Absence makes Crabtree’s suitors grow fonder


The Raiders are probably more likely to select Michael Crabtree in absence of a recent 40-yard dash time, rather than less likely.

With Crabtree recovering from stress fracture surgery and cleared medically, he can be as fast as they want him to be.

That’s something you discover while visiting Pro Days and the combine, anyway. Teams have their own scouts take times at these events, and wonder of wonders, the player a scout likes often comes away with the requisite time.

The Cleveland Browns may hold the key to whether we’ll find out the Raiders’ true feelings about Crabtree. There is talk of dealing either Braylon Edwards, Brady Quinn, or both, with the Browns interested in both Crabtree and USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Once Crabtree is gone, only two receivers would probably merit the No. 7 pick _ Missouri’s Jeremy Maclin and Maryland’s Darrius Heyward-Bey. The latter is a stretch, but veteran Al Davis watchers feel it’s a possibility because of his blistering combine time as well as the best height-weight-speed numbers at his position.

If the Browns take Crabtree, the only thing for certain is the Raiders will get exactly who they wanted all along at No. 7 _ regardless of whose name is called.

Crabtree? Never heard of him.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 1- Monroe/ Orakpo/ Raji/ A Smith

    2- DE: M Johnson/ WR: DHB

    3- S: Vaughn/ Bruton/ C Clemons

    4- DT : Dorell Scott, Sammie Lee, Khalif Mitchell, or T Taylor/ DE: Clinton McD

    7- OLB: Russell Allen SDSU, or TY Sales from Penn.

  • Why are you guys talking about taking a line backer? That is the least of the of the needs on defense , D-linemen and secondary help are the weakest links on defense not line backer. The 7th pick is not worthy of any of the talent available unless we trade it for a starter which I don’t see happening. I would even trade out of the first just to get as many pick as we could to fill the holes.

  • Raiderkoolaid you hit it on the head.

  • Raider Dell


    Rey is no doubt will be a excellent MLB, whomever drafts him. I personally think we need to have a OT either right or left and our second pick should be a DE.

    Jackson from LSU is moving up the draft board, I don’t think he would be a stretch at number 7, he can play in the 4-3 and all snaps as a DE, but is his value at No. 7 worth that number in the draft.

  • Next year we can draft WRs and LBs in higher RDs if needed.

    This draft and the next are deep with DEs and DTs, and we have to take advantage of that. Both positions are a need for the Raiders.

    Next year is goodfor Ss too, but not as deep as this year.


    We can Draft WR , S , and OT this year, and draft a DE and DT next year.
    We can draft Mays next year.

  • You would think somebody wants Sanchez bad enough to trade up to get him like the Jets or even the Niners. Then we could get the extra picks or starter we need.

  • Drafting at seven is like paying big money for a free agent that turned out to be nonproductive like we saw last year.

  • Raider Dell

    Raider O

    I will disagree with you one comment about DT are deep in this years draft. Most scouts have said this year’s draft is DT challenged. In fact Mayock grades this years players at the DT position as a D+.

    My point to you is where would Raji be compared to last year as a DT, would he be better than Sedrick Ellis, Glen Dorsey. I think not, he may be third or fourth compared to last years DT class.

    The draft this year has quality players but none that jump out and say I got to have him, that’s why this year draft is so unpredictable, and players can go in many different spots.

  • Raider Dell


    Who would you draft to have that player as the player who wouldn’t be a draft bust in your opinion.

    That’s the million dollar question.

  • We are not ready to win a SB, but we can use this draft and the next to build a SB team.

    We have great young TALENT at key positions:

    QB: JR has a lot of upside. As a 1st year starter, he finished with 12 TDs, 8 INTs, and over 55% CMP.

    RB: DMC and Bush. Goth averaged over 4 yards per carry.

    TE: Zach Miller: he can be a PB TE for many years. Leader in catches on the team for 2 years.

