Cable on Heyward-Bey


What Raiders coach Tom Cable said after the Raiders’ selection of Darrius Heyward-Bey with the No. 7 pick in the first round of the draft:

Opening statement: Well, this is a very exciting time obviously, announcing the pick for Darrius Heyward-Bey, a wide receiver from Maryland. This is the guy we wanted all along. It really, as I said probably about a month ago, there’s one guy in the draft who makes our entire team better. He makes Zach Miller better, he makes JaMarcus better, he makes Darren McFadden better, and Justin Fargas, Michael Bush, Johnnie Lee Higgins, Chaz Schilens, on and on and on, we now have a guy that we can throw the ball over the top of anybody and he can go get it. So this is a very exciting team. He helps us obviously what we do running the football but he gives us that deep threat that traditionally has been the Oakland Raiders. Really, just an awesome awesome time for us and excited to have Darrius, look forward to getting him here to minicamp and letting him show some of that speed.

Q: Why him over Crabtree and Maclin?

Cable:: This is a guy that i had targeted a month ago in the thing. He’s the one guy who’s made everyone better around him. We needed, as has been mentioned and written by all of you, we needed the ability to throw the ball over people’s head and JaMarcus has obviously shown he can outthrow most everything. This is a guy now who can go run that down and catch it. As I mentioned, he’s going to make Zach Miller better, and Johnnie Lee and Chaz Schilens and Darren MvcFadden and Bush and ultimately he’s going to help JaMarcus be the kind of quarterback we’re trying to get him to be.

Q: His college numbers don’t suggest that?

Cable: Well, different system and obviously when you look at what he did in yards per catch, his explosiveness, amazing. When you real y break him down and look at him for what it was, his opportunities and attempts, he’s off the chart, far far greater than the others.

Q: Thought of trading down and still getting him?

Cable: No, that was never the plan. We knew what we wanted to do the whole time. This was the choice that we thought we had to have to move this team to the next step.

Q: Any thought of taking Eugene Monroe?

Cable: Not at all. There’s a reason we have Mario Henderson here and Khalif Barnes, Erik Pears, Cornell Green. That may be something we do later in the draft, we’ll see how the day unfolds and obviously tomorrow, but the biggest need on this football team is to get someone to score points and obviously when you look at wh at I just said, his ability to do that and make everyone better around him, we’ve got to score points to win football games.

Q: But he had 13 tds in three years, Crabtree had 41 . . .

Cable: Different systems. If you put the spread system at this level, it doesn’t really exist. Those numbers would be dramatically different. I think the one great comparison that I did that really showed this was the right guy for me, if I put him in that same system, he might have been over 50 touchdowns. He’s that talented.

Q: Offers to trade out of the pick?

Cable: We never ever really talked about wanting to move. We were pretty strong about what we needed to do. Like I said, we targeted this one about a month ago and getting this team where it needs to be, and obviously that’s the ability to score more points. This was the no-question pick.

Q: Comparison with another player?

Cable: We talk to the scouts and everything. They bring up the name Randy Moss and obviously when you look at the history of the great receivers who have been Oakland Raiders, it’s always been about that vertical speed, being able to stretch th field, take that top off the defense and this certainly does that for us.

Q: Did he visit here?

Cable: We’ve worked him out, we visited with him, we’ve done great great diligence on this one. This is the one we wanted in terms of character and talent. And then the numbers and everything kind of speak for themselves.

Q: Was there a time when you thought you might have to trade up to get him?

Cable: There was. There was some time the last two days; in particular, last night it got a little bit nervous because there was some teams that tried to move ahead to get him. So, you really start worrying about all that.

Q: Do you consider him a polished receiver?

Cable: Actually, he was in all the top receivers – there’s really four of them that everybody has talked about; three at the top – he is the best route-runner of that group. Again, he’s the only guy that came out of a true pro-style system. Everyone else was in a spread s ystem. So, his learning curve is much, much shorter than those other guys. Then you got that size, that speed and his ability to go get it. The thing that jumps out at you, this is the one guy at the combine who, at the 30-yard mark, actually changed gears. And there was a whole other warp speed, if you will.

Q: What have you learned about his character?

