Q&A with Darrius Heyward-Bey


The media conference call with Raiders top-pick Darrius Heyward-Bey:

Q: When When did you know the Raiders would take you at No. 7?

DHB: I knew a little bit before, right before they called, the commissioner announced it, I spoke to coach Cable. But I had an idea. I felt I was one of the top guys up there and I had a chance to become a Raider.

Q: Were you surprised to go ahead of Crabtree and Maclin?

DHB: Going ahead of those guys, it’s an honor just to be the first guy taken. But being able to play in the pro-style offense at Maryland and taking that to the NFL, I’ll take that. And I don’t know why I moved ahead of those guys, but definitely the Raiders saw something in me.

Q: Do you feel you’re the best receiver in this class?

DHB: I feel like I had the qualities to be the best receiver in the class. I mean, I know people look at the stats and everything, but just playing in the pro-style offense and having the skills and being able to be taught and listen and work hard, I felt like I was definitely at the top.

Q: About the stats, people are going to look at them and wonder . . .

DHB: Right. People will look at that, but looking back to the games that we had at Maryland and my years playing, you look back at the Cal game, I had a chance to show people what I’m capable of doing. At Maryland what we do is, we run the ball to set up the pass. I’m the type of receiver, I catch, block, hustle and just work hard. So college you didn’t see those numbers, but definitely at the next level you’re gonna see a little bit more.

Q: Were you ever frustrated?

DHB:No. You only get frustrated when your team loses – when your team loses and feel like you didn’t have a chance to help the team win. That’s the only time it’s frustrating. But I understood my role on the team, and winning was the No. 1 thing. It wasn’t about what I wanted.

Q: What do you need to work on before you get to the NFL?

DHB:Just the overall game. Just the knowledge of the game, route running. Come to work each and every day to get better. I wouldn’t say I have to work on one thing. I’d just say work on it all. Just come in there full throttle, ready to go is what my approach will be when I get out there in Oakland.

Q: Have you talked to Al Davis yet?

DHB: No I haven’t. I haven’t talked to Al Davis. I haven’t had the chance to talk to him but I’m looking forward to it.

Q: What about the chance to play with D-Mac/JaMarcus?

DHB: The chance to play with those guys would be great. I’m just an addition to that puzzle we’re trying to make here in Oakland. Those guys are really talented. I’m looking forward to playing with them. Also, going up against a guy like Nnamdi, who is probably the best corner in
the game. So I can improve myself, going up against the best corner in the game. I can only get better going against him every day in practice.

Q: A few people had you going to Oakland and many people laughed, but
did you have that feeling?

DHB: I heard that. I’m not the kind of guy who watches TV a lot or listens
to the mock drafts and everything. I knew it was a possibility. I’m the type of guy that I would never shy down from anything. God’s on my side and I’m just going to take it all in.

Q: Do you model yourself after anyone?

DHB: My favorite player is Jerry Rice and he played for the Oakland Raiders late in his career. That’s my favorite player. His work ethic is beyond anybody else. That’s who I try to model myself after when it comes to work ethic. Past that, I think I have my own unique type of game.

Q: How do you feel about comparisons to Moss?

DHB: I take that with honor. Randy Moss is the most talented wide receiver
to ever play the game talent wise. To be compared to him is great. But I have to go in there and just have to prove myself and make a name for myself and that’s Darrius Heyward-Bey.

Q: Can you come in and start as a rookie?

DHB: All I can control as a rookie coming in is working hard and I know
I’ll be able to do that. Whereever that takes me, I’m willing to take it. If that’s starting, or if that’s getting a lot of playing time or that’s being on special teams running down kickoffs. I’m the type of guy
I’m a hard worker and just try to get the job done. One thing I will tell you is that I’m a hard worker.

Q: Who is your agent?

DHB: Ben Dogra and Tom Condon.

Q: Who was your favorite team growing up?

DHB: My favorite team growing up, being in the DC-Baltimore area I always looked at the Ravens when they got here in the past decade. But always in the back of my mind, I was saying this to someone earlier, the Oakland Raiders was always the team, especially in this area, you always kept it to yourself but that was the team you loved. You loved that Silver and Black. You go out there and get that jersey. Everybody has that Oakland Raiders jersey. Definitely being in the DC area, the local teams but the Raiders were beyond none when compared to everything else.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Norco Bob

    Go to hell dhb.

  • Norco Bob

    You suck and your new owner is legally insane.

  • Norco Bob

    Go Niners,..they drafted a superstar wr,..we drafted a fast dude who cant catch,..butterfingers,..I dont believe cable at all,…FU all.

  • 24

    Raider Dell – Ray Lewis was drafted #26 Overall. Maualuga is following his footsteps.

