Raiders not in Madden’s fulltime plans


John Madden told Bay Area News Group-East Bay columnist Cam Inman Thursday he had no plans to become a consultant for the Raiders, nor was he planning on becoming involved in ownership.

“No, uh uh,” Madden replied when asked if he’s interested in becoming a consultant for the Raiders.
As for succeeding Davis and owning the Raiders: “No, uh uh. As an owner, no. As a fan, I’ll be able to go to more games.”

Which doesn’t mean Madden won’t have some influence. He considers Davis one of his closest friends and the two will have more time to talk. It’s just that with Madden turning 73, it was a pipe dream to think he would ever get into the fulltime grinder of NFL management _ especially since all his expertise was as a coach.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • vegas raider


    I will meet you half-way, Defense at #7, best WR available round 2, than more D and maybe one O-lineman in the 4th.

    We have negleted the WR position for too long, IMO, and it caught up to us. There is no “luxury” positions in the NFL, some are more important than others (like D-line), but no doubt the trend in the league now is to stop the run, get close to the red zone and throw up jump balls to an elite WR (Moss, Plax, Holmes and Fitz all caught 4th quarter TD’s in the Super Bowl on “jump-ball” type plays.)

  • OAKlifer

    Players we should targey, in this order:

    1- J Smith/ Monroe/ Curry/ Orakpo/ Crab/ A Smith/ Raji/ Maclin
    how can yu put Orakpo above crabbs and A smith???

    What postion do youhink he would excell at and is that were cable and co. would put him…. we dnt really need that much outside linebacker help Exspecialy if we move morrison outside..and he in not stout enough to play DE (see) gholston…..and we alrady have Burgess to run up field 5 yrds whilke a RB runs around him!!!]

  • LMN,

    About Madden and Al.

    Madden was a LB coach in a time were people like him didn’t get a chance at a HC job.
    His look, attitude, and behavior was limited to one team. The Raiders.

    Madden is an empire now, and he gives mist of the credit to his best friend Al.

    Al takes care of his players and coaches, if he likes them. Always did, and will keep on doing it.

    Al helped Otto with his hospital bills, and he took care of a lot of players that the NFL couldn’t take care of.


    John Madden retires? John Madden is never going to retire from football. The guys lives it.
    He is going to have SOME kind of a roll with the Raiders.

    At 73 he’s not going to be the GM but he’s going to end up with some kind of advisory roll with the team he loves simply because he can’t stay away from football.

    Madden is going to be sitting up in that box with Al. He might even end up representing Al at certain meetings. There is no way that Madden gives up football.

    Pat Summerall was recalling the time that Madden sat on his mike just before a Superbowl. Summerall was the perfect guy to pair up with Madden because he just let John do his thing.

    When Madden paired up with Al Michaels, there were many times when I wished Madden would just sit on Michaels. Al was a pretty good baseball announcer but when it comes to football he just won’t shut up

  • DKnight007

    RaiderTW Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 11:00 am
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  • YoungAmerican

    No more trading down… the Eagles just traded their #28 pick for Bills LT Peters.

  • South FLA Raider

    Yong American – We still can pull off a trade with the Jets. They are salivating over Dirty Sanchez.

  • The_Sveed

    Well he’s only a day from his retirement announcement. Let the guy have a few days off before Big Al brings him back into the fold. 🙂