Cable: He’s got the character that we’re looking for to build this team around. He has honor in everything he does. He has a tremendous family, does the right things. He was a guy that, early in his career, was considered a track guy and really set out as a goal to prove that ‘I’m a football guy’ and has done that. He’s a hard-working guy, did everything that we asked him to do. When you looked and dug, did all the things that we do, never once did you find anything that would detract you from him in terms of his character and his personality.

Q: How is he catching the ball?

Cable: There was some talk about that early, that they were inconsistent. But as we did a breakdown over the last two years, much greater consistency that way. He did a great job at his workout. His workout was phenomenal, just phenomenal. He caught everything at the front end of it, did a great job of being able to react and adjust his body to some tough catches and really kind of sold you on it. Because you started to see some of those things that scouts mentioned earlier, that he could do those awkward things.

Q: Who did you have at the workout and was it at Maryland?

Cable: A scout, had it filmed and taped and did everything that we would normally do.

Q: Was it just the Raiders at the workout?

Cable: No, there was many people at the workout.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Richochet

    Cable is lost..as in OUT THERE.

    Bey is not even a mediocre route runner. He’s known for straight away speed, while struggling to get clearance from defenders.
    His hands are suspect. Known to double clutch the ball.
    He’s rated as having trouble going up for those high balls, especially considering his height.

    How is it possible you get F’s from all the analysts on a #7 pick?
    Wow Al..you’ve just added another notch to your sliver of a reputation as a “Genius run Amok”

  • The Comedian

    Nice spin job.

  • raider tom

    Look, Cable makes a great point about DHB putting up better #’s if he were in a Mizzou or TTech type spread offense… what I like is the kid’s ATTITUDE… read his blog, watch his youtube videos, the kid is a straight up winner… I was just as shocked as the rest of you, but I don’t see another James Jett or Francis.. this kid is a gamer…. it’s on.

  • If there were any doubts that Al Davis has lost his mind, this pick is the proof. He could have traded down for extra picks or traded their no. 2 for Boldin. Just simply unbelievable.

  • The Comedian

    I hope your right Raider Tom

    Comedian out…

  • Ryan

    Vontae Davis is off the board. Al must not have been able to trade up with Miami.

  • Braveheartraider

    We might score in the 2nd round. Good players left. Dont be surprised if we take a kicker though. Now that.s a Raider draft choice

  • Norco Bob

    Brien refused my free season tix,..the seats will be unoccupied.

  • JHEMP50

    hmmm. the only thing i don;t believe is the trading down. i’m sure they would have. after sanchez was gone there was just no opportunity.

  • Samhain

    Im excited for this upcoming season, I think the receiver/ tight end core of Zach Miller, Heyward-Bey, Chaz Schilens, Javon Walker, Ashley Lelie and Drew Carter will be fun to watch this Training Camp/ Preseason. I am still intrested to see what Arman Shields can do as well. Enjoy the rest of the draft my Raider Brothers.
    GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • NoMoreFargas

    Does this mean walker is gone?

  • Tommy Trojan25

    At least Cable alluded to possibly taking an offensive lineman in the 2nd or later, but hopefully in the second, unless Everette Brown, Rey Maualuga, or James Laurinaitis are still there, then I’d jump for joy…if we actually took one of them…

  • VT Raider

    I think Cable meant to say Russell can OVERTHROW anything. He’s going to need that vert jump.

  • 01rdrfan

    We’ll see!!! I wish him all the best. I am starting to calm down now because I was really heated. Lets see what we do in round 2. I personally would trade up and ger ReY REY from SC, he is still on the board with the 24 pick.

  • RaiderLen

    Cable is quite the salesman.

    I’ll believe this when I see it.

    I don’t believe somebody was willing to move ahead of the Raiders to pick DHB.

  • Norco Bob

    I have been throwing up since pick 7,…Iv been to my last damn raider game…al davis is a completer mother f*cker and I hope he joins Christ soon…Im serious,…my seats will stay empty the entire year, and will make sure by calling security to make sure no fans sit there,..I want them empty,..my statement to Al,..and by the way, FU all of you,..you too jerry you tool.

  • Voldemort

    This press conference is exactly what Al Davis told him to say. I bet he is seething on the inside while he is saying this. Maybe Al will give Cable control of the rest of the draft now that he’s waisted another top 10 draft pick on another stone hands track star. He has his brand new bust, now let the guy with the brain drive please.

