Gentlemen, start your engines


I’ll be supplying updates from Raiders HQ in Alameda throughout the day.

My final mock draft was posted in Bay Area News-Group East Bay papers this morning, with some picks I already regret.

In the interest of full disclosure, I actually had tight end Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew going to Atlanta (having worked on the draft before the trade of Tony Gonzalez to the Falcons) and only an alert copy editor (thanks, Dave Belli) saved me with a phone call.

I gave the Falcons Boston College defensive tackle Ron Brace instead, then sent Pettigrew to Arizona. That, unfortnately, bounced San Jose State defensive tackle Jarron Gilbert out of the first round, including a real clever line about jumping out of the pool and into the starting lineup.

During our mock 10-pick draft on Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area Friday night, the Jacksonville selector gave some thought to Ohio State running back Chris “Beanie” Wells. I felt validated for a moment, knowing I’d picked Wells for the Jags myself to pair with Maurice Jones-Drew as a replacement for Fred Taylor.

Fellow panelists Kevin Lynch (49ers insider) and Matt Maiocco (Santa Rosa Press Democrat) told me I was crazy. You can find running backs anywhere in the draft. You don’t take them at No. 8. At least not this year. They’re probably right.

Other potential gaffes _ I left Percy Harvin out of the first round altogether, thinking if he didn’t have enough sense to show up clean to the most important weekend of his professional life, then teams would question his decision-making enough to leave him out the first round.

The general consensus is that I’ve erred big time on that score _ who cares about a toke or two when you’re a potentially devastating slot receiver? I’m usually cynical enough to realize talent trumps a minor drug issue every time. Teams and the league frown and threaten, then look the other way if it means a few electrifying touchdowns.

I also had defensive end LSU Tyson Jackson way too low, at No. 15 to Houston. He’s had some support at No. 3 to Kansas City and No. 10 to San Francisco (by Maiocco).

No confirmed deals as of yet, although the Raiders are reportedly, and not surprisingly, shopping end Derrick Burgess.

The gamble on Burgess is that he’s in a salary year, which could mean double-figure sacks. Do you ride out that potential production or move him to get a mid-round draft pick that could conceivably have little or no effect in 2009 but strengthen you for the future?

I’d lean toward keeping him and making him a nickel rusher, giving him fewer plays and keeping him fresh, riding out the last year. Sacks are hard to come by.

But the Raiders have a better idea of Burgess’ and his body type than I do. They could be shipping out a spent player, with someone else hoping for 10 sacks they’ll never see as Burgess spends half the season nursing injuries.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • r8rpaver

    NO DBH….NO DBH…..repeat after me AL NO DBH..at #7

  • Einstein

    # The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    Einstein, give it up. Your first strategy was to try and go heads up with me with childish put down. I told you that it just wasn’t you, and that you sounded ridiculous. Evidently, you took my advice seriously. So now you’ve changed gears, and are trying to trip me up with all of these personal questions. Just talk draft, “Einstein”. You’re probably a smart guy when it comes to potential draft picks and their pros and cons. When it comes to arguing in defense of Al Davis, you’re just witless and confused.


    LOL. I guess I won’t ask the next question I was going to ask you.

  • Hayez, now it’s the “you’re not a fan” card? My god, talk about something that’s getting tired…

  • Einstein, stop trying to get to know your bullies. Just hide from me and talk draft.

  • Well, it was just a matter of time..

    What’s up ol’ buddy?…

  • Einstein

    Hide from what?

  • YoungAmerican

    You ladies done with your pissing match yet? The draft is only 23 minutes away…

  • Hide from getting your ass handed to you, as usual, “Einstein”.

  • Einstein

    # YoungAmerican Says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    You ladies done with your pissing match yet? The draft is only 23 minutes away…


    Yeah, MR just wiped.

    Im out, time to turn the boob tube on and watch some draft.

  • Bye, “Einstein”. LOL.

  • # The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 11:56 am

    Anson Williams, you’re starting to lose it. You’re also starting to sound like someone very familiar. What’s with the daily name change?

    What does my moniker have to do with anything? Typically irrelevant MR smokescreen. I was just recalling some of your ‘greatest hits’, that’s all. Keep ’em coming. We can’t get enough!

  • 4evaRaider

    jets and jags trading that #8 pick

  • Richochet

    Braveheartraider Says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 12:24 pm
    There’s not a Raider fan past or present that doesn’t appreciate what Davis has done for the Raiders. The Raiders are because of him. their persona, philosophy, mystique, the lot. But there comes a time…
    Anyway, not long now

    Key phrase there is what Al has “done” as in past tense..as in archaic, long ago, in a galaxy far away, tense..as in “At one point he was on top of things. Now he’s reduced to “Can you all see the overhead screen”.

    There’s logic.
    There’s “going out on a limb”

    And then there is Al.


