Chiefs take Jackson


Kansas City’s selection of LSU defensive lineman Tyson Jackson rekindled the possibility that either Eugene Monroe or Andre Smith could fall to No. 7, which would present the Raiders with a pleasant dilemma.

Do you take a body guard for JaMarcus Russell, or a weapon in the passing game?

Unless, of course, you’re thinking about stopping the run or trading back.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • This koolAide hit the spot.

    You guys are crazy, DHB is the best WR this year.

  • Ryan

    I think the whole AFC West is getting laughed at today.

  • jhill

    I don’t really even have any hope for the 2nd rd. I think I am so jaded right now b/c we didn’t get a top player at his position.

  • The Comedian

    The Comedian IS NOT amused.

    Anyone, I mean ANYONE would have been better.
    Monroe, Orapko, Crabtree, Raji, the USC linebackers, even Maclin and I could deal with it. But Bey at 7 is an absolute disgrace.

    How in the world does Cable and the organization spin this nonsense?


    The more things stay the same, the more things stay the same:

    Is this any thing like taking Jesse Hester and leaving Jerry Rice on the table?

  • VT Raider

    A Herm Edwards endorsement on a player does not thrill me.

  • Braveheartraider

    If we’d traded down to the 20’s and got a 3rd and made the pick I would’ve said yeah! But at 7?

  • Raider Dell


    I just am still stunned, I believe it I just don’t or ever will understand .

  • jhill

    LOL O,

    I was about to go there in a minute. Haven’t hit the OG yet though!

    DHB is going to be a STUD for us and prove all the Al haters wrong! 6’3, 40 inch vert, and 4.3 speed!

    I love it!

  • priesttj

    This pick is as close to the Rickey Dudley fiasco as it comes.

    No one is as disappointed as I am. This IMO is CRAZY. They better know what they are doing because I’m ready to decline my season tickets.

    Big Al’s fascination with speed has hit an all time low. This was stupid………period

    To be honest I’ve never seen the kid play and at this point don’t want to. Al Davis is trying to show that he knows something no one else does and I’m afraid this one is really going to cost him dearly I am pissed.

  • raiderjhawk

    This sucks guys. I’m sure you all are in the same boat as me getting calls from all your friends laughing about our pick.

    What was Al thinking on that one? Man I was hoping they would say Monroe.

  • Copenhagen_Fan

    AL loves making reaches just because he wants to show the rest of the world he was smarter than them. He rarely makes the traditional pick. REACH REACH REACH….dumb old man, learn to TRADE down when you are picking a guy who nobody else wants at that pick.

    TRADE down and get your guy and PICKS…stupid!

  • IndianaRaider

    does this mean Holland or Watkins is out?

  • lefty12

    thank god we only have 4 more picks.that way we only have to look like fools 4 more times THIS draft.

  • r8rpaver

    Ha O i think your getting closer to that OD point be carefull

  • Have the usual suspects come out from behind their rocks yet to spin this?

  • 15yearsold15yearfan

    at least the rest of the division is picking dumb picks too

  • RaidingTexas

    DarthPirate, it’s not that people don’t hope DHB can be successful. It’s that you don’t use high picks to take a chance on someone who has been unreliable. You know you’re going to pay money to a #7 overall pick. Therefore, you take somebody who has proven they can be useful.

  • The Comedian

    Where is Carlos Francis these days?
    I remember him having a nice 40 time as well…

  • BTW, this was definitely Cables pick….LOL.

  • severeraider


  • Copenhagen_Fan

    LOL @Cable’s pick

  • severeraider

    This is why we suck every FuKin year wtf!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

  • Beauty of this: When Cable is fired, he’ll be blamed for today’s pick, too. Yeh, it’s Cable who likes the speedsters. Just like it’s Rob Ryan who likes man defense.

  • 24

    It never fails…Al Davis has done it again. With Monroe and Crabtree on the board…Heyward-Bey? Somebody make me feel good about this pick please.