  • xMxReaperxMx

    Maualuga is there… come on Al work some magic!

  • RaiderLen

    new post

  • AL, just went AL on us AGAIN!!

  • NoMoreFargas

    I’m gonna kill with bey on the new madden he’ll be 95+ speed, deep bombs on play action baby!!

  • r8rpaver

    wow the packs d looks strong hawk,raji,matthews

  • Florida Pete

    well… i think we got the best receiver in this years draft…

    but i don’t believe we needed to spend the first rounder to get him…

    Packers took Raji…

    lucky Packers… at least he’s out of our division and our conference…

    he’s gonna be very good…

    so will Heyward-Bey…

  • Rellik30

    “This is the one we wanted in terms of character and talent”–Character..this is a hidden gem. I think we did well…

  • JaY P.

    This pick is upsetting. I’ll be the butt of all my buddies’ jokes this next week and DHB may not be the instant impact player Cable (Al) thinks he is. However, since DHB has yet to play a snap in the NFL I will withhold my judgment. Although I feel he may be a BUST, I will wait till the end of the season before I make that statement.

    I hope Cable/Al know what they’re doing.


  • edward teach

    One thing’s for sure. Cable’s not lying when he says that DHB is the guy they wanted all along. Crabtree, Raji, Maclin and Monroe were still there.

    I just hope half of the rest of what he says is true. I’m disappointed, but DHB is a Raider now and as such I hope turns out to be as good as they think he will be.

  • Tommy Trojan25

    NoMoreFargas, apparently he’ll have a 76 overall on Madden 10 with 97 speed.

    Thought you might care.

  • SC Raider

    Well I think DHB was a major reach at 7. The great thing about him is he can go deep and JR has a huge arm. Probably should have traded back and tried to get him then. Everything is true about the system at MD vs. the ones at TT and MIzzou and his qb situation last year not being up to par. He can still turn out to be a great player but I am not happy and think this is a total reach. I want to go OT or DT w/ our second rd. pick. Britton, Meredith, Brace or Gilbert would all make me happy.

  • JB

    Someone should have reminded Cable that Kwame Harris was also his pick for success. Now it’s Barnes and/or Super Mario. We’ll see but he should be reminded on a regular basis that WE COULD HAVE HAD EUGENE MONROE! The Monroe pick could have solidified the left side of our line for the next 8-19 years. Gallery & Monroe could have been the new Shell/Upshaw connection. Could have been, would have been, should have been. I guess we will just have to accept mediocrity once again. I just tried of the cellar.

    Al Davis has just showed the world his a$$ once again. It’s either the koolaide or the kiss of death. You pick it. I’m just tired of seeing Al’s bony a$$ every year. How about you?

  • raider tom

    LOL NoMoreFargas! Yeah, they’ll give him the speed factor, but what about hands??

  • JediRaider

    I like DHB – no way at #7, but I do like him as a player – Crabtree was slow and more suited for a west coast offense – Maclin was too similar to Higgins, and the rest were 2nd round picks – except for Percy Harvin who I didn’t really see much from and the way he will be used is too similar to McFadden and Higgins.

    That said, we could have dropped down and got him but we had Raji sitting there for the taking so I’m pissed about that – if we pick up Ron Brace, raji’s teamate, all will be forgiven because I had orginally wanted Raji in the first and DHB in the second – Brace is a good run stuffer in his own right so it would basically even out – I would have loved a trade down to pick up an extra pick, but once the jets jumped to #5 to grab Sanchez, I figured we wouldn’t have the leverage to move –

    I believe Cable when he says that DHB would have put up 50 TD’s in the spread system (say you replace Crabtree at Texas Tech and put in DHB – I think he does similar things) – he has similar tackle breaking ability as crabtree (defenders bounce off him), but runs even more like a RB in the open field – very powerful runner – not too elusive but he makes good cuts and he obviously has speed – he’s also well built, not afraid of contact, and doesn’t get injured – unlike maclin and crabtree – BTW, crabtree couldn’t run the 40 in under 4.6 from my observations, and his acceleration is probably his worst feature – I do think he will be a good player in a west coast offense running slants and curls and he use that to get some deep balls using double moves, but he will need a #2 WR with speed to create room for him – not a good pick for us – again, maybe DHB comes off the board before we pick in round 2 – so if that’s who Al thinks is worth of the pick, fine – just make sure to grab brace in round 2 –

  • DKnight007

    Please old man Al, Coach Cable and DHB prove us fans wrong!

