT available
    2. best dl available
    3. best lb available
    4. best s available
    7. best player available

  • 24 Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 7:08 pm
    RaiderDogg – Moss is a quitter. Boldin gets his face smashed in, doesn’t take anything to cover up the pain, heals up and comes back to play some more. Moss would have retired.”

    I agree 100%. Boldin is a bad ass.

    My point was that NOTHING is guaranteed in the NFL when it comes to individual results, regardless of past achievements.

    Moss is a b1tch. The textbook defintion.

  • vegas raider

    While we’re at it throw in my updated mock:

    1-Crabtree / if gone than Raji
    2-Brace DT or M Johnson DE / if Raji 1st than H Nicks or Louis Murphy
    3- Worrell Williams or Vaughn SS
    4- Best O-line guy
    6- Frank Summers – FB UNLV, Oakland native
    7- fastest guy left

  • I like this mock a lot. I wouldn’t mind Maclin or Raji in the 1st.

  • I meant mine, not yours Vegas. lol

    I like yours too.

  • r8rpaver

    Here we go 408…GO SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vegas raider

    I haven’t watched one minute of a Sharks game all year, but the games on because I get the Fox West LA stations out here (Dodgers and Ducks games tonight) and I’m jumping on the bandwagon for you guys.

    Go Sharks!!

  • 504 Raider

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