  • Copenhagen_Fan

    LOL@ Davis will blame Cable for this when he dumps him

  • Guys, where’s the usual suspects? I want to hear their spin. I need the laugh.

  • priesttj

    The Denver Broncos are having a very good draft. Ayers and Moreno two great gets.

  • r8rpaver

    atleast we wont have to play Rey for the next 10 years

  • Copenhagen_Fan

    can’t argue with MR on the last 2 comments.

  • Copenhagan, like he won’t? At least his loyalists will.

  • GRaider

    Notwithstanding Gallery, OL is about the most dependable use of a high draft pick. Monroe has the skills to produce now.

    WRs traditionally do not produce for a few years. Marquis Colsten at New Orleans a couple years ago was a rarity. at least Crabtree is a polished.

  • YoungAmerican

    I wish I wasn’t out of weed right now.

  • 15yearsold15yearfan

    i was starting to think al was getting better last year i wanted al to die this year i softened up on that now i want him to die again

  • mike2h

    at least 2 teams wanted to trade down. instead we take a late 1st/early 2nd rnd pick with 7. hell, as far as i am concerned the raiders could have have traded their pick straight across of a mid/late teen pick & it would have been a good deal. could have got maclin ot b-h much later than they picked & saved millions.
    not even going to go into the players they passed over.
    i am really getting tired of fkn als hardon for speed at the expense of actual pro football skills.

  • Al Davis wanted Crabtree, no doubt. But, it’s Cable’s call…That’s what the spin will be when Davis cans Cable.

  • SaintKaufman

    Come on Al, trade back into the first round and take the fastest DB on the board!! You know you want it, pull the trigger you crazy diamond!!


  • Aussie

    The only saving grace, if there can be such a thing, is that the AFC West have ALL not greatly improved. And Chiefs and Charges dont have a 2nd round picks

  • Braveheartraider

    RaidingTexas Says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 3:04 pm
    DarthPirate, it’s not that people don’t hope DHB can be successful. It’s that you don’t use high picks to take a chance on someone who has been unreliable. You know you’re going to pay money to a #7 overall pick. Therefore, you take somebody who has proven they can be useful
    Agreed. Welcome Darius. No problem with him being a Raider but we could’ve got him later and cheaper.
    Ridiculous choice. Did you hear them laugh when it was announced?

  • Copenhagen_Fan

    RM I am sure he will. I am actually laughing my ass off right now, because what you said there is pretty much true and tragically comic.

  • The Comedian

    Hey 24 –

    Nobody really knew who Asomugha was when he was drafted either. He turned out OK.

    Let’s hope The President of the General Partner is crazy like a fox and not just plain crazy.

    Hope that helps…

  • alisgod

    well i have fully recovered from puking. If we get Mike Mitchell, Mauluga, Oher, Mack, I still consider this a good day

  • Kirk

    Crazy Al does it again.

    How many times does he have to do this before he realizes it doesn’t work?

    What an idiot!

  • IndianaRaider

    r8rpaver Says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    atleast we wont have to play Rey for the next 10 years


    exactly what I was thinking. Best of luck to whatever team snags him up, at least he won’t be in the AFC West killing us twice a year.

  • Freddy B took some subtle shots at Al Davis on 1140 in Sacramento last year, abut Al prioritizing speed over football skills. Any coincidence that Crabtree won the Belitnikoff award?

  • 15yearsold15yearfan

    i would rather have maclin

  • Copenhagen_Fan

    MR Maybe Al will claim that he wanted B.J. Raji to stop the run but Cable demanded more speed.

  • severeraider

    Crabtree was there for our taking what the hell happened, I would have even taken Raji or Orakpo but DHB…..why??? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

  • The Comedian

    Anyone have any ideas for protecting JaMarcus or stopping the run?

  • crister

    man, my stomach hurts.
    i can’t wait for the “we wanted him the whole time and were willing to trade up for him too.” line.