    I want to be proven wrong about not being able to trade down and still get DHB!

  • JediRaider

    The Giants just picked up Nicks, who was my favorite WR in this draft, so DHB isn’t looking like such a reach at this point – he was rated higher so DHB would have been off the board – at least we didn’t draft a 4th round running back from UCONN like the colts just did!

  • VT Raider

    I keep saying it over and over like it’s a bad dream DH fing B. If i were drunk I would probably cry.

  • shredder_01

    Raider fans are going to LOVE this guy. I watched him play at Maryland and he is a class act, team first guy with an absolutely outstanding work ethic. He never complains and he keeps his nose clean, which is exactly what the Raiders need right now. Maryland runs a Pro style offense, not the gimmicky spread offense run by Texas Tech and Missouri, and Heyward-Bey was a factor on EVERY play. Defenses absoultely must account for his speed and he was impossible to press cover at the college level, granted in the pros that will change a bit but there is no doubt that defenses will not be able to ignore the Raider receivers anymore.

    As for trading down and getting picks, good luck trying that in today’s draft…no decent GM wants the cost associated with a top 10 pick who will more than likely end up busting out or having a mediocre career. Unless you can find a chump like the NY Jets to make that move you are stuck with it so stop whining Raider fans, Davis did the right thing by not buying into the Crabtree hype. That kid has an ego the size of a bus and an attitude problem to go with it, let alone the fact that he is damaged goods with a stress fractured foot that I will bet money on is not going to get better any time soon. Look for Crabtree to ride the pine next year and then turn into another JJ Stokes.

  • severeraider

    It is so obvious that Cable did not DHB…poor guy. If DHB sucks it will likely cost him his job.

  • severeraider

    For us that want Rey….I think that Detroit will further excite their fan base by taking him at the top of the second. We may be able to move fargas and our pick or possibly Burgess and our pick if we really want him. He didn’t have a good 40 so i doubt that we will move to get him, but if he falls….

  • raiderrej

    cable is drunk off the koolaid

  • dfr8er

    Thought you might have to trade up – are you kidding me? Mike Mayock (NFL Network) was the only mock I saw with DHB above 17 – he correctly had the Raiders taking DHB at 7 and that was because he knows Al’s a height-weight-speed guy. Mayock had him ranked as the no. 4 wideout. I wish we could hear how Cable really feel’s about Al’s pick when he could have the top WR or DT or a top 3 OT.

  • MaddenRaiderisadouchebag

    post #39 good point about JJ Stokes.

  • VT Raider

    I don’t think of this as Al trying to show the rest of the league his manhood. All it proves is that everyone is right about AL and the Raiders. Speed kills.

  • bowtie61

    i am sad to say, i am very disappointed. i am a die hard raider fan, and crabtree was are guy . very sad day in the nation if u ask me

  • stupid_davis

    congrats on wasting the 7th pick on someone you could of got in the second round you stupid fat idiot. Cable you are so stupid, now I see why Davis liked you because you two are exactly the same INSANE!!!!!!!!!! You guys enjoy driving the raiders farther into the ABYSS!!!! Another bad season coming GREAT!!!!! Thanks!!!!!! Speed does not make up for talent!!!!!!! Until you learn that you will be a horrible coach!!!

  • ghostmech

    They made Cable look like a duffus in that Q & A.
    But thats what Al likes about Cable….his head always bobbles yes.

    This first day was pathetic

  • Crow

    Talk about towing the company line. Cable must have been in tears lying like that.

  • Crow

    >Q: Any thought of taking Eugene Monroe?

    Cable: Not at all. There’s a reason we have Mario Henderson here and Khalif Barnes, Erik Pears, Cornell Green.<

    Seriously? Did he really say that? Did they move April Fools’ Day back 3 and a half weeks?

    Holy hell.

  • yoscottyb

    Another disaster draft – both of them total reaches. If you really wanted them you could have traded down and got Heyward-Bey in the late 1st round and Mitchell in the 6th.

    Al’s totally senile. This was moronic.