    WR: JLH will be a great slot WR and return man, Chaz has potential, and Arman is unknown. We can upgrade, but not a huge need.

    OL: Gallery, Satele, Maybe Mario, and who else is young and Talented?

    We need O Line on Offense and maybe a WR.

    Deffense is next.

  • Taking Brace in the 2nd or Mack late in the first I just think the value in this draft is not at the top of the 1st round

  • CB: we have Nnamdi, and SR who hash done much.

    S: we have Branch and Huff. Huff I’m ready to give up on, and branch is unproven, but has talent.

    LBs: Kirk and TH can be PBs, after we fix the D line. We need one more.

    DE: we have T Scott who lead all rookies in sacks, but that’s it.

    DT: we have TK.

    We need DTs, DEs, and a S. After we fix these positions, then we can add LB.

  • Defense should be first , we need to plug the holes in this boat before put it in the water.

  • Sorry Raider O I jumped the gun on you there.

  • Dell,

    When I said deep, I didn’t meant that you will find 1st RD talent in the 2nd cause it’s deep.
    I meant, there is descent talent in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. IMO

  • Raider Dell

    Raider O

    Thanks for the response and correction. I like your comments regarding our draft preferences this year.

    I would be good with either a DE, or LT and the picks can be reversed based on player availability.

  • It’s all good bro.

    So our needs are:

    DT/ DE
    LB/ WR

    In that order, what do you think?

  • If your asking my opinion I’d say your on the money with LB last.

  • Dell,

    I should have been more clear, but like I said. Talent like Brace, Sammie Lee, Magee, Khalif Mitchell, or T Taylor are upgrades over what we have in Warren, Sands, and William J.

    I want us to draft Raji, but:

    He had issues at college.
    He has weight issues
    Al will not draft a guy that high that doesn’t have ideal size and speed.

  • We’ll find the answers next week . gotta go

  • If you are Al, who to you want to pay 50- 60 Mil?
    Monroe, Curry, Raji, Orakpo, A Smith, Crab, or Maclin?

    Raji and Crab don’t have ideal size and speed.
    Maclin and crab are good, but how much can a rookie WR help the Offense?!
    A Smith and Raji have weight issues.

    That leaves Monroe, Orakpo, and Curry.

    I will be happy with any of them.
    Then I like Raji, A Smith, and the 2 WRs. In that order.

  • Later bro.

    I can’t wait for next weekend.

  • Raider Dell

    Raider O

    Your response to Raji is spot on!

    My question is the Raider staff, coaches and scouts have identified a position of need and have formed a grade for players in rounds of availability.

    Back to my question, what position is needed to draft a player to fill the need. To the fans we see bad defense, run stopping and bad OT position needs.

    They have broken down film and the new staff of coaches may see positions that they can correct and that’s were we have no idea what player they have there sights on to draft.

    This years draft has four LT’S that can play, with the top two a slightly grade better than the next two.

    That can be a position need and don’t be fooled by the recent signings of the two LT’s.

  • Raider Dell

    Raider O

    Well see soon, thanks for the comments. Later man and take care.

  • Later Dell.

    We will find out next week. lol

  • edward teach

    I don’t see the Browns drafting for offense with their first pick. 17 sacks last year; second worst in the league behind KC, and Mangini’s a defensive guy.

    People keep saying that they’ll take Crabtree at 5 if they trade Braylon Edwards, but part of their asking price for Edwards is a starting WR, so you know they’re not wanting to use that first pick on a wideout.

    There will be hell to pay in Cleveland if they don’t go defense. If they go offense at all they’d be more likely to go with Beanie Wells or Knowshon Moreno; Jamaal Anderson is their best back and he’s not a young man anymore.

  • NJRaiderfan

    my ultimate draft.

    trade down to get into middle of 1st round and aquire another 2nd or 3rd round pick.

    1st – ayers
    2nd – britt or robiski
    2nd or 3rd via trade – barden or chung

  • NJRaiderfan

    even mike mayock says in 3 yrs you will see that ayers will be best player to come out of this draft. chung is a great safety that is great against the run. probably get in 3rd round.