    Oh, save the “Was in SB in ’02” That day was likely the lowest day in RaiderDom during that last 25 years.

    it’s Al. how can any of you figure out what he’s going to do when he not only doesn’t know himself, but will likely soon forget what he decided, and then blame someone else for his faux pas?

  • Anson, you’re right. You are irrelevent.

  • HayesDaze37

    There is no argument about Al Davis, MR. Your whole existence in here is based on an unwinnable position. He owns the team, is the defacto GM, and can do whatever he wants with it. Oh, and the put-downs that are your only other thing.

    What a powerful adversary in debate you are. “Here, Here!” Ha ha. Once again, it’s “hear, hear,” you self-proclaimed genius.

    The 15-year-old fan smacks you around, MR. His draft analyses beat yours, too. That’s analysEs, as in plural, you fake literary genius. A big difference between you? The 15-year-old fan can handle more than one thought at a time.

    Keep it up, it’s getting better…

  • Ryan

    Curry is wearing Silver and Black. Hmmm

  • You see all that bling on Crabtree……he and JaMarcus may have something.

  • HayesDaze37

    First trade will be announced by NFL. com when?

  • 8 more mins.

    Make me happy Al, I love the Raiders.

    Please draft M Mitchell.

  • RaiderLen

    HayesDaze37 Says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 12:49 pm
    First trade will be announced by NFL. com when?


    St Louis pick #2.

  • alisgod

    I will be sick if Al drafts DHB.

  • HayesDaze37

    You may be right, Len — we hope not!

  • Ryan

    Mayock is an idiot. There is no way the Raiders leave Monrow on the board to get DHB.

  • ottocrat

    I love how the Raiders trying to move Huff is news. The real news would be if someone actually wanted him. He sucks. He isn’t going anywhere. I can see dangling Burgess, he’s a productive player. But, trading Huff by himself is science fiction. He’ll have to be part of some kind of package deal. Also, if the old man does pick DHB, he’s officially retarded.

  • SnB Defense

    edward teach Says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 12:25 pm
    Bill Williamson is reporting that the Chiefs and Falcons are working on a deal that would send Glen Dorsey to Atlanta for picks #27 and #90. KC would then take BJ Raji at #3 to play NT in their new 3-4 defense.
    I guess there goes the idea that Raji is not a NT

  • Norco Bob

    I wil lsay it again, if its DHB I will give my season tix to brien.

  • RaiderLen

    Mayock has the Raiders taking DHB @ 7.

    God I hope He’s wrong.

    Al can’t be that crazy.

  • Raider Dell


    I have the beer here a tri tip sandwich and my son with his friend a Donkey fan here and were ready to get started.

    I’m on a lap top so if I go away it will be thrown down when our pick is up and we draft a player I really don’t want.


    Three minutes, ACDC blasting now, ‘HELLS BELLS’

  • HayesDaze37

    BrienThePrivate’s already got your season tix, Norcoma. In his calloused hand.

  • Moose

    stanford routte up for trade? thought he was a good #3 corner

  • Raider Dell


    My season tix is all I have for entertainment.

  • alisgod

    Al usually takes risks in the 2nd and on-ward. Anyone who knows Raider ball knows that.

  • alisgod

    What if Al goes DE? Ayers or Orakpo…the QB must go down…wow

  • SharkCatcher

    my pizza is here!!

  • Norco Bob

    You seem obsessed with callosed hands…sounds like a man with experience…lol. typical L.A. loser.

  • Braveheartraider

    Mayock was saying he wouldn’t be surprised if teams passed on their pick. interesting…

  • Raider Dell

    I wish I was a agent in that green room, probably a lot of good stuff going on.

  • lefty12

    2008-total def-27;total off-29

  • SnB Defense

    alisgod Says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 1:00 pm
    Al usually takes risks in the 2nd and on-ward. Anyone who knows Raider ball knows that.
    Al Davis’ picks in the top 10 have been pretty good. He’s only whiffed on Ricky Dudley and maybe Michael Huff.

    He has never picked a top 10 pick based just on 40x. He does that in later rounds.

    Just the same….please hope they don’t draft Maclin or Heyward-Bey.

  • Let’s just hope Washington and NYJ want Mark Sanchez bad enough to trade up to # 8 so the other team moves up to # 7 and snatches him up first.

  • RaiderLen

    And Awaaay we go!

  • Here we go, it started.

  • Raider Dell

    Can you believe Detroit taking Stafford, that’s a surprise.

  • That was quick.

  • SnB Defense

    Booing Stafford…I hope the people aren’t laughing if the Raiders go Heyward-Bey

  • IndianaRaider

    1 down, 5 spots to go until it’s time to seal our fate.

  • Norco Bob

    Cushing will be in green room til tomorrow.


    lmao matt stafford got booed, but not as loud as mario williams haha.

  • They should kick all of those fans out of there. The types of sports fans who show up to these things are the most classless form of human beings on the planet.

  • Dell, Len, and others,

    5 more picks boys.