  • Florida Pete

    Florida Pete Says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 3:57 pm
    well… i think we got the best receiver in this years draft…

    but i don’t believe we needed to spend the first rounder to get him…

    Packers took Raji…

    lucky Packers… at least he’s out of our division and our conference…

    he’s gonna be very good…

    so will Heyward-Bey…

  • Norco Bob

    24 shut up,..this is the worst day in raider history,..F ray lewis,…and FU too.

  • NJRaiderfan

    raiders will suck for years now. raji was right at their fingertips. go j.e.t.s

  • RaiderLen

    Bob, just go to the games and be done with the bitterness. 🙂

    Mabey He will be Randy Moss. (cough-cough)

  • Norco Bob

    Pete youre a loser,..thats why you like dhb,..losers stick together,..fu punk,..and florida sucks.,..only thing good there is the coke.

  • Voldemort

    we are so screwed in this draft. MY god, I can’t believe we didn’t trade back. We could have traded all the way back to the pick that is coming up and still got this bum. Al Davis is senile.

  • Raider Dell


    I thank you for the information, but according to some in here and all his intangibles it seems odd he has not been selected yet.

    I thought Ray Lewis and the comparison to him he would have been selected by now.

  • Norco Bob

    len piss on you,..I will never attend another mother f*ckin game,..go Niners. Im dumping my season tix and going to niner games,…will get montana jersey and toss my stabler,..sick of al davis making us all look stupid.

  • GRaider

    Cable had to be telling the truth when he said they wanted H-B all along. It’s not as if there were no alternatives available. They passed on Monroe, on Crabtree, on Raji, . . .

  • RaiderLen

    I like the 10 minute format. Moves things along a little better.

  • Norco Bob

    28 pick is up now,..dhb would still be on the board if we didnt take him,..al davis is one stupid old mother f*cker.

  • JHEMP50

    Norco… STFU. why are you even here. your dumb ass probably never played a down and you want to say that to an earnest guy who want to be here.
    you freaking suck.

  • DarthPirate

    We are guaranteed to get a good player in the second round, there is a ton of talent all through this draft.

  • Norco Bob

    cable said what Al told him to say,..I hate you all.

  • RaiderLen

    Bob, suit yourself.

  • Repost….

    Al, went AL on us AGAIN!

  • RaiderLen

    new post

  • Braveheartraider

    GRaider …

    I cant believe Cable wanted H-B all along. This is Al’s pick. Just like Jano, Harris, Gibson etc.
    It’s all the same. Only the names will change (Cable, Shell, White)

  • Rellik30

    Someone get rid of Norco Bob.

  • stubblebuzz

    When ESPN was showing Orakpo highlights, right after the Redskins picked him, a couple of clips had him running past the Oklahoma LT the Raiders have been interested in — what’s his name? Phil Overload? Dude looked like a statue. Yikes.

  • Tommy Trojan25

    Smart, mature…good first impression.

  • Ryan

    I hope DHB has the Jerry Rice work ethic. I doubt Crabtree does.

    DHB is saying all the right things. I’ll buy his jersey for my kid.


    Instead of picking a for sure NO.1 go to receiver, we get Usain Bolt’s little cousin…wayy to go Al..

  • JediRaider


    DHB in this interview says Terell Owens is his guy (I think it’s this one) that he models himself after as far as style and work ethic – he doesn’t seem like a Diva, and coming from a smaller program, getting drafted way ahead of where he was supposed to be, I’m sure he’ll be fine with his contract – still, the pats did exactly what we should have done – stockpiled second round picks – so much value there –

  • raiderrej

    lets prove kiper and mcshay wrong!!!

  • ChamorroRaider

    I like this kid. Too bad your dream GM picks didn’t work out for many of you. No need to take you tantrum out on the kid. I love his attitude towards work, and should he work as hard as Jerry then we are very lucky to have him here. His value will be better assessed after his career than before he’s had a practice.

    Raider on,

    Chamorro Raider

  • JediRaider

    damn, the donks just traded up – I hope they don’t draft Ron Brace

  • stupid_davis

    I am happy you feel great, but you are a nobody. You will never be what Crabtree or Maclin will do. Speed means nothing in the NFL if you can’t catch.

  • Crow

    Die, Al. Die.

  • BornInOakland

    Uhhhhh NORCO Bob, when you get a life, stop posting when you’re drunk, and stop living in your mommy’s garage (did ya fix that water heater yet?), maybe you will get a grip. Nah, never happen.

    Great pick by the way. Everyone who “knows it all” says it’s a joke which means it will be the pick of the draft. No one knows a damn thing.