  • Kirk

    Offensive tackle or Raji.


    We need better linemen.

  • If we trade down, and get a 2nd, 4th, and 5th.

    1- Oher
    2- DE: R Ayers/ M Johnson
    2- Ramses B
    3- DT: Dorell Scott / Alex Magee
    4- Bruton
    4- OLB: J williams/ Z Follett
    5- DE: L Sidbury/ Clinton McD
    7- TE: Bear Pascoe

  • That is a dream draft.

    We fix all of our needs with one draft.

    No wonder I’m not a GM.


  • Dark Forces

    It all starts upfront. Our offensive and defnsive lines are the weakest in the league. Even with Gruden our lines were nothing to write home abour. Gannon covered up a lot of warts.

  • RaidersMom

    6 more days!!!

    Tick, tick, tick…….

  • Mad Road Dog

    Yes Jerry, those draft picks, Crabtree, Hayes and Maclin would rival the Huff pick because they will never reach their potential with our mediocre “O” line in front of a QB in JR whose work ethic was called out by Cable. The reason the Raiders have been bad for a very long time is the bad drafting and signing of free agents.

    There is still only mediocre talent on the “O” line, even with the new additions and remains the single reason for the last six losing seasons. The ZBS should not be a panacea for talent as the running game is the most important aspect of the offense. The proverbial war is won in the trenches first. KC gets it as they draft what the Raiders should have had last year, a starting LT and DT. They bring in a proven QB in Matt Cassell instead of trying to develope a rookie QB behind a mediocre “O” line. I like JR but the Raiders will never get back to the playoffs until they build a dominant lines to support the players behind them. The Raiders already have decent receivers but they too will never reach their potential with the mediocre “O” line.

  • fggcisco

    The raiders dont have enough draft choices to make imediate impact. They should just focus on ol or defense. Just accept the fact that this will be another 4-12 5-11, the only consolation is the broncos will be there also. The only thing is the Donkeys have 9 picks with 2 #1s this year and the same next year.Al ruined this franchise. The only hope is to bring in Marty, the guy that used to coach in Pittsburgh or make friends again with Shanny. Although nobody worth anything will coach here.

  • vchanpe

    I like Crabtree. If we don’t get Crabtree, then we should get an blue chip OT to help McFadden, J Russell, & M Bush. If they are not available, a blue chip DT to stop the run will help. Too many busts are related to drug use, overweight and lack of discipline. These are mental deficiencies. Injuries can heal but you cannot play in the NFL with a mental deficiency. The Raiders in the 70’s got away with this because their talent made up for it. They can’t do it now so a combination of a good mindset and talent is the way to go.

  • DKnight007

    The thing that I am amazed about is Seattle MAY take Sanchez at 4 and pay him #4 money to basically sit for two years?? Doesn’t make sense…..Seattle needs O-Line and LB help.

    I also keep hearing that the Browns may take Crabtree at 5?? They need DEFENSIVE help badly….especially in that rough division they are in and they need an explosive RB with vision ahead of a WR.

  • DKnight007

    If Crabtree and A Smith are gone….the Raiders need to trade down.

  • DKnight007

    edward teach Says:
    April 18th, 2009 at 7:40 pm
    I don’t see the Browns drafting for offense with their first pick. 17 sacks last year; second worst in the league behind KC, and Mangini’s a defensive guy.

    People keep saying that they’ll take Crabtree at 5 if they trade Braylon Edwards, but part of their asking price for Edwards is a starting WR, so you know they’re not wanting to use that first pick on a wideout.

    There will be hell to pay in Cleveland if they don’t go defense. If they go offense at all they’d be more likely to go with Beanie Wells or Knowshon Moreno; Jamaal Anderson is their best back and he’s not a young man anymore.

    I have been saying the samething about the Browns. They need defensive help BADLY and they need a RB more than WR!