  • RedwoodsR8drRobert

    Are you kidding me! Wasted Day!! Having lost at least 11 games a year for the past five the Raiders need both quality and quantity. They could have traded down nadded DHB in the mid 1st round and pick up Mitchell in the 4th. By trading down the Raiders could have added quality players to the Offensive and Defensive Line. What makes this worse IF Crabtree turns out to be a stud and Bey a dud,we here in the Bay Area get to hear about it for years to come! I pray that Crabtree doesn’t end up being the next Jerry Rice and DHB the next Jessie Hester!!!
    Are there any good D Tackles left for the taking in the 3rd round or will Crazy Al pick up some fast guy out off a semi pro team. Old Man Al needs to be put out to pasture and Cable needs to sack up. We do not need another Joe Bugel running the show. Show me the last Super Bowl winner where speed was their number one asset??? The Raiders need football players NOT a track team!!!!!!


    At first when I heard Darrius Heyward-Bey’s name come out of Roger Goodell’s mouth, I began contemplating a death threat to mail in to Al Davis. I wrote a quick little snippet article questioning his tactics.

    But when I heard the conference call with DHB and the Cable Guy soon after, I instantly fell in love with the guy (no homo).

    I would rather have a guy who wants to be there, and wants to do everything in his ability to make this franchise a playoff contender, instead of a Michael Crabtree who doesn’t want to be a Real Raider, who has a diva attitude, who mutters “whew” when passed on.

    I’m glad we passed on this second coming of a T.O., this new and improved cancer.

    Michael Crabtree was passed on by the Cleveland Browns, isn’t it interesting that they drafted two WRs rather than taking this so-called “special player.”

    I feel ashamed that I was a long time advocate of this Michael Crabtree. I say good riddance to the man who possibly could and would have destroyed an already dismal locker room morale!

    And when you look at DHB intangibles, he has the physical tools of a Randy Moss in his prime.

    – Height: 6-3

    – Reported personal record 40 time at 4.23 (would tie Deion Sanders for the fastest 40 ever)

    He needs to works on his route running, and consistency with his hands. But I truly really like this guy, and he’ll help J-Russ keep his job, D-Mac have his breakout year, and stretch the field for our other receivers.

    Plus, I really like the pickup of the darkhorse in Mike Mitchell. He was taken so highly only because the Bears were planning to take him from the Raiders, the thought that the Raiders would follow popular belief, and would attempt to take him in later rounds.

    They must not know Al Davis…

    He got the guy who dreamed of playing with the dynasty that is the Oakland Raiders, before the Chicago Bears could steal him only two picks later. Notice how they traded down immediately after we acquired Mike “The Chain Pike” Mitchell.

    The Raiders are in a rebuilding phase, and they are trying to fill the locker room with guys who want to be there. They are trying to change the mentality of this organization. Even if it means taking guys who weren’t as lucky to be in a 100 percent passing spread offense.

    Just like we don’t need head case free agents, we don’t need head case rookies…

    My commitment to the Raiders had slightly faltered today, but know it is stronger than ever…

    I Believe…Do you??

  • BonyAnkles

    I have a mancrush on Crabtree. I want to dress like Crebtree, eat what Crabtree eats, and talk like Crabtree talks.

  • danielleB

    I AGREE..Crackraider..I too like the 7th pick with Heyward-bey. At first I was quite upset but then I really read on him and listened to his interviews and it completely changed my mind!! He seems to want to give it his all and just seems like a cool guy!! It’s messed up what a lot of you and the dumb a– announcers were saying!!! Give the guy a chance…….there have been many times in past drafts where there were players who didn’t get all the hype and were thought of as average…and they ended up being some of the best players….Nmandi(s/w),Jerry Rice, randy moss, Tom Brady..just to name a few!!!!!! They were not that highly talked about and not many thought anything about them and look what stars and talents they ended up being!!!!!!!!! Don’t sit there and judge this guy until you’ve seen him play for yourself..he may just be the next big thing! I’m happy to call him a RAIDER!!! WELCOME DH-B TO THE RAIDER NATION AND THE BAY!! I’M HAPPY YOU WERE OUR 7TH PICK…JUST GO AHEAD AND PROVE TO THOSE HATERS YOU CAN INDEED PLAY AND HAVE JUST AS MUCH TALENT AS ANY OF THE BIG TIME RECEIVERS THAT WERE GETTING ALL THE HYPE!!!

  • Raiderspy1

    Hey Norco Bob, you sound like a whinny baby. Do you need your diaper changed. Your like a 5 yearold throwing a tantrum. I’m changing your name..yes, you are no longer Norco Bob…you are Whinner 49’er. Thats it.

  • Dark Forces

    I’m not completely sold on crabtree but DHB looks every bit the bust. We should have taken an offensive or defensive tackle. horrible draft so far. trading down would have been smart. we’re not smart.

  • palika01

    you are one sour person! When things don’t go your way, you are like a big baby. BANDWAGON JUMPER!!!
    You are a perfect 49er fan. nuff said.

  • RaiderDane

    DHB will be great